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Chapter 6 Annamarie

Chapter 6


It was dark in this room where she was. She was carried here by an invisible ghost or dragged away. At first she thought it was the devil, enraged by her standing in the way from him collecting what was his. But then she learned that this was nothing more than an unrested spirit that stayed behind unable to let go of this structure, and accept that it was no more. Though there had to be a reason this spirit had still walked the earth... this one hadn’t seemed to really

have motive for its actions other than toying with her. She would try to leave the room again, just to be struck down by this thing once more. It was no use. She would have to discover why this spirit had not passed over to the afterlife. She sat in the corner peeking out from the hood of her cloak. If she could gather enough strength to stand once more and attempt to stun this ghost with magic, she could then get away. She rose to her feet and whispered into existence an

electric warbling mass of some goo substance, and threw out here hands spreading the goo all over the room; in the cracks and corners of the stone walls. The ghost was in the room with her when the goo had sealed over the doorway; the last area for it to close over. Annamarie closed her eyes, keeping them shut for a minute, then opened them abruptly to stare at an invisible, yet now visible to her, figure of the ghost. It was a man. A tall man with golden hair and fair skin.

She could not touch him. What though would prevent him from attacking her again, but she could see him now, and that would be enough for her to go about escaping him once and for all! She dashed towards the door emerging through the thick liquid goo, and as she expected, the ghost came after her! But this time he hadn’t stopped her from leaving. After she came out the other side of the goo, he had remained trapped inside. The warbling goo had imprisoned him; but it wouldn’t be able to hold him forever. She knew she had to hurry!

She ran up a flight of stairs around a corner to finally come to the surface. Light poured in as if from a source of heaven’s radiant light and rescued her from the chains of satan. She pushed open a door that led her outside into the forest. To the right was a savagely overgrown

garden that would have been a beautiful garden at one time when it was once well kept and tended to. But it was just chaos with straying vines and entanglement. What a mess. She went to her right walking alongside the wall as she came around the front and continued on her

feet close to the structure. Above was the balcony. and to her side was the river of where the waterfall had broken out of the rock and torn part of the structure down with it. What was it about this place that gave to her the sensation of cold all of the sudden. It was not a sensation alone but a very real thing. The air grew colder and she could see her breath in front of her. The atmosphere closed in as if into a different dimension. She put her hand on the abrasive wall and

stopped by the edge of the falls. She shivered and the next breath she inhaled stung the lips of her open mouth. Behind her she felt a hand touch her shoulder. She turned and looked, but nothing was there.

“Annamarie!” Latonya called. She didn’t know where to look. Where was Latonya? “Annamarie! Up here!”

She looked up at the balcony and leaning over the edge was Latonya shouting to her. She clung to the wall now as if she couldn’t stand without doing so; her breath grew heavy, and everything grew silent where her heart and breathing grew louder in her ears.

Latonya thought Annamarie was injured with how she was dawdling, teetering back and forth, barely hanging onto consciousness. She worried that she might fall into the river if she didn’t intervene! She grabbed onto a vine clinging to the pillar and unwrapped it pulling to make sure it was secure, and climbed over the balcony and on down. “Annamarie! Stay there! I’m coming!”

Annamarie didn’t hear her. She was feeling faint now and for sure was being possessed by the devil. Is this what Latonya felt when the devil would take her? She grew queasy and failed to inhale another breath. She was holding her breath, why was she holding her breath; snap out

of it! No wait, something was not right. It wasn’t that she was holding her breath, she was no longer conscious anymore. She was laying down on her back on the ground. Her eyes were open to blurring shadows and images of movement. Was this her sister, Latonya?

Annamarie had fallen over backwards before Latonya could reach her. But even though she was glad she hadn’t gone tumbling the other direction! She jumped from the wall releasing her grasp on the vine and rushed over to the river’s edge!

“Annamarie!” Latonya called. She had been saying nothing but her name since she discovered her, and now she feared that she had lost her! She came over to her older sister, the wise and responsible older sister and scooped her up and propped her against the wall, placing

her hand upon her forehead.

She waited with her until she came to. Annamarie opened her eyes and found Latonya there, eager to learn what had happened to her! She gave her sister some water to drink and Annamarie sat up then tried to stand. “Easy Annamarie.” Latonya said.

“The devil. He was after me!” Annamarie made known, convinced of this and mad in the eyes about it.

“Annamarie... tell me, why do you think the devil was after you?”

“I felt it. I felt my consciousness, but I could not be in my body anymore. It was an awful experience. As I held to the wall, I felt not the wall, I heard not a sound.”

“But you did not change... Annamarie, I have been here the whole time.”

Something from above the balcony began to crack and a few fragments of dust and other small particles of stone fell down upon them.

“We have to get out of here.” Annamarie said as she stood up, quite balanced and capable. Latonya looked confused by Annamarie’s quick


“What is wrong, my sister?”

“There is a spirit, an evil spirit that took me as prisoner and he will be coming after us soon! We must hurry and leave this place!”

Latonya gathered herself up after her sister as she sauntered off along the river. Down through the forest the river grew more treacherous. White water sprayed up as it crashed over ledges and protruding rocks. She glanced behind her, taking one last great look at the structure and then hurried after her sister Annamarie, now here to protect her and look after her and lead the way.

It was as if she knew something she didn’t know; had some sort of secret wisdom and understanding of things. She had thought about this before, figuring out how she could be more like her older sister. She just could not grasp it. She did not envy her. But strived to improve

these same qualities within herself.

Annamarie stopped so suddenly peering on across the wild river trashing the earth tearing away the land and expanding its reach. The trees on the other side promised to lead them back to Althalos somehow, considering that was the way they had come from in the first place. They would go back empty handed... but still. At least they would return to him if nothing else. Annamarie felt she would not have the strength to use magic to get them both over to the other side. But even though, she forced herself to whisper the spell that would now lift her and Latonya aside her, up off of the ground and glide them over the raging waters.

As soon as she reached the other side she tread on not wasting a second, and Latonya hurried behind her, and then up to her adjacent matching her fast pace. The cold was biting at their extremities once more as the day had progressed and promised that night would soon be

upon them. Latonya grabbed for Annamarie’s hand and Annamarie turned to look at what this was all about.

As soon as Latonya knew she had gained her sisters attention she whispered and slowed to a steady stride. “Annamarie, you don’t have to use magic anymore.... I will from here on... I came to an understanding back there when I found it.... I found the Book of


“You found the Book of Darkness!?”

“Yes, and by being in the presence of it... not being able to feel its evil... I was struck by a realization that maybe if I can not be called by the most purest form of evil that our kind knows of... then maybe I do not belong to the darkness. I am not being possessed by the

devil. My soul is not damned.”

“This is absurd Latonya. If you would have seen what I have seen from the very beginning of your changes, you would only fear him as much as I do... and know that without question, with what I saw in you at that very moment... could be of nothing else, but of him... the devil.”

“Annamarie, you fear for me, but I am the one who should be the most afraid... for it is my soul that is in danger. Yet I feel far from it. I feel untouchable by him. I do not believe by any rational thinking that he has claimed me and means to collect what is his. Have faith in

me Annamarie, as my older sister you have always looked after me, and I’m not trying to betray your good heart, I am simply saying that whatever is in works within me. It is not of the devil. But of this earth. For I am still of this earth and not of heaven nor hell. I am not a demon, Annamarie. I am not damned to burn in the eternal flames. With all your love for me, please give me this, give me a chance to prove my theory to you; for it is not right to be so hasty as to blame

this curse upon me as being from the very source of hell. Give me a chance to show you, what I have seen and realized back there as I was standing in the room right next to the Book of Darkness, and still it had no calling on me. No effect whatsoever.”

“First Latonya let us find out more about this book and its history before you use magic, please... after this is done, then I will trust that you are safe from being taken from me.”

“Althalos has come across more a grasping than any of us about this. Let us go back and find him, and have him tell us all he knows.”

They continued on, as if they would reach their destination and find what they sought out to know, without any interruption. But the spirit that had crossed their path back at the structure was following them. And they learned of this as a gust of wind swept up the debris from the ground beneath their previous steps and pulled at their cloaks. Around in the trees they could almost hear the ungodly shriek of this mischievous spirit. The wind ceased and Latonya looked to Annamarie as she turned to take another step, and be kept from what she aimed to do no more. They continued on glidingly through the forest, touched not by reaching branches wanting to snag them by their garments.

“It is following us.” Annamarie said.

Latonya looked behind into the gloom and emptiness of the trees as the forest faded into the darkness.

The spirit chased after them, keeping its distance, but still stalking them. They could not seem to shake this unwelcome follower.What did it want? Why was it following them... the dread of its likely reasons turning in the wheels of her mind.

“Annamarie, this spirit is still following us...”

Annamarie glanced back and felt the horror of this haunting truth. This spirit would take her peace of mind overall of what it meant to take from her. She hoped somehow she and Latonya would soon be out of its reach; somehow leaving the domain of its wanderings.

They had to reach the clearing before nightfall, for Annamarie feared that if they did not make it to that point by that time then they would not be able to make it back to Althalos before dark, and would have to stay in the woods and find shelter. She would not have this; this is the last thing she wanted; Latonya and her vulnerable being in the throws to this depraved spirit. Latonya may be pressured to use magic. She did not want that either. They would have to make it to the edge of the forest and to the grassy meadow by nightfall; there was no other way about it.

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