Blood Wolf

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Chapter 5: That's going to hurt in the morning

Alexis found herself moving though the house. There didn’t seem to be anybody about, she had been awake for an hour now. This was the first time living here that she had woke up to nobody answering her.

Normally she could hear Louie and Vladimir in another heated argument about something stupid, or they were over hungry and you could find them in the kitchen. That wasn’t the case. Alexis found herself trailing through the house looking for anybody “Hello…” Her voice echoed and she looked up, she had never really studied her home before, she had always been too busy with something else.

“Vladimir?” Alexis called out ducking into another room that she hoped might give her some luck as to where her careers were. “Louie?” Now when had she ever shouted for Louie? Normally she was shouting to get away from him, not for him to come to her. But still there seemed to be no answer.

Not a sound, or anything. This wasn’t normal. It just wasn’t right.

She found herself venturing into the gym – a male was moving around the room quickly, quicker than she had ever seen before. It wasn’t Louie and it certainly wasn’t Vladimir. He flipped over and moved into some fighting poses, fighting an invisible foe.

Alexis was fascinated, who was this person, what was he doing? She had never seen anyone move with so much precision, he seemed to have an elegance that she had never seen in anyone before. Her head tilted to the side self-consciously; her mouth opened slightly and her eyes widened, her heart skipped a heat beat before he opened his own mouth to speak. “You know it’s rude to stare” His back was turned, his t-shirt was soaked in sweat…but she recognized that voice, after all it wasn’t that long since she had heard it. Her eyes rolled as she spoke his name

“Caleb” Why had he stayed? Was she stuck with just him? This could not be hell? Questions circled around in her head so many that she didn’t know the answer too but she knew that one person could answer them. Caleb. A frown hit her lips before she placed her hands on to her hips and stood her ground. “Where’s Vladimir and Louie?” She was going to stick to getting answers and ignore everything else. She wasn’t going to let him bully her into anything else.

Caleb turned around for the first time and faced the young werewolf, his smile still evident on his face. The room was bright even with the curtains closed; the lights streamed overhead illuminating the place. The place was decorated with vibrating red colours – that was why this was her favorite place in the house. She loved the way the patterns around the room’s coven added to the old fashioned style of the house; the red’s made it look rich and comfortable. It made it more like her home.

This was where Alexis would normally sit to read her books, study, or anything else she could get away with. It was a place she loved, undoubtedly. “Away” Caleb moved to the side of the room, as if no other reason was needed for the vampire’s whereabouts. She raised her eyebrows as if waiting for more of an answer from him…but nothing came.

He didn’t seem to want to give any extra information. She couldn’t remember a time where Vladimir and Louie had both disappeared at the same time and especially not without letting her know. It was something new and something she definitely didn’t like. She threw her hands up in the air and made a frustrated sound of annoyance.

A chuckle came from the young vampire and Alexis shot him an annoyed look. She turned around to march away but was stopped by his voice. “Stay. Please. A little birdy told me you wanted to learn how to fight. I can teach you… if you want?”

The question hung in the air like a bad smell and Alexis fought the urge to refuse the offer but this was what she needed, this was what she wanted. Someone to teach her how to fight, properly and not to put her on her ass like Louie seemed to enjoy doing. Then again how did she know that Caleb wouldn’t do the same? She turned around to face him – hoping to judge why he wanted to do this. By the look on his face he seemed sincere, like he wanted to teach her.

She pursed her lips for a moment hoping it would help her make the decision before she bounced her head in to a sharp nod. “Fine.” She wasn’t sure what else to say, she wanted to come back with some smart aleck remark but couldn’t find the right words to do so. She didn’t even want to try. She moved to the side and stripped off her jumper getting ready to fight or learn to fight him anyway. She turned to face him awaiting some sort of instruction.

Caleb’s smile for the first time seemed one of genuine amusement, he moved himself to the middle of the gym where four mats had been placed to make a square and he waved his hand offering Alexis to join him. She did. “Do you know any sort of defensive stance or ways to protect yourself?” his question seemed lighthearted and one of actual intrigue, which made Alexis reply more sheepishly with the shake of her head.

“Then I guess that will be where we start then” Caleb began to move himself into a defensive stance explaining exactly what he was doing and how he was doing it. “The most stable shape in the world is a pyramid. You need to move your body in to this position…” He demonstrated, his eyes focusing on her and once he was in the position he signaled her to copy him. “…Your feet have to be wide apart, the more surface area you have the harder it will be to knock you over. Move your leading leg forward slightly ready to counter act any move that is pushed to you” A smile curved his lips when Alexis seemed to find difficult doing this; she seemed to be all tangled up. Her eyebrows bunched up into the middle as she tried to copy what he was doing.

Caleb moved closer to her and kicked her feet wider apart “Flatten your feet, use your full bodies weight to your advantage” he asked for her hand and she trustingly gave it to him, with that he pulled her leading leg towards him slightly getting her into her defensive stance. “That’s it. Easier than you think” Alexis looked towards him trying to copy what he was saying, she felt balanced more in this position although she failed to see how this would help her in any way.

In this position she felt more exposed. “How is this supposed to help me?” She questioned looking down at herself before moving back up towards him. Caleb began to circle her and she tried to stay in the center position with her eyes following him but her eyes couldn’t follow him all the way round.

Back around to the front he came and then before she knew it he moved to push her off balance. Alexis squeezed her eyes shut tightly, knowing this was when Louie would normally send her flying. But she didn’t move, she felt the ‘dunt’ of his hands against her chest and the wind move out of her body but she didn’t fly back, she barely even moved from the position she was in. She just rocked slightly.

Alexis stared at Caleb amazed. “That is how it is meant to help you. Now let’s practice landing properly from fights” Caleb turned his back on her and moved to the other side of the mat. “Landing? What do you mean land properly?” Alexis moved out of the pyramid position and she felt her thighs begin to ache. She guessed the stable position was just a little bit too much for her body since she had never moved her body into that position before. She tried to stretch it off and moved closer to Caleb. He shook his head, a smile moving over his features once more. “Well unfortunately you’re going to end up on your back at some point in a fight. It’s better to know how to land so you’re not going to break something and you may just hurt yourself a little” Caleb explained moving towards Alexis and grabbing her, she gasped.

“Now when I trip you up roll your back, let yourself fall and don’t fight it. Stretch your arm out to your side and hit the mat, it’ll make the noise that you’re supposed to make when you hit the ground hard. It’ll distract the attacker” without another word, Caleb did what he said he was going to do and tripped her to the ground.

Alexis forgot to roll her back and move her arm and landed with a thud, which hurt. She let out a cry and Caleb flinched, yanking her back off the ground. “Roll Dammit. I said roll and let yourself fall” Caleb growled towards her, his face screwing up as he spoke to her.

Alexis nodded her head “Sorry forgot that part” Caleb shook his head, why did he even care if he hurt this girl? He was just training her to be a guard dog and pushing her to change. That was his task but yet when she let out that cry it had echoed through him like nothing he had ever felt. He pushed it off and tried to avoid the thought moving Alexis into the same position. “Try again” A few more times Caleb and Alexis practiced the rolls before he moved on to other basic defensive techniques, he taught her how to counteract a blow to the stomach or the face. He’d almost taken her head clean off without thinking about it.

Which was bad on his part.

It didn’t seem to faze her, she flinched a few times and he was sure there was going to be bruises all over her body considering the amount of times she had failed to block him or failed to land properly.

After a couple of hours of practicing; Alexis was beginning to get the hang of it. She was beginning to understand how to land properly, creating a big noise without hurting herself. She managed to block the most of Caleb’s blows, part of her knew that he had lightened up and that if really wanted to, he could have taken her down without a second thought.

That didn’t seem to bother Alexis nearly as much as it should. She was happy that she was actually getting to learn something; Louie would have been a great teacher if he had taught her something instead of showing her he could fling her across a room. Equally she was sure she had earned the same amount of bruises but this time they didn’t seem to hurt as much – she felt like she had them for a reason.

Caleb had stopped his blows and used his speed to move behind her once more, slowly beginning to trip her up and when she landed it without any trouble he couldn’t help but smile. “I think you got it.” Caleb smirked and moved away to the side where his towel was sitting as well as a shirt and jeans. He didn’t even begin to put them on considering how much he had begun to sweat, he had more trouble holding back from using his full strength on her than he had had on the work out beforehand.

He needed a shower to cool himself off and clean himself up. He also felt like he needed to get his head back in the game, he was supposed to be antagonizing her – he was supposed to be pushing her to the edge so that she would turn into the wolf inside herself.

Alexis moved herself up on her elbows in curiosity, a smile on her face. Caleb may have been an ass to her last night but he had made it up to her today – that and he hadn’t answered her questions about Vladimir or Louie. But that didn’t seem to matter when he had taught her how to fight – well taught her how to take a couple of blows and how to fall.

“Thank you” Alexis managed to say before Caleb was moving away out the door without even a word of goodbye. Alexis lay back down staring up at the ceiling, her bones screaming out to be healed. She gently moved herself to her feet as her thighs began to protest, she worked against the pain and moved back to the door where she had left her jumper. She moved out of the room and back to her room, temporarily forgetting about her missing guardians and retiring back for a well needed shower and rest.

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