Blood Wolf

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Chapter 3: Not a spoil

“How can this even be acceptable?” Elizabeth spoke with a formal British accent, her beady eyes moved over to Vladimir with a smile.

Contradicting what she was saying. Elizabeth spoke up with grace and elegance that could never have been seen in the new century. She was something of a mystery to most people – it was like she had not adapted with the times and merely let herself stay frozen in her own time. She was a short brunette women; her eyes were green and she had curves in all the right places, sometimes more than in the right places and was always followed around by her puppy dog vampire; Katriss Johnston - the most recent of her sired children. Katriss was quiet behind her like always.

Never bothering to interrupt, she wanted to please Elizabeth after all and right now that meant ‘Don’t speak unless spoken too’. Katriss was a good pet and at this moment Elizabeth’s favourite, she had many sired children and many favourites, but like any immortal she got bored over time and needed to have something that put a little spice in her life.

“We can hardly force the pup to change; we wouldn’t want her to turn against us after all this time. Besides there is no way to force a werewolf to change if they simple refuse to” Daniel was firm but kind with his words.

With Elizabeth, he was an elder of the vampire species; one of the oldest left and directing his species into a new age. Daniel had a rugged handsomeness about him; his short blonde hair was well cut and slightly spiked up. He wore lose clothes, mostly white and well cut, his suit was clean and as if it had been finely pressed. He had a formal attitude to him, he held himself with pride and loyalty.

Vladimir had an undying respect for his sire and how to keep the vampires in check. He had spent countless numbers of years by Daniel’s side. He trusted him in this world like no other. “She has been working fine with Louie, training how to fight. We can’t help that she has decided to suppress her werewolf gene” Vladimir counted back; he kept his arms straight by his side as if he were being interrogated.

Although the room was full of vampires, Vladimir and Louie seemed to be the odd ones out. They were in the middle of the circle. The three elders stood in front of the two in the household and then around the circle were people they had sired or people that guarded them.

It was a mean looking bunch. Louie’s attitude had dulled, his stance was nervous and his cocky, normal approach to everyone was missing just because of this‘ new company.

Daniel seemed to consider what Vladimir was saying, a smile was never on his face but neither was a frown. He was very serious. The last elder Leonardo spoke forward. “We thought that was being sorted” his southern twang hung back on his words. He was from Texas, you could tell that even if you hadn’t heard him speak. His cowboy image had never been lost over the years.

Leo still supported his cowboy hat and shoes, his trousers were topped with a horn belt, his shirt was stripped and then to top it off, his waist coat was covered with horses on the pockets to add effect.

Vladimir shook his head, he was more confident around the elders than Louie could be. He had been sired from Daniel after all, which was why he always spoke directly to him. He thought it would be easier. Elizabeth could see him as nothing more than a play toy and Leonardo never spoke much too him. Vladimir wasn’t sure how Leonardo felt about him and right now it didn’t matter. He didn’t want Elizabeth’s or Leonardo’s approval.

“As I spoke last time, we have been trying to get the wolf out. Louie has been tormenting her to see if anger will even bring it out. But she feels that the wolf is dangerous. The background we decided to spin on her werewolf breed has scared her enough, the wolf in her may be lost forever. Is there any point in this?” He cared for Alexis in many ways and he wanted to protect her from the elders but at the same time he knew he had done wrong by her, they had scared her from being who she really was.

The werewolf was supposed to be part of her and now it was nowhere to be seen. Leonardo smirked, gripping on to his trousers he swung his waist forward as if letting people know he wanted to talk. “You never lose the wolf. Believe me I have seen it happen. She’ll get the wolf back she just needs the right persuasion. Y’all just doing the wrong thing. She doesn’t need any more love and affection from the father she wished she had. She needs teachers and someone in charge. She was put in the wrong hands maybe it’s time someone took over from the young one” Leo’s words were not directed towards Vladimir even though his eyes cast over him.

Louie was in the background itching to talk. He was never one for being quiet and he wanted to voice his opinion, after all he was quite attached to the young wolf as well. He didn’t want to lose her because they weren’t right for the job. He was sure he could try harder. Daniel cocked his head towards his fellow elder and raised his eyebrows. “We want the young girl to be our guard not your spoil Leo” the Elder answered with a joking tone, but the seriousness was shown through his eyes. This had been the reason none of the elders had been left to raise the young wolf.

They knew that Elizabeth and Leonardo would only treat her as a play thing and there was more than likely a risk of being killed in their care if she spoke the wrong word.

They were vampires and she was a werewolf, they were natural born enemies.

Daniel knew she was a normal teenage girl as well as a werewolf and there was, of course going to be some disobedience that was why this job was given to someone he trusted, someone with a little more feeling.

Vladimir had more years on him that he ever cared to admit and Daniel had spent many years trusting and relying on him. He was the clear choice. Daniel knew he couldn’t be entrusted with it either, he had too many people around him and he had to take care of new vampires, they couldn’t very well put a werewolf girl with a beating heart in front of them.

That was too much of a temptation; she wouldn’t have survived a week. “We need some improvements though….” Daniel’s words held up and for the first time since they had entered the house he smiled. His ears perked open and his head tilted towards the ceiling of the house, he heard the small footsteps of someone moving through the house around the same time everyone else could hear it as well.

Vladimir held back a curse. Louie looked up in astonishment. “I see someone is awake” Daniel answered turning his eyes back towards Vladimir.

His look was one of curiosity and intrigued for two very good reasons; one of which was Vladimir’s reaction to the girl being up in the care of so many vampires. The other was what the young girl was like now- he hadn’t seen her since they had checked up on her on her tenth birthday.

That was quite a few many years ago now. She had been cute as a young pup and he was sure that would only grow with time. “I’ll see what she wants and keep her away….” Louie spoke up for the first time, backing away slightly ready to leave the circle if he was told in a second that he could, he didn’t want to be here anymore than Vladimir did; probably more so. Vladimir decided to answer that with a dirty look.

That was not something he should have said. He should have kept his mouth shut and Louie knew that. Elizabeth laughed at the young vampire speaking and Vladimir’s stare. She knew nothing like that would have ever happen to her. She only kept and trained people who would obey her, the rest died - without a second thought. She was never one to give mercy.

Not that Leonardo or Daniel were very much different. None of them tolerated disobedience. “That will be all right Louis…”

“Louie” The young vampire interrupted. Daniel was surprised enough that he had built up the courage to even speak well enough answer him back. “Yes. I think Caleb can handle this. Would you mind?” Daniel’s eyes cast over the circle towards a young boy roughly a few years older than Alexis. His emo style brunette hairdo covered his forehead and stretched around his head like an uneven hat. His blue eyes stood out as big round circles, and his high cheek bones made him look like any teenage heart throb. His lips moved up at one side as his head nodded before he disappeared from the room without any spoken words.

Vladimir watched all of this with an inkling of fear of what might happen before turning back towards Daniel when the vampire was gone. “Are you sure that is wise? To her, he is a stranger in her house” Vladimir tried to reason with his sire but he could already see there was no use.

This was what Daniel wanted and what Daniel wanted -he got. He was the most reasonable out of the three elders but he was still not use to not getting what he wanted.

Daniel was patient after all. “Exactly! I think it’s a magnificent idea. Caleb is a torment, worse than Louie I am sure. I have lived with him for long enough, he will break her. Besides it will give you a break from the life of looking after her” Daniel spoke with authority that was not to be broken. Vladimir sighed not knowing what else to say. He nodded his head and shot Louie a look, making sure that again – he wasn’t going to cut in. Daniel knew he had won before he even spoke and he knew that Caleb was the right person to get the wolf out of her.

It was also a chance for him to prove himself. Caleb was a child of Daniel’s line and he was happy to have someone with powers beside him now. It wasn’t a hard decision to make him a vampire; after all he needed someone with potential to follow his orders.

Daniel felt like he needed someone that could be Loyal and obedient around him, someone who had some sort of special ability that Elizabeth couldn’t tempt and that Leonardo couldn’t threaten if things came to the worst.

Not that Daniel would ever let situations get that far. Vladimir looked around the room for a moment and then gazed towards the door, he wanted to check on Alexis and he wanted to see where she was and how she was going to react to Caleb.

“May I?” Vladimir asked Daniel directly and the smile that spread along Daniel’s face was of no surprise. It was priceless. It was like a child who had a new present to open at Christmas. Daniel held his hand out towards the door “Please.” Vladimir didn’t need to be told twice; he flew out of the room and followed the sound of voices.

He didn’t want Caleb to spend any more time with Alexis than he had to. He knew exactly where they were.

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