Blood Wolf

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Chapter 11: Lion's mane

Cassie was friendly and Alexis couldn’t help but feel guilty about her earlier thought. The girl had lovely red hair like a lion’s mane. Cassie had let her hair out of the bun into the second period of English 12 and now Alexis couldn’t help but watch it from time to time. It looked like fire stretching from her head and curling around her cheeks.

The brown eyed girl had seemed to come more alive as they went on through the class and the discussions were phenomena especially as they walked to their next class. “So where have you come from anyway? I can’t tell from your accent. You don’t sound like you know anything about school. You must have been in a school that was nowhere near America since I’m pretty sure all the schools are the same here” Cassie was bright, alive and radiant as they walked between classes.

Alexis wore her bag like a back pack yet Cassie had one over her left arm and it hung their like a handbag rather than a school bag.

The green eyed girl couldn’t help but smile back; she was enjoying meeting someone new, someone human for once. They didn’t seem all that bad. “I have never been to school before. I was …home schooled” Of course they had stories made up about what Alexis’s life was like before she attended school, Vladimir had said she would need to plan everything threw and stick to the same story. He had mentioned how nosy humans were especially with people they didn’t know.

So together Alexis and Vladimir had come up with a story that was almost towards the truth. She had traveled a lot and she had been home schooled because of it. “Wow. I can’t say I have ever known anyone that has been home schooled before. Which means you missed out on Home Room and end of term parties?” Cassie was curious just like the elder vampire had said and that couldn’t help but make her chuckle and shake her head in answer to the human girl’s question.

“I can’t say that I have. What is home room?” Alexis pronounced it out like it was a foreign word, not knowing at all what it could even mean.

Home was somewhere you lived and room was a place inside that. Considering Alexis didn’t live here she had given up guessing what this class was and let it be a surprise. That was why she wanted to come to high school after all – she wanted it to be different, she wanted it to be a surprise. The red haired girl laughed out loud which was ended on a snort which Alexis smiled at – the strangeness of humans was something that Alexis enjoyed. “Home room is a class to check we are all here. It’s like a registration and a guidance class all rolled up in one. It’s not as strict as other classes although you do have to attend it. You can eat and drink and chat in the class which you can’t normally do unless the teacher lets you. The teacher is only there to help with any problems. We can find Marie in that class – she has your Language thing, she loves to learn all those different accents and words so you’ll get on with her just fine.” Cassie was talking constantly and it didn’t seem like she was going to take a breath.

The girl acted as if she wanted to know everything and anything that came to her mind in that moment. Alexis had never quiet met anyone like her, it was most refreshing. She couldn’t help but wonder if all the girls in this school acted like this, if all human girls acted like this.

There was only one way she was going to find out and that was through talking to the other girls in this school. She hadn’t even been half way through the day yet.

It was time to meet more people. Cassie stopped next to a classroom and waved her hand dramatically towards it. “Here we are. Home room. I’m sure you’ll be added to the register but just in case we better let Mrs. Lowlor know you are here and then we can get Marie” Cassie smiled at Alexis with a bright smile before turning into the room and heading over to the desk, Alexis fell behind her nervously. She started to fidget with the edge of her jumper.

Cassie still as cheerful as ever skipped forward until they got to the desk, she put her arms around Alexis and pulled her forward. “Miss Lowlor, here’s the new student just in case she hasn’t been added to your register yet” The teacher was short and stubby, she looked up at the girls from behind her small classes, her eyes were beady and she tilted her lip at one side. “Yes I had heard we had someone new joining our class. Miss Alexis Smith I presume?” Alexis nodded her head to the teachers question, she marked something down on her sheet and Cassie moved to pull her away from the desk. “She won’t need you anymore, just marking you as here and now we can go see Marie and I can introduce you to the rest of my friends. You will sit with us at lunch won’t you? What am I saying of course you will. You don’t know how the lunch system works but I will make sure to help you” The red haired girl went on talking and Alexis tried to keep up with everything she was saying.

A lunch system? There was a certain way you had to eat lunch? This was something that was definitely going to be confusing. She was going to have to stick to Cassie like glue especially if she was going to have to work out how to eat lunch.

Alexis was stunned momentarily, luckily Cassie noticed her look and grabbed her hand in her own. “Don’t look so worried. School isn’t that hard it’s a piece of cake you will get used to it in no time at all” The girl chimed in as she lead her down between the tables.

People were sprawled out all over the classroom – everyone was in groups – some were sitting on the tables, others were merely lying against them. They were all in heated talks about something or other, although Cassie didn’t falter in step, never once. She spoke to people as she walked through, a quick hi to certain ones she knew before she was stopping at a group of people pulling Alexis in beside her like a rag doll. She offered her a small smile before waving her arms to make sure the attention of her ‘friends’ was all on her. “Guys this is Alexis. She just joined here. Alexis this is Katie, Mary, Chris, Jack and Ashley” Alexis wasn’t sure how to great anyone in these moments, frozen in position she raised her hand to wave adding a small “Hi” in as she looked around them.

There was no Marie in there; Alexis had listened out for that name knowing that she was going to be joining a class with her in it. “Let me guess you were stuffed with Miss Popularity up here by force of behead-ment?” Chris grinned towards Alexis before turning his question towards Cassie who reacted by punching him against his shoulder. Her eyes lit up in amusement and his reacted almost like hers, his pupils dilated in enjoyment as if he had been encouraging exactly that reaction, he pulled her against him so that her back was against his chest and she burst into a fit of giggles as his hands tickled her sides. “Dear god Cassandra. Christopher you’re scaring the poor girl” Ashley stood up pulling Alexis out of the way of the two hooligans although she held the same playful grin that the other two did. “Relax Ash. You’re always so up-tight.” Cassie slipped away from Chris to join her new friend once again.

“So where have you come from Al-ex-is?” The other boy, Jack spoke from where he sat at the table, his hands placed on the desk as if holding himself there. Alexis opened her mouth to answer but before she got the chance to, Cassie spoke for her. “She’s been home schooled, for like forever. This is her first time in school. She only stays a couple of blocks from the school” She acted casually and Alexis decided to let Cassie take over answering questions for her while she could.

After all she had just repeated this very same story to her not moments ago. Cassie had milked her for enough information so that she could look like she knew Alexis more than she did. Alexis didn’t mind of course, she was happy to let Cassie answer any and all questions that were directed at her. “I don’t know how you survived without it. I don’t think anyone likes school but at the same time I don’t know how anyone could learn at home. I can hardly do homework at home” A laugh rang out from Katie’s mouth and Alexis smiled in response.

Humans were different here, different from what she expected but one thing she had expected was for them to be undisciplined and right now with Katie’s words that seemed to ring true. “Please. She speaks four different languages and is doing basically all higher and advanced higher subjects this year. She definitely doesn’t have a problem learning at home” Cassie answered as she looked at her nails checking if any of them were damaged, she seemed to be acting less interested in the subject at hand although more than happy to soak up all the attention it was giving her.

A shiver ran up Alexis’s spine for some unknown reason and Alexis glanced away from the group for a moment sensing that someone had to be watching her.

At first glance she couldn’t see anyone, they all looked busy with in themselves and no one seemed to stand out to her in particular, so she tried to return to the conversation at hand. “Please tell me you’ve been shopping before, not shopping like for clothes but for like a party without parental help” Ashley looked shocked at the things that Alexis hadn’t done, they had obviously been asking Cassie about what things Alexis knew about schools.

The Brunette girl smiled towards this group and leaned against the table she could feel almost touching her legs. “I have been shopping before but not with friends. I haven’t had very many friends, traveling around a lot, hasn’t left many options for that” Alexis shrugged her shoulders as if it didn’t bother her one bit but two of the girls seemed shocked by that.

They acted as if it was a sin to not have done some of these things before. “Relax Katie, Ashley. We can take her out sometime and show her what she’s missing. We have parties coming up and she probably doesn’t have anything to wear to them. We can help pick the right dress for each occasion, because each needs something different” Alexis had thousands of clothes, not only because she had got bored many nights and spent hours online shopping for clothes but because she liked to wear dresses when she could.

Not that she ever got the opportunity to where them. Alexis smiled although her thoughts were completely different. She wasn’t sure if Vladimir would let her out shopping with other people, with humans when he wasn’t there to protect her, or Caleb or Louie for that matter. She also wasn’t sure that she would be allowed to attend parties or any kind of other school activities.

Vladimir had only said she was allowed to attend school, he was a man of his word and that was why he always watched exactly what he was saying.

Which normally crippled Alexis when she tried to look for loop holes, she was just going to have to talk to him and try and make it out to be a good idea. A social idea that would benefit her and them in some way, although she was sure she could somehow get around it.. “Ah Marie. There you are!” Cassie turned around obviously looking out for Marie.

Alexis turned – although enjoying these new people that she met, if someone had another class the same as her she felt like she should focus on them. Cassie squealed and moved forward to greet her friend, pulling her into a hug. Alexis turned around with a smile on her face, she loved how humans reacted to one another and she couldn’t wait to join in on such a marvelous greeting.

When she felt more confident with them as friends. She would feel much better.

Almost instantly Alexis’s face fell, her skin began to tingle and her hair stood on edge as if the hackles of a dog were raised. Alexis tried to hide her falter by smiling although she found it difficult. There wasn’t just one werewolf in the school but now she had three, and two of them were standing right in front of her. She could feel it, she could smell it – as much as she wished she couldn’t.

It felt like a ton of bricks weighing down on her. The two girls seemed to realize that she was a werewolf at the same point she realized they were.

They were complete opposites in every way, shape and form.

Marie was plump although very beautiful – Her skin was pale and her hair was light brown, thick and bushy, her eyes seemed to tint into a light hazel colour. The other werewolf was thin, tall and tanned. Her pupils were almost back and her hair matched that. It was long and thinly cut.

Marie seemed over joyed at Alexis’s werewolf status, the other werewolf didn’t look at all pleased – in fact more calculating. “Alexis this is Marie, she has the Language Class with you and so does Sandy” Cassie chimed in not seeming effected at all by what was going on in front of her, although Alexis noticed the slight change in her voice showing her displeasure with Sandy. She obviously didn’t like the girl yet none of the two reacted to it.

Alexis wanted to say that humans were weird but considering they weren’t ’all’ humans – she couldn’t exactly say that. “Marie, Alexis. She is in most of my classes and I knew you took Languages Honors so I thought you could help her with that or at least show her where the class is considering she’s new and all” Cassie spoke her usual sing-song voice as she pulled Marie into another hug, gently squeezing her before releasing her. Sandy stared on towards Alexis and the brunette tried her best to ignore the gaze which was becoming increasingly difficult. Alexis couldn’t find the words to speak but she knew that wasn’t going to be a problem with Cassie here beside her – she would always speak for her.

“That is no problem, Cassandra. I would more than happily take Ale-xis to her class. I believe we have it next anyway” Marie spoke with a little bit of a posh accent, her eyes staring off towards Alexis in amazement before returning to Cassie. “Because it’s so difficult to find a classroom in this school” Sandy smirked at her comment, her eyes flashing with annoyance and her voice holding all of its arrogance.

Cassie stamped her foot drawing Alexis attention – Stunned; Alexis couldn’t believe someone beside her actually stomped her foot in annoyance? She didn’t think people actually did that. “Don’t be so rude, Sandy” the red mane lion beside her acted like a diva who was not getting her way – a spoiled rich kid never the less but it couldn’t help but make Alexis smile during the situation she was in. She was caught between her greatest fear and something she wanted after all.

This school contained werewolves; if Vladimir knew anything like that then he wouldn’t allow her to come back. Ever.

Sandy finally took her gaze away from Alexis and sent an evil look Cassie’s way which made the red head stumble slightly although she didn’t back down. She opened her mouth to say something else and it was covered by a manly hand. “That will be enough from you, sweetheart. Let’s get you to your next Class before you get yourself in to a fight” Chris pulled Cassie away from the small group, taking Alexis’s only defense away from her. Cassie was dragged away and soon left the class with her friends completely forgetting about her fight with Sandy.

Alexis stood staring at the ground not knowing what to say, what to do. They couldn’t very well do anything to her in a class that was busy, but they knew who she was now. They knew she was a werewolf. “Come on, we better get to class. Mr Miller hates it when we are late” Marie urged Alexis on taking a step towards her as if she was about to link her own arm through Alexis.

Automatically Alexis took a step back and Marie froze, surprised by her reaction momentarily before offering her a smile and waving her hand in the direction of the door. Alexis knew that the best thing she could do in this moment would be to go to class while the hall was still packed with students. She didn’t want to be alone with these werewolves – not a chance.

Marie and Sandy turned to head out the door and Alexis moved to follow behind them.

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