Blood Wolf

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Chapter 19: Tension Training

This was not happening.

Alexis had spent hours on the computer in the study researching words and what they could mean but when it came to werewolves and their mate there was only one meaning for that. Alexis was determined that she wasn’t a werewolf’s mate, not even to one as nice as Nico was. She shook her head to both the thought of his nickname in her head and that he was nice. His name was Nicolas and he was a werewolf. She wasn’t safe around him.

Even if she felt safe around him. Her head was confused, she was distracted and not the way she wished to be distracted. Alexis groaned and put her head down on the table. “Ready to train?” Caleb’s voice seemed deeper than usual, almost as if he had put something disgusting in his mouth. Alexis looked at him, he didn’t smile, and in fact his face looked like he was scowling. Alexis nodded her head and picked her body up from the computer seat; not before shutting everything down of course.

Something wasn’t quite right with Caleb this evening – as much as she hated to admit it. She knew when something was up with him – he had been living with her for around three nearly four weeks now. Alexis had grown accustomed to his moods; but this seemed different. Alexis stripped off her jumper before she even entered the room and dumped it down by the door. She didn’t carry anything else; she had left it all in the study where she had come straight from school.

Vladimir had spoken to her on the passing but as she had seemed distracted he had left her too her work – Louie hadn’t appeared yet. He was still sleeping away although she had expected him to wake before Caleb. That didn’t seem to be the case. “What are we doing Caleb?” She inquired titling her head and stopping just before the mats to wonder what he had planned for the day.

He didn’t turn to face her; instead he busied himself to push the mats together, as if they weren’t quiet perfect. “As far as training you in here is concerned we can’t do much else, I am sure Louie well help with some surprise attacks to get that side covered. It’s just your fitness I would say needs…improvements” Caleb had turned to look at her as he said the last word, the way his eyes scanning over her made her feel uncomfortable. He wasn’t looking at her the way he usually did, he was looking at her as the vampire, as the predator, as if she was his prey.

Alexis didn’t like it.

She felt like squirming under her gaze, her lips pouted slightly as his words sunk in – she had always thought of herself as quiet fit. She had never been one for too much exercise but with Louie running about the house and the size of her house, she often wondered how she could do more exercising than that. With her last year of school; she wasn’t required to take physical education either. So maybe Caleb was right in a sense. “Like how?” she pursed her lips in wonder and his lips quirked into a smirk on one side.

It looked evil. He swaggered closer towards her. “Laps, Jumps, Balance Beam, pushups, sit ups etc.” his shoulders shrugged as if he didn’t need to explain anything more, a shiver ran down her spine with his words, they were harsh, uncaring and not the usual words Caleb would use. Normally he explained everything to her, he let her know everything he planned to do – he let her come to grips with what they were going to learn before then teaching her.

He was a good teacher and she had learned a lot from him, when he was his usual self anyway – this side of him, she doubted she would learn anything. This wasn’t her normal teacher, what had happened to him? Had she missed something? She felt like something had happened while she was away – but it couldn’t be possible, they had just woken up by the time she had come up.

Vladimir was still yawing and Louie was still sleeping, Caleb had been getting dressed according to Vladimir. So why was he acting like this? Opening and closing her mouth a few times she felt the urge to question him on it before shaking her head knowing it wouldn’t do her any good. He was stubborn and he had something on his mind that he needed to work out.

“Where do I –“ She started and was interrupted by his words “Start?” A small chuckle echoed roughly out of his lips, before he took a few steps backwards opening up his arms to indicate the room around him. “Start running. The room is big, run around the edges.” He looked at her waiting for her to start, Alexis was used to listening to him and doing what he said but something felt different this time.

If he was going to be stubborn then why shouldn’t she? She folded her arms in front of her chest and he raised an eyebrow and smirked. “For how many laps?” She inquired pursing her lips and holding back her contempt. His speed was fast, she had never seen him use it near her before, or not like this – not when he was acting different. He was inches away from her face within milliseconds of the words leaving her mouth, his arrogant smirk made Alexis’s fingers twitch to slap him.

Not a reaction she wanted to use and one –at this point- she was sure he could stop. “Until I say stop” his words were harsh and his breath was warm against her face but it didn’t give her any comfort. Frowning towards him she turned her back on him and jogged to the side of the room, giving him one last look before she started running around the room, first at a jogging pace for a few laps.

She realized after the fifth lap that she was unfit – her legs began to burn, specifically her thighs. Her breathing was hard, labored and Caleb stood in the middle of the room still watching her go around him countless numbers of times. He never turned or gave any other acknowledgment.

Alexis felt like questioning him. Why was he doing this? What was he doing? She was beginning to get ragged, her chest felt tight. She couldn’t go on much longer. Alexis needed to tell him that, before she got the chance to, he was in front of her and she had to stop quickly. When her feet stopped she swung back slightly so she wouldn’t hit him or become unbalanced. “Good. Now do some sit ups” He pointed towards the mats in the middle.

Alexis didn’t bother questioning him again she just moved to the middle and lay herself on the ground, after a moment she started to pull into a sit up. Caleb stood over her watching her intently and curiously. It wasn’t something that Alexis was enjoying. She stared up towards the ceiling trying to get her gaze away from the strange vampire in front of her. What was he up to? “It’s hard to concentrate with you watching over me all the time” Alexis stopped to finally look at Caleb.

“You’re too easily distracted.” Caleb pointed out his head tilted to the side. “And your acting like a Jerk” Alexis pouted slightly in which Caleb knelled down towards and got to her level. His eyes level with hers.

They were mostly black, what was happening to him? “What is wrong with you?” Alexis leaned forward onto her knees to look at him. His smirk was half playful, half mischievous – much like the first night they had met. Alexis wanted to shrink back but instead she remembered Louie’s words. You couldn’t show a vampire fear. You couldn’t let them know you were scared. It would only excite them more.

Alexis kept facing him. She watched him to see his reaction and he leaned a little bit closer. “I’m working you” His statement was bland and held some weird statement behind it making Alexis’s eyebrows knit together on the top of her head. “You wanted a teacher, not someone who would pet you” Caleb continued on although the smirk on his face was contradicting his words.

It was dangerous. “You’ve been teaching me before, this? Is different” Alexis pointed out. It was different especially to her. Normally they would joke, sometimes he would ignore her and that was normally the two Caleb’s she had to deal with. This wasn’t either of those two which made Alexis more curious as to why he was acting like this. “You’re being an ass again” Alexis pointed out narrowing her eyes slightly. “Ah pup...” Caleb stood up; looking down on Alexis when he used the word pup she couldn’t help but wince slightly. “You don’t know how much of an ass I can be”

It may have been a part of who she was but it wasn’t what she wanted to be. Alexis shook her head. “I’m leaving” She stood up and headed towards the door. “Have it on you wolfie. Come back when you’re ready to learn something” Caleb answered moving over to where he had dumped some of his things.

Alexis had been looking for a distraction and instead she had to deal with a moody Caleb. She supposed one good point about it was, she had been distracted. She hadn’t thought about Nicolas or his words during the full practice. But now she felt like she had too problems.

Caleb and Nicolas.

Caleb was acting strange and Nicolas well- Nicolas was a werewolf who seemed to think they shared some sort of connection. How could Alexis get rid of that idea? Was there such a way? Alexis found herself storming down the corridors and into the lounge where Louie sat. “Ah princess, what gives me this honor?” Louie’s words rang out in a sing song voice. He was smiling bright and his body was tipped over the couch.

Alexis stormed into the room and sat down on the seat across from him. She folded her arms in front of her chest causing Louie to sit up with his eyebrows raised. “Is Mr. Fangs being too much for you?” Louie questioned seriously this time. Alexis nodded her head towards him. “He’s being an ass” Alexis pronounced out rather childishly, she regretted it as soon as she said it.

Caleb may have been acting like an ass but Alexis was acting like a child telling on him. She shook her head and slouched into her seat. “It doesn’t matter.” Alexis said after a moment, Louie stood to his feet and moved over towards her siting on the edge of her chair. “Mon Cherie, don’t worry about him. He’ll be gone in no time and we can go back to the way the three of us always were. I heard Vladimir has work in France next which means I can show you were I came from” Louie threw his arm over the chair behind her and leaned against it with his body.

Alexis looked up towards him and nodded her head. It made her sad to think that Caleb was leaving; she already couldn’t imagine her life without him. But at the same time maybe it was for the best. Caleb was bipolar at the best of times and with him here she seemed to be spending less time with Vladimir and Louie as if he intentionally kept them away.

Strange she couldn’t help but think. Alexis head nodded but she didn’t speak. “Now how is school, Vlad said you are enjoying it. You must be the smartest in the class. All those stupid humans have nothing on you” Louie charm had no bounds and Alexis couldn’t help but smile and groan slightly. “Louieee” she shook her head and laughed slightly.

“There’s no need to over exaggerate” she tilted her head towards him and he slipped into the single chair beside her. He pulled her into a tight hug. “I missed you, girly” Louie drawled out in his French accent causing Alexis to laugh and push at him. Louie was always over bearing. She maneuvered herself out of the seat and turned to face him. “Thanks Louie. I’m going to catch up on my homework but thanks for cheering me up” Alexis smiled towards him as she turned to leave. “Not a problem, Cherie” Louie’s voice followed her although she knew he hadn’t moved.

As she exited into the corridor she automatically got the feeling of someone’s eyes on her and she slowed her steps down before turning around. “Caleb” her hand came to her chest in relief when she saw Caleb leaning against the wall on the opposite side of the room she had just exited. “You scared me” She admitted, not thinking twice about it.

It was funny how sometimes she followed Louie’s warnings and other times she didn’t even think about them. “I am sorry” Caleb spoke surprising Alexis. Alexis was about to say it was alright, that it didn’t matter but when he spoke he sounded sincere and it made Alexis wonder if he was actually talk about scaring her or about their earlier situation. “Sorry for my actions earlier. I don’t know why I acted that way” Caleb shook his head and lowered it towards the floor.

Curiously Alexis watched him, had he not done it on purpose? Had something set him off? Or was he just lying to her?

Alexis wasn’t sure which one to believe or where to even start questioning him. “It’s okay” Alexis admitted waving her hands as if it were nothing, although she didn’t know if she could forgive him so easily. “I need to go get some homework done.” Alexis pointed towards the study in where she had done her homework lately.

Caleb was confusing and right now she didn’t want to deal with him. She didn’t want to deal with any of the current problems. She just wanted to dig into her work and finish it already. He nodded his head towards her although didn’t answer. His eyes watched her as she turned to leave and Alexis made her way into the little room, where she had dumped her bag earlier. Her routine never changed. She was glad she had come up with this plan.

It made things so much easier for her. Sinking down into her chair she let out a deep sigh before focusing on her work. It was the best source of distraction.

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