Blood Wolf

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Chapter 25: Hot Session

“Left” the yell echoed through her ears as if it were bursting her ear drum, but she obeyed it and swung her left hand forward into the bag in front of her. She felt the rumble hit her hand and then echo all the way up her shoulder. She would never get the hang of punching. She flinched and pulled her hand back against her chest covering it with her other hand. “Ouch” she couldn’t help the involuntary screech that left her lips.

Alexis had said it many times in the past hour and no matter how many times she would punch the bag, it still hurt. She was in the gym but she had spent most of the hour in this position punching the bag.

A mat under her feet held her steady and gave her comfort, although not much. “Stop putting your thumb under your fingers. That’s why it hurts” his strong voice over powered her like it did every time he spoke and he came towards her this time grabbing her hand away from her chest and showing her how to do it.

His hands were cold to touch but she didn’t flinch away from them. She felt the surge of electricity run through her like every time he touched her. She froze and allowed him to uncurl her hand, pushing her thumb out and then curling her fingers back in. “This is how you have to keep your hand unless you want to break your fingers when you punch” Caleb softly pushed out, his voice holding a gentler tone, nicer than before.

One she had grown used to hearing when he was more relaxed. His normal blue eyes stared up at her telling her, he did care for her, he did want to help her before it was gone in seconds. He pushed her hand away and moved from her faster than her eyes could follow. “We’ll do some mat work and then you can get back to your homework.” He spoke from the middle of the room and she whirled around to see him fixing the mats. The room was big and completely covered in a wooden floor but on top of the floor was 26 mats, faded blue in colour.

Scattered around the edges of the room were benches and seats where both her jumper and bag sat and his extra clothes and bottle of blood was. She hated the fact that she knew that; that she knew what was in his bottle and it didn’t scare her.

It didn’t creep her out. It should have.

She nodded her head and moved herself over towards him. He began to stretch out his limbs, normally he had done that before she had even reached the gym, so she was quiet surprised when he bent forward and touched his toes and began jogging on the spot. He walked through everything as if he had his own routine, as if he didn’t need to think about what he was doing.

Alexis stood to the side and watched him not knowing whether she should join in – she was sure she would look stupid trying to be herself, she didn’t know if her body would actually bend. She was stiff, she had only just started exercising with Caleb, it was the first she had been doing in a long while, she hadn’t exactly been good in keeping her fitness up as much as she had originally thought, she was good with books and studying just like Vladimir and Louie were.

She stared on in amazement as he stretched out every one of his limbs “Are you going to join in?” She shook her head trying to gain her attention back on the situation at hand, she must have dazed in thought. Her vision came back to her and Caleb stood not that far from her, watching her curiously. She quickly recovered stepping forward on to the mat and trying to act like she hadn’t just drifted off into her own head.

“What are we doing first?” she charged straight into work knowing they had already gone over the basics, everything from falling to punching right. He must have wanted to mix some of it together; he often tried to put her into to fighting position to see how she would react in them. “We’re going to see how much you’ve learned over the weeks” Caleb said basically moving in front of her, a little bit closer and getting into a fighting position. “Attack and defend, use everything I have taught you and don’t hold back. You can’t hurt me” Caleb joked although he smiled, it was half-heartedly.

Alexis nodded her head, pushing her feet in to the balance position he had taught her. She knew he was going to hold back, after all he had a lot more strength than her, but then again he had made sure to teach her how to combat certain types of strength.

Once she was ready she nodded her head and he fired out with a punch which she was ready for.

It hit her but hardly, she was able to curve it to the side. Again he started moving punches towards her which she was able to detour, he moved to the side and she moved with him, she could hold her balance while moving, he had taught her that the fourth time they had got together. When Caleb started to bounce on his feet instead of punching she took it as her chance to attack – she swung her hand out to punch him as a distraction and when he dodged it she bent to her floor, and swiped her feet underneath him. He jumped and she bounced to her feet knowing he had spoken about being vulnerable on the ground.

She took a blow to the stomach when she stood up before she could get her balance back, but she was able to block the next punch he sent her way by dodging to the left.

Alexis was smiling and Caleb couldn’t help but take it easier on her just for that very reason. “You’re not meant to smile at your attacker” Caleb pointed out and Alexis tried to put the smile off of her face, although it was difficult to think of Caleb as her ’attacker’. Caleb smirked at her attempt to look serious and she started bouncing on her feet trying to think of her next move to attack him.

“Ready?” She questioned a smile trying to be pulled off of her face as she teased him, his eyes rolled and he moved into a defensive position making everything seem more dramatic than what it was. She bounced on her feet again, getting herself ready for action and ready to pounce on him.

She didn’t announce she was coming; she bounced on the spot a few more times making sure that he didn’t know she was coming before she took a few steps forward and tripped towards him the rest of the way.

Her face fell from its usual smile and he wasn’t fast enough to readjust himself, he wasn’t even aware she had stopped running until she bashed into him and he fell to the ground. Her body landed on top of his, her head crashing into his chest and his back curled as he landed. His hands came around Alexis to make sure she wouldn’t get hurt, as an automatic reaction.

Caleb’s eyes had closed and when he gathered himself, he looked down his chin to Alexis’s head. Alexis was vibrating, her body was moving in slow up and down movements.

Caleb braced himself, he couldn’t see her, and he couldn’t tell if she was ok. “Alexis?” his words questioned her and he tried to turn his head to see if he could see her. Her head pulled up after a minute or two and he could finally see what she was feeling.

She was laughing. He frowned watching her, although his body relaxed knowing she was okay. “I can’t believe I just tripped” Alexis smirked as she looked at him, her body shaking with laughter that she couldn’t sit up; she managed to at least look at him balancing her hands slightly on the ground. “….And even worse you didn’t catch me.” Alexis laughed again as she couldn’t believe that not only had she fallen but a vampire hadn’t been able to catch her and he had ended up down on the ground with her.

Caleb frowned towards her and Alexis tilted her head into his chest again to mask her laughter. “That’s not funny” Caleb tried to push out with a serious face, although with Alexis laughing in front of him he couldn’t keep a completely straight face, her laugh was rippling through his chest. She nodded her head as if answering his question with that simple gesture.

When she lifted her head this time her face was closer to his, his eyes watched her in curiosity. “You’re supposed to be some big ass vampire and you couldn’t even keep me or yourself from falling”

Another burst of laughter echoed out through her lips as she faced him. Her laugh was faulted when she felt herself being flipped over and her back was on the ground, Caleb lay above her, his arms holding his body wait over her. A creepy yet alluring smile placed over his face and she couldn’t help but stare into his now, black eyes. “Did no one ever teach you not to tease a vampire?” Caleb’s voice was deep and seductive, his breath was heavy and she could feel it on her face.

Alexis’s look went from playful to serious in seconds.

A smirk went across his face as if he could sense the change in her. His head moved closer to hers, and her heart rate picked up. He let out a small chuckle that rumbled through his chest. “I’m a very dangerous creature you know” He spoke although he was so close to Alexis that she hardly felt like breathing, he dipped his head closer to her neck and her hands tightened on his sides, anxiously.

His eyes were black and eventually Alexis found herself staring at the ceiling, her heart skipped a beat as his breath found his way to her neck. “You don’t want to be on my bad side” his voice was close to her ear and she held her breath as his teeth scrapped across her neck, sharp.

Was he going to bite her? No he wouldn’t. Would he? Her thoughts fought against themselves and she focused all her energy on holding her breath and wondering if he was going to bite her. His head moved and her eyes shut tight wondering if this was it.

If he was going to bite her, she wasn’t sure how she felt about that. She waited for his teeth to break her skin but instead she felt a small pressure against her neck, as he pressed his lips at the curve. When her eyes opened, he was pushed above her assessing her reaction with a devilish smile placed along his lips. His eyes as blue as the sky. “You’re an ass” she pushed at him trying to get away from him.

He let out a laugh and after a moment he pushed off of her and stood to his feet offering her a hand to get up, she grabbed his hands and he lifted her up with ease. “You enjoyed it though and didn’t even push against me to stop me” he pointed out, her face blushed and she made a frustrated sound and moved to the door.

She had really thought he was going to bite her, not only that she wasn’t even sure how she felt about that, although she had enjoyed his closeness and then he had spoiled that with his cocky attitude.

Like he always did.

A laugh echoed behind her as she grabbed her jumper and headed out the door and away from him. She didn’t know what was more stupid of her. The fact that she had almost let him bite her or the fact that she had enjoyed him being so close that she had not pushed him away.

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