Spirit of the Forest

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Romelia was raised by deer after being abandoned. Cyri was tossed out after his twin died in an accident. A twist of fate brings these two together as things begin follow a prophecy foretold eons ago. Romelia was abandoned as a baby and left for dead. But a near by deer soon changed her fate. She was raised by the deer in a forest untouched by humans and time. Cyri's parents never cared form him. They wanted a girl, but his twin died in a freak accident. Haunted by her memory, they shunned him until he left to join one of the lands feared gangs. When Romelia finds Cyri unconscious and gravely injured, her small forest paradise is soon expanded into a whole world as he tells her of the world and his travels. But Cyri's old gang is still looking for him, and a freak fire alerts the world that Romelia's paradise is not as abandoned as it seems. With Romelia sick, Cyri is the only one who can stop the danger that is coming from all sides. And more importantly, stop Dominique from kidnapping Romelia. But there are still secrets to be revealed. One more important than any other one.

Fantasy / Adventure
Tick Tock
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In a land, far far away from today’s time, there was a place called Kruvills, a land of legend. It was named after a forest as old as the land itself. No one knows where it came from or when it will come to be, but every child and man knows it. And fears it.

When Moon and Sun are found

In Mysterious Rivers sound,

An ancient foe will arise,

To bring the land’s demise.

Only on Moon’s warmth and Sun’s cold,

Can keep the foe at bay.

With help from Wolf and Sky,

Shall our foe’s demise begin.

Be warned, for if Moon, Sun, Wolf, or Sky

Shall veer,

The land’s ground shall break.

Only in Moon’s light, the foe shall be vanquished.

With Sun’s fury and Wolf’s fang

In Sky’s rain, Moon shall come

To send the foe packing.

Only then peace will reign.

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