Lord of Fire

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Chapter 14: True Realm

“What am I doing here?” I said to Cahin after waking up and wandering around on rock that barely managed to fit my body. Which was surrounded by the damn ocean.

Let’s just say, this was the best option.

“How?! This place is absolutely horrible! There’s nothing but water here! This is literally, the worst place for fire!” I yelled

They wouldn’t think about searching for you here. I can tell he’s searching madly for you. Now lay down. Also, make sure that no water will touch you.


Do it before I burn you.

“You can’t.”

Wanna bet?

“Laying down.” I positioned myself on the sand and made sure no water touched me.

All right. You may feel a little discomfort here and there, but it’ll pass over soon.

“What?” I said too late. I feel a shock that goes through my whole body, causing all of my limbs twitch and stretch out painfully. I grit my teeth, hoping it would help ease the pain. I felt for the first time what it felt like to get burnt. It felt the pleasant aura that usually surrounded me with flames was gone and the only feeling I was getting from the flames was pure aggression.

Then it felt like something pierced right through my back and my whole entire body. I gasped out as the feeling of flames spread up to my neck, and started to cover my face. The flames started to take over my senses, so I sensed nothing but heat and aggression.

One second. This is my first time doing this. Hell, this is the first time any Spirit has done this! Ha ha, kidding. I totally did this before.

I couldn’t think of any retort. Instead I screamed out to show the pain I was in.

Fabulous. We’re getting somewhere. Just one second.

The thing that had stabbed right seemed to spread over my body, canceling out the flames. Then I saw it.

I saw my very limbs turn into flames.

“CAHIN!” I yelled out after getting a sense of what’s going on.

Yes. That’s supposed to happen. I think.


Slower than I suspected.


There we go.


It’s spreading quickly now.




But I’m getting to the good part!

“DON’T KI—” I had no chance to finish my sentence, the flame had taken over my head, and my physical body was gone.

“Huh?” I lazily woke up, and a pair of feet was standing in front of me. I look up, and there was a child, no older than twelve stood in front of me. However, his body glowed with all the colors of fire. Light swirled around his body as he floated in the air. HIs eyes bore holes into me. Once I took a closer look at his eyes, they were like the inverse of mine. The whites of his eyes were gold while his irises and pupils were both white. He was mesmerizing to look at. Also totally not human.

"Took you long enough!”

I recognized his voice anywhere. “CAHIN?!”

"Yes. Yes. I know, You didn’t expect Spirits to look like anything but a shining ball of light, or in my case, fire.” Cahin said as he floated around my head.

“Why are you a child?” I asked.

"I chose this form because I like it. I can be any form as a male as I like. I can be. . .” His body morphed into one of a newborn. “Or. . .” he morphed into a child no older than five. “You saw my next form. So let’s skip to the next one.” He turned into someone around my age. Then around Sorak’s age, then Bragor’s, then Ilidecian’s, then some really really really old dude. “I just prefer this one because. . . I guess, just because. . . ?

“Wow, so informative,” I laughed. “So, when are we going to start training?”

“Aren’t you the least bit curious where you are?” Cahin asked me.

“I’m guessing Fire Land?” I shrugged.

"Don’t call it that. You are in the True Realm of Fire. Where I came to be, and where no ordinary human can reach. You are the first human ever to reach the True Realm of Spirits. Why, you may ask?”

“No, I don’t ask. I like to be ignorant,” I said.

“Wow. Not the least bit interested?”

“Not really.”

“Wow. You really are different from other humans.”

“I have you inside of me. . . . That did not sound right.”

"But it’s true.”

“Still doesn’t sound right. Anyway. Training?”

"I’m getting to it! Gosh! You’re so impatient. Anyway, this is the True Realm of Fire, first to be here, blah, blah, blah. What else is there? Oh right. Your physical body has been replaced with the flames that would amount to your space that you’re taking up. So, basically, if those flames go out, you’re stuck here,” Cahin said.

There was a long pause.

“You couldn’t have chosen a place with less water surrounding it?”

“Those aren’t just any ordinary flames. I told you they are flames from here. Which are pure flames. The only thing that can put them out is pure water from the True Realm of Water or being crushed by pure rock from the True Realm of Rock. Or—”

“Or be blown out with pure air--from the pure air--from the True Realm of Wind? How about be squeezed to death from pure energy from the True Realm of Life Energy? Or how about being stomped on by a pure foot from the True Realm of Feet?”

“There isn’t such a place.” Cahin said, confused.

“Well, my dreams are crushed. So, training?” I rubbed my palms together, and flames burst out from my palms.

"Be careful. Any spark, and these flames just go whoosh.” Cahin flipped through the air as he said that. Afterwards, he went into a little giggle fit.

“Thanks. Now let’s get down to business.”

“Higher! Raise it higher, dammit!” Cahin barked at me. I was in a very difficult position where my arms were raised as high as they could, along with my right leg in the air, and my left leg on tiptoes.

“This shit isn’t easy, I hope you know!” I barked right back, trying to lift my leg higher.

“Watch!” Cahin did the pose with ease.

“You’re a Spirit! You don’t count!” I yelled, lifting my leg higher.

"Oh, wow. Such a good comeback.” Cahin rolled his eyes.

“Shut up!” I yelled. Then, flames shoot out of my fingertips and my toes. They shoot up into the general direction of up. I drop my leg and arms and the flames cease.

"Great, the warm-up is complete. Now to the real training,” Cahin said.

“Real training?”

“Yeah. This is gonna be fun,” Cahin smiled evilly.


“How can I work up a sweat here?” I asked as I punched the air as more sweat flew off of me. I retracted my fist and punched the air with the other.

“You’re not working enough if you ask me,” Cahin observed.

“I’ve been at this for hours!” I say, after the third punch, I kick.

“In real days’ time, it’s been a day of this,” Cahin smiles.

“Same thing,” I said.

“All right. Now, new training exercise. Fight with me. Fists; no flame. Because I will beat you in that category,” Cahin said, morphing into someone my age.

“I’ve just been training for a day without a break!” I yelled.

“Exactly. Make that body work.” Cahin smiles, took off his tunic and got into a fighting stance. Cahin dives forward and his fist flies toward my face. Out of pure instinct, I slam my fist into his face. That was the only hit I managed to get. The rest of our fight consisted of swing, dodge, swing, dodge, swing, dodge, swing, dodge. Tone.

Don’t think I didn’t catch that.

It didn’t vary, until Cahin grew bored and brought out the flames. He pretended to swing at me, but when it was my turn to dodge, a ram of flames flew straight into my gut, causing all of the air to be forced out of my lungs.

“You . . . cheater! You . . . said. . . no flames!” I yelled as I regained my breath.

"I lie,” Cahin shrugged.

“You jerk,” I stood up. I dashed at Cahin, fist flaming and ready to hit. Cahin stood still, and moved his foot. Then a pillar of fire flew out of the ground, and sent me flying.

“Don’t think you can win in a flame fight with me. I am the Spirit of Fire. I am the absolute best at this!” Cahin laughed.

Several tries later, I was beaten up, and tired. Cahin stood above me, without even a scratch on him. He smirks as he analyzed me. He was probably thinking on how great he was.

“I have to say though, you are the most fun I could’ve fought with. You are very unexpected. But, you’re not as good as me. I mean, unless you are the next in line for Spirit-thingie, but I’m the permanent Spirit in this position, so you’re not going to beat me anytime, ever.” Cahin smiled.

“Encouraging.” I spat out some blood and tried to sit up, but a pain in my gut prevented me from doing any such thing.

"I know. Aren’t I the most encouraging person in the world?” Cahin smiled.

“Not really. Can I get some help?” I held my hand out.

Cahin looked at my hand, wondering what he should do with it. Then he tapped my palm, unsure what else to do with it. “There. I helped.”

“You call that helping? Wow. That’s worse than Haroj’s help, and that’s a really low bar to begin with.”

“This is one of the first times in centuries I had been granted physical contact with any human or Spirit,” Cahin explained.

“That’s weird.”

Those ‘Masters of Fire’ have been making sure that I haven’t been able to do anything because they’re jerks. To be honest, you dodged a really big spear there, for once. Those masters of fire are a bunch of fakers. If I were able to talk to them like I am able to talk to you, I wouldn’t have had to suffer in those damn hosts. Them being my hosts were worse than death, like seriously.” Cahin’s face twisted.

“Wow, you really hated those guys,” I shrugged.

Of course I did.”


“It would be easier to show you.”

“How? They already died.”

“You underestimate the power of Spirits.” Cahin smiled.

“What are you talking about?”

“You’ll see,” Cahin smiled. He placed his hand on my forehead and a black void filled my eyes.

After a few minutes of that, the black void started to melt away from the cover of my eyes, and I saw myself in a street, with actual people walking around. There wasn’t only fire, there were buildings, stores, vendors, people! I looked at Cahin, who stood next to me, smiling.

“Kaira, welcome to five centuries ago!” Cahin smiled.

“I’m guessing that’s a really long time ago.”

“You’d be right.”


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