Peter Pan and Wendy

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Peter Pan and Wendy are going through some tough times.. again

Fantasy / Adventure
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Peter Pan

It was 1923, and the sun had just came up in a little town in England, called bexley. Most people were just starting to wake up, getting ready for what the day was going to offer them. All seemed well, but in a little foster home on watling street things were about to change, drastically.

Peter pan, at the ripe age of 11, had just woken from a long night’s rest, and was greeted to the shouting of his favorite pal, his foster father. Most people would say dad, but he didn’t consider him a dad, more or less he was just there because legally, he was obligated to. He signed the papers. Peter’s foster parents were.. peculiar, if that’s the right way to describe them. They were very secretive and very closed off. They liked everything done on a strict schedule, on the dot. If they didn’t see things being done on time, let’s just say, things didn’t go very well for the children. Ah yes, the children.

Peter lived with two other boys, and a sister. Anthony, Matthias, and Wendy, ages 14, 13, and 10. Wendy was his favorite mostly because she was younger than him. Matthias and Anthony took joy out of beating him up every day, and she couldn’t do that. While they were loud and obnoxious, she was quiet, she kept to herself, reading her books and whatnot. He decided if he were ever to leave, he’d keep close with Wendy but not the other boys. That seemed like the right choice, it really did.

Anyway, back to the yelling. He had just opened his eyes, and his father was already screaming. He couldn’t understand why he was wasting his breath. He thought his father was just jealous because he’s better than him. He knew he was being kicked out but he didn’t even care. Maybe it had to do with the fact that he hadn’t grown up yet. Peter has a medical condition, stopping him from ageing. He was going to stay a child… well, forever. It was originally a family secret until his real parents died. He didn’t understand why someone as amazing as himself, would have a condition like this. Maybe his foster parents had finally had enough of him. He’d seen many kids come and go, and he decided the worst part about staying young, wasn’t the foster homes, or school, but seeing people leave you’ve grown up with, and never seeing them again. He felt like he needed less time, ironically everyone else complained about needing more time.

Peter packed his things and left. He stole candy from Anthony on his way out. He knew if he came back he’d get pummeled, but he didn’t care. He decided he’d sneak back in that night and take Wendy with him. Hopefully she’d want to go.

After he packed up, and rushed out of the ‘Home’, he went to the city. He walked until he found a rusty bench. He ate his candy bar in silence, and waited for night to fall.

When the sun set, he came back and he snuck in through a window, praying for everyone to be asleep. He walked into Wendy’s room, and saw her, reading the note. “Why would I leave?” she asked, quietly. “Because it’s horrible here,” said Peter. “No one deserves to be treated like this. I’m way too important to be in a place like that, with such lowlifes” Wendy thought this over and decided it was the right choice. She didn’t like the foster home much either, or his selfish attitude. Peter had some flying powder, left behind from his old fairy. He told her they would fly away. She was scared at first but eventually he convinced her to jump and they flew off into the night together.

Eventually, they landed on a beach and decided to explore, and Wendy grew to like the place more than she could have imagined. Things were growing great, for a while.

After a few months, Peter got tired of the things on the island. He wanted to go back into the city. He wanted to grow up. He went for a walk and found a very strange man. He told him he could grant his wish, but the side effect would be a very short life. He thought it over and agreed. He was only a boy after all, but maybe he should have asked more questions. He ran to tell Wendy the news they could leave the island! He could finally grow up! But evidently there was one side effect he was unaware of: Now the condition was Wendy’s instead of his. Now Wendy would be a child forever. And she was happy about it, she didn’t want to grow up. He tried convincing her to leave. He tried telling her what a mistake it was, and there was little fairy dust left, so once he were to leave, she’d be stuck on the island forever. But after everything, she wouldn’t budge. He packed his bags, and as a tear fell, he said his goodbyes.

As Peter was flying, a thought jumped into his mind he thought he’d never have: What if growing up was a mistake? That was the last thought he had before he crashed into a new fairy and fell out of the sky.

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