Blood Wolf

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Chapter 29: The truth will set you free

A chap on her door echoed through her mind and she lifted her head to it.

Was this Caleb coming to say sorry? She shouldn’t expect so much of him but she couldn’t help but hope. He had hit her, she couldn’t believe it but the red mark that spread across her face spoke more than words could ever say. She could still feel the pain vibrating through her cheek. But the culprit didn’t come in.

Whoever it was stood waiting at the door for her answer. Her head ached, something scratched at the surface and she shook her head trying to ignore it. “Come in” Her voice was dull and chocked up, she had been crying, anybody could hear that in her voice. She wiped her eyes clear and sat up on the edge of her bed as a tall and striking Vladimir came in. He looked sullen, his eyes were sad and his head lowered. She could barely make out his eyes as she watched him.

“Are you alright?” He questioned lifting his head a touch to be able to see her better. Her eyebrows scrunched up in wonder, what did he have to be sad about? Did he blame himself for letting Caleb in to the house and injuring her? He shouldn’t have.

Alexis had learned enough about Caleb to know he had a short temper and sure she hadn’t expected him to turn up at her school but she hadn’t ever been so close to Nicolas before. That had been the first time. He had pulled her into a kiss thinking that it would prove to her that he was her mate and yet it had only made things worse.

It had only gotten her more in trouble. Alexis head nodded and she tried to half smile at him. “What can I say? Louie was right, Caleb does have a temper” Alexis shrugged trying to make it seem less important than it actually was believing that was why Vladimir was here. She half wondered if he had already seen Caleb and spoke to him, perhaps even hurt him. She held her tongue not wanting to ask, she didn’t want to care about Caleb; she didn’t want to know where he was. If he wanted to see her then he should be the one to come and see her.

Vladimir moved over towards her as a sigh graced his lips, the bed began to press down and now he sat beside her They both sat for a moment in silence, neither one saying anything before Vladimir looked up at her. “I believe I need to tell you something. Now before I do – please do let me finish the full story and then you can ask as many question as you like or do anything you like” Alexis found herself sitting up in curiosity.

What was so important that he had waited this long to tell her? So many questions and thoughts already began to stream through her mind about what he was going to say before he actually said it. Was he going to tell her some lost story about why Caleb’s temper was the way it was? Was he going to defend him? Alexis had been trying to defend him in her own head and it wasn’t working. She hoped that Vladimir would give her a reason to defend him.

Alexis nodded her head in agreement not having the strength to open her mouth and speak just in case all the questions came flooding out. Vladimir watched her for a moment as if trying to assess how she was going to react to what he was going to tell her.

There was no way he could guess, he had tried so many times to tell her and every single time he had he had lost the courage but he couldn’t do that now. She had already been hurt too much. She had already begun to lose too much.

The only way to get her wolf back was to tell her the truth and that was what she needed. She needed her wolf whether she liked to believe so or not. With a small deep unneeded breath in he was ready to begin his story. “Everything that you have been told since you got here has been a lie” That was his first sentence and while she digested it, he kept silent before continuing on. “When Daniel brought you here all those long years ago it wasn’t because your family had tried to kill everyone and was after you. In fact it was the complete opposite. Your family, your breed of werewolves were special. They’re Royals that is why all the werewolves in the local area are attracted towards you. They can feel your leadership even above their own alphas” The room seemed to be getting smaller. Everything Vladimir was saying was making her world spin.

They had lied to her. They had all lied to her.

She felt like floating off on a dream, she felt like disappearing in her own head but she couldn’t do that. She needed to hear this story. “They were called the Lupei. The Vampires, all of us were ordered to wipe out the Lupei bred by Daniel, Elizabeth and Leonardo. It was the first time the three had stood together in war. Everyone obeyed and slowly the Lupei werewolves were killed off. Till there was one left. The alpha pack – your pack” Alexis wanted to speak, her mouth even opened to do so. But she held back the words; she couldn’t risk saying anything until she had heard the full story.

After all, she didn’t know whether things were about to get better or worse. Her lips twitched and her eyes felt like they were filling with water.

“Daniel wanted to take it by force and he gathered everyone to attack, the day furthest away from the full moon of the month – Lupei wolves gathering their power from the moon. Lupei werewolves were normally born with a power especially the alpha family of the pack. They never expected it. The full pack was destroyed in a few hours apart from one little girl. The Alpha’s wife had died in child birth not moments before the attack and a group had headed straight for the Alpha who was protecting his house, grief striking he had no chance against the vampires. That was your house. They killed your family but when it came to you, Daniel didn’t kill you. Daniel found you, and kept you hidden until the fight was over and against Leonardo’s judgment they came up with a plan. You’re real name is Levesque, Alexis Levesque, although Daniel changed it in order to keep you from finding out and from any other wolves from finding you” Alexis was on the edge of her seat listening to the story. It was like her life was flashing through her eyes.

She could never remember her childhood. She must have buried it in herself conscious and with what Vladimir was telling her there was no wonder. “They wanted to use werewolves to their advantage. It would have caused too much chaos if they had tried to kill every breed off but if they learned how to control them – Daniel thought it was the key to their control” Vladimir had turned away from Alexis and was staring off into the distance.

He didn’t want to see her face as he told the story. He knew it would be heart breaking to know his kind had killed off everyone she was supposed to love and then they had lied to her growing up. It wasn’t going to be easy for her to take in.

With a deep breath he continued his story, trying to keep his voice from shaking. “He believed you were the key to their control. Louie and I were supposed to bring out your wolf and learn how to control it. It was about gaining your trust and taming your wolf. Daniel couldn’t have guessed you would suppress your werewolf gene – That was why he had so many regular visits” Alexis again opened her mouth to speak, her head tumbling with thoughts. She had been lied too, kept against her will - although she hadn’t thought it was against her will- and brought up by the people who had killed her family.

Had Vladimir had something to do with that? Had he marched against her birth family?

The way he spoke was as if he wasn’t there although at the beginning it had been as if he was. But how could she trust him? He had lied to her. “There had been no success and I refused to push you as far as the other elders wanted to. That was why Caleb was introduced. Like me, he is a child of Daniel and he has taken to Vampire-hood very well apart from his temper. Daniel thought his temper would be good against you hoping that he would break as he has done in the past and hoping that it would react in your wolf and bring her out. Which it has not” Vladimir stated the obvious although couldn’t bring himself to look around at Alexis. She was like a daughter to him and he couldn’t believe that he had lied to her all this time.

When she arrived he had automatically taken a liking to her – something about Alexis reminded him of his sisters. “I know that there is no use in apologizing now. It is far too far down the line but I have protected you as much as I can. I have fought for your side in each meeting and every time they requested that Elizabeth or Leonardo take over; I have interjected and made sure that you have stayed here” Vladimir nodded his head knowing that without losing her he had done as much as he could. If he had told her any earlier it would have been lost on her. She would have been too young; she would have tried to venture out by herself and ended up more hurt than good.

Now she was old enough to at least realize what was best for her. When Vladimir stopped talking, they both sat in silence. He was afraid to look up and see her reaction and she wasn’t sure what to say. She was angry of course, but she couldn’t shout at him.

She couldn’t find the right words to use. What could she say to him? He felt bad, yes but he had broken her trust, he had lied to her. She shouldn’t want to make him feel better. Alexis couldn’t help but feel like she should, he had been her father from a very young age, and he had protected her from many people.

He had protected her from vampires; he had given her what she wanted. Alexis had always got what she wanted; he had always pushed so that she could have that.

Even letting her go to school was something she wanted. But how could she forgive him? How could she not? Vladimir stared at her, waiting for her to speak, trying to give her time to speak. He didn’t want to say a word in case she started shouting. She was thinking and he was giving her that time to think.

Alexis turned her eyes to look at him, filled with water she refused to let them break. She refused to cry. “I...” Alexis started and pulled her lips tight as she thought of what to say, of how to get the words out. “How...” She shook her head not wanting to know the answers to the questions that were forming in her head. They wouldn’t make her feel any better.

Nothing would. But it was in the past. If she kept holding this up would it always be on her mind? Could she let this go? Alexis shook her head nothing made sense. She had been living her life as a lie, she had lost her family and she wasn’t even able to grieve them. She had never thought they were worth grieving. Taking in a deep breath and swallowing the lump in her thought she said exactly what she needed to.

Exactly what she was feeling because no matter what happened, no matter what continued to happen there was only one answer she could give to him. Everything he said didn’t change her life, it didn’t affect her, the way she thought it would, it wouldn’t change who she was, and it didn’t change anything.

Vladimir and Louie were her family, they had protected her since she came in this house and now Vladimir was protecting her by telling her the truth. There was only one thing she could say to that.

“I forgive you”

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