Blood Wolf

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Chapter 24: History Lesson

Lunch with just Nicolas couldn’t be that bad an idea. Sure lunch with all the werewolves was scary but with just Nicolas it seemed easier. Nicolas wasn’t going to hurt her; he wasn’t going to force her to do anything.

Their relationship lately had been slightly different. He had been giving her space, he hadn’t been following her about and although he had said ‘Hi’ on the passing it wasn’t forceful. She hadn’t seen much of the werewolves, Sandy had been out of the way, Marie had been friendly and talkative but not constant and she hadn’t seen Alex or Patrick at all.

Alexis grabbed her lunch box out of her bag and sat down at the steps outside the building, exactly where they had chosen to meet. It was out of the way from everyone. “Sorry I’m late, the cafeteria is mobbed” Nicolas came out from beside her and sat down. His lunch tray placed on the steps beside him, he picked up something to eat and sighed in delight when he took the first bite. Alexis chuckled slightly “Hungry?” she teased with a smile.

It had become much easier around him the past little while, she didn’t seem so nervous. “Starving” Nicolas answered, his eyes watched her brightly and Alexis smiled back towards him. “You’re so lovely when you smile” Alexis blushed and looked away on Nicolas’s words causing a deep chuckle to go through his chest. “I bet you’re a beautiful wolf” Nicolas replied and Alexis stopped smiling the blush instantly moving from her face. She hated when he did this, she hated when he spoiled the moment and brought up her wolf side.

Not that she believed she had a wolf side anymore, she had suppressed it so much she doubted it would come out. “You’re going to have to acknowledge it sometime.” Nicolas answered, his hands were threw his legs and he was leaning forward. “You are a Lupei werewolf after all” Nicolas took a bite out of his sandwich and Alexis’s eyebrows knotted together at the top of her forehead.

She was a what? A Lupei Werewolf?

Alexis looked at him quizzically which caused Nicolas to look confused for a moment. “You didn’t know?” Alexis shook her head when he asked her and Nicolas let out a deep sigh knowing that she really didn’t know anything about being a werewolf or of who she was in any way shape or form.

“That explains so much” He admitted finishing off his sandwich he took a drink. Alexis looked on at him in wonder, how could he know what she was and yet he had never seen her wolf, they had never more than talked to each other and this was the first time they had openly talked with much trouble from everyone else.

It wasn’t easy. “How do you know I’m a Lu-pei?” Alexis inquired, she had given up on her food and she had placed it down beside her school bag in a step below where she was sitting right now. She had half turned her body towards Nicolas and was truly interested to know what he knew about her. If he knew, did that mean other people could know? Alexis worried over that thought in her head. “It’s easy to tell. Especially with your incident with Marie and Sandy.” Nicolas answered intently; he too had given up on the food beside him and had turned his body to face Alexis understanding the importance of this situation for her. He was slightly taller than her, although his limbs were clearly bigger.

Alexis again looked quizzical over the situation and Nicolas smiled slightly. “You ordered them to stop and they did?” He explained, expanding on the situation to see if she could remember. Alexis couldn’t remember the situation but in fact she did remember telling Sandy and Marie to stop. She had thought they had stopped out of surprise, not because they had been made to stop. “You hadn’t’ realized it?” Nicolas inquired into her thoughts and Alexis nodded her head. “I thought they were just surprised I had shouted slightly” Alexis admitted truthfully, she put her hands against her head to think.

It couldn’t truly be that bad. She hadn’t thought she had ever had control over werewolves before. “So I have control over werewolves?” Alexis asked in wonder and Nicolas watched her reaction, wondering how she felt to that. “Well you’re the Alpha wolf species so you have control over other packs of any species of werewolves” Nicolas spoke as if Alexis should have known this although he was beginning to think that her education had nothing to do with learning the basic werewolves stuff like his was.

Her reaction told him as much. “I thought you would have known all this” Nicolas admitted honestly and Alexis again shook her head. “No. I hardly know anything about my wolf side. I actually know nothing about it other than they are dangerous” Alexis shrugged her shoulders knowing that Nicolas didn’t agree with her fully on the dangerous side of things.

“I suppose that depends on who you speak to on that front. Werewolves are dangerous to every creature other than themselves. Werewolves usually respect each other quiet well especially within their packs. With a few exceptions, if you’re wolf was out then Sandy wouldn’t be reacting the way she was to you. She would never get the chance too you’re wolf would take care of that. We understand the hierarchy just by looking each other in the eye. It’s just the way we are as creatures” Nicolas shrugged his shoulders as if he were thinking about why they were the way they are. Alexis watched him in wonder over the situation.

Did that mean that her wolf would threaten Sandy’s? Alexis couldn’t come to grips with the situation at hand. “You’re special Alexis. There aren’t many werewolves that are Lupei left. You need to be protected” Alexis couldn’t deal with Nicolas and his over protectiveness not even in the slightest bit. Nicolas had moved to touch her hands and take them in his. “You need to be under guard” Nicolas finished with pleading eyes.

Alexis didn’t want to deal with him at all right now.

She didn’t want to see where this was leading. “I am guarded” Alexis wasn’t technically lying, she was guarded, she was guarded by Vladimir, Louie and Caleb. They guarded her. She didn’t need any more guards, sure Nicolas was a great guy and although he came with a bunch of problems that didn’t make him any less of the nice guy. Nicolas seemed relieved at that although at the same time she could see he felt sad. “That’s good to hear” Nicolas murmured softly, his eyes never leaving hers.

“So what happened to the Lupei?” Alexis inquired half wondering if the werewolves that Nicolas was talking about had anything to do with what she believed to be true. Daniel and Vladimir had talked about her species and how she wondered if they merely met the Lupei breed.

Nicolas watched her carefully for a moment before looking away and starting his story. “We don’t know first-hand what happened after all I was only three or four when they were completely killed off. But as far as I know the vampires started to hunt down every Lupei pack and kill them off. It started with the smaller packs and then they worked up to their main Alpha pack. The Alpha was weakened because his wife had just died during childbirth and the child had died as well. He had a son and a daughter already but he was grief stricken and although he tried to protect his kids, he stood no chance – his mate had died. You don’t get over that so easily.” Nicolas was sad as if he were thinking of something else in his life.

Nicolas had lost his mother which was his father’s mate; he had listened to his father talk about his mother with such happiness and pain, he had never found that same love ever again. There was only ever one soul mate for each wolf and Nicolas was determined not to lose his like his father had lost his mother. “As far as all the other packs were concerned they had killed off every Lupei werewolf but you change that fact. A Lupei has the strongest gene against any werewolf. If you had children they would be Lupei werewolves no matter who you were mated too. That means you have the power to save the Lupei line” Nicolas still hadn’t looked towards her although he told his story clear, his voice trying not to waver in any way shape or form. Was he telling the truth?

Sure the story was similar to the one Alexis had heard, she knew the werewolves had been killed off by the vampires because they had thought them to be too dangerous. “Why did the vampires attack them?” Alexis inquired ignoring most of the second part of what Nicolas had said. She couldn’t deal with this at the moment but she could deal with the stuff she was finding out about her species. It matched Vladimir’s too some extent but the details were changed slightly.

One was towards the vampires; making them look like the hero’s, the other was towards the werewolves – making them look like they had been slaughtered. Alexis didn’t know what to believe or to say to that. Nicolas shrugged. “I’ve heard so many stories I don’t know which one is true. Some say it was just to try and weaken the werewolf species by taking out our Alpha’s – the Farkas are a group of werewolves which are out of control and the Lupei kept them in line – without them they believed the Farkas would go insane. Luckily enough someone is bringing them towards a treaty which will keep them under control. Then I’ve also heard that it would make the rest of the werewolves fight for the top spot but none want to take the Lupei’s position. They were believed to be able to talk to our ancestors and decipher the right path to take. No other species have that kind of power” Nicolas shrugged slightly finally looking towards her. Alexis was deep in thought. She couldn’t work out what was happening.

Nicolas pulled Alexis’s hands close to his body trying to grab her attention. “You don’t need to worry about the past, not anymore. You need to think to the future. It’s all that matters” Nicolas offered a kind smile which Alexis tried to give him back. He did make her feel a little bit better although not completely.

She was still trying to work out what was the truth, Vampires of course would protect themselves in stories but Werewolves would do the same. Who would actually tell her the truth? Who could she trust? Alexis shook her head trying to clear her thoughts. Nicolas grabbed her chin and faced it towards him. “Don’t over think everything. It will be okay. You will work everything out through time. Lupei’s have a long life span” Nicolas answered back, that didn’t make her feel any better. He knew more about her species than she did. He knew more about her than she did. Nicolas smiled leaning closer towards her. What was he doing? Alexis’s eyes widened slightly when she realized he was moving closer towards her.

He was going to kiss her. Did she want him to kiss her? Should she let him kiss her? So many thoughts were moving through her head and all the while her eyes were focused on his lips, her back was moving backwards slightly. “ALEXIS!” The words echoed through both of them and Alexis sprung up, leaving Nicolas growling slightly as he looked to the owner of the voice.

Cassie, he tried to readjust himself and change the look on his face and eventually he offered her a nice smile. “Cassie. What’s up?” Alexis bounced from one foot to the next, running her hands through her hair. What had she almost done? What was she going to do? Cassie smiled brightly not caring for the situation in front of her she linked hands with Alexis and turned to Nicolas.

“I need to borrow this one if you don’t mind” Cassie inquired towards Nicolas in which he waved his hand. “Just remember to bring her back” Nicolas teased, his eyes moving over Alexis once before Cassie squealed and moved with Alexis back towards the school.

“We have got to get ready for my 18th and you have got to wear that dress you bought on Friday! – It was so pretty on you” Cassie pulled Alexis away and Alexis couldn’t help but cast her eyes back to look towards the werewolf. He had almost kissed her.

She didn’t know how she felt about that. She was glad Cassie had interrupted – she couldn’t deal with more difficult relationships right now. She was finding it hard enough dealing with Caleb at her own house.

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