Blood Wolf

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Chapter 2: Permission Bites

Alexis began to change as soon as she got into her room; bouncing the door closed with her foot behind her she jumped out of her sweaty clothes, flinging them beside the door of the bathroom and dived into her warm shower.

It felt great against her skin and all at once seemed to ease away the pain she had just endured from Louie, the French vampire. She shook her head off from those thoughts and focused on relaxing in the shower. She couldn’t stand to be smelly especially when she was around vampires who had a heightened sense of smell.

Louie always liked to point out if there was a smell coming from her, normally as dramatically as possible. It was always embarrassing and childlike but then again Louie seemed to be stuck at a very immature age. She wasn’t sure if that were a good thing or a bad thing.

He couldn’t have been much older than her; maybe about 24 years old? Yeah, well that was what age he looked. His real age was 136. Although it was hard to believe someone that old could ever be THAT immature then again, no one had ever spent a few bored hours with Louie.

He was the brother she never wanted or the crazy uncle she wished she could get away from. He was harmless of course and in his own weird way he was part of her family and if she were honest she would miss him if he was not around.

Within a few moments, Alexis’s troubles began to wash away and as she washed out the conditioner feeling already more at ease, it was like her troubles were just washing away with the water.

Stepping out of the shower, squeezing the water out of her hair and grabbing a towel she wrapped it around her body and walked out of the bathroom to find Vladimir looking around her room. He seemed to be fixated on one of her pictures, one of a fairy surrounded by taller mushrooms and wildlife.

A favorite of hers, one that Vladimir seemed to be studying intently. She stood for a moment thinking ‘At least it isn’t Louie; otherwise coming out in a towel was a bad idea’. Alexis had a much stronger bond with Vladimir, he was like a father figure towards her, never seeing her as anything more than a child in his life. Whereas Louie was more like the creepy uncle who would flirt with anyone and anything that was around even Alexis. She always tried to avoid being alone with him, if she could help it.

The older Alexis got, the more Louie seemed to become more interested in talking to her and flirting with her. He always joked that it was all fun and games but that was somewhere that Alexis would rather stay away from.

So in that sense, Vlady was safer territory for her. A smile moved along Alexis’s face and she couldn’t help but move forward into the room knowing she was in safe hands. “How can I help you Vlady?” Alexis beamed out towards Vladimir; turning towards her, the older vampire shook his head at her old nickname for him.

Although he never really said much about it, a little smile always let Alexis now that he was happy hearing her call him that, even if he wouldn’t admit it. “I just wanted to inform you that we were having a meeting tonight and there would be some other visitors about the house. I would like you to stay in your room if that is at all possible, Alexandra”

Now this was serious, Alexis could tell. Vladimir never used her full name unless he meant it. His stern, worried father look told Alexis that he was only looking out for her and that he was being serious about who was coming tonight. He didn’t want her near them or in most cases – he didn’t want them anywhere near her.

More often than not it was vampires that came into this house and Vladimir liked to make sure that Alexis didn’t become a new edition with a bite mark. Which Alexis could completely agree on. She never saw the excitement in having someone bite you.

The thought of it always made her face tense up in disgust. Although this spiked Alexis’s interest; she hadn’t met too many people and any new additions in the house she often liked to poke her nose in and see what was happening. But with the way Vladimir was acting she doubted this was the time to start being nosy. She also knew this was the time to talk about something else.

Something she had been thinking about for a long while. If he was going to be busy tonight, then his mind was probably on a lot of other things, which meant – to Alexis- there was more likely for him to say yes. Alexis took in a deep breath and Vladimir raised his eyebrows in question, anticipating that she already wanted to say something.

Alexis’s cheeks flared red and she smiled. “OK. I promise not to go out and wander tonight. But I do want to ask you one thing….” She trailed off casting her eyes up to his as if looking for acknowledgment that she could ask a question.

After a few moments of Vladimir saying nothing, Alexis continued. “I want to go to a real school. Just for my last year. I know I’m ready and I know you guys don’t like me leaving the house. There’s a school just a few blocks away from here. They have lunch breaks where I could check in and you gave me a phone that I don’t use, this could be what I use it for. But I need something to do. I need to see what’s out there. It’s not like it’s going to drag me away from you guys. We’re immortal. It’s kinda hard to fit in somewhere when you don’t age like everyone else does. I know I have asked this before and I know your answer was no to ensure my safety but I am sure you could check out the school and always keep tabs on it. I am not going to be there all the time, there are lots of holidays and it’s only just for the last year?” ending her rant with a question, Alexis let her words hang in the air as she looked over Vladimir and tried to determine what he was going to say.

She couldn’t believe she had said so much. She had only meant to ask him a question and she had turned it into a speech.

A long speech. Who was she trying to convince here? Herself or Vladimir? Alexis was nervous of this more than she had ever been before but she knew it was right, she had been out of the world for too long. There had to be something she could learn in school that she couldn’t do here. There had to be something she was missing out on.

After all not everyone was home schooled. She didn’t think anyone else was home schooled actually. She felt at a lost, she was scared about doing something new and leaving her family even if it was just for a few hours at a time.

Then again at the same time she wanted to be free for once, she wanted to express herself, to see what life was like outside of her nest. She wanted to spread her wings and see if she could take off by herself. She didn’t want to keep relying on Louie and Vladimir for everything.

As much as she didn’t want to leave them she knew that she couldn’t stay locked up by their side forever, she wanted to be able to venture out on her own, she wanted them to be able to trust her too.

He didn’t seem surprised by this request but then again Alexis was getting older and he must have expected sooner or later that she would want to experience something else other than this house.

He didn’t give anything away; his face was blank of emotion as he thought about it. His eyes were piercing through her as if they couldn’t even see her. His skin was always white as a sheet compared to his darker clothes.

Alexis almost sighed in defeat before he let out a breath. Alexis perked up. “I understand” Vladimir was serious and Alexis was sure his lips hadn’t moved but she had heard the words. Two words? That was all he was going to say? Alexis couldn’t even work out what those two words meant.

Did they mean yes? Was that a no?

She waited for more but Vladimir just looked at her blankly as if this was all he was going to say. She moved over to her wardrobe and started to take out her PJ’s, when she turned back around Vladimir was gone.

There was no site or sound of him. She didn’t even hear the door close on his way out. Alexis let out a deep sigh and sat on the bed. Was she ever going to experience a real life? She felt like a dangerous, caged animal being locked up here all the time.

Then, maybe that was how they saw her - she was after all a werewolf. The vampires she resided with never spoke highly of her species. Did that mean they didn’t trust her? Was that why they kept her so locked up? How could she have expected anything more than this? She shook her head away from those bad thoughts.

Vladimir would never treat her like that; she was nothing like her kind. She had made sure of that. She hadn’t ever let that beast out of her head.

Alexis changed and crawled into bed, hoping that it would settle her erratic thoughts.

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