Blood Wolf

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Chapter 30: Nothing can go right from here

“I forgive you Vlady. I could never hate you, you have looked after me so well. You are not like anyone else I have met. I would have hated living with any other vampire. You have looked after me. Even Louie has cared for me in his own way Her words echoed in her head as she searched through each room in the house that she had grown up in. She had meant every word she had said to Vladimir, she had told the truth to him, he had sacrificed a great deal to tell her the truth and he was sure the Elders weren’t going to be happy when they found out.

But right now – Alexis didn’t care about that. She couldn’t care about that, she needed to find Caleb. Caleb had to be around here somewhere. It hadn’t been that long ago since Alexis had last seen him. She rushed through the house ducking in his room to check if he was there. “Caleb” she called out but yet received no answer. She couldn’t go back now and ask Vladimir, she needed to do this herself. Alexis stopped for a moment; she took in a deep breath and listened.

This good sense of hearing had to be good for something she thought as she tried to concentrated all her senses to one. Listening.

Alexis had never used her abilities, she had always focused on blocking them out, and never had she asked them for help like she was right now. Alexis closed her eyes hopping that it would help her ears pick something up more.


She heard it, at the front of the house; she could hear voices – raised. That couldn’t be good. She couldn’t make out the voices but for some reason, her soul was telling her it was Caleb and she followed her feeling towards it. Rushing, she found herself picking up her pace until she was standing at the door staring at the boys.

A vampire and a werewolf at each others neck in discussion and not a friendly discussion at that.

Caleb was upset and scary - he didn’t look himself at all. He had already thrown his temper towards Alexis not long before this and regretted it immensely. But now he felt like his anger was rightly placed against the other werewolf, he wasn’t going to hold back this time. His eyes had darkened although he tried to keep calm, his fangs were out and his body was tensed up.

What made things worse was that the werewolf he was fighting was Nicolas. Nicolas was angry and he couldn’t hide it; his fists were scrunched up, his stance was rigid and his breathing was becoming erratic. He was on the edge, Alexis began to panic.

She knew what came next - he was going to change. She wanted to back away but felt like she couldn’t, she couldn’t let them hurt each other. She gathered up her courage and took a few steps forward.

“Stop this” Alexis spoke clearly trying to keep her voice from wavering but they didn’t even acknowledge her. There fight continued and Alexis tried to focus on what they were talking about especially since it was so heated and included two people she cared about. “ know nothing you stupid wolf pup. You don’t even know the fights between our kinds so don’t pretend to understand your ancestor’s efforts, baby Alpha” Caleb was seething; he was speaking through gritted teeth. Alexis had never asked how old Caleb was although she knew he couldn’t be older than Vladimir.

That was evident in the way they acted with each other. Caleb although he could push his luck never pushed too far. He was most definitely older or at least stronger than Louie. Louie was scared of Caleb and although he talked big, he stayed clear of him. Nicolas didn’t seem to have the same problem, he was pushing and it didn’t look like it was helping the situation. Nicolas’s laugh echoed through the room making Alexis hair stand on edge.

“Like you know any different. Your eyes are black and you have emotions for a werewolf...I’m pretty sure vampires that knew about the real history wouldn’t be so stupid or so caring. So you know more than I do, that isn’t going to change how I feel or how I react” smugly Nicolas answered, although he didn’t let up on his defensive stance. Nicolas was young, he had barely made it in to adult hood yet, he was only in his last year of school but yet right now he stood and acted much older than he was.

The alpha pup was brave, just as much as he was foolish. Alexis had known both boys about the same amount of time and both were stubborn, both wouldn’t give up, both were acting extremely stupid.

They were mortal enemies by blood - but yet they didn’t particular care about that part. They were fighting over a girl, a girl that had told them both no.

A girl that they weren’t even listening to right now, that they didn’t even know was screaming at them right now.

“Caleb! Nico! Stop it”

Alexis moved closer to them, they both still ignored her. “You’re telling me how I feel? That’s rich. Your fighting for a girl you don’t even know who you have only just met, who doesn’t even want to be a werewolf” Caleb was almost growling back at the werewolf, his anger growing by the moment, he could see Nicolas’s wolf rising and he wanted it too.

He knew that harming him would most likely hurt Alexis but right now it seemed worth it, it meant he wouldn’t be in her life any more. “Only because of what you have told her. She’s scared to be herself” Nicolas throw his hands up in the air in frustration, he was angry at the fact that Alexis was scared of her wolf, she had buried it completely.

Neither Caleb nor Nicolas knew the real reason of why she had hide the wolf although they played against it. They both hadn’t been around her over her younger years. “That cannot be blamed on vampires. They do not want her werewolf hidden and they have been trying countlessly to get it back out” The words they spoke were only encouraging them to fight more.

They were moving daringly close to one another although not touching just yet. “Not for the right reasons I am sure. You want the wolf as a weapon” Nicolas spoke although not very kindly, his words spat out of his mouth as if they were trying to hold more force between them.

Caleb took a daring step forward putting his hands on Nicolas shoulders, which made him, growl from the back of his throat. “Be very careful pup. You have no idea who you are messing with. Don’t start something you can’t finish” Caleb still spoke through gritted teeth, his head was lowered and he wore a dangerous glint that could almost be misinterpreted for a smile.

Alexis’s own frustration was boiling, they weren’t listening to her, and did they even know she was in the same room as them? They seemed oblivious. They were both so caught up in each other they hadn’t acknowledged that someone else came in the room, they were blinded by rage and that seemed to block both of their good eye sites. Alexis looked to the door although their bickering hasn’t alerted either Louie or Vladimir.

She switched her eyes back to the boys and Nicolas’s eyes had changed. The wolf in him was close to the surface. His hands were holding Caleb’s shoulders and one foot was placed in front of the other. “No. you don’t know who your messing with night walker” Alexis had had enough, her own growl of frustration came through her mouth as she marched determinedly towards them. She stopped just short of where they were fighting, close enough to touch but again they didn’t seem to see her.

It was if she wasn’t even there. She reached forward to put her hand between them and on both of their arms. Without even acknowledging whom it was they both flung their hands sideways, their eyes never leaving each other. Their joint strength sent Alexis’s flying back, her mouth opened in a scream yet she couldn’t voice it.

She flew through the air which to her, seemed in slow motion, they boys in front of her getting further and further away without turning towards her.

They didn’t even know who they had hurt. All at once everything seemed to speed up, Alexis’s back hut into the wall, she flinched in pain, she bounced slightly off the wall and crashed into the table below, her eyes scrunched up and her mouth closed tight, her body ached and felt heavy. She felt weak, she didn’t even attempt to stand, her body was pushed up into a half seated position and she managed to push her eyes open slightly.

She raised her hand to her head, trying to control the dizziness which was spreading fast against her eyes. She tried to position herself differently and let out a cry. She couldn’t do that - her hand moved away from her head towards her side, it was sticky and wet; she pulled her hand out to see...blood.

Sickly sweet and dark red, it looked like it was a lot. Her hand had come away covered. Finally the boys turned, the smell of the blood catching both of their attention. Caleb’s eyes still head their pure blackness- he looked stunned and at a loss, he hadn’t seen her there. He couldn’t remember her entering.

Nicolas gasped and pulled in a breath before rushing towards her “Lex” his voice was full of regret and he grabbed her hand away from her side trying to get a better look at what they had done. He could hardly see the damage for the blood.

It was streaming out. Caleb had moved with speed to her opposite side and handed Nicolas the cover from the table she had landed on to press against her wound without looking towards him. Caleb’s eyes found hers and he gripped her face. “Alexis you will be fine. Keep looking at me, don’t lose conscience” Caleb tried to keep his attention on her, her blood was so sweet and tempting and as much as he hated to admit it, it did tempt him. He would have loved nothing more than to enjoy that temptation like he had always been taught to do.

He shook his head away from those thoughts. “How bad is it?” Caleb asked trying not to make his voice waver while he spoke. When Nicolas didn’t answer his head turned towards him, Nicolas shook his head and pushed the cloth into Alexis’s hip where something had lodged itself there. Alexis’s let out a squeal and shut her eyes.

The pain was blinding and she tried to keep up with their conversation but each time she thought she was getting away from the pain her eyes would start to drift closed. Her clothes were soaked with blood “She needs medical attention and not human, nor vampire medics can help. Her blood will only get sweeter the more it drains out her side. Your people wouldn’t be able to help her. We need to take her to my pack” Nicolas knew that the vampire wasn’t going to like that idea and by the face he pulled Nicolas was right.

Caleb turned his head away from both of them; Daniel would more than likely kill him if he let the Lupei werewolf go especially to other werewolves. His mind was having trouble digesting every bit of information. He also knew Nicolas was correct - she wouldn’t live if she stayed here or if the vampires tried to help her. Caleb was finding it difficult to concentrate with the blood he doubted any other vampire would be much different.

“We don’t have much time Caleb” Nicolas snapped trying to grab the vampires’ attention. Caleb’s head nodded and he moved himself closer to Alexis. “Fine. But I will take her with you. I am not leaving her side until she asks me too” Caleb was already going to be in trouble with his elders so there wasn’t much point in backing away now. He was going to protect his werewolf no matter what. Nicolas fought with the idea in his head knowing that bringing a vampire into his pack lands wasn’t going to go down well.

Alexis whimpered losing herself to the blood lose. Her eyes closed and her body started to loosen. That made the decision for him. Caleb was coming. “Agreed” he spoke through gritted teeth as Caleb swung his arms under Alexis and pulled her up into his body tightly.

Nicolas held back his temper of a vampire holding his mate, his head nodded and he turned to head out the door, Caleb following closely on his heel. “Stay with us Alexis” Caleb whispered towards her before her body went completely limp in his arms.

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