Blood Wolf

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Chapter 9: Je te dis merde!

The room was pitch black, there was something different about it though. She couldn’t see around her, she couldn’t see any walls. The room seemed to be never ending. Where was she? How was she here? She was trapped. Her arms were strapped to the chair, her eyes were pushed tight shut. Her hair draped across her face, it stuck to her like glue.

The sweat was running down her; her breathing began to pick up, faster and faster. She was too scared to open her eyes to assess her surroundings. She could hear her heart beating loudly in her ears and her chest hurt. She tried to move her hands and the ropes rubbed against her wrists causing them to go red. Her teeth ground together as she resisted the urge to call out although she couldn’t remember the reason for not calling out.

This wasn’t right, she felt like something wasn’t right. Her legs tried to kick out and didn’t get very far; they were pulled against the leg of the chair.

The air was cool, yet she was sweating? How did that work? She couldn’t understand it. She cursed under her breath trying to fight against the pain and trying to get her arms out of the ropes or her legs. She focused her breathing, deep breaths in and out, in and out. She had to get her breathing back to normal before she went into a full blown panic attack.

A low growl came from behind her and her breath hitched. She turned her head slightly not wanting to look behind her but wanting to hear how close it was. The growl seemed to be all around her, she couldn’t work out how close it was or how far away it was.

The growl began to get louder and she could feel the shaking start in her legs and move up through her body. She could feel a hot breath against her neck. She turned her head to the front and her eyes shot open. She refused to look at it; she refused to acknowledge what was behind her. She shook her head. “This is not real….This is not real” She started repeating over and over again under her breath.

A chuckle came from behind her; it ruffled through the beast as if it was laughing at her, as if it heard exactly what she said. As if it understood what she was saying. She could hear its paws against the ground and she waited to feel the teeth against her neck but instead she felt something warm and wet.

A tongue. It rolled around the back of her neck and she shivered in reaction. She heard another growl and then….shot up in her bed.

The sweat was dripping from her. Her covers had moved off the bed and her hair stuck in different positions all over her head. She felt disorientated. She was lost. Her eyes adjusted to the room she was in and she recognised it as her own. She was in her own bedroom. She turned to the side; her clock was by her bed.

It was 6:31 am in the morning. She lay back down trying to catch her breath. It was only a nightmare. She had had that nightmare before but it hadn’t been the same nightmare. It was different. There had been one difference. Normally she woke up with the animal biting her neck, but this time it had licked her. It had run its tongue along her neck. Why had it done that? She was confused. She needed to shake that off.

Today was a busy day, why had she had that dream that night? It should have been any other night. This was important. She was going to school. She tried to forget about the terrible dream she had just endured and got up from her bed to get ready for school.

Within moments she had Vladimir and Louie in helping her get ready, making sure she had everything she needed. She floated by, her excitement was increasing, and her dream was long forgotten just like every other one she had. Caleb had briefly spoken to her, wishing her good luck. But that was all she had heard from him and he had retired away. Alexis didn’t notice, she was ushered towards the door and told exactly where she was going.

Although she wasn’t walking. They had hired a car to take her; Vladimir explained to her that this was going to be her driver. He was going to take her to school and pick her up every day. Which was new to her, as soon as she started to fight against his words, he hushed her. It had to be part of the agreement of her being allowed to attend school.

It was a small price to pay but it was something she could live with, she hugged both Vladimir and Louie and slipped into the car. Millions of thoughts were streaming through her head and she couldn’t properly think what this place was going to be like. She had never even seen a school before, without it being some sort of fiction. She could imagine of course and picture things she had seen in movies or television shows.

But were they real? Was that what it was really like? She shook her head and started to look out the window. “First time in school” the driver spoke to her, surprised she stared on at him for a minute. She hadn’t expected someone Vladimir had hired to take her to school to actually talk to her. He had hired many people- humans- over the years, maids, cooks, she had lost count of the numbers but every time she tried to speak to them it was as if they were mute. She smiled slightly, this could only be good for her “Yes” she spoke quietly and he looked back in the mirror, she could see his eyes watching her, with a smile. He was nice. He was slightly older than Vladimir looked mid 40’s. His grey hair was short and topped with a small hat, his eyes were deep brown. He had a warm brown coat on; she couldn’t see anything else because of the way the car was positioned.

“Nervous huh?” The driver had a deep voice, it was rough as if he had been smoking a lot, and he had a deep cough that often followed his words. He seemed to always be catching for some air. “A little bit” Alexis was brought up to speak to everyone and to act properly no matter who that person was even if they were rude to her.

Vladimir had taught her that in 3 different languages and he had made sure that the way she spoke was always proper without any lucid qualities. Alexis of course hadn’t known any different. Louie spoke foully at first, but Vladimir had often spoken about that being his upbringing and how he had been dragged up rather than brought up. She didn’t know whether he had been joking or not. Vladimir had a way of making everything seem real and important and that was a quality she admired in him so much.

She knew it could be a very dangerous quality but as far as she could tell he had never used it against her or anyone in that way. She didn’t think a child was supposed to feel proud of their guardians but she felt very proud to have Vladimir as hers. She could have ended up with a lot worse, she knew that not all vampires were nice and not all would have given her the privileges that Vladimir and Louie had. She was happy that she had gotten to live with them. It was fate. “Don’t be nervous. It’s not all that bad. You never know you might enjoy it. I’ll tell you, I remember goin to school as if it were yesterday. It was good. You learned things, you got to make thing. I am sure you will love it.” The older gentleman spoke kindly in the front; Alexis pulled a smile to her face. She wasn’t worried about anything he had just said.

School was something she knew she would enjoy, she loved to read, she loved to learn and she had been brought up to know that every new thing you learned was important.

What she was nervous about were the pupils, the other children. She couldn’t remember the last time she had met someone her age. Someone who was actually her age and didn’t just look it. The people she was normally around had lived for more than 40 years at the very least, even if they looked close to her age.

But how could she explain that to a complete stranger? How could she explain that to anyone? She couldn’t. The world of vampires and werewolves were supposed to be hidden. No one was supposed to know about them. If she started speaking like that, she would be accused of living in a fantasy land and that would be the very minimum that would happen.

They would more than likely lock her up, that couldn’t ever happen. What if they found out she was a werewolf? Then things would really start to kick off.

A shake of her head and she forced that little voice deep down inside of her. She wasn’t going to bring anything like that up right now. She wasn’t going to think of the worst situations like she normally did. She was going to think more positively; like whom she was going to meet on the first day, what classes she was going to be taking.

Those seemed like a better thing to be thinking about. She sunk back into the back seat of the car. “Thank you” She whispered towards the man before he was turning on to the street with the school. Alexis had been counting exactly where she was going, following the directions that Vladimir had given her. She took in a deep breath and sat straight up, admiring the school from the window.

The place was nothing like she had expected but yet it felt that much better. Her eyes lit up with the site of it. It was a small building, maybe two stories but it was long. The windows were long as well and the top of the school stretched into a point. The middle of the school instead of a square window had a round one.

Both sides of the school were symmetrical. Alexis could tell that just by looking. There were two entrances either side but also big doors right under the round window. The building was rough cast brick, it was mostly cream but there had been some damaged by children’s spray paint drawings.

The bits like that were colourful in complete comparison to the cream but still Alexis found it amazing. “That’s us here” The man had stopped the car near the front entrance, the gates were black but anybody could see they had worn down over time, with students climbing over them and age attacking them there was no wonder.

The man turned around to face Alexis, he had a smile on his face and Alexis could see that he was missing a couple of teeth. He had a moustache on his face that was also grey matching his hair. “You’ll be fine Kiddo. Go on beat it” A joking smile pinched his cheeks as he waved her away from the car.

Alexis was quick to grab her back and move out of it, she turned to wave as he drove away before turning back to the school. Was she ready for this? She didn’t think so, but she moved forward knowing that she needed to attempt this anyway.

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