Blood Wolf

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Chapter 4: Typical Temptation

Alexis tip toed along the floor as she headed for the kitchen, she knew she wasn’t supposed to be out of her room at this time of night, especially not tonight; when Vladimir had asked her specifically not to. But she had forgotten the most important thing, to drink after exercising.

Alexis had been in that work out room for a long time and she had had hardly anything to drink while doing that and then she had proceeded to her bedroom where Vladimir had told her to stay in her room. She had fallen asleep shortly after that and now woke with a dying thirst. She didn’t want to disobey Vladimir, which was why she was trying to be quiet and take the long way down to the kitchen.

Although she didn’t know if that would work considering they had hearing like a bat.

Vladimir always seemed to know where she was and what she was doing. She couldn’t help that she needed a drink and that was exactly what she would tell him. She took in a deep breath and pushed on the right door knowing that it was the one to not squeak. She didn’t want to attract unwanted attention.

Alexis avoided turning on the light and moved towards the fridge where she knew there was a cool refreshing drink for exactly this situation. She opened up the fridge and cringed at the site of the blood bags stacked in the fridge. She felt herself go green, bile raised in her throat and she swallowed it back “Wrong Fridge” She mumbled towards herself, she always seemed to do that. Why couldn’t she learn? She shut the fridge door carefully trying to keep quiet and moved to the next fridge, smiling when she opened it to find her juice.

The exact thing she was craving. She opened the cap and drunk from it straight away, cleaning away all the dryness in her throat.

A sigh of relief left her throat when she stopped drinking and she took a step back giving her space to shut the door. “That seemed…..” a smile echoed in his throat “…Enjoyable” Caleb couldn’t help but grin as he leaned against the blood-filled fridge. Alexis’s eyes widened and when he spoke, she automatically moved backwards. Her eyes scanned the room searching for someone she knew, someone she could talk to. She didn’t know who this was. Was this who Vladimir wanted her away from?

She swallowed the lump in her throat. “Nothing to say young pup?” Caleb tilted his head and folded his arms in front of him as Alexis stared towards him. She gathered up her courage and pushed her chest out. She wasn’t going to be insulted by anyone and she wasn’t going to take to being called pup by someone who looked the same age as her. Besides what had Louie once told her? ‘If you act courageous most people won’t be able to tell the difference’. Alexis guessed this was time to test that theory.

After all this was her home, not his. “Who are you?” She tried to sound much stronger than she felt and she gripped her bottle of juice much tighter in her hand, hoping that it would show more strength. She remember Vladimir telling her that the little things you did with vampires mattered and if this was a vampire then she better test out the theory too. She tried to force herself to look serious and furrowed her brows in an attempt to seem un-amused with her guest.

Caleb pushed himself off the fridge and moved towards Alexis. “Cute. Acting like the guard dog already. I honestly don’t see what the problem is here.” Caleb took another slow two steps forward while he was talking.

The room was dark and with the fridge shut, Alexis was struggling to keep her eyes focused on the dark, especially since Caleb was completely dressed in black. She could hardly make him out, luckily his pale complexion gave some clues as to where he was, since his hair was pitch black as well and it curved along his head, flowing over his forehead and cascading over his ears. Alexis stumbled back slightly until her back hit the worktops and she started to edge along them slightly.

“You don’t scare me.” she tried to keep her words steady and her face serious. She wasn’t going to be scared off by some newbie in her house no matter what he was. Louie had said some vampires bark was worse than their bite; it was the quiet ones you had to watch out for.

Well this ’vampire’ didn’t seem to be quiet, although Alexis didn’t want to push her luck. After all Vladimir had just told her not to mess with any species unless she was sure of what they were. Alexis was only guessing that this boy was a vampire. What else could he be? He was in a home full of vampires - apart from herself.

Normally the visitors that came here were vampires. She had only ever seen one witch here and she was sure Vladimir had tried to make sure she hadn’t seen that. What she didn’t see couldn’t hurt her; Vladimir often remarked. She laughed at the thought of it.

“Really?” Caleb concurred as he took another soft step towards her, his feet never made a sound against the ground where as hers seemed more clumsy and even when she tiptoed she seemed to be more heavy footed. Alexis held her ground now, knowing that if she kept backing up then she would contradict what she was saying.

“Really” This seemed like more of a stand-off. Who would give in first? Caleb’s smile was like a snake wrapping around her as he stood still for a moment before moving another step closer to her. When she didn’t match his step, his eyebrows raised and his eyes showed all the amusement he felt.

Another step forward put him within reaching distance of the young girl but she still held fast. “Funny…your body says different, your smell tells me your afraid.” So he was a vampire then, since she knew the only ones that could smell your fear were vampires and werewolves – that she knew of. Vladimir would never let another werewolf into his house.

They were too dangerous. This only left him with one option. Vampire.

“Yet your holding your ground.” a small chuckle came from the handsome vampires throat as he moved a little bit closer to her and as he expected, she didn’t move back. “That could either be incredibly stupid or suicidal” Alexis swallowed the saliva that had risen into her mouth, showing how nervous she was at this moment.

She doubted what Louie had said now. Wouldn’t he have backed down by now? Her hands rose into fists beside her and Caleb’s eyes scanned up and down her before looking back up to her eyes. “I bet you taste good.” Alexis’s mouth almost dropped open with those words; he couldn’t possibly be thinking about biting her …could he?

He wasn’t aloud. Was he? Vladimir had always said in his care no one would ever bite her. Alexis tried to think of something to say, stumbling over words in her head but nothing she could think of would come out.

Caleb took in a deep breath and closed his eyes; his tongue snaked out and licked the top of his lips before opening his eyes to stare at Alexis’s stunned face. He wasn’t going to do this was he? Right now? “Hello Vladimir” Caleb spoke loud although kept his eyes towards Alexis. Alexis flinched and turned around to find Vladimir who was standing at the door staring at Caleb. His eyes were wide and he looked unfocused, it wasn’t like anything Alexis had ever seen before. “Caleb” his eyes finally moved away from Alexis to stare at Vladimir. She looked between the two before moving away from Caleb slightly.

She didn’t at all feel safe with him here. Not after everything he had said. There was something just not quite right about him. “I think it is time you returned to your room Alexandra”

Oh- Alexis held her tongue knowing that she shouldn’t say anything at this point, knowing she couldn’t say anything at this point. Vladimir didn’t move his eyes to look at Alexis once; his eyes just stared towards Caleb assessing him.

Caleb seemed more laid back now, his hands dug in his pockets and his cheeky smile was playful. The complete opposite of Vladimir. Alexis began to move towards Vladimir ready to slip out of the room and head back up to her room apart from the fact Vladimir was standing in the way of the door. She looked up towards him, waiting for him to move and after a moment he slid to the side, still not looking towards her.

She let out a deep sigh and walked towards her bedroom. “See you later, Alexandra” Caleb’s voice trailed after her as she moved a little bit quicker towards her room, using the name Vladimir had used for her. She should never have left her room. She should have just gotten some water from the tap in her room.

Alexis rushed into her room and shut the door behind her, letting the air out of her lungs as she did. It felt like she had been holding her breath since she left that room. Shaking her head Alexis walked towards her bed and tried to snuggle back down to sleep.

Within moments Caleb and Vladimir had left the kitchen and returned back to the sitting room. “Interesting” Elizabeth mused when the boys returned to the circle, Vladimir re-joined Louie in the middle and Caleb added to the missing place in the circle. Daniel stayed quiet for a moment looking at his children before resulting in a smile.

“I believe it is our time to depart. It’s been an intriguing night. Caleb enjoy yourself here with Vladimir, I am sure he will be able to accommodate you with everything you will need, as for what the young wolf wants Vladimir – let her have her fun, the real world will more than likely drive her back towards us” Vladimir half smiled towards his sire, not a conversation he wanted to have with anyone.

Alexis of course wanted to experience life and Vladimir had been contemplating bringing it up to Daniel but of course with his ’abilities’, Vladimir should have guessed the vampire would have taken it on himself. Vladimir nodded his head once and Daniel left the room with most of his vampires.

Caleb and Louie stayed still in the room the same as Elizabeth. Elizabeth moved towards Vladimir, her eyes looked him over before she moved her mouth towards his ear. “Be careful, Vlad. You wouldn’t want to get too close to the pup. People might get the wrong idea and think you care for her” her whisper moved against him and he refused to answer or move when she was this close. Elizabeth smiled and moved back from him before following Daniel and Leonardo out of the room; Katriss following close behind her. That was unfortunate.

Vladimir let out an un-needed breath before turning around to face Louie and Caleb. “Louie. Show Caleb to a room over in the west side of the house” He wanted him as far away from Alexis’s room as possible.

It was going to be hard enough getting him to stay away from her while she was awake never mind while they were supposed to be sleeping. With that Vladimir left the room and retired to his study - away from the problems that had just been created for him.

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