Blood Wolf

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Chapter 18: Welcoming Committee

Alexis didn’t want to get into any confrontation especially NOT with werewolves.

When Sandy had growled towards her and began to head her way she had felt herself tense up and she could have sworn the fear was rolling away from her. From that point on she wanted to make sure that she didn’t run into any werewolves for a while.

Which was what she had done for the past two weeks, apart from seeing Sandy and Marie in her Foreign Language class. She had avoided going for lunch and instead started to bring food with her, insisting that Vladimir go shopping because she didn’t really like the food in school.

Which although he had rolled his eyes at and commented that sometimes people didn’t get to choose what they eat and they just had to put up with – he still went and bought in a ton of shopping. She found the perfect spot outside and after a few days of not turning up in the lunch hall Cassie had questioned her about where she was going and then eventually came out with her to lunch.

Although she had still gotten food from the cafeteria and every so often she would bring two desserts out so that Alexis could have a special treat.

Cassie was beginning to be a great friend and someone that Alexis enjoyed being around. It was obvious that her and Chris were in fact a couple although none of the rest of the group seemed to be in a relationship with each other. Ashley was in a relationship with one of the boys that played American football though. Which Alexis had listened to the stories about him and smiled along with Katie and Ashley.

For two weeks she had successfully avoided the wolves. Alexis had almost enjoyed the peace she had, she believed that she was actually getting used to school and enjoying her time with her new human friends. It made her feel normal, at peace, human almost. If she didn’t have the itching at the back of her head and have to go back to a home full of vampires she would have felt human.

Today though felt different; something was following her, someone was following her.

Alexis grabbed her bag a little bit tighter towards her shoulder and she moved along the empty hallway. She had gathered enough knowledge to know that she could get to most places once the coast was clear and every one was already in classes or nearly in their class. That didn’t seem to have worked today. Were they following her? She felt eyes on her and she couldn’t stop herself from searching around her with her green eyes. She felt anxious. She powered on through the hallway, trying to remember which class she was supposed to be in.

The stress was rumbling through her and she couldn’t think what class she was supposed to be in. She looked behind her, her curiosity getting the better of her. There was someone following her, although she couldn’t see him. She could feel the fear creeping out of her. Alexis turned back around from walking backwards and stopped before banging into the person in front of her.

A Werewolf. Not just any werewolf. It was the one she had seen in the canteen with Sandy. “Hey” his chest rumbled and Alexis had to swallow the lump in her throat as she stared up at the wolf in front of her. She could feel the scratching at the back of her head again and she inwardly cursed – almost instantly it vanished. Her mouth went dry and she lost the words to speak.

“My names Nicolas, I’m the resident alpha’s son here and I know you have had some trouble with some of the female wolves here but I want to make sure you know they’re harmless and were just surprised to see another wolf here; that is not within the pack” Nicolas’s smile seemed genuine although Alexis couldn’t completely take it in. She was sure that she was speechless in front of the tall male in front of her, her mouth opened and then closed a few times before she tried to look somewhere else. Nicolas captured her chin in her hand and Alexis pulled her head away from his grasp, why was he touching her?

Alexis began to back away a little bit and found her back hitting something. She instantly turned around to see another werewolf. The angry one she had met first and she instantly took a step towards Nicolas without any thought. “This is Alex. He’s not as bad as he looks” Nicolas teased touching her shoulder and her eyes flew to him. “What do you want?” Her lips quivered as she tried to keep her eyes trained on both of them.

Although it was hard to do. Nicolas frowned and Alex merely looked at her in question. “We don’t want anything from you. We just want to welcome you in - this is the first chance we’ve been able to get you alone without mentioning to Cassie or any other humans the ‘W’ word.” Nicolas’s head turned to the side watching her; she put her back to the wall although it didn’t give her any less fear. Nicolas noticed her eyes switching between Alexander and himself and he settled his gaze towards Alex. “Alex, check the perimeter for me” Nicolas knew Alex was making Alexis nervous.

Alex took one last glance at his Alpha and the female beside him before nodding his head and turning away from him. Alexis watched him leave before her eyes were trained back on Nicolas. “Now is that a little better for you?” He questioned and although she didn’t want to answer, she found herself nodding in return.

It had in fact made her feel a little bit better, Alex had scared her that first day and he was a big werewolf who she wasn’t sure about. Part of her was afraid that he was just going to flip out and turn into a werewolf. But then again didn’t she feel the same about Nicolas? She was sure she did although he made her less nervous than the other werewolf.

“Your Alexis right?” he questioned as if egging her to talk. “That’s right” Alexis wet her lips finally finding the courage to talk, Nicolas’s eyes followed her tongue along her lips and he could feel the wolf inside him pacing, his full body felt on edge and on fire. His wolf was scratching at the bit whispering towards him just one word.

Mate. Her reaction though was one of fear and he could smell it, he did not want to scare her away so instead he knew he had to take it easy. “What are you so scared of?” Nicolas inquired surprising Alexis, she looked at him in wonder, his lips were slightly parted and although he had muscles he wasn’t as tall and intimidating as what Alex was. He didn’t seem as bad as what she had been told but then again what did she know about him?


She shook her head about to answer him back “You can’t say you’re not scared. I can smell it” Nicolas answered back folding his arms in front of his chest as he stared quizzically back at her. Just like vampires. When she didn’t speak up he knew he had to cover the silence. “You’re a wolf Lexi, you shouldn’t be scared of any other wolf no matter what you have been through” Nicolas tried comforting her with his words but in fact the words were not comforting in the slightest. She didn’t want to be near any werewolves and it wasn’t because of her personal experience with them – well not really unless you counted when she was younger.

Which she couldn’t remember anything about but she knew from Vladimir and Daniel that they hadn’t been all good experiences. If it hadn’t been for those vampires then she would have been dead. She was happy that they had saved her. She wanted to stand up strong beside this wolf but couldn’t find the nerve to anymore.

Nicolas looked concerned for her, although she didn’t understand why. He didn’t need to be concerned about her; he had no reason to be. “Where are you from?” Nicolas questioned her and she looked up at him, he was about a head taller than her. But why was he asking her these questions? What did it matter who she was or where she was from?

Nicolas caught her quizzical look and couldn’t help but chuckle slightly. “You look so confused, its quiet cute” his words came out shocking her, making her look even more confused. He was calling her cute? A werewolf – an Alpha werewolf was calling her cute? She didn’t understand what was happening.

She slid slightly more away from him, the distance making her feel a little bit safer. “I don’t understand” The words came out of her mouth although she didn’t really understand them. She didn’t understand Nicolas. Nicolas took another step towards her, matching her distance.

“What don’t you understand?” Nicolas inquired, his eyebrows raised in questioning at her and to Alexis he did seem genuine. Alexis felt confused and that was the only start of her feelings. She bit her lip and she could see his eyes follow it. His eyes followed every small movement she did and she couldn’t help but notice that as well. Her eyes followed every small movement he did, why? She wasn’t sure. She didn’t understand and that made things worse. “You” She stated simply looking up at him, she couldn’t feel the scratching in her head any more, and she had pushed it down far enough.

But that didn’t mean she couldn’t feel his wolf. His body faced her and his arms were open by his sides, as if trying to be completely open with her.

Which was why she didn’t understand him. The wolves she had met hadn’t wanted to introduce themselves, they had intimated her, wanted to push her to be something she wasn’t. Nicolas wasn’t doing that. He was taking care with her.

Nicolas watched her intently. “You don’t understand me?” A laugh echoed through his mouth and a smile creased along his lips “What part of me don’t you understand? I’ll be happy to straighten everything out” Alexis couldn’t understand what needed straightened out, he was a wolf and she had been told wolves were dangerous, Nicolas didn’t seem particularly dangerous and for some reason she felt like she could trust him. “Wolves are dangerous” She blurted out hoping to assess his reaction, his eyebrows lifted slightly in questioning although he didn’t say anything waiting for her to continue,

Since part of him was scared she was going to close up on him again. He had just begun to get her talking. “Alex was the first wolf I met” Alexis stated and Nicolas couldn’t help but shake his head, a smile still appeared on his face.

“Unfortunately, Alex has anger problems. Just like any human would but because he’s a wolf it comes out a lot worse…” Nicolas shrugged as if trying to account for his fellow wolves actions and that brought a small smile towards Alexis’s face before she was shaking her head. Protecting his wolves sounded just like what an alpha would do. “No you don’t understand Alex is the first wolf I have met ever”

Now that surprised Nicolas, his mouth opened and closed a few times, trying to find the words to say to her. It was Alexis’s turn to raise her eyebrows; Nicolas had never met a lone wolf? He had never met a wolf that wasn’t in a pack?

Alexis had thought that many wolves must have been loners, considering how Daniel and Vladimir had mentioned them. But then again there were many things not adding up in this situation. “…And then Sandy antagonized me, which was the second wolf I met. Marie wasn’t as bad but she didn’t help nor try to stop Sandy either…” Alexis went on, looking at his face, watching his reaction. None of his ‘packs’ movements had seemed like a welcoming gesture.

None had made her feel welcomed. She felt more isolated and part of it was why she was so confused. Alex and Sandy, even Marie pushed forward and made Vladimir’s stories real – they looked out for themselves and they intimated others, Sandy had even made a go for her last time they had met.

Now that didn’t seem like a perfectly welcoming pack. Even Nicolas and Alex had hunted her down and followed her, making her more scared. But Nicolas’s voice, his words, his attitude, contradicted that. That was why she was confused.

Was he playing some act? Was this a game to them? Alexis had thought they would have become bored by now; she had been in this school for three weeks now. Two of those weeks she had successfully avoided them – even in classes she had avoided them, stayed away from them, ignored their looks, even shut her ears and tried to ignore them speaking.

Nicolas’s hand stretched back over his neck awkwardly scratching there, his eyes looked over her and his lips quirked in a half smile, as if he were sorry for that. “I can see your point. Alex is just – well Alex and Sandy just does not enjoy any females company, she tolerates Marie because Marie does what she wants but within the pack, she doesn’t talk to any other female, she always has. It’s like she feels intimated by them and well she feels intimated by you for a number of reasons” Nicolas shrugged; the words he spoke about Sandy were very ominous.

They left a lot to think about, Nicolas was watching her with his big brown puppy dog eyes and she was sure that he wanted to say something else, but he was holding back. What did he want to say? Alexis stared at him as if waiting for him to continue.

Although he had explained the reason for the way they acted the fact was it still didn’t change her thoughts about wolves. “When was the last time you ran?” Nicolas questioned as Alexis came out of her day dream, she looked at him in wonder, when was the last time she ran?

It took a moment for it to click what he was really meaning he was meaning as a wolf. Alexis shook her head and shrugged towards him, her eyes searching everywhere but at him. “Now you’re being the one confusing, you’re wolf must be scratching at you like mad if you haven’t let it out in a while” Nicolas smiled and spoke as if it was an everyday conversation. Which to Alexis it was far from it; she had never spoken to anyone about this kind of stuff. She had basically ignored it from the moment she had locked it away.

Alexis needed to get away now, it had felt nice talking to Nicolas but that didn’t mean she wanted to continue doing it. “I really need to go I have a class” Alexis moved to go past Nicolas but was stopped by his arm on her shoulder, it was gentle. She finally looked back up towards his eyes questioningly. “You’re not alone here, Lexi. I don’t want you to feel like you have to avoid us. Alex is going to try harder, and Sandy won’t be near you – she has been warned” Nicolas answered, his eyes looked at her expectantly and Alexis squirmed under his gaze nodding her head and trying to move away.

“I’ll walk you to your next class” Nicolas spoke up, his smile still on his face as he let go of her shoulder and moved to walk beside her. Alexis started to walk and so did he. “You really don’t need to walk me” Alexis gripped her bag to herself a little tighter, she kept her eyes trained forward and tried to keep a small distance away from him.

Nicolas walked with a small sway, his arms swinging by his side. A laugh echoed in his throat and he nodded his head “Yes I do” Alexis wasn’t sure what else to say to that, he was confident and wore a deep smile. He was attractive, kind but strangely alluring – with other werewolves she wanted to turn and run but with Nicolas for some reason it seemed different.

A smile lit along her lips at the fact he thought he had to walk her but the words that slipped out her lips contradicted it. “Why?” They were getting close to Alexis’s class, slipping up the stairs and without as much stress as before, Alexis knew what class she had. College Prep.

But what came past Nicolas’s lips was something she didn’t expect.

It was something she was sure – not even he expected to tell her yet. “Because you’re my mate” the words had Alexis stopping in her tracks and when Nicolas realized what he had said, he stopped and inwardly cursed.

That wasn’t what he was supposed to tell her; he was hoping to break her into it – he hadn’t expected to feel so comfortable around her and it felt natural for him to be around her. It felt so natural to say those words out loud. Which was stupid on his part, he should have been concentrating more instead of enjoying the moment. “What?” Alexis felt her voice rise slightly and she instinctively moved around and away from him.

Nicolas held out his hands feeling like an idiot and that he had just lost her. “I…Lexi. I just….” He couldn’t find the words to say, he wanted to make her feel better but he couldn’t lie to her and say he didn’t mean it. “Look Nico I really need to go.” Alexis was nearly at her class and she was glad to be able to disappear into it. She tried to smile towards him although it didn’t come across as a smile; it more so came across as if she was scared. “Thanks for walking me” She moved along the corridor quicker than she had before, her feet tapped the ground. Nicolas voice was there just before she lost herself in her class. “Lex”

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