Lord of Fire

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Chapter 13: Cahin takes Over

The words were ringing in my ears. I was trying to understand the words that were coming out of the Wheezy man’s mouth. It was banging around in my head, making them in all the languages that I knew. None of them outside the language that I spoke.

“What?” I said after I repeated the words over and over.

“No one will train you,” the wheezy man repeated himself.

“What?” I repeated myself. My shoulders started to shake, and my legs went weak again. The scene in front of me went fuzzy, and I couldn’t make a clear picture out of anything. It felt as if someone was pounding the back of my head with a hammer. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a master, but I didn’t expect them to all just reject me like that. Why? FIrst it’s the nobles, but now they’re like it too? Why?

“Lady Kaira!” I heard several people call out to me as the world lurched forward, setting me fall forward. I breathed hard as I tried to steady myself, but nothing seemed to be working.

“Why?” I managed to whisper.

“What did she say?” Another noble asked.

I felt nausea come up my throat. I coughed trying to force the nausea back down. I felt my head pound as I wanted to fall to the ground. Who knew so much rejection in one day could do this to a person?

Why was the world spinning so damn fast?

“Lady Kaira!” I felt a cool strip of water being pressed against my head. I blinked through my foggy eyesight, and saw a person dressed in blue.

“What is the meaning of this?!” I heard Lord Bragor’s booming voice yelled. I looked around, and couldn’t see anything through the heat that made my head foggy.

“There is a simple meaning to this,” the Master of Fire that was Lord Bragor’s age said.

“Then tell us! Tell us now!” Lord Bragor demanded.

“It is was her fighting technique,” the Lord Bragor aged Master of Fire said.

“Of course it was,” Lord Sorak said sarcastically as he held onto my shoulders. “Lady Kaira, please answer me.”

“You doubt us?” A Fire Master that was hiding in the background said.

“Obviously.” Lord Bragor rolled his eyes.

“Lady Kaira! Please, get a hold of yourself!” Lord Sorak yelled to me, but I couldn’t. Whenever I tried to get a hold of myself, it seemed Cahin made sure I didn’t.

This is for your own good. I saw flames in front of my eyes, completely blocking out my sight, but Cahin at least let me retain my hearing for the time being.

“Lady Kaira, please! Come to your senses!” Lord Sorak pleaded.

“Out so soon? She’s weaker than I thought,” Lord Ilidecian laughed.

“What kind of poison did you give her?” Lord Bragor asked.

“Only something to dull her senses down to being worthless. This kind of side effect would be completely new. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that she’s the host of an Elemental Spirit,” Lord Ilidecian mumbled.

“You were testing an experimental poison on her?!” Lord Bragor boomed.

“Poisons are my specialty. There’s no need for testing at this point.”

“You grow delirious in your old age.”

“It’s better than being dull in the beginning.”

“You arrogant--”

Cahin finally blocked out my hearing allowing none of my senses to be of any use anymore. Then I was engulfed into a pit of fire that my soul surged me into. I could see all the colors of fire. The beauty and power within the flame flickered in my eyes. I was completely entwined with the flames of the soul as they started to wrap themselves around me. I felt at peace once again. It was as if the whole moments before were burned up within the flame.

This is where you belong. If you didn’t rightfully own this flame, it would’ve burned you to death long ago.

I kept watching the beauty of the flames of crimson and gold flicker in front of me.

Why don’t you just burn all of them? It’ll be fun.

I didn’t reply.

Kaira. It’s like I’m having a one-sided conversation over here. Come on. Join in. Cahin started to get annoyed with me.

“I don’t wanna,” I said.

Why not?

“It takes too much work. I’m stopping right now.”

Are you really?

No answer from me.


Still no answer.


Still no answer.


I kept my lips together just to piss him off even more.

I don’t know if I hate or love that part of you.

"I don’t know either. Where am I by the way?” I asked.

You are within the Realm of Fire. The very core of yourself. It is where your power builds up, and where I take residence.

“How am I in the core of myself? That makes no sense.”

Long story. Stuff to do with your soul and representation, blah, blah, blah, blah, you get the picture.

“No, not really. You can’t just tell me what it is?”

Not really.

“Fine. Since I’m in here, what should I do?”

I shall tell you. You’re going to be here for a while. Training.

“Excuse me?”

We’ll teach those bastards what it means to have the Spirit of Fire’s favor.

“How exactly will you train me?” I asked. I suddenly felt woozy and the fire started to violently flick around, and started to disappear.

What the hell is going on?! I blinked, and my field of vision was coming back, but it remained fuzzy, and I saw a single face hovering over me. I blinked twice, and made sure it was actually his.

“She’s up!” I heard Fire Seeker’s voice ring out. He clutched onto my shoulders, and I realized I had bruises where he pressed his fingers into my shoulders.

“Lady Kaira! Are you alright?!” Lord Sorak said. I coughed and I felt ashes and smoke come out. “This isn’t good.”

“Stand back,” Lord Bragor said. “Fire Seeker. You might want to stand back as well,” Lord Bragor said.

“What?” Fire Seeker’s fingers pressed harder into my shoulder. I started to wince. Suddenly, it felt as if I were pushed back by a powerful wind and I couldn’t feel anything. Unlike before, I wasn’t scared. I welcomed the numbness. It felt comfortable. I looked around and saw my life, but it was different. It felt as if I were just watching, not living it.

"You’re hurting Kaira.” It was official. Cahin took over me.

“Kaira?” Fire Seeker said.

"I said you are hurting her!” Cahin pushed Fire Seeker back with a ram made out of flames. Tea? Cahin asked me privately.

“Nah. Maybe something like cake,” I said.

You’re pretty calm with me taking you over. Cahin somehow made a cake. . . out of flames? I was pretty much done questioning things at that point.

“Yeah. Just do whatever you want,” I said, stuffing my face with the cake.

Great. I could feel my physical body smirk while the spiritual me ate the cake. It was really confusing but I couldn’t really do anything about it.

“What’s wrong with her?” Fire Seeker yelled.

“That is not Kaira. It is the Spirit of Fire. He has taken over her body! Everybody get away!” Lord Bragor boomed out.

Fabulous deduction! Just remarkable! Why didn’t you notice that earlier, Forin?” I/Cahin turned to Lord Ilidecian

“Excuse me?” Lord Ilidecian said, indignantly.

"Wait. You mean to tell me that you don’t know? Bwahahahahahaha! And you start judging Kaira? Even though she actually knows her Spirit’s name?! Men are stupid!” Cahin said.

“You’re male,” I reminded him.

I’m an exception. Cahin said privately to me. ”Do any of you know your Spirit’s names?” Cahin asked the other Lords. They all bowed their heads. ”And you started on Kaira. Well, I hope you guys are real proud of yourselves. You made me do the unthinkable! You’re making me leave my home! Y’know, the one everybody is in right now? I’m taking Kaira with me so you guys will be without a Lord for a little bit longer.”

“I don’t really have a choice do I?” I mumbled.

“She doesn’t have a choice,” Lord Sorak said, in his calm tone.

"Brilliant observation! In fact, that’s what Kaira just said! Amazing! You and her must be on the same wavelength!” Cahin laughed. The onlookers were in complete awe and fear. Many nobles, Masters of FIre included, tried to sneak to the door, but Cahin shot a stream of fire right at the door and melted the handles and only that. I was surprised that the entire door didn’t burst into flames.”What’s the rush? If you were nice to Kaira, you wouldn’t be afraid. Oh, looks like you’re all afraid, I wonder what that means. . ..”

“Or you’re just scary,” Fire Seeker said.

"How FUNNY!” Cahin whipped a lash of fire at Fire Seeker. Fire Seeker was sent off of his feet once again and into a wall. I stopped eating fire cake and watched. Fire Seeker slid down the wall with blood streaking down. He had burns covering his entire front part of his body.

“Cahin, why’d you do that?” I asked.

Because I felt like it.

“That’s a little rude, don’t you think?”

Don’t actually care.

“Fire Seeker!” Lord Sorak helped Fire Seeker to his feet. Lord Ilidecian, reluctantly, helped him with his burns.

“Kaira! Please get a hold of the Spirit! He is in a rage!” Lord Bragor said, hoping he wasn’t going to be next.

“I can’t!” I shouted from inside myself.

She can’t help any of you. I’m in control and I’m as stubborn as Kaira.” Cahin crossed my arms, smirking at everyone. “So, save your breath before I make it your last.”

“There is no reason to kill everybody here,” I said.

Of course there’s a reason to kill everyone! I don’t like them!”

“Cahin, that’s crazy talk. You’re talking crazy. Stop it.”

I will not stop. I rather like the fear everyone’s showing. It’s been awhile since I got to see it up close.” Cahin moved towards Fire Seeker. “What are you still doing? He’s fine.” Cahin shooed Lord Ilidecian away. Cahin crouched and stared at Fire Seeker.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m wondering if I made a mistake in choosing him.” Fire Seeker’s face twisted with confusion.

“You’re speaking with Kaira, aren’t you? It’s like you’ve switched places. Am I right?” Lord Sorak spoke up.

"Yes,” Cahin turned towards Lord Sorak. He got up and stared at Lord Sorak’s face. ”I like you. Don’t ever change.” Cahin pointed at Lord Bragor. ”Not sure how to feel about you yet.” Cahin pointed at Lord Ilidecian. “Hate you. Die.”

“Am I supposed to be threatened?” Lord Ilidecian raised an eyebrow.

That didn’t scare you? Wow, here I thought all old men would easily wet themselves.” Cahin sighed.

“Excuse me?” Lord Ilidecian raised his voice. “Are you picking a fight with me? Your host is a young orphan girl who has no idea of social ettiquitte and is just an eyesore to society as is!”

“I know. Great, isn’t she?”

“Spirits’ have weird tastes if,” Lord Ilidecian said.

"You’re right. I have no idea what Forin was thinking," Cahin laughed. ”Too much time wasted here. Protect the citizens for me,” Cahin said.

“What?” Lord Bragor said.

"Like now. You might want to take cover,” Cahin warned.

“Bragor!” Lord Sorak yelled. Bragor was the first to be burnt by Cahin’s unnecessarily large pillar of fire.

"No hard feelings, right?” Cahin smiled before launching off into the distance. The last thing we both heard from the palace was Fire Seeker’s yell of my name.


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