Blood Wolf

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Chapter 14: Mine, Mihi

Sandy felt the growl in the back of her throat, although she tried to suppress it, when she saw Alexis stride across the middle of the lunch hall with Cassie and sat directly across from them. The boy she was leaning on, Nicolas’s body tensed fully up and she was sure that he had noticed her as well. She stared daggers into Alexis.

“Who is that?” she heard the words from beside her. Nicolas couldn’t take his eyes from the girl, Alexis was staring right back at them. She was scared, they could all smell it.

They could sense it by the way she acted around them, that was one of the reasons Sandy had made sure to poke fun at her so many times. “I ran into her this morning – she’s new here and a wolf, although she was surprised to see another wolf in the building. It was almost like she had expected us not to be here. Its common knowledge this is where our pack attends so I don’t understand why she would be surprised” Alexander leaned on the table; he picked up his drink, having already scoffed his food. He didn’t look over to where she was he didn’t need to see her twice. He knew exactly who they were talking about after their interaction this morning.

Alexander was strong on his temper; he had anger problems and often had to be calmed down by his best friend, the Alpha’s son. Nicolas. Nicolas was interested because of one reason and one reason only. His wolf was scratching at him with one word and one word only.


It was shouting at him as if it was going to rip him apart to get towards the other girl, his heart rate was picking up as her beautiful green eyes stared back at him. His thoughts were racing and there was one thing he was certain about, she was his mate. He visible moved to make sure he was further away from Sandy.

Sandy was shocked when he moved out of her grip to lean on the table to inquire more about this girl, his heart melted when she turned back to talk to the humans at the table, her smile nervous and awkward and her cheeks burning. He had never seen something so beautiful.

“What’s her name?” He asked almost without thinking, to anyone and nobody in particular. Marie was the one to talk first knowing that Sandy wasn’t going to talk up, especially about Alexis after what had happened earlier. “Alexis. She’s in our foreign language class and…” Marie glanced towards Sandy who was staring daggers at her, as if to warn her not to mention anything else. She knew Sandy didn’t want to let them know what she was. “Yes?” Nicolas’s attention pulled away from Alexis for the first time since she had come into the room.

His eyes piercing at Marie in questioning. There was one thing Marie was sure of and that was Nicolas was going to be alpha, not Sandy and she liked Nicolas, she wasn’t going to start lying to him. She gathered up her courage, even letting her wolf rise to the surface a little as if to protect her.

Her eyes concentrating on Nicolas fully and not Sandy.

Although her voice stayed lowered. “…She’s an alpha. There’s no doubt about that and a strong one at that, if I didn’t know any better I would say she was a Lupei. She told me and Sandy to stop and we froze, we couldn’t move from the spot we were in. Our full body was against us for those few moments until she looked back at us. That’s when we could move again” Marie knew what she was saying was crazy; the Lupei werewolves had been killed off completely when they were all pups.

They had only ever had experiences with them once when they were watching videos and DVDs and of course what their elders told them. Marie knew only Lupei werewolves could have that much control over someone else’s pack, because of her granddad. He was one of the last surviving pack elders. Her granddad was the pack’s oldest Doctor and Marie was training to be one under him. She was proud to be. She often spent many weekends in the pack’s surgery watching him treat the littlest things.

“You’re kidding?” Alexander seemed serious as he stared at Marie as if trying to see if she was telling a lie. His eyes scanned over her in distrust. Patrick beside Marie sat up beside her, not liking the way his brother was challenging the girl beside him. It was, of course, his mate although they hadn’t been open about it with other people.

Thanks to Patrick’s and Alexander’s father, he wouldn’t accept someone unless they had a high level within the pack, which unfortunately for Patrick wasn’t Marie, she was an omega and a very low one at that.

So right now they had refused to tell anyone under agreement with each other. They had decided together that it was best to keep it a secret.

The older they got the harder it was to keep people from finding out though. It was hard to ignore that inner mate instinct. Nicolas was just finding that out.

Nicolas didn’t seem interested in the bickering between the pack members he turned around to Sandy with the questioning look on his face. “Is that true?” He asked her a little more power in his voice since by the way she was sitting up proudly and trying to protect herself. He had to put power against his words if he expected her to tell him the truth, Sandy wanted to lie, she wanted to say it was a flock and they were just shocked that someone like that would answer her back but when she couldn’t form the words she simply nodded her head.

“We have to alert the elders if we think she is a Lupei, she’s in danger if she is. There’s no way that she’s safe, there could be vampires anywhere in this city and they’re not just going to let her by pass them quickly” Patrick spoke up trying to distract himself from Marie and focus on the problem at hand.

Nicolas nodded his head “We don’t need to alert them yet. We can talk Alexis into coming herself I am sure. It’ll be safer for her rather than the elders scaring her into coming” He said looking back over to where she was, her laugh echoed through him and he was sure he couldn’t help but smile at it. “She’s safe at home. She’s been home schooled as far as I know. That was what Cassie told me. So obviously she was kept out of harm’s way for long enough. I bet her parents are talking to your dad right now anyway, that’s probably why she’s been enrolled in this school, they must plan to join the pack” Marie spoke up with what she knew; hoping to make the up in coming Alpha less worried about the girl. She could see right away that he cared about her.

Sandy could as well.

She had almost let out a growl, as she folded her arms in front of her chest and curled herself up into a ball. “Probably” Nicolas mused as the bell rang overhead, telling them it was time to get back into class.

Everybody lifted their tray around the werewolves and moved to leave the hall, Nicolas’s eyes were still on Alexis and when she lifted her tray, she was confused although followed Cassie’s lead. Nicolas lifted as if to follow her but was stopped by a hand on his elbow. “Leave it Nic” Alexander spoke although Nicolas wasn’t quiet registering everything at the moment.

Although Alexander’s hand had at least stopped him from moving forward towards the new werewolf and when she left the room he was able to snap back into action. His eyes finally moved towards Alexander, nodding his head.

The chair rattling in towards the table beside him alerted his attention away from Alexander and towards Sandy; who had pushed the chair in hard against the table and stormed away from them, Marie smiled towards Patrick before going after her.

Although not before she picked up her tray and taking it with her to dispose of it before leaving the lunch hall with Sandy; who had decided to leave her tray on the table where she had been sitting. She had hardly touched her food.

The three boys stood staring as Marie and Sandy walked off. “That’s going to cost you…big” Patrick was the first to break the silence as he turned around to face both his brother and Nicolas. A chuckle rumbled through him and his brother joined him after Nicolas’s quizzical look. “Why?” he almost sounded stupid which was part of the reason why Patrick was laughing and definitely the reason why Alexander had joined in. “Are you kidding me?” Alexander spoke as he moved around the table grabbing not only his tray but Sandy’s as well.

Both Nicolas and Patrick joined him. Alexander and Patrick looked at Nicolas as if he were crazy, he had to have known what he had done, sure none of them could normally understand what Sandy did but this time, they couldn’t have missed it as if it were a brick smacking them in the face.

“Really? Nic? You looked like you were going to jump over the table and mount the new wolf in front of all the humans” A laugh came out of Alexander’s lips as he scraped the leftover food on Sandy’s plate into the bed before placing both his and her tray on top of the bin. Alexander was always blunt and would never beat around the bush. He would gladly tell Nicolas the truth, whether it was good or bad.

That was why he liked Alexander so much, which was why he had always been his beta. Nicolas automatically flinched not realizing how obvious his attraction towards the new werewolf was. “Sandy isn’t going to easily just forgive you this time. You basically pushed her away to get closer to Alexis” Patrick chimed in, as he nudged Nicolas pushing his tray on top and moving to hold the door open for them all. “She’s never going to be able to forgive me guys…” Nicolas started as he moved through the door; he was so sure about his next words that he knew it was going to anger Sandy.

Sandy had been his girlfriend for the 6 months, although Nicolas had known that she had admired him for longer than that. His dad wasn’t happy about him choosing someone like her to go out with but his dad had been certain that it was just a phase even though Nicolas had demanded it wasn’t and that he did love Sandy.

There was no doubt in his mind how he felt about her now. “Alexis is my mate” Patrick took in a deep breath in shock. Alexander stared at his best friend for a moment before questioning “Are you sure?” Although he knew Nicolas wouldn’t have said it unless it was true. Not a chance. Nicolas nodded his head and Alexander began to laugh. “Well good luck telling Sandy that. I don’t want to be you right now” Patrick joined in on the laughter nodding his head in agreement.

Nicolas knew how bad she was going to take it, although there was at least one thing he could be happy about. At least his dad would be happy. He would be more than happy that he was mated to another Alpha, but then again his dad had told him that he would be. That was one pointed he didn’t like. His father was right.

He was never going to hear the end of this.

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