Blood Wolf

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Chapter 26: Something sour on the menu

Marie stood in front of Alexis, her eyes pleaded with the young girl. She wanted to persuade her to do the right thing, after all Nicolas was her mate. Marie wanted to get a good relationship going with her especially if she was going to be the next female to lead the pack. She was much nicer than Sandy and Marie could already tell that they could be good friends.

“I promise we’re not all bad. You’ve not even met half of the pack. We’re just the ones that attend this school, another five attend the school on the opposite side of our reservation and then there are the younger ones who we have a school on our lands for and the older ones who attend college and their parents and the adults that work. You’re just dealing with high school kids who are bad enough as humans without adding werewolves into the mix. Please have lunch with us. I promise it won’t be bad and you can leave at any time.” She pleaded with Alexis; Alexis looked at her with an awkward smile. She didn’t want to sit with a group of werewolves but at the same time perhaps if she did sit with them and she explained to them that she didn’t want to join their pack and that she was only here to study then perhaps they would get the picture.

Perhaps they would leave her alone.

Alexis pondered the thought for a moment before nodding her head. She didn’t trust her voice to say anything. Marie smiled happily; jumping up and down for a moment Alexis was surprised by the girl’s reaction. Marie grabbed her hand and began to drag her forward “Good we got seats outside today because of the weather. Everyone’s going to be so happy to see you” Wait! They didn’t know? Alexis suddenly felt panicked; she had thought the wolves asking her to lunch had been a joint decision. She knew it wouldn’t have been Sandy’s idea but the rest possibly might have agreed to it.

Alexis suddenly felt like she was being dragged along the corridor towards the outside. She waved at a passing Cassie and tried to act like she was going willingly outside.

Although it felt very difficult to do considering the circumstances. “Relax, Alexis. It’s going to be fine” Marie spoke before she pushed the door open and ushered Alexis out with her. Alexis laughed nervously, wondering how she could possible relax under these circumstances. She was about to have lunch with all these werewolves. She wasn’t sure if she was happy bringing her own lunch anymore, at least if she had to go and get her lunch it would be an excuse for her to leave.

Now she felt trapped. “Hey guys!” Marie waved dragging Alexis along behind her as they approached the wolves. Nicolas perked up, he was sat on the table with his feet on the seat, either side of him was Rick and Alexander but they had to turn to see Alexis and Marie coming. Rick smiled seeing Marie although didn’t react much more than that. Alexander just stared on at them slightly amused. Alexis half wondered what he was amused at.

Nicolas stood to his feet to greet the girls, with a smile on his face. “Look who decided to join us for lunch” Marie smiled turning towards Alexis and she had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. It was hardly her decision but instead she smiled and sheepishly said “Hi” Nicolas was the first to step up and smile towards her. “Alexis, it’s nice to see you” Nicolas breathed out and Alexis nodded her head, her cheeks staining red as Marie pulled her to sit down on the steps behind the boys.

Rick handed Marie a tray with some food on it as Alexis dug into her bag for her lunch, although she didn’t feel like she could eat it. Her stomach was acting out, it was tossing and tumbling. She did, however, feel like her throat was so dry, she grabbed her drink pulling it out and taking a drink out of it. “So have you always stayed around here?” Alexander blurted out causing Nicolas to nudge him and Rick to shake his head. Marie stared at Alexander with a glare and Alexis swallowed before answering, her head shook. “No. Only about three years. I used to stay around Europe for a little while and I stayed in New York before that” Alexis answered honestly, knowing that saying things like that wouldn’t compromise her in any way shape or form.

After all she couldn’t exactly come out and say she stayed with vampires. It wouldn’t go down well, especially with werewolves. Alexander nodded his head as if confirming what she had said.

The others looked at Alexis as if surprised she had answered the question. Marie smiled beside her. “So were you born in New York?” she inquired hoping that Alexis’s sharing was going to continue. They were searching for information on which pack she was from, Alexis already knew that. Although she wasn’t sure what she could say to them.

“No I moved there when I was three or four” Alexis spoke as she took another drink of her juice trying to quench a thirst that wasn’t there. But at the same time if they were asking her question’s there was no shame in her asking them questions. “Have you always stayed around here?” She inquired to any of them, knowing she didn’t care who answered it really. She just wanted to make conversation and find out if they lived closely around here.

She didn’t think Vladimir would have moved her somewhere near a werewolf pack but then again maybe he didn’t know. The Elders seemed to always know where they were as well so didn’t that mean they should always check where they put Alexis? She wondered but shook it off. “We’ve resided here for generations” Nicolas was the one to answer and while Alexis tried not to look at him, it was becoming increasingly difficult.

Alexis nodded her head; it seemed someone must have known about the nearby packs. “And you’ve been home-schooled up until now, right?” Rick asked and Alexis nodded her head agreeing with the statement. “My guardian’s thought it would be easier than moving me around schools all the time” Alexis stated, nobody had touched the food in front of them since Alexis and the wolves had started speaking.

They all seemed to be slightly nervous in their in own way. “You’re Guardian’s?” Nicolas was the one to question it and Alexis cursed herself for not wording that differently. Why did she have to mention she had guardians? She supposed the question would have been asked sooner or later. Alexis again nodded her head although didn’t say anything causing Alexander to look towards Nicolas wondering if they should inquire any further.

Nicolas shook his head.

They didn’t want to push Alexis away especially when they had just gotten her to sit down and speak to them, which seemed like a challenge all on its own. “Cassie said you asked to come for your last year of school” Marie stated as if not only talking to Alexis but telling the boys that fact as well. Alexis nodded her head again. “I’ve not interacted much with people and although my Guardian’s made a good school environment I wanted to see it for myself and see other people’s opinions” Alexis admitted.

Which she knew was something that Caleb didn’t understand and she wasn’t sure if these wolves were going to understand it either. Vladimir acted as if he understood and Louie – well Louie acted as if he didn’t care as long as he got to see Alexis.

Marie opened her mouth to speak again but something caught her eye and she turned to see what it was.


Sandy was moving towards them, she was dressed in much shorter clothes than she usually did. Alexis hadn’t looked up; she was still awkwardly looking down. Nicolas hadn’t looked up either; he was staring at Alexis in wonder. Who were these guardians that she was talking about? Were they werewolves? Or something else? Nicolas was curious.

Sandy’s short skirt left very little to the imagination and her shirt that showed her stomach and most of her breasts. Sandy paraded in to their group with no bother; she acted as if there was no difference now than there ever was before. Alexis head moved up when she heard Nicolas’s voice. “Sandy?” It sounded concerned and Alexis couldn’t help but look up. She wanted to fight the reaction but found she couldn’t.

Marie gasped beside her and Alexander growled. Sandy had barged in and was now sitting on Nicolas’s lap although Nicolas didn’t look happy about that. She sat on one of his knees with a smile spread on her lips as if she didn’t know what was wrong with this situation. She swung her arms around his neck and snuggled against him, for some reason Alexis felt as if her body was on fire.

Her throat scratched as if it wanted to growl, she refused to let that reaction come out of her. She found herself looking away again “Did….How…So did it take you a while to find the right school is that why you didn’t start at the beginning of last term?” Marie tried to look away from the scene in front of her and ignore what was going on. She looked towards Alexis who wasn’t the only person who felt awkward. Alexander beside Nicolas was facing away from the group, he looked angry and Rick had shifted himself slightly away from Nicolas.

Nicolas was growling low in his throat although that didn’t seem to bother Sandy at all. She just whispered something in his ear. Alexis needed to get out of here. She stood to her feet, hesitating making an excuse towards the wolves or just taking off. Her manners getting the better of her. “I need to go find Cassie before class” She hesitated again wondering if that was enough to allow her to leave before she turned away from the wolves and started to leave.

“Lexi” Nicolas’s voice was calling out to her and he had finally stood up pushing Sandy off of him – Sandy refused to fully let go of him though. She was sure she wasn’t going to let him follow her. Alexander had moved from his seat though and had followed after Alexis.

Alexis was pulled back by her arm. Alexander had grabbed it. She was shocked as she stood staring at him. “Don’t just leave like that!” his voice sounded angry and Alexis tried to pull her arm back towards herself. She didn’t know what to say and she was sure that no matter what she said it wasn’t going to calm Alexander down, Alexis was scared. “She’s not a threat to you and she couldn’t hurt you with us there” Alexander tightened his grip on her arm causing Alexis to squeal slightly. “Let go” Alexis finally found the words to speak, causing Alexander to let go of her suddenly, frowning.

It was as if he hadn’t realized he was holding her so tightly. When he let go Alexis pulled her arm close and rubbed where he had been holding. Alexis watched him and Alexander seemed to grimace at his actions. He hadn’t meant to do that. Alexis could see that by the look in his eyes. He was as surprised as her by what he had done. Could he not control his own actions? “Lex, don’t go” Nicolas voice was behind them and when Alexis moved to see him, Alexander took off.

What was wrong with him? Alexis’s thoughts followed as her gaze watched after the temperamental wolf. He was a curious one indeed. “I’m sorry about that. I really am” Nicolas had caught up to her and now stood in front of her.

Luckily the bell chose that point to ring causing them both to face the school although neither moved. Alexis shook her head. “There’s nothing to be sorry for.” Alexis admitted, which in every case was true. Nicolas wasn’t hers and they weren’t dating. Sandy had every right to be all over him, in fact she had more than every right. She was dating him first.

In fact if it wasn’t for Alexis she would still be dating him. Nicolas shook his head and took a step towards Alexis trying to grab her hand. Alexis shook him off. “I need to get to class, please just leave me alone” Alexis spoke sadly before she turned to leave.

The werewolves were unstable, if Nicolas was Alpha and he couldn’t even control how Sandy acted around him then it was obvious there was a lack of authority. Nicolas watched his mate leave with restraint. ”Alexis!” he called after her and she waved her hand at him. “Nico please!” she didn’t have the energy nor the time to say his full name. She had regretted it as soon as she had said, she didn’t want to call him a nickname, and she didn’t want to call him anything else. She just wanted to get rid of him.

Although that didn’t seem to be working. It took everything in him not to chase after her and make her feel better. He wanted to comfort her and he wanted to protect her but he didn’t seem to be doing any of that lately. He needed to find a way to show her how she made him feel. He needed to prove to her that he was her mate. He just didn’t know how he was going to show her right now. His dad had mentioned many things about your mate and he was trying to recall all of them right now.

The feelings he had talked about.

The actions, the protectiveness. The kiss?

Nicolas knew as soon as he said the word that it was the only thing he could do. He needed to show her with a kiss.

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