Blood Wolf

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Chapter 23: Coincidence? I think not

Friday came by quiet quickly after the commotion with Caleb, Daniel and Nicolas. With those three in her life she was lucky if anything would happen slowly again. Daniel’s nightly visits were almost definitely going to be becoming more frequent and with Caleb switching between playing friends and ignoring her, meant she was beginning to get whiplash and with his new mean personality she couldn’t decide which was worse.

Then she had Nicolas at school, despite his words he followed her around like a lost puppy dog – even though she had told him about Sandy. He didn’t seem to care very much or well that wasn’t entirely too, he cared too much as far as Alexis was concerned.

Vladimir had agreed to let her go with the girls on the condition that his driver drops her off. So he had dropped her off at the door and instantly Cassie had jumped on her as soon as she had got out of the car and she started being dragged about the mall.

“We have to start at stitches!” Cassie squealed pulling Alexis towards a store. “We always do what you want first, let’s do Urban” Ash seemed determined to get what she wanted. Alexis felt at ends although she listened to what both girls were saying.

Katie added in words every now and again as if trying to stay out of the fight but both Cassie and Ash were determined to pull her in on it. Before long they had settled on a shop which was neither Urban nor Stitches. Alexis hadn’t been able to see the name, as she was dragged into it. “You need to try on this” Cassie pulled a dress out in front of Alexis to measure it against her as if judging what size she was, she switched sizes and then pushed Alexis towards the changing rooms. “Try it on and let us see what it looks like”

With a sigh Alexis found herself in a changing room, ever since she had turned up she was being pulled around and Cassie had squealed when Alexis had brought out the credit card saying she did have money to spend. Alexis pushed out of her jeans and her jumper; she pulled off her tank top folding them into a neat pile at the corner of the dressing room and then she fixed the dress into position before looking in the mirror.

The dress was baby blue in colour, it stopped just before her knees and had a darker blue belt going across the middle, and the circular neck line had an added layer of frills attached to it and the straps that held the dress to her shoulders were thin.

Alexis looked like a proper girl; she blushed slightly at the thought. She had never much been one for wearing dresses; it wasn’t that she didn’t want to wear them. She just couldn’t find the occasion to wear them. She couldn’t exactly just wear them around the vampire house. It seemed silly like she was a child playing dress up but now she actually had an occasion to use them. “Are you ready?” She heard Cassie’s voice which jolted her out of her thoughts; she smiled and opened the curtains to see Cassie smiling at her.

“Ready” Cassie beamed at her, and Ashley was beside her assessing the way she looked, beside her Katie was dressed in a long pink dress with her hair tied back in a bun. “You look great although the neckline doesn’t look quite right. Let me get something else for you…” Ashley turned and disappeared for a moment. “That looks lovely on you, Katie” Alexis decided to turn her attention away from her own dresses and towards the other girl dressed up, Cassie did the same thing.

Pulling on her arms she made the girl twirl in front of her. “She’s right. That dress suits you perfectly. Is it for formal? I thought you wanted to stay away from pink this year?” Cassie asked without taking her eyes from her dress. “I debated it but when I saw this dress I just couldn’t help but try it on you know” Katie smoothed down the front of the dress with a small smile on her face.

Alexis watched her, her head tilted to the side. Katie seemed to be dreaming off in her own world and Alexis wondered what she was thinking of. “Why not try a yellow as well? Just to be sure. We can keep this one aside just in case” Cassie recommended, as Ashley came back passing another dress to Alexis. “Try this one” Alexis turned and headed back towards the dressing room stripping off the dress. “Let me take this one” Ashley’s hand came into the room and grabbed the other dress from Alexis.

Alexis had jumped out of the way, not thinking that anyone would come in while she was getting ready. “Yeah that’s fine” Alexis caught her breath as the hand disappeared out of the room with the baby blue dress and Alexis began to pull the other one in. This one was also blue except it was more of a deep blue.

There were no straps, it just pulled against her chest and dipped over her chest in the right positions. The bottom of the dress was loose and when she moved it moved as well, the bodice was like a corset although didn’t feel as tight as one. It was covered in jewels which slowly got less the further down you got. This dress went down to her thighs.

Alexis couldn’t believe how good the dress looked on; Ashley knew exactly what she was talking about. When Alexis stepped out, Cassie gasped “That’s your dress” She squealed slightly, Cassie was dressed in something else. She had a short black and silver dress on. The belt at her waist split up the dress. The bottom was all puffy and black and the top was like a tiger skin black and silver. It had a bow attached to the left side; Cassie had never suited something more.

Her messy lion’s mane hair was pulled back in to a bun although some had got free and dangled down to her neck. “I could say the same for you…” Alexis admired Cassie, she had short legs but in that dress they looked longer. Cassie giggled and twirled around in her dress.

“Do you think? I wasn’t so sure on the length. Normally my legs are too short to suit something like this” Cassie pushed the bottom of the dress down slightly as if emphasizing what she was talking about. Ashley came out beside Alexis in the dress she had been wearing, it looked much better on Ashley than it ever had on Alexis – it didn’t go past Ashley’s knees, merely dangled above them and Cassie squealed at her. “You’re right you do suit that neckline better. I mean look at Alexis’s that dress you picked out for her is amazing” Ashley admired her work with a sharp nod.

Alexis turned around looking for Katie. Expecting the young girl to be somewhere close by but she couldn’t see her at this moment.

Alexis could feel her skin crawling as if someone was watching her. She looked up to find the source but nothing seemed to be any different. Alexis turned back to the group who were locked into a conversation. “….You just need the right shoes for that and a necklace, your hair needs to be up” Ashley had pulled Cassie’s hair up where it had fallen down. She had turned her to the mirror and was showing her what she meant. “So if we get changed out of these dresses we can get them and then go and get shoes next. KATIE!” Cassie ended shouting on the other girl.

“Coming” Katie seemed harassed but she came out of the other cubical the opposite side of Alexis. She had on a yellow dress. She looked like a princess; it was a corset top with strips of velvet covering her shoulders. The dress was long and puffy at the bottom and it reached down to the floor.

The pink had looked much better on her but she suited the yellow as well. “Very pretty” Ashley mused and Cassie was watching her reaction before speaking. “So you’re getting the pink one then?” Cassie asked although it didn’t sound much of a question more like a statement which Katie nodded to. “We better all get changed and head to the shoe shop then”

As the girls all descended into their changing rooms, Alexis followed suit and ended up stripping down and putting her clothes back on. She hadn’t expected to get much today but the dress was beautiful and if she were going to attend the formal dance she was going to need something to wear.

A shrug moved through Alexis as she grabbed the dress and walked out with it. She could see Ashley already over at the desk, Cassie and Katie must have still been in their cubicles. Alexis headed over to where Ashley was. She walked through the paying process and they put the dress into a beautiful pink and black bag. Cassie was sharp on their heels, and Katie was five minutes after them, her corset dress was obviously harder to get off than the shorter ones.

Once they had all paid for their dresses they headed to the shoe store and got shoes that matched their dress. She got silver strapped shoes that Cassie had picked mostly, Cassie got black high heels that were very simple, Ashley had very big bowed shoes that were also light blue – she also got a pair of stiletto black heels saying she had another dress that would go perfectly with them. Katie didn’t get new shoes saying she had already got a perfect pair to go with her dress.

They spent the next few hours going through various other shops, not only for dresses but for bags and accessories.

Alexis didn’t have nearly as much as the other three girls had but she had collected up a few dresses and a new t shirt that she had liked with perfectly fitting jeans that flared at the bottom. There had been one feeling that Alexis couldn’t shake, she was being watched, at the beginning she had passed it over because they had been trying on clothes and more than likely people would be passing by and looking at them.

She didn’t think too much of it but after going through store after store she was sure she could feel eyes on her. “Now one more store before we grab something to eat” Cassie announced as she pointed to the store she wanted to go to. “Actually I need to nip to the ladies room, I will catch up with you guys in there” Alexis announced, crossing her fingers that none of the girls would actually go with her. It seemed to be so common with girls to go to the toilet together but luckily for her they all seemed to be enjoying shopping too much.

They waved her off and she rounded the corner and instead of darting left towards the toilets, she moved right and back tracked around herself until she was face to face with the man himself. She knew someone had been following her. Alexis put her hands on her hips. “Caleb! What are you doing here?” Alexis half wondered what was happening, had Vladimir sent him? Had he come by himself? Why was he even up right now? He should have been sleeping.

Caleb spun around on his heels and smiled towards Alexis. “You looked so beautiful in that dress” Caleb answered causing Alexis to blush slightly; she couldn’t let him get away from this or distract her from this. “Leave. Now” Alexis grounded out, pronouncing out each word evenly. She couldn’t have him following her around, she didn’t know how much longer she was going to be here but she didn’t want him following her for all that time.

She was already becoming agitated with him. “No. Now I didn’t get to see the shoes with the dress on. If you don’t mind you could show me” Caleb leaned against the side of the wall watching her as if he were being deadly serious, Alexis’s mouth opened and shut a few times trying to think of something else to say. “Caleb leave please” Alexis couldn’t be bothered with all his nonsense right now they had barely gotten over his last moody instance. “What else did you get? I couldn’t get close enough in the underwear store; did you get ones to match?” Caleb inquired with a small smile on his lips.

Alexis blushed a deeper shade of red and tightened her bags against her. “Oh is that them there” He moved as if to get her bags and Alexis tried to keep them away from him. She twisted and turned a few times before she was able to put her hand on his chest and push him back from her. “No you’re not seeing what I bought” she shook her head although couldn’t remove the blush from her face.

Caleb paused for a moment.

“Ok. I’ll leave if you show me everything you’ve bought when you get back. I want to see them on…” Caleb stopped trying to reach for her bags and folded his arms in front of his chest. This, he looked amused at, he waited for her answer and Alexis pondered in her head the problems over what he was saying.

It sounded easy in theory but at the same time only things could go wrong, especially when it was Caleb. Caleb seemed to know exactly the way to manipulate people. He knew exactly what to do. Alexis pursed her lips for a moment before nodding her head. “Fine. Deal” which caused Caleb to grin even wider. “Very well I shall see you at home” He turned to leave and Alexis couldn’t believe he was going so easily.

Alexis watched him leave.

This seemed too easy, was he really leaving or was he just trying to trick her into thinking he was leaving. Rolling her eyes she hated the way he made her think of everything. Alexis turned back and moved around the way she was coming, when she came out Cassie, Ashley and Katie were heading out of the shop and waved towards her grabbing her attention. Alexis and the other guys began to head towards the food court, they each got what they wanted and sat down at the table.

Alexis’s heart fell through the table when she saw Nicolas in the food court, his eyes caught hers and he waved. Alexis was sure he was going to head over, her hand dipped up to wave and he sat down joining back into his conversation he was in. Alexis smiled slightly sitting down.

“..Was that Nicolas waving to you?” Alexis cringed over Cassie’s words and nodded her head and she took a bite of food and a drink of her soda.

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