Blood Wolf

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Chapter 21: Show me

Alexis pace quickened, her footsteps echoed in her ears and her heart rate was beginning to pick up. He was following her yet again. She had been ignoring each of his attempts at talking to her again, just like Sandy had warned her but even ignoring him wasn’t working.

He still searched her out and followed her around. She hadn’t seen much of the other werewolves at least since then. But he was still being a pain. Between Nicolas’s stalking and Caleb’s mood swings she wasn’t sure which was worse, they were both giving her a complex. The two were as bad as each other. She didn’t know how to handle either of them. Her frustration with him was growing and she knew that Sandy would make good on her threat. She wasn’t going to take the threat lightly but Nicolas was testing her now.

Alexis’s lips moved into a straight line as she turned around to face him. “Will you stop following me!” Nicolas seemed surprised by her outburst but at the same time the smile he held was obvious that he was pleased with her acknowledgment of him. Alexis grunted under her breath, lunch time always left the corridors empty.

They were beginning to empty fast, Alexis’s eyes scanned around. “Just come with me” Nicolas reached for her hand and began to tug her down the corridors towards the outside of the school. Alexis had visions of him pulling her towards other wolves and she pulled her hand out of his. “Where?” She questioned stopping her footsteps and causing Nicolas to turn around. “Just outside of school grounds. I promise it will just be us. No other werewolves.” Nicolas answered as if he had heard her thoughts and she eyed him suspiciously.

He always seemed to know what made her nervous and what she was thinking, it was as if he was in her thoughts. “I don’t think that is a good idea” Alexis answered her voice wavering slightly as she thought about Sandy’s threat; it was only a few days ago that it had happened and the words still echoed in her head.

Nicolas seemed to find her amusing in this, he shook his head. “I think it’s a great idea. Please just give me lunch today” Nicolas pleaded with her, his deep brown eyes watching her and trying to make her agree to what he was saying. He wasn’t using any of his alpha power, although he doubted that it would work on a Lupei. Alexis pursed her lips and scanned around making sure Sandy wasn’t anywhere to be seen. She didn’t want to be stuck here with him, and she didn’t want to be stuck here with any werewolves but at the same time – if she could get them off her back in any way shape or form then she had to try it. “Just lunch today?” she queered and Nicolas smiled triumphantly as he nodded his head. He hadn’t thought she would even give him that.

Alexis nodded her head and Nicolas held out his hand towards her. Alexis looked at him for a moment. Should she really risk being seen holding his hand? There was a silent pull in her that wanted to reach out and take his hand. There was always a pull in her that wanted to be close to him and she had ignored it this much. She had to keep ignoring it. She looked away from him, Nicolas didn’t push anymore he merely turned around and digging his hands into his pockets he offered her to walk beside him with the tilt of his head.

Alexis fell into step beside him and they both walked out of the school, Nicolas led them behind the school and towards the back gates. Alexis looked at him curiously although he didn’t offer anything more than a smile. Alexis stopped at the gates as Nicolas maneuvered one of the gates out of the way so that there was a small space for them to fit through. He waved his hand; Alexis hesitated for a moment before bending and going through the small amount of space.

At the other side she waited for Nicolas to come through before questioning him. “What are we doing out here?” her voice held all her anxiety and fear, of where they were going. Nicolas actually looked hurt; he didn’t understand why she couldn’t trust him.

Well part of him did. Part of him knew that something had happened in her life that had made her scared of werewolves and although he couldn’t openly ask her what that was he knew that he had to figure it out.

With a deep sigh he walked past her, moving into the wooded area a little bit more. “Just somewhere we can talk a little better.” He answered and although she hesitated again she still followed after him without a word. Why was she following him in the first place? Why had she agreed to this? She should have at least stayed on school grounds.

Alexis rolled her eyes at her thoughts. It was too late now. Something inside of her knew that and she knew she might as well continue what was going on right now. She stopped only when Nicolas stopped in front of her. He turned to face her. “I’m a little bit of a different type of wolf than you” Nicolas admitted and Alexis’s eyes squinted at him curiously.

There were different types of werewolves. She didn’t know if that made her more scared or less. She swallowed the growing lump in her throat deciding to ask some questions she had on her mind, she knew she wasn’t going to get another chance.

“What type of werewolf are you?” she questioned causing Nicolas’s lips to turn up at the corners of his mouth. “Villalobos” Nicolas’s words came out and Alexis understood them straight away. Spanish was a language she knew although not much of it, she had been starting to learn it. Villalobos was a word she understood. “Town of wolves?” Alexis said surprising Nicolas. His head bounced into a nod “Not many people know that translation. The only reason I know it is because I’m the next alpha and we get taught some history of the pack” Nicolas admitted and Alexis half wondered why.

Alexis nodded not knowing what to say to that. “How many breeds of werewolves are there?” Alexis half wondered about all the werewolves and if they were all the same. What ones did Vladimir say was bad? Did he mean all of them? Or was it specific ones?

She wanted to question him on it but knew questioning him would only end in more questions for her. She had to find a way to get more information perhaps through Caleb but then again that all depended on his mood. “There used to be 6, but one has dwindled and we thought was instinct” Nicolas answered and Alexis wondered what he meant by that, her head turned away. She didn’t want to be curious about werewolves; she didn’t want to know anything about them.

Alexis shook her head of all the questions stuck in her mind. She wouldn’t ask them. She needed a change in topic perhaps one in which would scare him away from her. Keep him at arm’s length from her. “You need to stay away from me” Alexis told him, she didn’t lift her head to see his reaction neither did she need to. His intake of breath and quickening heartbeat said enough that he wasn’t going to agree to this. “Why?” he questioned half-heartedly, as if he didn’t much care about the answer to the question.

Alexis shook her head debating on what to tell him, she couldn’t very well just open her mouth and out the truth with him. She would just get Sandy into trouble, which in return would end badly for Alexis – no matter how much Nicolas tried to protect her. He never seemed to be there when Sandy was. Sandy was sly and cunning and when she saw something she wanted she went for it and apparently she wanted Nicolas.

Although Alexis disliked that thought she knew it was for the best. Not only was Nicolas a werewolf but he was an alpha. That just made things worse. She knew what that meant well enough to know Nicolas was at the top of the chain and Sandy was no doubt up there as well.

Alexis couldn’t deal with some competitive wolves; she didn’t even like the idea of dealing with wolves in the first place. “I won’t be staying here long. You’re pack is in enough turmoil here without bringing me into the picture for the little while I am here. I don’t change into a wolf. I don’t want to sit and talk around the table with you guys. I just want to go to school for my last year” Alexis let out a deep breath as she said the words; they were the truth after all. She didn’t want to be dragged into all of this nonsense with the wolves. She just wanted to get on with her school work and perhaps even go shopping with Cassie and get some human experience before she was trapped back up in a house with Louie and Vladimir again.

She was Immortal and that wasn’t normal for a wolf – Vladimir had explained that much too her. Alexis didn’t see the point in getting caught up in mortal werewolves. She didn’t see the point in getting caught up in werewolves if she were honest. “We’re not as bad as you think, Lex. We’re not dangerous, just misunderstood. I mean there are five werewolves in this school before you came and no one has been hurt. No one has turned into a werewolf randomly. There have been no ’animal’ deaths around here suspected of being werewolves in a long time” Nicolas tried soothing her, he took a step towards her and she matched it by taking one backwards.

Nicolas stopped and his hands dropped lazily beside him. “I could never understand what you’ve been through. I couldn’t begin to understand what you’re going through right now but I can assure you it will never happen again. None of my pack will ever hurt you” Alexis wanted to laugh, he could speak for himself but he could not speak for his pack, not when she had already been threatened by a member of them. Alexis head turned away, she gritted her teeth. She couldn’t just sit back and watch all of this happen in front of her.

She wanted out. Now.

“Try telling your pack members that first. You may feel that way but I know they do not. After all I have already been threatened by one of them” Surprised, Nicolas watched her before cursing under his breath. “Sandy” Alexis felt an awkward smile on her face; of course he would know who it was. Nicolas didn’t even have to think about it. “She’s….I….Sandy won’t hurt you” Nicolas couldn’t find the right words to say to her but eventually settled on Sandy wouldn’t hurt her.

Alexis almost wanted to trust him with it. She almost wanted to believe him. “I think you should tell her that not me. She’s pretty adamant that I am stepping on her toes here” Alexis wasn’t sure why her body was over heated talking about this. It wasn’t as if she felt passionate about this matter she was merely stating a fact.

Looking away from Nicolas she tried to give herself time to think over what she was saying and calm her heart rate down again. Living with vampires all this time did tend to have its advantages – one of which was being able to listen and slow down your heart rate. “With Sandy I am obviously not safe” Alexis ended on a sigh; her fist went from being clenched to hanging by her side. She didn’t want to fight, not with Nicolas nor with Sandy. She enjoyed learning to fight; it burnt off her unused energy which would have probably made her turn into a werewolf, and it gave her something else to think about, it gave her a reprieve from thinking about the scratching in her mind.

Not that she had ever admitted that to Louie, Vladimir or Caleb. They didn’t need to know that reason; it wouldn’t change anything after all. Nicolas’s sigh was one of defeat as if he had been wishing it wouldn’t have to come to this. He didn’t want to have to explain his relationship with Sandy. “She’s jealous” Nicolas finally said perking up Alexis ears and finally making her stare at him. His face was blushed slightly, his body seemed defeated, and his eyes looked to the ground as he spoke.

They had switched positions and now Alexis found herself staring at him. Her green eyes skimming over his movements and watching his reactions to what he was saying. He seemed so young at times – like right now. “She doesn’t want to accept the fact that I ended it with her and she is taking it out on you. We had been dating for about half a year or there about, my father hadn’t exactly agreed to it. He called it a fancy fling with a wolf until I found my mate. I thought it was more than that, so did she. When I found out it wasn’t, she didn’t take it well and because I won’t let her near me again she’s taking it out on you because I care about you” Nicolas didn’t want to look up, he didn’t want to see her reaction to what he had just said. His ears had red tips and Alexis couldn’t help but find that cute. Alexis found the situation to intense, she wanted to hug him, she wanted to comfort him but at the same time she knew his decision had been because of her arrival.

He had made this decision because he thought she was his mate. So technically that made it Alexis’s fault; Sandy had every right to blame her. Nicolas again sighed and Alexis couldn’t find the urge to look at him. She stared to the left and towards the ground.

Why did she have the urge to ask all these questions about werewolves now? She didn’t want to know about her species. She didn’t even want to be a part of it. Whether Vladimir was talking about all werewolves of just one out of the six that Nicolas was talking about, she didn’t care. She just wanted to get through school and then both Caleb and Nicolas would leave and she would end up in France with Louie and Vladimir. She had to keep looking to that point, not matter how much her heart ached to think about it.

It was the better option. She didn’t want to leave Nicolas but neither did she want to leave Caleb. She couldn’t live with both after all one was a vampire and the other was a werewolf. The only reason she had both of them right now was because neither of them knew about each other. Something wet touched her hand causing her to flinch and her eyes to snap towards it.

It was a wolf!

Alexis moved fast, stepping backwards she found herself falling backwards. That didn’t stop her as the wolf approached her, she scrambled backwards. Her hands dragged her through the dirt, it was dried and the weeds cut her hands as she backed away.

The wolf stopped in front of her sitting down on its back end. Alexis couldn’t stop; she kept going backwards until her back hut the tree. She looked up and she saw the branches extended above her head. But her eyes couldn’t stay there for long, they snapped back down towards the wolf. Her eyes tried to scan behind him, where was Nico? The wolf in front of her was looking at her, its head tilted to the side and his black eyes watching her actions. Its brown coat was thick and ruffled it lay down in front of her causing her to pull her feet in.

Its face was just a little away from her and it whined low in its throat. Was this Nicolas? The oddest thought stuck in her head as she watched the wolf’s actions. Her throat was dry; her hands were cut from the stones and weeds. She refused to look at them though; she refused to look away from the wolf. It’s tongue stuck out his mouth and he panted.

“Nicolas?” Alexis inquired unsure if this was actually him in front of him. She wasn’t sure if that would actually make her feel better if it was. The wolf let out a howl as if agreeing with her causing her to jump. He pushed himself forward towards her although kept low.

Alexis watched it nervously with wide eyes. This could not be happening right now. Human werewolves were hard enough to deal with and now she had to deal with one in its wolf form! This couldn’t get much worse. The wolf moved closer until its paw was touching Alexis’s feet.

It’s head nearly in her lap and he urged her to pet him by pushing its head towards her hands. Alexis was shaking, her hands were vibrating and her throat had dried up to the point she couldn’t even voice what she wanted to say. She wanted to tell Nicolas to change back, to tell him to stop it.

He had to listen to her right? He had said he didn’t want to hurt her. Alexis swallowed trying to clear the dryness in her throat although it wasn’t working. Her hand shakily touched Nicolas, his fur wasn’t as rough as she expected but then again it wasn’t soft either. It had a weird texture towards it, almost in between both. She pulled her hand back as soon as he moved and in front of her the wolf began to mold into Nicolas once again.

Nicolas’s normal brown eyes finally looked towards her causing her to relax slightly, he looked curious and anxious over her and his mouth opened to speak but the bell rang in the far distance causing both of their gazes to look at the school.

Lunch was over.

Nicolas stood up offering Alexis his hand and they both headed back onto the school grounds in silence. Nicolas didn’t know what to say to her, he didn’t know how to comfort her since he didn’t know what the problem was. She was frozen in her position when he had been a wolf and any movement seemed to scare her as if she were a deer stuck in head lights. He had thought that showing her he was a wolf would have been easy, that she would have thought of him more like a dog that wanted to be petted and perhaps her wolf would have sensed his and came out.

But he had seen no signs of her wolf just like Sandy had said, she hadn’t growled and her eyes had never shown much of anything. The only thing Alexis had done to show her wolf was to Marie and Sandy on her first day.

They were the only two to have seen anything. Nicolas just wanted to help her but he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know she didn’t want to be helped.

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