Blood Wolf

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Nicolas ushered Alexis along towards the meeting, pulling on her arm. He had a smile on his face. “We need to hurry before it starts” Nicolas grinned back towards her. Alexis tried to quicken her pace but her bones were still aching, they all hurt – they had all started to hurt since she had changed into a wolf on a regular basis. “This wouldn’t be happening if you had let us change a lot sooner. You’re body isn’t used to changing at all and now we need to make it get used to it” Alexis’s eyes rolled slightly “Yeah okay wolfie” She mumbled under her breath and Nicolas through another smile her way.

Every time she had a conversation with her wolf, he watched on with a bright smile as if he were happy she were finally talking to her. Alexis still couldn’t decide whether it had been a good idea or not. “Where are we going Nico?” Alexis asked her voice turning into a whine. She didn’t want to be in the Alpha’s house. She hated being here, between Nicolas’s brothers poking and prodding at her and his father watching over her and talking to her like a child – she couldn’t decide which was worse.

Not that she had gotten used to living in the pack – she had been here 2 months now and she missed both Vladimir and Louie terribly.

She wasn’t given a chance to miss Caleb considering he met her at the gates every couple of weeks, much too Nicolas’s disagreement. Nicolas stopped at a door. “You need to be completely silent in here. My dad it only letting us in on that condition” Nicolas pushed his finger to his lips before he moved through the door and Alexis followed suit slipping into the chair beside him once he was seated down.

The room was packed with elder men and Nicolas’s brothers. Nicolas’s dad sat at the head table with his beta behind him – he was a scary bald man that had seen better days, Alexis was sure. “He’s a beta what do you expect? You’ve met Alexander. It’s a trait the beta’s have” Her wolf chimed in on her thoughts causing Alexis to growl slightly.

Nicolas slid his gaze sideways asking her if she was okay and Alexis nodded her head. The room was mostly full of men with just three women sitting down, one of which was pregnant. “Are you sure of this information?” Nicolas’s dad, Axel inquired towards the wolf in front of him.

The wolf had long black hair and was down on one knee. “I am positive. He has been hopping pack’s since he was a child. Apparently he is looking for his mate in order to continue the line” The wolf spoke softly but clearly and left no questions to be answered when the alpha spoke. Axel sat back in his chair for a moment, pondering his thoughts. “How sure are you he is a Lupei?” Axel asked and both Alexis and her wolf perked up sliding their gaze towards Nicolas who held his finger next to his mouth again before pointing back to his father. “It’s not possible” her wolf whispered although Alexis was trying to listen to the conversation in front of her.

“There is no doubt. At first they thought he was a rogue Farkas but he has authority that no other pack member can have. Once he has seen every member of the pack he backs away and leaves” the wolf continued on.

Axel seemed to consider what he was saying for a moment.

His head bounced into a nod as if he were agreeing to something within his head. “We need to get a hold of him then. Help him out and make sure he is safe. If he’s moving around packs then he obviously hasn’t found where he belongs and thinks he is unsafe” Axel’s words left no room for question and everyone nodded in agreement. “What’s his name?” Axel inquired towards the wolf, leaning forward he came closer to the edge of the table. “Dominick Levesque”

“Levesque!” her wolf echoed out and Alexis squinted down towards her hands. Why did she recognize that name? It was so familiar. Gasps surrounded the room pulling her away from her thoughts before she got a chance to come up with anything. She hushed her wolf so that she could hear what was happening. “Shut up” She whispered when the wolf wouldn’t listen to what she was saying. “He’s an Alpha then. That makes him more important. If he’s the Alpha of the Alpha race he obviously has the ability” one of the other wolves around the room spoke causing Alexis’s head to turn for a moment. He was the alpha of her species?

She couldn’t think if that was good or bad. It meant he could have control over her like no other wolf could. That didn’t sound good in theory. Her wolf growled in her head. “He has no control over us” it answered and she couldn’t help but want to question what she meant. “Levesque! Don’t you recognize the name?” The wolf spoke with a smile to his lips and Alexis shook her head not wanting to speak in this seemingly silent room. “He’s you’re brother. Your name is Alexis Levesque” “You have got to be kidding me” Alexis spoke out loud causing eyes to cast towards her.

Alexis blushed slightly, wishing to curl up in a ball and disappear. “Alexis?” Nicolas spoke softly and Alexis stood to her feet and smiled apologetically towards the older wolves in the room before she rushed out of the room. “What are you running from?” The wolf inquired and she shook her head partly because she didn’t know what she was running from and neither did she know what she wanted to do. “I need air” she answered her wolf instead as she moved along the corridors until she made her way outside.

The Alpha house was always so claustrophobic and right now it seemed worse. Everything was coming in on her. Her brother? She had family? He was alive. How is that even possible? “People thought the same for you, perhaps he was saved by someone” the wolf tried to ease her thoughts but they couldn’t be eased. She shook her head again and pulled her hands up to her head; she covered it and put her back to the wall of the house. “You know I’m right!” the wolf persisted and Alexis groaned inwardly at its voice in her head. She couldn’t think straight. She was so used to being in her own head, by herself, that this was beginning to give her a headache.

“We need to find him, pup! He’s our shot at family. You won’t accept your mate, but you have to accept your brother. We need to go and get him. Now!” the wolf’s words grilled her and although she knew it was true, she also wanted to find her brother. She just needed to breathe right now. She just wanted two seconds to catch her breath and believe that her whole life hadn’t been a lie.

She wanted to go back to Cassie and be a normal human girl. She wanted to pretend that Vladimir wasn’t a vampire and he was just her over protective dad. She could pretend that Louie was the weird uncle and that Caleb was a friend.

She slipped down till she was sitting on the ground. “Shut up” She shouted towards her wolf who stayed silent with her words, the wolf had learned to push her so far before being silent. They had an understanding that sometimes Alexis needed to be within her own head by herself and although it was impossible now the wolf tried her best to find a way to do it.

“Alexis” the familiar voice was in front of her again and she looked through her arms to see Nicolas in front of her. He was on his knees and his hands were hovering beside her. They were aching to touch her but again he held back, he had held back a lot over the past 2 months which Alexis was surprised at. “What’s the matter?” Nicolas asked concern lacing his voice; Alexis stared towards Nicolas in wonder. Did he not know? None of them knew her second name.

None of them knew how important this situation really was. She needed to find that wolf. She needed to find her family. There was no other option. “Dominick’s my brother. My name is Alexandra Levesque” Alexis stated causing Nicolas to bounce back on his feet. Silence filled the air before anything else was said.

“I didn’t see that one coming” Nicolas ran his hand over his face, shaking his head. “We better tell my father”

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