Blood Wolf

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Chapter 6: Bane of my Existence

“Can we not just go out?” Louie whispered turning from the door and moving towards the table Vladimir had taken to residing at. They were in Vladimir’s second office and he had locked the door so Louie could not go out to Alexis’s shouting for them.

This was under agreement; Daniel had told them to let Caleb do his ‘thing’.

Vladimir was not at all pleased at ignoring her shouts for them and he could tell Louie wasn’t either. Louie had continuously tried to make noise – indicating to Alexis where she was to go but each time he had picked something up Vladimir had warned him to put it down. He couldn’t believe he had turned someone so childish into a vampire. He was going to regret this for the rest of his immortal life, especially since he didn’t seem to want to disappear anywhere either.

Vladimir was fed up with Louie’s questions; he titled his head towards his young vampire and shook it once more. “You know we cannot. We must let Daniel’s kin do his work. After the noise stops we can go down. Sit down and read a book. You are giving me a headache with your pacing” Vladimir went back to writing on the paper at his desk – he didn’t know what he was doing. He was scribbling; he couldn’t concentrate on anything enough to work.

Vladimir had been a great business man and had always worked from his office; he had studied many things along the business side of life and right now he wished he could dig in and forget about everything that was happening down stairs. He couldn’t do that. “How can you just sit there? I thought you cared for her. I may be just fun and games but I’m pretty sure Mr. Fangy pants down there wouldn’t give her the same credit” Louie hissed towards Vladimir trying to keep his voice low – he had no option in that, Vladimir had used his sire bond to order him to stay quiet, vocally at least.

That was why he kept trying to bang and make other sorts of noises. Vladimir was at a lost, sure he was at his wits end with Louie but the young vampire had a point. They didn’t know about Caleb and although he was one of Daniel’s kin that didn’t mean he would take it easier on a girl who was a werewolf – it meant quite the opposite in fact.

Vladimir opened his voice to speak but was cut off by a small cry from down stairs, they both recognised it as Alexis and both their eyes shot to the door. Vladimir had to take the high ground on this; he ground his teeth before speaking. “Leave it Louie. He knows what he’s doing” Vladimir relaxed himself and sat back in his chair trying to calm his nerves by closing his eyes and tilting it back over the chair.

Louie threw his arms up in frustration, swearing a few times in French before he stormed off to the corner of room and sat on the chair “I hope chu know what you’re doing” folding his arms in front of his chest, he dramatically stared towards his feet like a child would if they weren’t getting what they wanted.

There was only so much Vladimir could take and never in his life did he think after becoming a vampire that he would care for someone like a father would. He cared for Louie of course but he was more like a stake in his side, and any harm that Louie brought to himself was Louie’s fault. But with Alexis – it was different.

Alexis was a child when she came to him. She had appeared with Daniel, those big green eyes staring up at her, he wouldn’t have been able to tell she was a werewolf unless Daniel had told him. The young girl’s hair was in a mess and she needed a good wash, she had been though a lot and she stunk of smoke, the fire that killed her kind was more than likely the reason of that.

She hadn’t seemed nearly as scared as she should have when she met new people. She didn’t seem too upset about her parents either, but that had been all Daniel. Daniel had kept what had happened to her a secret and twisted his own story in its place. Alexis hadn’t been scared because as far as she was aware there was nothing to be scared about and with Daniel’s powers it made it all that more believable to a young girl like her.

That had been when Vladimir had been entrusted with the job to raise the young werewolf as a guard dog. He had tried to keep his distance but that had not worked out like he had planned. She had a way of getting under his skin of bringing out something in him that he hadn’t thought had existence in this life he had now.

He couldn’t deny that he cared for her even if he had to keep it from the elders. It didn’t seem to bother Daniel so that meant Vladimir hadn’t done anything wrong. Alexis would not have survived in anyone else’s care. Vladimir’s eyes opened as he stared up at the ceiling

“I hope so” he whispered and then repeated it once more as he closed his eyes again. “I hope so”

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