Blood Wolf

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Chapter 31: She's out

Alexis’s head was rough, she could feel something banging on her temple but yet she couldn’t tell what it was. Her body felt numb, she pulled her hands into fists to make sure she could still move and she wiggled her toes. They were all still working but yet her body still felt numb. Her eyes opened to a pure white ceiling. She blinked a few times before turning her head to the side. The room was clean and bright, it all seemed too clean, too bright. It hurt her eyes.

Alexis turned her head back to look at the ceiling. Where was she? She couldn’t remember what happened. She tried to push herself up in a sitting position and her hands moved to her side lifting her T-shirt. It was covered in a white bandage; she poked and prodded at it for a moment, trying to remember what happened. She winced. She hurt herself; she was obviously damaged under the bandage. She couldn’t…..She could remember what happened.

The boys – her boys were fighting, she had tried to get through to them and yet nothing had seemed to grab their attention away from their argument. When she had moved closer, they had lashed out at each other and she had got caught into it. She must have hurt herself worse than she thought when she fell. She could remember Caleb and Nicolas fighting and bickering.

They were discussing something although she couldn’t remember what. She pulled herself up straighter so that her back was straight against the back frame of the bed. Her mouth was dry and her stomach gurgled with hunger. She felt like she hadn’t eaten or drunk anything in a week. She pushed her feet out of the bed and pressed them on to the carpet.

It felt good against her skin, she stretched out her feet and she could feel the beginnings of cramp, she had been lying down for a while. She pressed herself on to her feet – testing to see if her feet could take her weight. She was a little bit wobbly but it didn’t take her long to feel the strength returning to her legs.

She stumbled away from the bed making sure to try and keep her balance, she moved into the bathroom and cleaned herself up, her face felt dry and her throat was bare. She moved out of the bathroom and towards the little kitchen area where she could see some water in a jug. “Well look who’s up and about” the deep voice came from behind her; she tried to turn and winced. Her side wouldn’t allow her to move that fast. Caleb who was once sitting on her bed was now beside her in a flash. His hands placed around her and ushered her to the small couch in the room, he tried to take most of the weight from her.

“Please don’t hurt yourself. You’ve been knocked out enough” Caleb’s face looked pained and he sat down beside her. Alexis smiled towards him “I’m so glad to see you’re okay” She moved to hug him and his body chuckled, she could feel it vibrate through her although she still hugged him tight. She felt like she hadn’t seen him in so long – he was still here and she hadn’t thought he would be.

She didn’t even know where she was. “I am perfectly fine Alexis. It is you that has had everybody worried to death. You have been knocked out for a week. Your wounds were so bad they had to give you countless numbers of drugs while they attended to you. They wouldn’t let me in until they were finished they were too scared that I would be too attracted to your blood” Caleb’s head lowered and he looked like he felt guilty that he wasn’t able to help in any way.

Alexis put her hands on his and rubbed them slightly. She didn’t want him to worry. If he could have been there then she knew he would have. He had done so much for her and although he had a temper she was sure he could get by it. “I understand Cal. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it” She tried to reassure him with a small smile. She squeezed his hands another time, her full body felt on edge for some reason.

The hairs on her body stood on edge and she shivered slightly. “What’s wrong?” Caleb’s eyes furrowed, he could feel her body reacting, he could feel her body tensing up. Alexis couldn’t control what was happening to her, it was like the heat from her body was bursting from her. “I’m not sure” she shook her head, she couldn’t be changing, Vladimir had told her countless numbers of times that she would know what it was like to change when it happened. She would be able to tell right away and she knew she would fight it away.

“Are you changing?” Caleb’s eyes widened and she felt him tense up. Vampires and Werewolves didn’t have a good relationship as it was and although Alexis might not hurt him, he wasn’t so sure that the wolf in her would give him the same luxury. “It’s because her wolf senses she’s near a werewolf pack. We are pack animals after all” Nicolas spoke at the entrance to the small room – she could tell it was him without even looking.

Another reason he knew she was his mate although she denied it. She still couldn’t feel the same things that he did. She had closed her wolf away, locked it up and although she felt attracted to him, she didn’t feel the bond that he felt. Alexis turned around, her eyes looking up to Nicolas – he was still so beautiful. He had obviously just been for a shower, his hair was still wet and he had new clothes on, less clothes on than he usually had.

A tank top showed off his muscles and she couldn’t believe the reaction her body was given to him. She tried to push it down. She refused to act on her feelings no matter what he said. She wouldn’t choose between Caleb and Nicolas; they could both be her friends and find happiness elsewhere. She didn’t want to hurt either of them.

So she could only hurt herself this way. She wouldn’t pick. “We are at your pack?” Alexis questioned him – Nicolas and Caleb shared a look before he answered. “What do you remember?” he moved closer to the two on the couch and Alexis moved closer to Caleb to make space for him although he didn’t sit down. She frowned “I remember you two fighting and I was trying to get your attention and snap you out of it but I couldn’t. I tried to touch you to snap you out of it and then I was flying through the air and then… nothing” Alexis tried to remember everything she could although it all seemed out of her touch, it was like she was living a dream and not life itself.

She was watching herself fly through the room as if she was watching it from the outside, she shook her head to try and get rid of the thoughts and concentrate on the present situation. “You were flung back into the wall and crashed into one of Vladimir’s tables. The table collapsed and you ended up with some of it in your side” Caleb spoke grabbing her attention and trying to bring some clarity to the situation. “You couldn’t go to the hospital as well you probably know because of your werewolf gene. So we brought you to the pack healer, Caleb insisted he come with you and well we had no other choice. I have vouched for him at the moment” Nicolas’s eyes stared at Caleb for a moment before returning them warmly to Alexis.

Alexis flinched slightly, that couldn’t be good – she had put two enemies in a room together and made them behave, she had also put Caleb in a very dangerous situation. She was making him stay with a pack of werewolves.

That couldn’t have been good.

Alexis shook off the thought and stood to her feet in front of the boys. “Right well I’m all better now. We can leave, then there will be no trouble with your kinds” Alexis smiled towards both of them although they didn’t share the smile. Caleb knew she wasn’t about to like what she was about to be told, he knew she would fight against them and that was why for the second time Nicolas and him would have to work together to make her understand. They had to be on the same page which they weren’t often.

“Our kinds” Nicolas couldn’t help but add in stubbornly, his arms folded on his chest and Caleb shook his head resting the urge to punch the werewolf. This was going to be a difficult situation enough without the pup making it worse. “Nicolas” Caleb shot him a look which only made the werewolf roll his eyes. Alexis’s eyebrows furrowed and she watched them bicker, she could tell something was up. They were normally at each others throats, not like this.

This was different. “We have both been talking Alexis and we feel like you’d be much better here. You’ve been away from Vladimir’s house for a week now and Daniel will start to suspect something about where you have been when I get back.” Alexis’s mouth opened slightly trying to think of words to protest, they couldn’t do this too her. She couldn’t live with werewolves. She hadn’t ever changed into one and she wasn’t every going to. They both expected her to live here, to make this her home? “But….” Alexis started to speak but was interrupted with Nicolas this time “Caleb’s right. As much as I hate to agree with him. You belong here. You are one of us and right now it’s the safest place for you especially since you’re the last Lupei werewolf” he was being stern and that couldn’t help but bring out Alexis’s stubborn side.

Caleb could see it coming out as well; he stood up and gripped on to her arms making her look at him. “You need to stay here Alexis. It’s important. Daniel won’t let you disappear so easily. Especially since he has worked so hard on you. It’s no secret in the vampire world that he had a werewolf project” Caleb tried to make her see sense, her shoulders dropped and she nodded her head. She couldn’t fight against the vampires especially since she wouldn’t accept her werewolf side.

“Do you have to leave?” Alexis stared at Caleb; they couldn’t make her change if she still had a vampire nearby on her side. Not that she thought Nicolas wasn’t on her side; he had always given her hope and made her see another side.

Nicolas couldn’t help but flinch when he heard her words, she spoke to Caleb with care and even though she spoke to him the same, it would always hurt when she showed that leech affection in front of him.

She was worried and scared still – Nicolas could see that, his eyes looked to the ground and Caleb couldn’t help but look at Nicolas and notice his discomfort before looking at Alexis again to answer. “I can’t stay in the pack. Your mobile is here though and you can get a hold of me at any time. I will be close by I promise and right now I will stay until you feel better” Caleb looked again to Nicolas to check that wasn’t going to affect anything but the werewolf’s head was still lowered and he wouldn’t look back at him.

Alexis followed his eyes and noticed how uncomfortable Nicolas was – she let go of her grip on Caleb and took a step backwards. “Thank you” She answered softly.

“Both of you” She shared her look with Nicolas and Caleb trying to lighten the situation again. Nicolas smiled a little bit towards her – although she could still feel his nervousness. Alexis flinched, her hands moving straight to her side, Nicolas and Caleb automatically forgot about the earlier situation and rushed to her side just as her legs began to wobbly. Her side was beginning to ache.

The pain was beginning to return. “You need to lie down and rest, your body hasn’t completely healed yet. It would have been much easier if you had your wolf on your side. You need to let her out, you will heal much faster if you do” She could hear Nicolas’s voice in the distance but it was as if it was getting further away. She shook her head – she understood what he was saying and she couldn’t let her out. She wouldn’t let her out. Alexis could feel strong hands grip her and move her about the room and lay her down on her bed.

Her head was shaking constantly, she couldn’t, and it was too dangerous.

She could no longer see, everything was blurred. “Alexis listen to him. Let your wolf help you, let her heal you” Caleb’s voice was distant although soft and caring and she couldn’t help but smile. “She needs more medication” She also heard him snap towards Nicolas and she heard him answer back although she couldn’t make out the whispered words.

Not completely anyway. “We wouldn’t be having this problem if her wolf was out” louder this time, Alexis heard every word. She frowned, the pain was unbearable and now both her boys were telling her it would be fixed and she would live with her wolf. Had she been scared of her wolf for nothing? No that couldn’t be true…

“Let her in Lex” Nicolas words were becoming further away still, she felt as if he was speaking to her from a distance. It had to be right if they were both saying it, didn’t there. She could feel no jab of pain medication, so all she was feeling was purely from the pain. She could hear them mumbling more words but couldn’t make out what they were saying anymore.

They both thought the solution was her wolf so there had to be some truth in it.

These past few weeks with Nicolas had proved to her that not all wolves were bad – she had touched his wolf and it had been soft and gentle. So maybe there was something? Maybe her wolf was safe. There was only one way to find out. But where to start? Alexis began to focus away from the world and concentrated on finding her wolf. She dug through her own mind wondering where she had hide it all those years ago, she had been a little girl scared of all those stories, Vladimir and Louie had told her.

“Hello” Alexis spoke hearing it echo around herself. She felt like she was running in circles and yet it was never ending. There was no place to turn; there was no place to stop, there was nothing. How was she ever going to find her wolf? Nicolas had once called her wolf something; if he was her mate then the wolf would have to react to that word. It was worth a shot.

Everything was. “Lupus” Alexis called out as she circled herself. She heard a growl and her full body tensed in anticipation, had she fallen into one of her nightmares? She couldn’t remember. All her thoughts drained away.

She was supposed to be looking for her wolf. Was that all a charade? Was this just her head playing tricks on her? “No. It is me Alexis. You’ve had me locked up in here for a very long time. I didn’t think I was ever going to hear your voice again” Alexis could hear the voice although she couldn’t see the source yet. It felt like it was coming from everywhere yet at the same time nowhere. “I’m sorry, Lupus. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what you were. I thought you were dangerous. I thought you would get us both killed” Alexis answered her wolf in worry and she heard it chuckle. “We are dangerous, of course. We are a werewolf but not in the way you have been told. You have been misinformed of our nature. We are the last of the Lupei Werewolf. You are the last of us. In order for us to proceed as a species you have to mate. Otherwise all will be lost” The werewolf’s voice was sweet and soft, it trickled around her and licked the tip of her ears as it spoke.

“Mate? You mean Nicolas?” Alexis spoke, although scared of the answer, she couldn’t pick between them. She wouldn’t let herself or her wolf pick. The wolf chuckled again. “We are not ready to pick a mate, I see that. We can take it one step at a time. We don’t age like others. We will be strong for a while yet. Are you going to let me out?” The wolf purred and Alexis turned trying to see where the voice was coming from. Alexis knew her wolf wanted out, she had dreams about it, she had heard that she wanted out, she had felt her scrapping at the back of her mind but she had always ignored it. She had always hid it.

Now was a different time, now she was ready to answer her. “What do I have to do?” Alexis didn’t need to sigh in defeat because she hadn’t given in, she hadn’t betrayed herself in any way and she wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to. She was joining forces with her wolf. She didn’t seem that bad after all. She understood what Alexis wanted. She was more confident and out spoke than Alexis but she understood her.

Alexis was sure she could handle someone else in her mind. She was sure that this wolf would be a help to her. She could hear her wolf smile. “Let me in. Focus on a door in your mind and open it. Forget about ever closing me out and wake up. I will take care of the rest” Her wolf was gentle and sweet, she nodded her head and closed her eyes. She began to envision the door just like her wolf had told her too.

Alexis couldn’t help but imagine a big grand door with stone pillars as if it had jumped straight out from a castle scene. She imagined herself pushing it open with all her force, struggling for a little while before she was finally able to gain access and a bright light began to appear through it.

Alexis shield her eyes before it over took all her thoughts and she plummeted in to darkness. Her body felt on fire, she could feel the bed sheets underneath her again and she gripped onto them. She was alive, she was in reality. She fought to open her eyes and struggled to sit up. Her body felt better, a bit sore and strained in places but the pain that was once there was gone.

Was that her wolf? Had she helped? Her eyes focused on Caleb and Nicolas sitting curiously in front of her, worried to death. They looked tired. How long had she been out for this time? “Are you ….you’re eyes.” Caleb gasped squinting towards Alexis. She could hear a growl before she realized it was coming from within herself. Nicolas stared in amazement at her eyes that were now light blue almost white, her pupil were tiny. “Your wolf, Lex” his voice was soft and in awe. Alexis smiled, or was that her wolf? She could feel something wriggling through her skin and settling in as if it was right at home.

“That’s more like it. Now let’s take a different approach”

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