Blood Wolf

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Chapter 15: What's your point?

“Wasn’t as bad as you thought it was. Right kid?” The driver turned towards her as she slunk in to the car, a smile creased her lips although she wasn’t sure that she meant it. The man in front of her let out a laugh as he turned around and started up the engine. Alexis didn’t know if it were bad or good.

It had been a mix of both; but she had this journey to change how she felt about that. She had to make Vladimir believe that it was the best thing she had ever been too. She had to lie to them or at least with hold the bad parts.

Otherwise he wouldn’t let her come back; that much was obvious. She had to be careful, especially with someone Vladimir had hired to take her to school. He either obviously trusted this man or could compel him completely without any outside influences; although Alexis had never seen this man before this morning she was sure that Vladimir would use someone he trusted. “It was great; just what I needed” Alexis smiled through her thoughts and pulled on her seat belt as the car pulled away from the school and started the short journey home.

The man tilted his rear view mirror so he could see Alexis in it. “Didn’t I tell you? I knew you’d enjoy it. All fun right? Did you learn a ton?” The man in the front inquired with a deep genuine smile and Alexis couldn’t help but feel bad for not being able to tell him the truth. Although she couldn’t tell him the whole truth. She had learned a lot in the classes she had attended and she had enjoyed them immensely.

The only part she had disliked had been the werewolves, and it was more the fact she had been terrified although reserved. They had noticed her as well and she was going to find it difficult staying away from them. She could use Cassie a lot though and the rest of the humans around her.

The werewolves never spoke to her in front to them – not fully anyway. She told the man everything about her work day – about her classes and how much she had enjoyed the school environment, she even couldn’t help but mention Cassie in there and how bubbly she was and friendly.

Which was something Alexis had never had in her life, she had never had a proper friend. She had Vladimir and Louie, sure but other than that she had been stuck by herself. Well she had Caleb now although she wasn’t sure what she could count him in as yet, maybe he was in the same category as Vladimir and Louie.

He didn’t seem like family – not in the same way they did. By the time the car had stopped, she had told the driver everything about her day – minus the werewolves of course and he had told her about some of his adventures during the day and a package that he had to deliver. “That’s us here, Kid. I’ll see you tomorrow” he killed the engine before turning around and producing a big smile towards her. “Thank you” he tipped his small bonnet towards her, dipping his head.

“My pleasure” Alexis grabbed her backpack when he finished speaking and undid her seat belt in the process, before she was slipping out the car and confronted by Vladimir. She shut the car behind her and pulled her bag on to her back, she couldn’t show any weakness and she couldn’t think about anything that happened at school. She put on her best smile as he stood assessing her. “Hey chief. What’s been happening here?” She beamed up towards him curious to hear what they had been doing all day and keep the conversation from her right now until she had a better control on her emotions.

Vladimir watched her for a moment before moving to the side to allow her to come in the house. “Louie has been …irritating. More than normal” Vladimir hissed out and his shoulders dropped as if in a shiver. Alexis stifled a laugh as she looked towards her father like figure and they began to walk through the house. Vladimir eyed her sideways and she shrugged her shoulders. “You said he was always irritating” Alexis reminded Vladimir with a soft smile along her lips which he shook his head forward. “Yes but with Caleb here he has decided to be the torment of my life” Vladimir spoke with genuine concern and he seemed to be remembering a few of the events during the day, Alexis half wondered what they had gotten up to, what mischief they had caused to make Vladimir looked this…disheveled. She had heard him moan before about how much a bane to his existence Louie was. Alexis also wondered how and why Vladimir had changed Louie in the first place and what had ever compelled him to do so.

Vladimir must have seen some quality he liked in Louie because surely he hadn’t been made to change him. Alexis had always been so curious although never had the courage to ask; she was too scared for the answer and she felt it was too private for her to know. “How about your school life?” He changed the subject more concerned with her day.

Alexis shook out of her thoughts and looked towards him; the same smile she had placed on her face when her driver had asked appeared on her face again. “It was brilliant, slightly like how I imagined and slightly not” she beamed towards him and part of it was, part of her had enjoyed every minute of her chats with Cassie and her friends.

She enjoyed learning in a controlled environment and hearing other people’s views on some of the subjects and not just her own and Vladimir’s or even Louie’s comments. It was thrilling to hear everyone debate a subject she enjoyed and even ones she had never heard of before. “I am learning a few more languages that could be useful and English was amazing, it’s just great the way people interpret a story” Alexis wasn’t lying in any sense, she had been impressed in the school because she hadn’t expected people to have such vivid and open imagination.

“I have this girl, Cassie showing me around. I have never met someone so full of life. She’s amazing and so full on. Do humans always bicker with each other?” Alexis was glad that they had surprised her, it almost made her feel more human the fact that they could think like her. Alexis was in amazement and she did enjoy school much more than she had ever expected too and she had expected to enjoy it.

She couldn’t wait to go back, but reality hit her in face and she realized that she wasn’t just going back to school; she was going back to the werewolves. “Yes” He answered with the nod of his head. She found herself coming back to reality and pulling her fake smile back along her face to look towards Vladimir. “I am glad you are enjoying it Alexis” He mused watching her for a minute more before turning to face the front.

“Have you got much homework?” His eyes looked towards her sideways before letting her lead them both up the stairs towards where their rooms were and also the room where Alexis had been studying in. Alexis shook her head “Nothing yet, although I want to keep up to date with everything and I want to reread, The Scarlet Letter, I need to take more notes on it and get more description out about it. They want us to discuss the character denotation and connotation in detail and I think I am missing something about Hester. We also have to discuss the themes and I know there are three obvious ones but I want to double check just in case I am missing some smaller ones” Alexis smiled towards him and Vladimir analyzed and listened to what she was saying just like he always did.

Both Vladimir and Louie had their good and bad points; and Vladimir’s best point was his knowledge and what Alexis could learn from him, or what more Vladimir allowed her to learn from him. He always had a way of making her work it out for herself.

Which Alexis had grown to enjoy although hated as a child. “I can take a look over what you have got and see if you are missing anything important” Normally what would have been a question if anyone else had said it, but Alexis knew he was merely wanting to help her. She nodded her head “I have some notes in my room. If you can get the book and the rest in the study I can meet you there?” She inquired, unlike Vladimir who normally stated he would do things; Alexis still felt the need to ask things as questions. He nodded his head and disappeared along the hallway at a speed she was used too.

Alexis turned towards her room which wasn’t far away from where she was standing, just a couple of doors down. Her door was shut just like she had left it; a smile lit her lips as she moved into her room. She knew exactly where she left the paper in her room; she hurried in through the door and straight towards the desk in her room.

Everything was filled neatly; she had acquired a touch of Vladimir’s OCD and often had to have everything filled correctly. It made it that much easier to find. She got to her table and rummaged through the papers in the top of her filing shelves, knowing that she had put all her English work on top. Her hands filed through them although she couldn’t find the piece she wanted, she couldn’t find the title at the top of the page, the one she was looking for. “Where is it?” She whispered towards herself, scanning through the files again before looking to the next shelf. She had to have gotten mixed up although that wasn’t something she had ever done with her paper work.

She didn’t like sheets out of their place. “Do you always talk to yourself or is this a special occasion?” spinning around Alexis found herself staring at Caleb, sprawled out on her bed, one arm was stretched out behind his head the other was on his chest on top of a piece of paper and it was the second thing she noticed. She took a step forward towards the bed. “You have my work” She didn’t stop at a step she moved towards the bed before grabbing the paper out from under his hand and checking it to confirm it was the one she was looking for.

Scribbled at the top in her own hand writing was ’The Scarlet Letter’, she looked towards Caleb accusingly. “What are you doing in my room Caleb?” She narrowed her eyes towards him in wonder now about why he had made his way into her room, surely Vladimir wouldn’t have let her walk in here without letting her know Caleb was in her room. Louie and Caleb were supposed to be at each other’s throat, Caleb was now sitting in her room and she was sure Louie would have normally been here to welcome her back. Yet he was nowhere to be seen. Caleb’s appearance had made her household act very strangely.

Caleb sat straight up on her bed and swung his legs so he was facing her. “How was your school day?” He ignored her question and Alexis rolled her eyes. Not the answer she was looking for in the slightest. She turned on her heels heading back towards her door. “It was good. I still have some work to do for tomorrow though” She spoke as she moved to the door, before she got to her bedroom door, Caleb was standing in front of her blocking her view. She looked up at him questioningly and when he didn’t speak, again she rolled her eyes.

“Cal. I need to get through the door” She didn’t try moving knowing that if he didn’t want to let her out of the room there was no way she could stop him. She had seen what he was like training and she knew the speed of a vampire and there was no comparison, especially when she had suppressed her werewolf gene. She stood no chance. He chuckled for a moment and Alexis looked up at him again with a questioning look. “Coming up with nicknames are we? I didn’t think we were that close…yet” Caleb took a step towards her and Alexis knew better than to back up from a vampire.

It was almost like a game to them, if she backed up it only meant that she wanted to play and right now, she didn’t want to play.

Plus Cal was better than some of the other names she had come up with in her head and none of them were particularly nice or polite. “What’s your point?” Alexis stared up at him refusing to be scared off by this new comer to her house. Especially one that seemed as bipolar as Caleb did.

Sometimes he could be an ass and other times he could care. It was like having Louie and Vladimir all wrapped up into one vampire.

Caleb pushed off the wall shrugging his shoulders towards Alexis and letting her go through the door although she didn’t move. “I wanted to sort out a sort of training schedule so you could study around it. Vladimir thought it would be a good idea so you didn’t try and do too much and get over tired. I know how much we can live more at night than during the day. Since you’re at school that probably wouldn’t work for you” Caleb wandered around her room, staring at everything as if it was highly interesting and Alexis’s eyes followed him.

“I was thinking 2 days a week, once at the weekend on Saturday which means we can do it more at night. Saves the hassle and the other during the week after you do homework say Wednesday?” Caleb turned on the edge of his feet, looking towards her for an answer. Alexis could see no problem with that. They normally did sleep most of the day anyway.

They were all up rather early today anyway but then again, that may have been because of Alexis being at school. She knew that. She bounced her head into a nod “Sure that sounds okay” Alexis agreed and Caleb smiled before striding towards her and the door.

A smile on his face once more. “Great we can start Wednesday night at about 8 then” he stopped short of her leaning to open up the door for her “Best get along to Vlad before he comes looking for you” Caleb edged her out of the door with his hand on her lower back, she let him and as she turned around to again inquire If that had been the reason for his intrusion into her room, he was gone. Vanished. Shaking her head and laughing towards herself.

Vampires. She thought, she couldn’t help but feel like she was always stuck on a one sided conversation with them. She turned back and headed down the corridor towards Vladimir.

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