Blood Wolf

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Chapter 12: Public Enemy #1

Alexis had no choice but to follow them to her next class, she couldn’t show them that she was scared; she couldn’t just turn and run away from them. This was her only chance at being in a normal school and if there were only three werewolves in the full school it couldn’t be that bad.

Could it? She had been living with vampires long enough to know how to avoid them, she could learn the same about werewolves. It wouldn’t take her too long. Alexis could work around this. She had to stop in her steps before she hit one of the werewolves. Sandy had turned around to face her and now with a crooked smile on her face. “You’re a werewolf” She pointed out in a matter of fact tone and Alexis couldn’t help but laugh awkwardly; trying to cover up how she was feeling in that moment.

Trying to disguise everything and push the situation away from herself, she tried to seem distant about the subject. “Sandy, Sh” Marie tried to hush her friend but one look from Sandy shut her up. Sandy wasn’t going to take orders from Marie.

Alexis shook her head and moved to go past the werewolves in front of her, she felt like her full body was tensed up “Don’t be stupid there’s no such things as werewolves” Alexis held up her facade and walked around the wolves. She didn’t want to be anywhere near them and if she could avoid confrontation then that was what she was going to do.

She walked around them and began to head along the corridor, pulling her timetable out of her pocket; she tried to find the room number stated on it. She heard a great distressing sigh come from behind her and then their footsteps followed her. “Avoid the question then weirdo” Sandy answered although she could hardly say that Alexis avoided the question, she answered just not the way Sandy wanted her too.

The girls moved to walk beside her, one on either side. Alexis’s hairs stood on edge. She tried to put on a fake smile although it was hardly working. She was in the middle of two creatures she didn’t want to be near. “I’m not avoiding anything, Sandy. I told you what I think” She shrugged her shoulders and crossing her hands across her chest. She was trying to make herself as small as possible and as thin as possible considering they were next to her.

Sandy had gathered herself back up and smiled sideways towards her. “I see. So your tails between your legs because you’re scared?” Sandy sang out as if she was singing a dramatic ballad. Marie was walking a thin line - she knew there was something about this new girl that was tugging on her wolf; she just couldn’t place what it was. So instead of doing anything she stayed silent beside her. Sandy would eventually tire; all she was doing was trying to prove she was on top. Marie knew she was on top, but Alexis didn’t.

“Stop it” Alexis whispered very softly, she was shaking. She didn’t want to be near any werewolves never mind having three in her school that she could bump into every day. Sandy sniggered slightly as they moved along the corridor. “The class is the last one on the left” Marie added in with a soft tone, she could feel Alexis’s words echoing through her, feel them connect with her wolf, her wolf had quieted down within her. She felt confused but dare not question it.

Logic was telling her something was wrong, yet her need to survive was telling her to stay quiet, to not speak up and interrupt Sandy.

Sandy on the other hand wasn’t stopping, she was enjoying herself. “Are we ruffling your fur?” she chuckled skipping along beside her as if she had nothing better to do. Marie was an omega within the werewolves, she knew her place and she always followed her orders. Sandy on the other hand knew nothing of the kind; she was born from a small beta family and always wanted to reach to be alpha material. She didn’t know when to stop. “Don’t worry I am sure a nice pet will always make you feel better”

Werewolves referring to themselves as dogs? Now Alexis had heard everything. She didn’t want to react to her but at the same time she was itching to shout at her, to growl at her. No, she couldn’t do that.

Alexis shook her head, she couldn’t deal with this. She wouldn’t deal with this. “Oh did I hit below the belt this time? You must be reacting to the moon tonight, don’t worry it happens to all of us” Sandy kept on with the werewolves jokes, she was determined to break Alexis and she didn’t care who she hurt in the meantime.

Marie shot a look towards Sandy although she ignored it. She wasn’t going to listen to someone lower than her, she had worked hard to get higher up on the chain of command. She was the queen bee; she was dating the alpha’s son. She couldn’t get any higher up the chain than that. He was the next alpha and she was going to be his wife, his mate; nothing could stop that, nobody could.

Sandy seemed to chuckle when Alexis didn’t react. She was obviously getting the reaction she wanted. “Don’t worry we don’t bite. Well not all of us anyway. Sometimes we nip but it’s more playful than hurtful” Sandy was pushing her and somehow Alexis knew that. Alexis felt like she wanted to growl but like always she suppressed it. She would not give in to this force; she would not let those werewolves push her in to submission. She wasn’t going to play the game they were playing. She wasn’t going to sink to their level but she did need to stop them. She couldn’t take any more of their jokes.

With the vampires it was one thing but with werewolves, well it seemed like a completely different situation. One she wasn’t sure she could handle. She swallowed her growl and pushed out one word. “Stop”

This time without thinking her eyes narrowed and she let it slip out with more force than she had ever spoken to anyone with before. Both girls stopped in their tracks as Alexis continued on to the end of the hall.

They were stumped; neither of them wanted to but found themselves having to.

Sandy’s mouth was left half opened staring at the girl. She realized straight away what she was now up against. She was up against an Alpha. A nature born Alpha.

Alexis walked to the end of the hall and turned towards the classroom, her eyes went straight to the girls still where she left them. Without a second thought the girls started moving and Alexis went into the classroom. As soon as she stepped through the classroom doors she took a deep breath and smiled towards the teacher.

“Ah our new student, Alex is it?” Alexis smiled and bounced her head into a nod. She didn’t need to correct someone, she couldn’t correct him. She had just told two werewolves to stop, she had just shouted at two werewolves. She couldn’t do that. She shouldn’t have opened her mouth. That was going to come back and bite her; literally, from now on she needed to avoid the werewolves. She could find her own way about this school; even if she was late she could deal with that. “You can sit in the back there. We have one seat left just for you” He spoke clearly and with a strong English accent. This was her language teacher? A smile traced her lips as she sat up the back of the class. She took in a deep breath, her hands gripped her thighs as she worried about the back lash she was about to get.

The girls walked into the class one after another and to Alexis it seemed like it was in slow motion. First Marie walked through the door, her head lowered and she moved straight into her seat in the second row, then Sandy followed, although she tried to hide the fact that her head was lowered and her ego was wounded, she sat down beside Marie. Alexis was safe for the time being – but she knew it was only because she was in a class with a teacher and another twenty pupils. Her mind raced through a million possibilities in her mind as the teacher began to start talking.

“In this class we are going to continue the languages on from the past years and add another one on. Which for our new student I will go over them. French, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish and our new language Greek” A smile graced his lips and Alexis hands gripped the table in front of her as she reached into her bag and took out her notepad and pen.

Her pen couldn’t stand still – it tapped the paper as soon as she brought it out. “Now I completely understand if you aren’t fluent in these languages but by the end of this year I want you to be able to have a full conversation in each language. We shall break each language into 8 week periods” Alexis could hear him speak and luckily she had already began learning the languages he was speaking about.

She was fluent in French, Russian, English and Italian although the others ones she would have to work on but she was willing to do that.

She was willing to work. But she couldn’t work worrying about what these werewolves were going to do. She shook her head, she needed to focus. She couldn’t spend her full school experience in fear. It wouldn’t work; there would be no point in staying. She would be better giving in.

With a deep breath she threw the werewolves out of her thoughts and focused exactly on what the teacher was saying. She was going to enjoy and learn in the school environment. “Now let’s start with Spanish – Who knows how they start a conversation in Spanish, Xavier?” The class moved into a discussion and when questioned she tried the best to answer every question directed at her without her voice wavering. As she began to get into the class she soon forgot about Sandy and Marie and began to enjoy the discussion and the class atmosphere.

It was all beginning to come together nicely. Or this class was anyway. She couldn’t think about what would happen after the two hours. She just wanted to focus on her language class. She was good at learning and that was all thanks to Vladimir he had kept her learning from a young age – she was sure she could develop the languages in no time.

She was more interested to learn Greek and more than likely that would be the last one they would learn. She had to stick it out. It couldn’t be that hard to ignore the werewolves in this school. She just had to work on staying away from them.

Focus on school. She warned herself.

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