Blood Wolf

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Chapter 20: Anti Wolf

“I just have the best idea!” Cassie’s words were loud and Alexis hadn’t even noticed her come into Home Room, she had been rather oblivious lately; focusing too much in her own head than on her own surroundings.

That seemed better though.

With Sandy and Marie sitting not that far away, Sandy always glaring at her or putting her in awkward situations for reasons she was sure now had something to do with Nicolas. Alexis never wanted anything to do with it though and she wished both of them would just leave her out of their relationship. She was finding it difficult enough to deal with werewolves in the school and vampire moods at home, plus she was sure something was up with Louie. She had hardly seen him in so long and that wasn’t like Louie at all.

Vladimir would often meet her from school or he would see her before she went to her bed – not as much as she was used to sure but still it was more than what she had currently been seeing him. But there was enough confusion going on in her life without adding more problems too it. So she would have much preferred if Sandy and Nicolas could just back off, although that didn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

With a deep breath her eyes adjusted back to their surroundings and she smiled towards Cassie. “What’s that?” Ashley and Katie had stopped their conversation and now stared at Cassie waiting to see what she had in store now. Chris and Jack hadn’t even joined the conversation; they were talking to other boys not far away from the table they currently sat at. Cassie was beaming, her hair was wilder than usual, and it wasn’t tied up or pulled back, instead it was all let loose which was very unlike Cassie. “Let’s go shopping this Friday, we have formal coming up and a few birthday parties…..” she waggled her eyebrows and Alexis could almost tell that Cassie was talking about her own birthday. “…So we need a few dresses and other outfits for them so it would be good for us to get an early start and at least scope out the new material…There are a lot of shops around here which we can show you, Alexis easily” Cassie smiled and Katie and Ashley nodded their head in agreement with her.

“Oh definitely, I need a new pair of Jeans as well, these ones are starting to ware and itch.” Ashley chimed in touching her jeans as if to show off what she was talking about. “I need shoes as well” Katie pointed out and both Cassie and Ashley laughed “You always need shoes” Cassie added.

Katie folded her arms; sitting back in her chair she pretended to pout although couldn’t really remove the smile from her face. “So what do you think Alexis? I could pick you up and we can head over to the shopping center and we can see what we need to pick up from there” Cassie had turned around to look at Alexis and her head tilted to the side waiting for an answer. Hoping for a yes.

Alexis bit her lip, her eyes searching over the girls in front of her who looked generally excited to be going on a shopping trip and Cassie was looking at her as if she wanted Alexis to come along. There was only one problem.

Vladimir. It hadn’t been that difficult for her to come to school; but somehow she thought that with Caleb around she was going to have more trouble trying to get to go off herself. Friday was normally her stay in and study day. Cassie seemed to take her silence as a no and began rambling “..Now before you say no, you don’t need to spend any money you can just have a look and if you see anything you can always pick it up later – your parents have got to agree to that right?” Cassie pursed her lips as if hoping to that it would persuade her. “Besides it will only be a couple of hours. You’re not grounded or anything are you?” Ashley asked picking up a biscuit she had in her bag and taking a bite out of it, she leaned on the table focusing more on the biscuit than on Alexis or anyone else at the table. Alexis shook her head and smiled slightly at their question.

Grounded wasn’t the word for what Alexis was.

Trapped wasn’t one either, she was kept quiet close at hand for many reasons. She was a werewolf and she didn’t want to be, she lived with vampires. Her life wasn’t normal. “I’m not grounded but I will ask. I’ll get back to you tomorrow?” Alexis nodded her head hoping she was convincing more towards herself than towards her new friends. After all she was going to be the one trying to talk to Vladimir about it.

With a deep breath she nodded her head. “Amazing” Cassie smiled at her in agreement. “So Ash what’s your dress code going to be like? I was like flats and skirt” She turned her attention away from Alexis and they started to discuss what they would wear although Alexis was drifting away from the conversation and focusing on her thoughts. “I was going for a sundress” was the last thing she heard from Katie before it was all more like a blur in her ears.

They were talking but she couldn’t quiet hear what about. She was trying to get the wording in her head right, she was going over how she was even going to ask Vladimir the question without Louie or Caleb being there. They would only make it more difficult to even say anything. She bit her lip and pushed her hands under her chin in order to balance her head and think a little bit better.

A habit she had never really grown out of over the years. She could always say it was for books, that they need books for a certain class. She pursed her lips considering if that idea would work; she never liked lying to Vladimir and she was sure that he would work it out when she didn’t come home with any books but yet come home with clothes.

Another sigh left her lips when she realized the best thing to do was to tell him the truth and just hope for a good reaction. The bell rang loud in her ears pulling her out of her thoughts. Cassie, Ashley and Katie were still talking about clothes and what they would wear but now Chris and Jack had joined them – Chris had his arms around Cassie. They had all stood up to leave the class, slightly behind them Alexis grabbed her bag at her feet and moved to follow them out. Although with the mob of people leaving the room she couldn’t quite get beside them. Her next class was with Cassie so there was no doubt she would catch up with her in no time. Relaxing she felt her shoulders drop and she shuffled out the class behind her peers.

The rest of the day was a slow blur; Cassie talked to her about the shopping trip, tempting her to go in American History 1. Alexis tried not to give her an answer either way, at least not until she could get home and talk to Vladimir. It amazed Alexis how Cassie could talk through the full class yet still always pass things. Alexis always listened and tried to write as much down as possible in class even while Cassie spoke to her – which she had learned was increasingly difficult after her last class where she had in fact written down what Cassie was saying during one of the classes.

Lucky for Alexis she had all the books she needed in Vladimir’s Library. He had either looked them out for her starting school or had bought them. Not that Vladimir needed to buy many books he had collected a lot over the years he had been alive. Katie, Ashley and even Chris joined in talking to her at lunch to try and talk her into this shopping trip and how good it would be. Ashley teased both Jack and Chris about not attending because they didn’t look good in dresses which Alexis had learned with human’s sarcasm was always present and they liked to joke around.

Hearing the way they acted towards each other at the beginning Alexis had been shocked and embarrassed by the way they talked – now she had learned that it was how they did things. Alexis had grown use to it and had started to insert comments when she could, although she never felt confident insulting any of them.

She didn’t know if she ever would. She ignored Nicolas’s stares when he past her and even his attempts to talk to her when she was alone, which with Cassie was almost never. Luckily for her. She didn’t know how to deal with him right now. She wanted him to get over her being his mate and perhaps move on to someone else.

Which Alexis could only think would happen if she started ignoring him, perhaps stayed away from him and showed him that she didn’t want to date any werewolves. She didn’t even want to be near werewolves right now. Although he didn’t seem to live up to what Vladimir had built them up to be. She had seen Alex, Marie and Sandy at work and all of them lived up to Vladimir’s words.

One out of four definitely wasn’t going to change her views. By the time Alexis had gotten home, she had thought long and hard about what she was going to say to Vladimir and listening out, it sounded like no one was awake with a smile on her face, she dropped her bag off in her room before heading towards Vladimir’s office.

Knowing if he was going to be anywhere at this time it would be there. Just like she thought, Vladimir was writing on his desk, with no Louie or Caleb to be seen. She chapped on his door lightly and his head bounced up, his eyes staring towards her before realizing she wanted to speak to him. He sat up straight and pushed his pen on the desk before folding his hands in front of him. “Alexis, What can I do for you?” Alexis held still for a moment before moving into the room and shutting the door behind her. She knew how good the vampire’s ears were in this house and Vladimir’s room was good for masking sounds. She had learned that when Vladimir had locked Louie in it once for misbehaving – although Vladimir had never explained how he had misbehaved towards Alexis. She knew that it worked in her favor right now.

After shutting the door she moved to sit in the chair across from Vladimir, he had raised his eyebrows and a small smile had crossed his lips at her actions. “Something that you wish our guest not to hear?” he inquired and Alexis couldn’t help but echo his smile. He obviously found what she was doing amusing and perhaps liked that fact she had come to him about something.

Alexis felt guilty considering she hadn’t really come for the reason he would more than likely want. “It’s nothing like that. I wanted to ask you a question although I didn’t want Louie or Caleb to interrupt. Although by the time I think they are still sleeping” Alexis checked her watch and was sure this was normally when they would still be in their bed. Vladimir sat back in his chair offering her the opportunity to continue.

Which after looking towards her feet Alexis did. “Some of the girls at school wanted to go shopping for a party that is coming up at school and I was asked to go with them. So I’m here to ask if I can?” Alexis looked towards Vladimir after she spoke, to assess his reaction. “..go that is?” She added in after a second thought thinking because of his silence she hadn’t been too clear. But then again he normally always used the silence to think; and Alexis was speaking mostly because she was nervous and wasn’t sure what else to do. Vladimir’s head was nodding before he spoke and Alexis’s mouth opened and closed a few times sure that maybe he was discussing something in his head. “Yes of course, when?” Vladimir watched her curiously and Alexis couldn’t help but smile slightly. She had misjudged him. He had said yes.

“Friday?” She questioned not quite sure if he had completely decided on it yet and not wanting to say anything to change his mind. “Very well. I assume you will need money to attend; I have a card already in your name. I shall give it to you on Friday for you to go” Very confused and excited, Alexis nodded her head not knowing what else to say. He had a card for her? A money card? A card with money on it. Alexis had expected many answers and she had gone through many situations in her head although this hadn’t been one of them.

Most of them ending on her telling her new human friends that she had too much work to get through or that she really didn’t want to go shopping; maybe next time. There had been very few – if any- where she could go back and tell them yes. “Thank you?” She was still trying to piece everything together and that was why it came out more like a question rather than a statement. Vladimir smiled slightly, his lips hooking at the corners.

He didn’t say anything else, he merely watched her. She nodded her head as if confirming her thank you, as she stood to her feet. She hesitated a few times as if she was looking to say something else, or have him say something else. But they didn’t, so she left. Trailing back to her room she changed into her PJ’s and started to study.

Before she knew it, she was sleeping, the stress of worrying about the situation had gotten to her and she slept right through to the next morning. When she got up; she cursed straight away looking at the time; she had missed training with Caleb. More than likely he had come into her room and tried to wake her with no luck. She had been shattered for more reasons than she physically knew. She’d need to catch up with him later; they would be heading to their bed. Getting up she went through her morning process of getting ready before heading out to the car like she always did.

“You can come! That’s great to hear” Cassie’s words echoed through her ears as the girl squeaked out her response. She had pulled Alexis in to a tight hug. Alexis smiled and hugged the girl back awkwardly before Cassie was pushing at her shoulders to look at her face, the smile beamed on her face. “I can’t believe it. Ep! We are actually going to go shopping. I have to go find Ash right now. She bet that you wouldn’t be able to come and I so have to rub this in her face….” Alexis stumbled over her words, did they really think that much of her.

Ash had thought she wouldn’t come. That kind of made her feel sad, but Cassie’s smile never faded and she couldn’t put a downer on the girl’s extensive mood. Alexis nodded her head and Cassie pulled her into another hug before running away down the hall in search for her friend. Alexis smiled and shook her head, unable to understand what was going on in that girl’s head in those moments but she couldn’t help but smile.

Turning around she lowered her head and began to walk forward, her head in her thoughts. Sandy in front of her.

Wait! What?

Her eyes shot up and she half wondered how it had come to her head like that. She hadn’t been watching where she was going but yet somehow she knew Sandy was standing in front of her. Looking up she saw exactly that. Sandy didn’t look happy. She didn’t look in a good mood and somehow Alexis knew it was directed towards her. Alexis looked for a direction to go but knew she wouldn’t get far. She looked around for someone that could save her from this confrontation but Cassie had disappeared and the corridor was emptying.

“Sandy” She tried to offer a smile although it didn’t make it to her face. She knew the only way to get out of this was to agree with the wolf and to smile along like nothing was happening. She didn’t know what Sandy wanted and Alexis didn’t really care about her problems especially if they had anything to do with werewolves. Alexis did know that what Louie said about vampires also applied to werewolves. You couldn’t show your fear, unlike vampires though Alexis had a deeper fear of werewolves.

Mostly because she was supposed to be one herself. “You need to back off” Sandy hissed through her teeth and Alexis felt confused. “Okay? I can do that just tell me what from and it’s done” Alexis held up her hands as if trying to calm Sandy down. Sandy’s eyes flashed with anger, she was frustrated, annoyed and she looked scary. “Nicolas” Sandy growled, her hands pushed on her hips and Alexis’s heart sunk.

Now this was going to be more difficult than she expected. “Ehm...I don’t know how that would work” Alexis admitted feeling rather nervous. “I would love nothing more to stay away from all of you guys but you guys keep seeking me out. That makes it rather difficult for me” Alexis admitted biting her lower lip and wondering if perhaps Sandy had another plan to keep her away from these wolves.

Although she highly doubted it. “I don’t care! Stay away from him. Leave the school. Stay with Cassie all the time. That is not my concern but Nicolas is, so stay away from him” Sandy grounded out and Alexis was sure the girl was about to explode. Great Advice, Alexis had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. Her eyes flashed and they looked like those of a wolf which made Alexis step back.

She didn’t mind facing up to these wolves while they were humans but as wolves she stood no chance. “You have no idea how much I will try” Alexis muttered under her breath and Sandy ignored her words, she was breathing heavily. She wouldn’t change in the school though would she? Alexis didn’t know. In these moments anything could happen.

Alexis nodded a little. “He is mine!” Sandy’s growl vibrated through her chest and she took a step closer to Alexis causing Alexis to gulp. Her knees were shaking and she was sure she felt like they were about to give way. Obviously the wolf had some issues and Alexis wasn’t the one she needed to be talking to.

“I get it! He’s yours” Alexis felt like the words were dragged out her mouth. She didn’t want to say them even though she knew they would calm Sandy. Nicolas was the one that thought she was his mate. Sandy needed to talk to Nicolas. Alexis didn’t want to get in the middle of their relationship and although she felt some attraction towards him, it wasn’t enough to risk her life and stand in front of Sandy. She would rather have stayed away from all the wolves. It would make things so much easier. Alexis nodded her head although she was unsure of how she could keep that promise.

With that Sandy growled once more before pushing past Alexis. Her shoulder bashed against Alexis’s and Sandy stormed down the hall way without looking back. Alexis’s eyes followed her, when she couldn’t see Sandy anymore she sighed deeply and shook her head and walked towards her class. “Sucks to be me” Alexis mumbled.

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