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Chapter 8

Back to Adrian and Elvia

Adrian and Elvia came to the temple, of where Elvia was present last, before Astrid had disappeared. Elvia asked Adrian, as he descended, looking attentively at the rock, with red glowing engraved writings; studying the markings further. “Do you know what it says?” Adrian replied. “No, I’m just astounded! I’m no hieroglyphist, but I’ve never seen such markings!” Adrian, profoundly baffled by this place, flew to Elvia’s side, and scanned the entirety of the temple. Elvia dashed to the right of the structure. “Come on, let us go to the place I last saw Astrid!” Adrian, had one last, long, intrigued gathering, of the area around him. Silence. He hurried to Elvia, who waited impatiently.

The Forest sang an evocative, mocking melody, of Astrid’s company; as they neared the spot, of where she long ago sat. Elvia stared at the location, envisioning her; then looked away, unbearably from the guilt, and cried out. “I’m sorry Astrid!” Adrian jolted in horror, at the unexpected vociferation, watching, while she wiped her eyes; discovering Adrian’s sudden fright, Elvia uttered apologetically. “I felt I had to say that, I didn’t mean to startle you, Adrian.”

It was distress… no… discomfort really; causing them both to quiver. A loud thunderous-blast; explosion; blared from above, in the sky. The ground shook, after a long distant and violent impact, followed by a crashing, and then a growing and increasing hum. A branch cracked overhead, falling to crush Adrian. Like a bat out of hell, Elvia grabbed him, just before the branch hit the ground; and would have dragged him through the air along with it; but he gathered his bearings, and flew with Elvia, to a log for cover! They crouched down, behind the rotting mildewed thing, just as the quaking stopped. Their little hearts pounded; they were completely out of breath. Adrian was overcome; amazed, yet in shock, by what might have happened to him, if it wasn’t for Elvia, being there for him; subsequently, he opened his mouth to speak, in great appreciation. “Elvia! You just saved my life! I could have died back there!” Adrian waited for Elvia to respond, after she caught her breath. “You’re welcome; just promise me, you’ll be more careful!” Adrian looked her intently in the eyes, as she spoke. Never before, had he noticed how large and perfectly green they were. He stared into them, and said tenderly. “Your eyes...they’re so beautiful!” Elvia scrutinized at Adrian, like he was a total idiot; she pushed him back, by the face, with all her strength. A near death experience, would make anyone compassionate, but not passionate… unless delirious, or unable to identify emotion to react properly. Adrian flew backwards through the air, thrown by the face, surprisingly! He flapped his wings, just in time, and prevented himself, from skidding on the ground.

Elvia stood up, flapping her wings, and started in the opposite direction, towards the root of all the commotion. She turned, when she realized Adrian wasn’t following, waving her hand, for him to come to her. He watched for a moment, as she continued on ahead, saying out loud to himself. “She’s strong! My face… again! What a remarkable woman…fairy...” Adrian didn’t understand, what was with his face, and being the primary target of assault, by these fairies. There must be something about his looks, that offends them… it must be a facial expression he makes, that doesn’t agree with them.

On the ground near the trees, sparking blue and black electricity, zapped at plants and branches, leaving them scorched, with holes burned through their leaves. Then, there it was; a giant and round object, far off in the distance, beckoning to them. They moved towards it cautiously, gazing at the sphere the entire time, and how the sheen of the surface, changed in the light, and produced the appearance, of having many colors. A sudden breeze blew on by, carrying the chill from the frozen substance, covering over the object; which was some abrasive black rippled pattern, frosted slightly, and dotted with bumps here and there; in odd, and different form, and size.

All the electric zapping, stopped, and the black ice, split apart. The hatching of this object, echoed, cracking through the Forest, in a tremendous wave of sound; and Elvia and Adrian, hid behind a bunch of bushy plants!

Bright light, peeked through the cracking dark ice, then as if thrown off by an explosion, the ice dispersed, flying through the air; revealing Astrid within; arms outstretched to both sides. It was a blurred glassy bubble, around her, that had now remained, but not for long... She turned her palms out to face the inside of the dome. It was a dark mystery, resolving in peace and serenity; the glassy matter of the ball, disintegrated evenly, and still, very pleasant was the atmosphere. The witch put down her arms, drawing her head up. She looked all around, in disbelief, and said to herself. “Is this the Forest, of where I escaped from the beast? It must be! But the Forest is older… much older! More time must have gone by, than I thought.” Elvia flew out from behind the plants, she had a sense of familiarity of Astrid, that would never change, or lose vigor, no matter how long it had been since she had seen her last. “Eight hundred years...” Astrid looked at Elvia with excitement. “Elvia! Is that really you? Though you haven’t aged one bit!” Elvia replied, observingly. “You haven’t either. The glass ball surrounding you, what sort of magic is that?” Astrid replied. “Well, when you left with that red stone, and told me to stay where I was, I listened... but then after a while, I heard something beyond the trees, in the direction you had gone. It was a huge wolf like beast, and it came at me! I ran for my life! But it wasn’t enough, and I had to use magic... I thought I had gotten away, but found it, jumping through the trees above me! I had to get myself out of this predicament, permanently. I then tried to work a spell I knew was beyond my ability, and it proved undeniably, to be just that; I tried to create a portal, which would take me to the edge of the forest, below the mountain, but, I wasn’t strong enough to pull it off. Instead, I used a spell, shooting me high into the air, and I landed off in a good and far distant part of the Forest… which would buy me some time, to bring into effect, the Time Sphere; my only option left of escaping the beast! I started performing the Time Sphere spell, and right before I finished, I saw the Beast, flying through the air towards me, his sharp claws out in a last effort to catch me. Those sharp claws…I was so afraid; I don’t think I have ever been more afraid! Luckily, the sphere vanished just in time. All I remember seeing, before I froze, was the continuous pattern of stars in darkness. I was unfreezing as the Time Sphere began to fall to Earth. Apparently I have been floating through space all this time…but anyway, when I landed, I awoke completely, and realized I obtained a sensation of power I never felt before, and now even still… I feel this invincible power, this potency surging through me. The Time Sphere is a resting spell. It regenerates your magic’s energy, and enhances it by ten. So I am now ten times stronger, ten times more in control of my magic… and ten times more capable, of keeping myself from going under the trance!”

Elvia turned her head, to the plant she previously hid behind, and said. “Adrian, come out of there! She’s not dangerous!” Adrian revealed himself, cautiously flying out from behind the plants, staring at Astrid the whole time. He came, and stopped beside Elvia. “Well a lot must have happened, since I’ve been frozen in the Time Sphere, so tell me, who is this… and what’s going on? Something tells me, you were searching for me... why?” Elvia replied, taking on the tone of compassion. “Astrid…when you were under the trance, you destroyed the Tree of Beginning, Life and Light… and because of that, the Tree of Ending, Death and Dark, is polluting the Forest. Creatures, who were once my friends, have been changed into Dark Creatures. There has been a war between us Creatures, and the Dark Creatures, for the last eight hundred years—” Astrid interrupted, irritably. “And what do I have to do with this?”

“The Elder Forest Fairies sent Adrian, he was a human, he came here like you; they sent him and I, to find the one who destroyed the tree. Because, in order to save our Forest, we must spill your blood over the earth, where the Tree of Beginning use to be to bring it to life again!” Astrid responded with great distress. “I have to die…? For something I didn’t really intend? No. Sorry… but I’m not going to sacrifice myself, so you creatures, can have a happily ever after! But here, this is what I will do for you!” Astrid spoke a couple syllables, and a little glass container appeared in her hand. She cut her arm, and held the vial under the blood, streaming down from her broken flesh. She corked the glass container shut, and motioned her hand over her wound. Bluish, purple light, lit up her arm around the slice; and the wound was healed, as she commenced to hold out the vial to Elvia. “Take it. This is all I’ve debt to you… for our friendship.” Elvia flew up, within reach to Astrid, and grabbed hold of the vial. Astrid struggled a painful whisper farewell, and then disappeared; she enclosed in a flushing bright light, and then, the light dimmed and evanesced.

Elvia looked at the vial of blood, holding it with both hands; for it was half her size and a bit heavy. She descended to the ground, set it down, and set out to craft a means of transport, ripping loose bark from a cluster of fallen branches. Adrian watched her, and asked. “What are you doing that for?” Elvia, over explained, sarcastically, while still pulling on the bark. “I need this bark to make a rope, to tie at both ends of the vial.... so I can carry it back to the Elders!” She gave a strong tug on the bark, and clumsily fell back, with it in her soiled hands. “Success! I got it!” Elvia began to weave it into a rope, while literally, during that process, dashed to the vial lickety-split! Adrian never saw such time put to good use, and Elvia surely didn’t waste any. Her hands drew the bottle up, to lean on her abdomen for a moment; next split-second, she strained to attach the rope to the end, but the vial slipped, and fell backwards. Adrian hurried to her assistance, and held it back up, while she, this time, accomplished the task, and tied the rope around the top of the vial, tightly and securely.

“There… now let’s take it to the Elders!” As Elvia reached for, and snatched up the rope, Adrian carried out the same action. Ambushed, and overwhelmed, by his persistence to help, she found herself looking up into his eyes.

“I’ll carry it for you!”

“Alright, but be careful!”

Adrian assured. “I will.”

He pulled the vial up a little above the ground, obtained a good grip on the rope, then, flew up and on ahead. Elvia watched him for an instant, and momentarily gave sequence, flapping her wings faster to follow.

Swish... swash! Went the thick crimson liquid, sealed in the vial, which grew heavier and heavier. What an awkward burden. Elvia thought. She watched Adrian tire, and switch it to the other hand, but unexpectedly, the rope slipped from out of his fingers! The bottle of Astrid’s blood, now fell through the air towards the ground, and Elvia, behind Adrian, immediately reacted in reflex! The vial was almost to the forest floor, when she had reached it, wings stressing to ascend, while ensnaring a tight grasp under the glass lip! She flew up in front of Adrian, exasperated, and out of breath. “If it was too heavy for you, you could have told me!” Adrian argued. “It wasn’t too heavy for me, I was simply changing hands!” Elvia responded with great agitation. “It was obviously too heavy for you, if you wanted to switch hands! But I think you just don’t want to admit it, because that would mean, I’m stronger, and more able to manage, than you!” Adrian said with irritation. “Hold on a minute... I wasn’t trying to show off, if that’s what you’re getting at!”

“Yes! Yes, that’s exactly what you were doing; showing off!” Conquered by her words, and knowing he would get nowhere in this argument; if that is even what it was, Adrian retreated. “Okay you’re right…if you want to carry the vial, you can...” Adrian flew passed Elvia, with his head drooping. Elvia flew up, blocking his way, and stopped him in his tracks. “I’m sorry Adrian…you said I was right…so why were you showing off?” Oh Adrian had about had it now, how he walked right into this one… he should have known, women were tricky… even when they were of another species than his own! Elvia said, flattering herself, with the affect she assumed she had on him. Adrian looked into her beautiful eyes, and answered. “I wasn’t showing off!” Those not being the words she wanted to hear; Elvia grew in temper, and raised her voice stubbornly. “Yes you were, and you just admitted to it, a while ago!” Adrian responded, trying so very hard to remain calm, as if it was an, oh, so… very difficult task. “I just said that, to get you off my case! But the real reason was... I just wanted to help you.” Adrian flew passed Elvia again, and watching him fly away, she reassessed to silence. She was giving him a hard time, in making a big deal of something, which was probably, just a simple act of his instinctive masculine nature; she flew up beside him, and asked gently. “Will you help me carry this?” Adrian looked at Elvia, and saw that she had tied another rope to the vial, gesturing for him to take it. But when he didn’t respond, she then, handed it to him. He took hold of the end, and said. “Yes, of course Elvia, I will.” As they passed by the temple, they both resumed to get along; flying together, holding firmly to the ropes.

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