Blood Wolf

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Chapter 17: Don't push me

The blood was boiling through Sandy; she was not going to give up. She was not going to let some other wolf come in and take away all the hard work that she had went through to get to the place she was. Sure, Sandy hadn’t come from a completely Omega family not like her friend Marie had. Marie enjoyed her status and she really didn’t want to be anything more. Her father was a Beta, and she had always striven to be better.

It had been drilled into her from being a little girl by her mother. Her mother had been an omega before she had moved up through the ranks and took on a Beta. Sandy wanted to do one better and snatch the Alpha. She thought she had done it as well; she had Nicolas right where she wanted him. He would do anything she said, he would fetch her things and even when they were together things could be heated.

Which was exactly how Sandy had liked things, they had only been officially together for 6 months and Sandy had known that his father disagreed with their union although he proceed to let them be together which just meant that Sandy could work on him more, make him want her more and make it so that Nicolas couldn’t live without her.

Which she thought had worked.

But it was now all being kicked off – all her hard work had crashed to the ground because of that she wolf. Sandy felt herself growl as she stormed through the corridors of the school. She knew it wasn’t the best idea to confront Nicolas in school especially when she was this angry.

Emotions were one of the things that fueled the wolves within them and Sandy’s was scratching at the surface; ready for a fight although Nicolas wasn’t the one she wanted to fight with. Alexis was. But right now she was going to settle with confronting Nicolas and hearing what he had to say about his behavior. No one bothered her as she moved through the hallway, she had a determined walk and even when Marie saw her, she backed away and decided against talking to the angry wolf.

When she spotted Nicolas he was stood against his locker with Alexander beside him. His back towards Sandy, she didn’t even think twice as she marched towards the pair. Almost instantly Alexander’s head lifted up as if to defend his alpha and realizing who it was, he gave a worried smile towards his friend. “Nicolas I need to talk to you” Sandy almost growled through her teeth, the alpha wolf turned although kept his back against the locker.

Alexander whistled as if trying to cover for the awkwardness he felt from being there with the two of them. “I’ll catch you in class Nic.” He said before turning around and leaving the pair to bickering, after all – Nicolas had already explained to them about the situation.

They knew why Nicolas had acted the way he had and he had already said that he needed to talk to Sandy about it. He had hoped to do it within the pack territory to keep Alexis safe and also to keep Sandy’s anger away from the humans.

Nicolas hadn’t the courage to tell her last night and when he had tried to find her, it seemed she had disappeared off running. His head had been spinning with thoughts of Alexis and he couldn’t have concentrated on talking to Sandy at that moment anyway. So he was happy for the night to rest, but now he was regretting it. He should have done it within pack territory.

“I need to talk to you to Sandy, although this isn’t the best place to do it in” Nicolas nodded his head, folding his arms in front of his chest and he re-positioned himself in more of an alpha order. Sandy noticed his movements and growled in response even though she could feel her wolf backing down at his order. She was not going to give in so easily. She was going to stand up for herself.

When Nicolas opened his mouth up to speak, Sandy held her hand up making sure that she was going to get her words in first. “I am not going to be treated like some second class citizen in our territory. I don’t care if your alpha’s instincts smelt another girl. I deserve to be treated properly especially if I am going to be your mate. We have fought to be together for a long time and I will not be pushed out of the way by some she wolf who’s scared of her own shadow” Sandy felt like she wanted to growl at Alexis and in fact she would have fought to the death with her at any given point. She had ignored the second part of Nicolas’s statement determined to get what she wanted to say out.

Sandy didn’t think she was an alpha by any means, she was sure that the only reason they had stopped was because Sandy had been surprised by the fact that someone like her would talk back to her. That was what she wanted to believe anyway. She was making herself believe that.

Nicolas wanted to growl in return against Sandy, Alexis was his mate and he didn’t appreciate anyone talking about her and since he could feel the hatred rolling off of Sandy – it made the wolf inside him pace, he could feel it coming up and against his eyes trying to make Sandy intimidated.

Nicolas knew he had to take it easier though; he hadn’t wanted to hurt Sandy and he knew now why his father had felt sympathy for him over the fact that Sandy wasn’t his mate. Nicolas had never expected to find his mate – even if his father had assured him that every alpha wolf did. He remembered his father’s words so well ‘It’s just part of nature’s way to make sure every alpha wolf is continued on’ Nicolas had nodded his head and thought his dad was just trying to scare him out of dating Sandy.

Of course Nicolas had dated girls before but none that he had went to his father about. None that he had thought would be his mate. He had thought he had wanted to be with Sandy, although now it seemed like a stupid idea. Now it seemed like he hadn’t even known what he was thinking.

Which did make him feel a little bit guilt towards Sandy. His head shook towards her words. “I’m sorry Sandy….” Nicolas started and he saw Sandy smile slightly, not the reaction he wanted from her. “I didn’t think you would apologize so easily for your mistake but I am glad you see you have done wrong here and I don’t expect to see you doing it again. I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t mind you checking out other girls but that reaction was just too much for me” Sandy laugh moving her hand to touch Nicolas in which he moved out of her grasp automatically, her lips switched to a frown

“Wha-“ Sandy stated to question him and this time Nicolas held his hand up towards her knowing it was the only way he was going to get time to speak. “Now I know you’re not going to like what I have to say right now. I don’t really like saying it to you either. But it has to be said….so here goes…” Nicolas took a deep breath, he had thought about what he was going to say to her for a long time and he knew each time he thought about it, it got harder.

Which only made him worry more, he had to tell her, if he was going to have any chance in speaking to Alexis and telling her the truth he first had to get through telling Sandy the truth. “…My reaction yesterday wasn’t for nothing. I can’t help how my body reacts to Alexis and neither can I help my wolf. Now before you interrupt me I need you to listen out and not speak. I know what I said to you over the past year and believe me if I knew what would have happened now I wouldn’t have started us. I don’t regret being with you at all of course we have had times that I will never forget but Alexis is something different, she is something I never thought I would have. She’s my…-” Nicolas had nearly finished his speech, he had drifted off slightly thinking about Alexis.

Sandy had notice how he spoke about Alexis and reacted accordingly, she had slapped him.

Nicolas’s face stung and he could feel her hand vibrate off of him, he hadn’t ever thought someone would have slapped him well enough Sandy. There were many things he had expected the young wolf to do and this certainly wasn’t this. His hand automatically moved to cover his cheek which was now reddening from where Sandy had slapped him. He stared at Sandy in shock, she was furious; the steam was almost coming out her ears. Nicolas could see her wolf right through her eyes growling at him and he was surprised that wolf had allowed her to slap an alpha.

She was breathing heavily and he could see she was sweating slightly. She looked like she was holding herself back from changing and Nicolas became worried about the safety of his pack. Would Sandy actually change and jeopardize that? Sandy stood with her legs slightly parted and her fists clenched tight by her side.

“No!” She screamed towards him and Nicolas’s eyes darted around lucky that no one was in the corridor around them. Everybody had cleared out no doubt when Sandy had started this conversation; the feelings rolling off of her would have scared anyone away. Nicolas reached his hands out towards her “Calm down Sandy” trying to make sure that she wouldn’t let her wolf out. It was his job as the future alpha to make sure the protection of the species was intact and right now it wasn’t intact.

Sandy was shaking with anger. “This is not happening. I have worked too hard to just be pushed aside because of some girl who is terrified of her own species…” Sandy snickered evilly towards Nicolas and his eyebrows rose in question. She decided to hop on his surprise. “...You didn’t know? Well of course not you were too busy staring at her and Marie was too busy telling you all the good stuff. She may be a wolf but it isn’t even close to the surface and if you can’t see that then you’re an idiot. She’s not going to be part of my pack; I will not allow her to step in here…” Sandy was hushed by Nicolas look of utter disgusted, he growled towards her and Sandy automatically shrunk back although he kept a grip on her shoulders not allowing her to move any further back.

“Don’t push me Sandy. She is my mate and you do not get a decision on who joins my pack. You are not the alpha and you never will be with your attitude towards things. If she is scared it’s because wolves like you have made her that way and I will make sure to show her that we are not all like that. You will not threaten nor search her out for a confrontation…do I make myself clear” Nicolas knew when he had stepped over the line, he knew when he had lost control and he knew exactly when Sandy had pushed him too far.

He hadn’t meant to go all Alpha on her and he surely hadn’t expected her to snap. She seemed to have snapped back to normal and her wolf had calmed down. Sandy’s head stood strong and she almost refused to nod.

Almost. Nicolas let go of her arms even though she hadn’t agreed to his demands yet and she reached her hands up and rubbed where he had held her so tightly although still she didn’t agree with his demands. Nicolas was not going to let any harm come to his mate and he knew that a major threat would more than likely be Sandy and her hot headed temper. “She’s not your mate Nicolas. Just because she’s the first wolf to come along and look like she’s a damsel in distress just means your alpha wolf instincts are kicking in to save the poor girl” Sandy crossed her arms on her chest. She was really going to do this?

Nicolas stood his ground and shook his head against her words “I’m sorry you think that Sandy but you need to understand that it’s not that. She is my mate. She is the one I am supposed to be with and nothing you can say will change that fact” Nicolas had calmed himself down as well and gained control over his own emotions and his own wolf.

His wolf hadn’t liked being disobeyed like that. Tut-ting Sandy wasn’t going to agree with him and Nicolas felt his wolf growl in response to her disobedience towards him. “..I don’t think so Nicolas. But you can have your fun and we’ll just see who-..” Sandy’s head turned and Nicolas’s eyes shot up just in time to see Alexis come around the corner.

Alexis hadn’t noticed them, although she had heard their voices. She felt like a deer caught in head lights. She froze at the sight of them and Nicolas offered her a small smile, Sandy on the other hand wasn’t happy, not in the slightest. She looked like she was ready to lash out at her. “Alexis” Nicolas breathed out her name and she felt a shiver run across her spine as she started to back away from the wolves in front of her.

Not saying a word. Sandy did growl this time and took a step towards Alexis. Alexis found herself backing up more quickly and when sandy took another step towards her she turned and ran up the nearest set of stairs, her heart racing out of her chest.

Nicolas had leaned forward and grabbed Sandy around the waist pulling back towards him. “I don’t think so Sandy. Now Promise me or I will make sure that you don’t” He growled in her ear, Sandy nodded her head towards them and he growled again wanting her to answer.

“I won’t search her out okay” Sandy answered back in defeat before Nicolas let her go with a nod of her head obviously assessing the situation and realizing that the situation wasn’t going to get any better. Nicolas gave her once last look before going forward and seeing if he could catch up with Alexis.

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