The Sovereign - the One of Water (Book 2)

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When you stand powerless in the face of death, what will you choose? Maya came to the academy of dreams to seek a new future, only to come face-to-face with the harsh, ugly truth behind the Sovereign. Book 2 of the Sovereign Series. Book 1 - Maya came to the Academy of the Sovereign in the Second Region, looking forward to a new future. Everything seemed alright, until two of her friends vanished without a trace. Determined to figure out the cause of their disappearance, Maya and her other friends ventured into the dark chambers of the Sovereign. As the harsh reality reveals itself to Maya, she slowly drowns in her own mind. She bore no powers, she couldn't help her friends even though she figured out where they were, and what the Sovereign was doing to them. Maya couldn't save herself. Ramiel came and swooped her out of her misery. Their bond grew, but Ramiel had a deadly secret that he wanted to hide at all costs from the woman he loved. Be a part of the rebellion, join us.

Fantasy / Romance
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“Please,” the young girl begged, her voice barely a whisper.

“Oh? Can’t take it anymore little girl?” the tall, skinny devil stopped his thrusting. He towered above her as she whimpered.

She thought the Sovereign held a new future, she thought the Sovereign would be safe like how everyone back home had said.

But no. The Sovereign was a nightmare.

Her line of sight was foggy, and all she could see was the blurry outline of the man that was violating her, with his lips curled up in a sickening grin. He did not stop at the blood, and he did not stop at her screams.

She knew he wasn’t alone.

There were others.

Revolting monsters, waiting for their turn.

She missed her home, her family and her friends.

She was among the best, well-educated girls that were sent to the academy in the Sovereign. She thought that life has given her a new chance to strive for new opportunities, but no.

As the monsters took turns rampaging through her core, she felt as if her soul was forcefully torn out of her body.

Slowly, she grew numb to the constant pain in her lower body. The ache in her broken arms and legs started to fade away slowly.

“Is this, the end?” she thought silently, with tears slipping down her face.

As the essence of her life ebbed away from her body, all she tried to think of was good times. She thought of her home by the sea, the warm sand and the cool breeze that would toss her beautiful blonde hair into the wind. She thought of her family. Her parents who constantly encouraged her and praised her for her achievements. And her friends, that cheered for her even though they were so sad to see her go.

“They’re waiting for me to go home…”


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