Blood Wolf

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Chapter 13: It's a Buffet!


That was what she had to deal with next. She had to eat like a normal human being in a room full of other humans. Except she couldn’t step through the door to the lunch hall. Part of her told her she looked stupid just standing outside the lunch hall waiting on something or someone. She wasn’t sure what, well actually she was. She wasn’t waiting on anything; she was looking to see who was in the lunch hall.

But from this angle she wasn’t getting a very good view on it. She could hardly see where anybody was, she could see a few tables of people she didn’t know and where everyone got their lunch.

That was it. She let out a deep sigh and tried to move herself to see more. She didn’t get to see anything more, Cassie’s lion haired mane appeared at the window, and her face was glowing at the other side as she waved at Alexis before opening the door to question her. “You realize you have to come in to get the lunch, right?” Cassie questioned her hand rubbing her elbow as if in a nervous habit.

A smile formed on Alexis’s face as she chuckled nervously. She knew exactly that, but she didn’t want to go into the hall, not alone anyway. She couldn’t face the three werewolves she knew were going to be in there. She had met them. She had avoided them as much as she could. But she couldn’t very well stay out here all of lunch time – she was hungry after all.

So she did the only thing she knew would cover for it. She changed the subject.

“You said there was some kind of lunch system?” Alexis tried to cover what she was actually dealing with by using a real problem that was there. Not that she had even begun to think about that problem. What did a lunch system even mean? Could you not get your lunch unless you knew how to work it? The thought actually scared her as well, not as much as the other problem of course but never the less. A laugh echoed in Cassie’s throat as she pulled Alexis through the door and began marching her towards the area with all the food.

It was drastically different than she imagined, not like any cafeteria she had seen in any movie. The tables were smaller and they all had people crowded at them, the food was spread out along and looked like they had taken care in making it. It looked more like a restaurant than a cafeteria for kids. “I’m sorry. I must have scared you to death with that lunch system nonsense. Don’t worry it’s just a card system we have here…” She pulled a card out her pocket and waved it in Alexis’s face as if to show her exactly what she meant.

The quizzical look on Alexis’s face told Cassie that she had no idea what she was talking about. “…You can use my card today and then tomorrow we can go and get you your own one. Basically you put your money on the card at machine points around the school and they swipe your card as if it’s a credit card. I always have mine stocked up. You can buy me lunch later…” She waved off any thought of Alexis rejecting her offer to buy her lunch and the lion haired girl couldn’t help but make her smile with her over dramatic attitude. She stopped at the food station picking up two trays and sliding them in front of both herself and Alexis.

“Now just tell them what you want and they will put it on a plate for you. You get your meat choices here and then your starch stuff next – that’s your chips, potatoes, rice and all the rest and then you get your fruit and veg. And lastly your chocolate and sweetie stuff you have to get on the other side of the room. I think they put it over there to stop people from buying it or try and detour you from doing it anyway. It doesn’t even faze me. I need chocolate to make it through the rest of the day” Cassie admitted with a smile as she slivered along the lunch bars, pointing at the things she wanted.

Alexis followed suit, everything looked good, and there was a variety of meats – chicken in a choice of two sauces, sweet and sour or white wine sauce. Beef was also an option with gravy, and then there was lamb with mince sauce, pork with apple sauce and lastly corn-dogs. It was easy for Alexis to pick she had always had a lovely craving for pork and with the apple sauce she was more than happy to indulge in it. She moved through the rest of the menu, picking off the things she liked before they ended up at a till.

Cassie filled her plate to the brim and handed the women her card “Both these meals” she waved her hand over the meal she had created for herself and Alexis’s meal and the lady typed in numbers to her till before swiping the card down the side of it and handing it back to Cassie.

Cassie pushed her card into her back pocket and lifted her tray up. “Come on. The guys always keep a seat for me and I asked them to keep one for you as well” Cassie beamed towards her waiting for Alexis to pick up her tray before she turned to walk beside her looking out for her friends. Alexis didn’t want to look but couldn’t find anywhere else to put her eyes too. She couldn’t look at her tray – she didn’t know if she would run into someone and end up spilling the tray over some unfortunate soul. She tried to look forward and she found herself searching for someone she knew.

Even though she didn’t want to. She set her eyes on Sandy the moment a shiver ran up her spine. “There they are over there” Alexis’s attention was gladly taken away from Sandy to look at where Cassie was pointing.

Where just like in home room, sat her group of friends with just like she promised two spare seats beside one another. Alexis felt herself tense up, she could feel someone’s eyes on her and she knew exactly who they were. Sandy’s and right now she had her back to her as she turned around to go to her seat.

“There’s the home schooled girl” the tall brunette head boy that she remembered Cassie saying he was called Chris and she offered him a smile as Cassie moved into the seat beside him and Alexis dropped in to the seat beside her. Her tray she pushed on to the table in front of her and when she looked forward she couldn’t help but tense up a little bit more.

In front of her, was not just Sandy or the three werewolves she had met but a full table of werewolves. She counted five, although her brain was on overdrive so she wouldn’t have doubted if she had missed someone. Sandy was there draped over a boy to her right, the boy was staring at her, his short spiked hair was neatly cut and not too short either.

Marie was beside Sandy on the other side, the boy she had ran into first was two away from Sandy on her right. He wasn’t looking at her he was too busy talking to the other boy across the table beside Marie. They looked very similar in build; both had dirty blonde hair, with dark eyes.

Although the one beside Marie had slightly longer hair which was much like Caleb’s style. They both had strong jaw bones and muscular arms. All the hairs on her body were on edge, her tongue snaked out licking her lips nervously and she was sure she looked like an awkward fool staring at them. “Off in your own world?” She came back to stare at the Blondie haired girl gazing at her with a smirk on her face, and her hand was up as if she was about to wave it in Alexis face.

Alexis nodded sheepishly towards the girl she recognized as Ashley. “Sorry. There’s a lot of people in here. I’m not used to being somewhere so busy” She answered, starting to dig into her food. She needed a distraction and she needed one fast. The food on her plate was one she enjoyed and she knew right now it could distract even for a little while.

“There’s no need to be sorry Alexis. Ashley just likes to know what ever one is thinking, she can be nosy like that….just ignore her” A smile crossed the red haired girls lips as she stuck her tongue out towards Ashley. Alexis didn’t know how to react to what was happening; she switched her eyes towards Ashley as if waiting to see her react. Her nostrils flared and Alexis didn’t want to get into a fight on her first day, she felt herself shrinking down into her chair.

This couldn’t be happening, she thought the werewolves were the worst part of her day and now the humans were fighting? “Besides most of the time she’s off in her own world” Cassie added in which only seemed to entice her more.

Her eyes lit up with the challenge and she disregarded her plate to the side to lean on the table. “...nosy? Miss Cassandra Goldfoot. You normally know every bit of gossip in this school before the newspaper does. You came into class already knowing half of Alex’s life and you’re going to call me nosy” She was ready and Alexis was shocked although it didn’t seem to bypass Cassie, the two seemed to be so easily bantering that Alexis didn’t know when they were kidding or when they were going to be serious.

Was this a serious conversation? She was confused. “I will-…” Cassie started although Chris nudged beside her. “I think you’re going to give Alexis a complex if you guys keep acting in this way. We may understand what you two always bicker about but if that isn’t a confused look I don’t know what is….” Chris answered and they all turned to look at Alexis. Her cheeks brightened and she slouched back into her seat a little bit more, not liking the idea of being stared at any more than the idea of being the center of attention.

“You’ll honestly get used to them” the other boy, Jack spoke from beside her, he smiled towards her and Alexis smiled back. They all moved back into a much gentler conversation, occasionally asking Alexis question’s she was prepared to answer thanks to Vladimir and the back story that they had prepared. They seemed like a nice bunch of people.

Normal, human people and that was what she needed. That was what she wanted, a smile lit her lips as she joined in to the conversation and tried to ignore the werewolves across the tables, she would have to ask Cassie who they were. But then again maybe it was better if she didn’t know who they were. She didn’t want to be the center of their attention nor even near their attention. If she could stay out of their radar. Out of Sandy’s radar especially, then she would be more than happy.

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