Blood Wolf

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Chapter 7: Permission, Granted

Alexis felt her head vibrating as if someone was jumping on it. She groaned and tried to dig herself more into her bed. Her eyes were sore and she felt more tired than what she did when she had gone to sleep in the first place.

Someone was jumping on her bed; she could feel the covers stretching with every jump, her body reacting as the bed was pushed up and then down again. Why was this happening? What time was it?

Whoever it was – she wanted it to stop.

It was far too much especially when she felt so tired. “Get up sleepy head. Are you going to sleep all night? I thought that was what you didn’t want to do” The strong French voice of Louie was pulled forward and it only made her groan more, pulling the covers over her head. Why was he here? Why couldn’t he just stay gone? He didn’t seem to be going away. He bounced more, trying to grab her attention singing her name in an out of tune voice trying to annoy her and wake her up.

As much as she hated him, she couldn’t help but smile at his attempt to wake her up. His attempts were ruthless and she pushed the covers down to see him. “Alright. I get it. I’m up” Alexis voice was full of her smile and he couldn’t help but look up towards a happy Louie who bounced down into bed beside her on top of the covers. He was annoying and comforting, he was something she was used too and had been for most of her years. “Now this seems like the perfect place for moi. I should stay here more often” Louie teased, his eyebrows wiggling as he moved his arms around Alexis in a suggestive gesture.

Alexis let out a throaty laugh and shook her head, removing his arm and slipping out of bed. The full time keeping her eyes on him, she had seen what he could do before and she wasn’t about to be tricked out of it by the French vampire. “Now you’re dreaming Louie. Not a chance” A laugh came from him as he snuggled down into her bed and put both of his hands behind his head, cradling it. “As amusing as the two of you are. I believe we came here for a reason, Louie” Alexis spun around at the voice to find Vladimir standing with a smile on his face watching the bickering.

His arms were folded over his chest and his eyes seemed warm and inviting. She rushed forward to Vladimir and gave him a hug, her arms winding around him and her head pushed into his chest, he was taller than her and his head could rest nicely on her head.

He felt uncomfortable when she normal gave him a hug, he had never shown this type of affection to anyone as a vampire and he had never intended too. But for some reason he looked forward to his hugs from the little pup. He squeezed her back and then pushed her backwards slightly. “Where have you guys been? I looked everywhere, you just disappeared.” Alexis looked towards Vladimir, her eyes staring up at him before turning to look towards Louie – who had moved to the edge of her bed, his legs dangling over the edge of it and his arms dangling in between them.

He too was staring at Vladimir not knowing what to explain to the young girl they had looked over. They had never both disappeared away from her and Louie was sure she would know something was up if he began to try and explain.

Besides Louie thought they might as well tell her the truth. After all it wasn’t there idea and they hadn’t agreed to it – well Louie hadn’t anyway. As an older vampire, Vladimir knew that there would be more trouble if she found out the truth so instead he did the only logical thing. He lied. “We had some business to take care of and it was the perfect time since Caleb was here. You couldn’t get into any trouble with him here”

Although he spun the lie he had stopped smiling and was sure he couldn’t believe it fully himself. He just hoped she would. Alexis nodded her head although she didn’t understand the logic behind it; she knew that neither of them would put her in danger. They must have trusted Caleb and therefore she was left with him. She didn’t know what else to say so she left that for them to speak. They had obviously come here for a reason considering Vladimir’s first words and it had nothing to do with their disappearance yesterday.

Otherwise he would have come out and said something without her having to ask – Alexis could tell that he felt awkward speaking about their time away and she assumed that must have meant that it hadn’t went to plan.

So, Alexis knew not to bring it back up again, it would do no good and scare Vladimir away to his office. Vladimir straightened himself up and paced across the room a few times before turning to face Alexis, he felt nervous about what he was going to tell her and he didn’t want her to go anywhere.

This was what she wanted and for once Daniel had agreed to something the young pup wanted. Which in this case was good, Vladimir was finally able to give her something she wanted. He was finally able to do something for her. “After much …consideration. I have contacted the local school, which is only a few blocks away and they have allowed you to join at the beginning of next week. On the Monday, you will take on the subjects that are available since they have just started their second term. Their school days are…long. Monday to Thursday. 7:45 till 2:10” Vladimir’s voice was almost robotic although he kept his eyes on Alexis looking to see her reaction.

Fear coursed through her - that was a long time to spend away from her family and a long time to spend with people. Innocent people. Especially people she didn’t know, people that she could potentially put into danger. Alexis steeled her emotions and nodded her head, she was ready. She could do this without thinking she was going to hurt anyone. She had suppressed her werewolf gene; there was no fear of it coming back.

She had researched it enough times. The books, the web page, everything she had read said the same thing – suppressing the werewolf gene is difficult but if done at a young age because of tragic reasons, then the werewolf itself can only be raised by a strong feeling of love or hate. – Alexis knew that by love it meant to find the werewolves mate, which without the werewolf gene she could not do. Both the wolf and she had to feel love to be completely in love which couldn’t happen if she suppressed said gene.

As for hatred, she believed that no one could ever push her to hate someone, not with a passion that equalized love. That was why she figured she would be safe, no matter what she did. A smile lit her lips and she couldn’t help but feel tearful as she looked towards her ‘father’ like figure. He had done this for her – he had gone out of his way to get her in to a normal school and sure he didn’t seem happy about it but he was letting her go.

Alexis smiled before pushing herself back into Vladimir’s chest, her arms were tight around him and she couldn’t help but let a tear fall from her eyes in his chest. “Thank you” she whispered knowing that he would be able to hear it. He was always able to hear it. Vladimir knew this meant a lot to her that was why he was allowing this to happen. He knew that she would be able to take care of herself and if the worst happened and the vampires wanted to take her away, she needed to be able to handle herself in the outside world.

Which she wasn’t going to learn being cooped up here all the time. He nodded his head not thinking any words could handle what he was feeling right now. His eyes closed and before both knew it, someone else had joined in on the hug.

Alexis’s eyes opened and she tried to twist her head to see. Vladimir smirked, knowing exactly who it was. “I felt left out; this was such an emotional moment. I needed to interrupt before our guest felt it” Louie interrupted with his dramatic accent. Vladimir pulled out of the hug, straightening himself up; Louie however held his grip on the struggling Alexis. He pulled her up tighter. “Louie, come on let go” She struggled to get any grip on him to push him away.

A smile traced her lips before Louie burst out laughing and let her fall to the ground. She stared up at the two people who had raised her a smile evident on her face. Vladimir smiled back for a moment before composing himself. “You best get yourself ready. The headmaster gave me a list of everything that you should have read and must be up to date. I took the pleasure of setting them out in the library. You should catch up in there for the next few days.” Alexis nodded her head pleased how much Vladimir still seemed to do for her, even when she disobeyed him. Even if it wasn’t intentional.

Taking a big breath, she stood up from the ground and began to head out of the room. “Thanks, you guys. I’ll get started right away” she began to move faster to get to the library. She had never felt so happy but so scared. Her emotions were so conflicting.

This was everything she had wanted. She wanted to be normal; she wanted to be able to breathe in the life. She didn’t want to have a life that was werewolf like and she didn’t want to have a life that was just vampires. She loved her guardian’s, there was no doubt about that but the thought of a life without danger, where she could be normal seemed much more plausible if she could go to school.

Alexis slowed down as she hit the stairs; her eyes followed the winding path to the library before she followed them up. She had watched many movies and each one made high school seem different. There were, however a few things that remained constant – the kids were all split into groups depending on their personality and no one seemed to attend all the classes.

Alexis didn’t want to do either. She wanted to learn as much as she could and stay away from as many people as she could. What could be the worst thing about school?

If Vladimir was letting her go, there then nothing could be that bad. She would be ready for going to school, moving into the library she saw the pile of books and notebooks Vladimir had left out for her. The library was dark, all the furniture was dark mahogany and most of the books were strong colors of reds and blacks. There was no dust in the place, it was always well kept and beautiful to look at.

There was a round table in the center of the room surrounded by comfortable and supportive chairs. She took a minute to breath before she picked up her first book and opened it, ready to start reading it. “I heard the good news. How long have you been trying to get this then?” the deep voice from the corner of the room, Alexis recognized it right away and turned around.

She hadn’t even realized someone else was in the room, she cursed herself under her breath. She needed to pay more attention to the world around her. She was going to do no good if she couldn’t even notice things. “School?” Caleb questioned, he wasn’t that much older than her. He had only been turned into a vampire for a couple of decades now and he was sure school couldn’t have changed that much since he had gone.

It hadn’t seemed that interesting. In fact, it was the complete opposite.

School had been boring for Caleb, he could not wait to finish, to get away from people he called his friends and to start living his life away from both his parents and his siblings. He couldn’t understand why someone would want to go to school.

Especially when they got the choice not too. Alexis’s felt her cheeks blush and she pushed her hands into the lap as she lowered her head to answer the question. “I guess a part of me has always been curious about school. But I haven’t asked to go up until yesterday. It looks interesting and I’ve never been out of this place. This might give me a chance to see what life is really like” She felt nervous and she didn’t know if she was sure why? She had only just met Caleb and yet when he questioned her about school it was as if they had known each other for years.

They had spent a few hours together training and ten minutes with him on his first night – out of both those meetings all she could tell from him was that he had a double personality and that he cared for her in his own way. He wanted to help her.

Which she couldn’t understand. He seemed Bipolar. She titled her head up to look at him, a curious look on her face. He stared at her, the same blank expression Vladimir often used. It had to be a vampire thing. Alexis felt her eyes start to move away from him awkwardly. She never felt comfortable with someone staring at her.

There didn’t seem to be any reason. “I see” Caleb mused “You want it because you have never had it. Human nature. Very surprising for a wolf

That last word hut Alexis like a ton of bricks. That was all he thought of her, he knew she was a wolf and he was trying to train her because someone had told him too. He didn’t care for her. Alexis couldn’t let anything he did or said bother her. She had to tell herself that it wasn’t real.

That everything he did was out of duty, not because he wanted too. Alexis stood up from her chair irrationally, words coming to her mouth without thinking. She wasn’t sure what to say or what to do. “I need to study. I need to get ready for this. I don’t see why it bothers you so much. Just leave. I don’t need you watching me for this” Alexis felt her head pulsating and her breath hitch at the uncertainty of her voice.

He was a vampire and something about him wasn’t right, so she should treat him as a threat – yet something in her body said that she couldn’t, something told her that she was safe with him. She hated it. “If you wish” Caleb spoke after staring at her for a minute, he was curious of the young pup. Every time he spoke about her ’other’ side she would flinch and react badly towards it. It was a complete change of persona, something he couldn’t understand.

Something he wanted to understand as well. After a few more minutes he moved out of the room and towards the left, his room wasn’t that far away from the library. He could listen and watch over her from the room he was given, he didn’t turn back he merely paced his way to his room. Alexis felt torn, he just left but she couldn’t complain. She had been the one to tell him to leave.

Alexis fell to her seat rubbing her face to try and rub the emotion away. Her head felt like a black hole everything getting dragged into the middle and eventually she would disappear completely. She needed to focus on something else; her hand touched the books as she pulled it on to the table. She had the exact thing to distract her right here and she was going to use it. She was going to study. She was going to get ready and enjoy school.

No one could take that away from her. No matter what.

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