Blood Wolf

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Chapter 27: Heightened complication

She stood outside the school, the cold wind running through her hair. The building towered over her and covered some of the sunshine that was covering the school yard. Her hand gripped her bag tight against her and she strained past all the students flooding away from the school to try and find her ride, Vladimir. He wasn’t here yet and he was never normally too late.

Sure a few times he had waited till the school had cleared before he had turned up but lately he just stopped the car near the school and Alexis would jump in.

A sigh left her lips as her eyes drew away from the parking lot and its mobbed covered students. What she faced when she turned around though wasn’t much better.

Nicolas Maori.

He looked like he was on a mission and Alexis could not have him standing around while she was waiting on Vladimir. She had got this far without Vladimir knowing about the wolves she wasn’t about to be caught out. She tried to turn slightly ignoring him, hoping he would take the hint. But apparently he did not, Nico stopped beside her, not saying anything as if waiting for her to say something first. “Nico….” She groaned turning towards him, at any other time she could have ignored him – she could have walked away but with Vladimir on his way she couldn’t risk it.

The wind picked up her hair and she turned herself away from the sun so she could see better; the building still held all its beauty from no matter what angle she was in. It was great, it was red sandstone in all its glory and Alexis couldn’t help but admire it. “I’m not leaving you here by yourself, Lex” Nicolas’s arms folded across his chest and he gazed out into the parking lot as if expecting someone else to come for her.

“Stop calling me that. My name is A-lex-is” she snapped back needing a reason to get rid of him. “What do you prefer? I can go with Lexi if that’s better, or Alex. I am sure we will find one that suits you better with time – one that is just mine….” Nico was teasing her, baiting her into talking to him just like he did every time they talked. He wanted a reaction. Any reaction out of her.

He was trying to make a point and she wasn’t going to listen to it. She wasn’t going to deal with this. She couldn’t deal with this; not now. “Nico just leave” Although he was shaking his head before she’d even finished talking. He wasn’t going to leave that easily and she should have known that. He was here for a purpose; one that Alexis didn’t want to indulge in – she turned away from him trying to ignore the wolf. Something had to get him to leave. “You don’t even understand who I am too you!” Nico threw his hands up in desperation, before pulling them through his hair. He tried not to strain his voice, considering they were in front of the school.

The grounds were just now clearing of kids and yet Nico refused to leave Alexis by herself and not only that, but he refused to let this matter go. He believed he was her mate. Her wolf mate. “Nico, I hardly know you” Alexis tried to speak straight and also tried not to look at him. She found it easier to concentrate and stay in control over the conversation when she didn’t look at him.

Which was becoming increasingly difficult as he walked in circles trying to get her attention to focus on him. “I have only just met you” Alexis again spoke her head shaking and her arms folding across her chest as she prayed for Vladimir to hurry up and pick her up. She hated a Thursday when she had to stick around the school and wait for Vlady to pick her up.

Every other day she had that driver he had hired – but on Thursday it was his days off and Vladimir had insisted he come and get her. He was always late, Alexis hated it – it was always a chance for Nico or one of the wolves to try and talk to her more. She had successfully avoided a confrontation up until now. “I am your mate, Lex” Nico grabbed her shoulders and made her stare at him. Her eyes met his and she refused to melt into them.

They were pleading her to listen to him; to believe what he was saying was true. But how could she. She didn’t feel the same way as he did and she couldn’t, she had suppressed her wolf gene. With a deep sign, Alexis shook her head and looked down. How could she believe him? She couldn’t be bound to wolves; they were nasty horrible creatures that killed people.

Sure – it didn’t seem like Nico and his pack was like that but that didn’t mean that every werewolf was good. How could she just forget what she was brought up believing? She couldn’t. She trusted Vladimir and he couldn’t have lied to her. He wouldn’t lie to her. Nico’s fingers tilted her chin back up and before she knew what was happening her lips were pressed against his.

Hard. For a moment she melted, her full body felt like crumbling under him and just giving in, a niggle at the back of her mind just begging her to give in, to let it consume her. Let him consume her. She had been fighting it all her life, she would always ignore it.

It took only a few seconds for her to grab her full attention away from Nico again. Her eyes shot up ad she pressed her hands against his chest pushing him backwards. She forced herself to be strong, forced herself to put all her strength into pushing him away from her. She didn’t want this. She wanted to avoid this and she was going to get him off of her. Her head shook and she took a step backwards when she couldn’t push him off.

He let her go. She didn’t think he would but he did. He let her slip out of his reach and although his eyes searched hers for any answers that would let him in, he was disappointed. He wanted more than anything for her to give in. For her to accept that she was his mate. But she couldn’t feel that, she didn’t see the same thing he did. Her head shook and she felt close to tears.

The wind around them only seemed to pick up; she could feel it running through all her hairs which at the moment were stood on end. “I can’t” Alexis muttered, her voice wavering as she lowered her eyes so she wasn’t looking at him, her head was shaking as she spoke trying to make herself believe it.

Nico took a step towards her making sure her hands were in his and that she looked at him before speaking. He wanted her to understand, he wanted her to listen to the words he was about to say. “You will. When you’re ready. When you let Lupus come out. You’ll feel it” Nico pronounced out each word and made sure he meant it. He made sure that Alexis understood him. That word? Why did he call her wolf a name? She had never known anyone to call her wolf that. Her eyes watched him before switching to the side.

Caleb stood outside a car staring exactly in the direction they were standing in. Alexis could almost see him about to explode. How much had he seen? How long had he been there? She didn’t need to even ask that. He had seen it all, she felt it. He had been there when Nico kissed her. She pulled her hands out of Nico’s, looked once more at him before turning around and running towards Caleb.

“Cal, don’t get mad” Nico watched her run off and he felt the growl vibrate out of him with anger. A vampire? The question hung in his head as he watched them. His mate. The wolf in his mind was furious with possessiveness, it scratched at his skin begging to be let out, to let him take care of this situation. It made his hair stand on end and his body heat up to endless extent. His wolf had never fought for anything so hard in its life.

It always stayed hidden unless he asked it to help. Unless he needed to help, normally he could sense it. But this time it was completely different, it was trying to take charge of his body with force. As if the wolf believed he couldn’t handle the situation himself. He couldn’t let it, not here. He would protect Alexis and he would get her back. But he had to be patient, he would have to keep his wolf tamed and under control for now.

We will have our time. He told his wolf and he could feel it calming down just with his words.

Caleb was full of anger, it was radiating off of him and when she spoke he opened the door for her, signaling for her to get in. He wasn’t discussing this with her in the middle of the car park. The black car was sleek when she slid into it, his leather seats seem to make her feel so small.

Caleb shut the door behind her and she jumped, he was around the side of the car quicker than he should have been in front of humans, or even werewolves. This is going to be an interesting car journey; she cowered down in her chair not knowing what to say in this situation. She didn’t know how to start a conversation, she wasn’t sure how much he had seen and she was sure no matter how much he had seen it wasn’t good. She had betrayed him in his eyes; she had gone behind his back. She had gone behind all the vampires back – she wasn’t going to be back at school again now. Not when Vladimir and Louie found out.

They wouldn’t let her near wolves, no matter how nice she said they were.

Not that she thought ALL the wolves were nice, Alexander certainly wasn’t a cup of tea and Sandy had done everything in her power to get rid of her. She hoped the beta wolf was happy now. She was finally going to get her wish.

Alexis wasn’t going to be allowed back to high school, she didn’t even know if she was going to lose Caleb as well. She tried to keep her feelings away from both boys, and yet in the end she was going to end up losing both Caleb and Nicolas.

Friends. Her only friends, she was going to lose the two only friends she had made her age. Her head hung in silence and Caleb took off.

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