Lord of Fire

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Chapter 18: Visit to Aquaria

“Stop squirming,” Akyro glared at me.

“But I’m bored. This is boring,” I groaned as I twisted around in my seat in the carriage. “Why are we heeeeeeeeeeeeere?”

“Because we were inviteeeeeeeeeeeeeed.”

“But I don’t want to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”

“But we’re already heeeeeeeeeeeeeere. Kaira, please just behave. We’re in Aquaria, this isn’t our country, so you don’t have as much leeway here as you do in Pyra.”

“You sound like a fussy old man,” I looked out of my window of the carriage we were riding through. After a boat ride, we had to climb into a carriage Lord Sorak had sent for us. While Akyro was on one side of the carriage, I was on the exact opposite from him.

“I know you don’t want to do this; you made that very clear in the palace, in the boat and every waking moment we’ve been preparing for this trip.”
“How long have we been preparing for this trip?”
“I’ve been preparing for this. You’ve been complaining the whole time.”

“Aren’t you the one who wants me to stay in the Ember Palace? Y’know, doing my Lord of Fire thing?”

“This is a ‘Lord of Fire thing’. It’s common for Elemental Lords to meet with each other just for appearances. Luckily, Lord Sorak actually likes you, against all odds.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“What do you think it means?”

“It doesn’t matter what I think it means; it matters what you meant.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“I’ll be the judge of that. Just tell me.”

“There’s nothing to tell.”
“Lord of Fire card. Tell me!”

“Kaira. Calm yourself. You can set the whole carriage on fire, and kill me, the driver and the horses.”


“Lady Kaira?” Another voice came through.


“We’re here,” the driver murmured nervously. I looked out, and there was a colossal blue palace. It was many different shades of blue, and it was just absolutely beautiful. I stepped out of the carriage, contrasting the blue with my red tunic and hair.

“Welcome, Lady of Fire.” Around a thousand servants bowed to me. They were dressed in various shades of blue, like the palace.

“Hey,” I responded to the servants.

“Welcome, Fire Seeker,” the servants greeted Akyro.

“Glad to be here. May we ask where the Lord of the palace is?” Akyro said all formally.

Something feels off.

“What feels off?” I asked.

“Pardon?” Akyro looked at me. I waved my hand at him.

Cahin paused for a little bit, leaving me standing still, waiting for him to actually say something. I didn’t notice at the time that all eyes were on me.

Go find Sorak. Now.

“How? This place is as big as the one in Pyra.”

That is a very keen observation.

“Thank you?”

“Kaira, what is going inside that head of yours?” Akyro piped up.

Tell him not to worry about it.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said with a hint of smug in there.

“Kaira.” Ooooh, he sounded mad. I barely did anything and he was that mad. Imagine what he was going to do when I actually did what Cahin was telling me to do.

Alright. I’m no Water Seeker, however, I do know her and a little bit of Sorak from my previous host. I think I might know where he is. Okay?

“Okay. How am I going to get there?”

I’ll guide you. It’ll be fun.

“How exactly are you planning on doing that?” I asked.

“Kaira. Whatever it is, don’t--” Akyro started.

Little fire balls. There’s the first one. A little fire ball appeared in the doorway of the palace.

“On my way,” I said.

“What are you--” Akyro started to ask me. Without a second thought, I rushed through the line of servants, a trail of blazing fire behind me. “KAIRA!”

I slammed into the palace doors and looked throughout the room. The front room was vast, and had a mural of the ocean in the back. The next fireball was on the top of the back stairs.

“KAIRA!” I heard Akyro’s voice, but it was in the distance. I didn’t have long seeing how

“Where am I going?! Cahin!” I shouted, looking wildly around for the next fireball.

Do I have to add another? Fine. Just hurry. He is not happy and he still hasn’t lost his Seeker powers.

“Crap.” I said as I took off to the next fireball that appeared in the front of a hallway.

“Kaira! Stop this right now! Excuse me. Kaira!” Akyro shouted at me. I didn’t answer him. Instead I ran faster, winding through the hallways, bumping into some servants, crashing into walls, running towards the fireball. Akyro apologizing to every person I bumped into or even showed my face to.

You’re getting close. Let’s hope that he’s there or you’re in so much trouble.

“Thanks. I can’t wait.”

You’re welcome.

“While he’s not right on my tail, can you tell me what’s the emergency before I go in there? Just in case it’s a crazy Spirit thing,” I said as I rounded yet another corner, almost running into a maid.

I think Sorak’s trying to draw out the Spirit of Water.

“Thats. . . bad?”

His body isn’t ready for that. If he does it on his own, it could rip him apart. He needs another Spirit to help him. Oh, and by the way, move right. Akyro’s about to snatch you. I moved sharply to my right, and I heard a thunk but I kept moving.

“Spirits be damned! Kaira! What are you doing?! Can’t you just behave for one day?!” Akyro shouted.

“Nope!” I shouted back before going toward the ocean again. I ran through another set of hallways, fireballs leading me right to the end of a hallway. I looked around to find only one door.

With no handles whatsoever

I examined the door. By ‘examined’, I mean I started to pound on every surface of the door hoping it would break. Nothing. Was it just there for decoration?

No. Special Elemental Door. We love our fancy stuff.

“That’s nice. How do I get in?”

You don’t want to know why we have these?

“I would love to let you tell me later, but right now I have a really angry Akyro ready to kill me so I would like to get to safety. How do I get in?!”

“KAIRA!” Akyro’s voice was getting louder and louder.

“Now would be a great time to tell me,” I told Cahin.

Press your hand on the symbol on the right.

“There’s no symbol,” I looked at the solid gorgeous blue door.

“YOU’RE GOING TO BEG FOR DOWEL LADY AFTER WHAT I’M GOING TO PUT YOU THROUGH!” Akyro just stopped giving a damn about appearances to the Aquarians and just was screaming. That sent shivers down my spine.

“WHERE’S THE SYMBOL?!” I slammed my fists onto the door with flames surrounding my fists. A blazing fire symbol appeared on the door. “That’ll do.” I slammed my palm on the symbol, and I fell through the door. It slamming behind me. I sat on the ground for a little bit before someone started to pound on the door like I did. “Thanks Cahin.”

You’re welcome. Now, let’s go find Sorak before he kills himself.


I wandered through the large room for a while. It looked way bigger than any normal rooms in the palace. I mean, this room looked crazy big. It looked like the orchard outside of the Capital could fit in there. I stepped along the blue tiled path that was laid out in front of me. I walked along the paths as they were surrounded by the crystal blue water that was surrounded the paths looked so inviting, but knowing how I was fire, it probably wouldn’t end well. I continued to look at the water room. There were waterfalls in front of the walls, making mist cover the room almost indefinitely. I could barely see the path in front of me.

Soon, I could barely see my own hands.

I continued to walk down the path, mist blocking my vision. I heard an even mightier rumble coming from in front of me. I started to lightly jog toward the sound of the rumbling, and saw the mist almost completely obscure my view. Nothing was able to be clear to me.

“Sooooooraaaaaaak. Helloooooo?” I called out into the room.

“Kaira?” I heard a familiar voice call out.

“Oh good. You are here. Guess who doesn’t have to face Akyro alone? Me. This girl. Ah ha!” I did a small little dance in the relief I was feeling. Suddenly, all of the mist stopped moving; it just hung very still in the air. After a little bit the mist started to move again. But it wasn’t natural because no way in hell can mist move to the other side of a room that quickly.

“You came,” Sorak breathed out after he managed to get all of the mist back into the waterfalls. The whole area was almost crystal blue. It looked almost surreal.

“Yeah, so what’s happening? Why am I here? And why are you here?”

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

“So why in here? Where is here?”

“I’ll get to that eventually. So, may I ask for the favor?”

“Go ahead.” I motioned for him to say whatever he wanted to say.

“Teach me how to channel my spirit.”

Huh, I said.

“What?” Sorak asked.

“Cahin said something like this was happening, but he wasn’t sure so I didn’t know.”

“Oh.” Long awkward pause before Sorak cleared his throat. “Are you able to?”

“Able to do what?”
“Teach me how to channel my Spirit.”

“Oh. I can’t help you with that.”

“Why not?”

“He’s always just. . . there. I just have to say ’Hey Cahin,--” I started.


“Oh, I was just proving a point,” I said.

About what? I’ve been tuning you out after you started playing some weird song in your head while you were looking for Sorak.

“I don’t really know how to help Sorak to contact his Spirit because all I have to say is ‘Hey Cahin.’”

So he was trying to contact the Spirit of Water.

“Yeah, you were right again.”

Of course I’m right. But what I don’t know why. Ask him why.

“Why?” I turned toward Sorak.

“‘Why’ what?” Sorak asked.

“Why do you want to contact the Spirit of Water?” I clarified.

“I wish to become in sync with it, like you and the Spirit of Fire are,” Lord Sorak said.

Hhm. It will be difficult though.

“Cahin says it’ll be difficult,” I relayed the information to Sorak.

He tensed up, and looked at me worriedly. “What is wrong? What shall be seen as an obstacle?” I was about to talk to talk to Cahin and relay the message he was about to give me.

Instead, he just took over my body.

I felt Cahin rub my head against my shoulder, and get some of my fiery red strands out of the way of the way of my eyes. He looked around the room that was filled with water and then looked at Sorak.

"The problem would be that I’m not sure if your body can take the method I am planning to use," Cahin said through my mouth. He sounded exactly like he did when he was in my head, but it was also a little mixed with my voice. It was like we were talking at the same time.

“I can! Please! I wish to be exactly like you and Kaira! I wish to know its wants, and how to make it not angry!” Sorak bowed.

My eyebrows raised. ”Why do you really want to meet your Spirit?" Cahin moved my body so I was eye-level with Sorak.

“You already--” Sorak started.

“Real reason. Intimidation, power, fame?”

Sorak stayed quiet for a bit. “As I said before, I want what Kaira has.”

And that is?”


I’m a taken Spirit. Thanks for the interest though.”

“I meant I want the connection you two have. You protect Kaira and help her out and

"I thought that’s how it was with you and Bragor,” Cahin said.

“We are very close allies,” Sorak agreed.

There was a really long, uncomfortable silence. Like super uncomfortable. No one could tell what Cahin was thinking. “Alright. I understand. Stand up,” Cahin said. Without any questions, Sorak stood up, much taller than me. ”You follow directions well. This should be easy enough."

“What are you planning Cahin?” I said to him.

"Nothing you don’t need to worry about, now you’re the voice in my head," Cahin said.

“You’ve been waiting to say that, haven’t you?” I sighed.

"Yup. Get comfortable. This may take a while," Cahin said quietly.


"His Spirit and he are very disconnected."

“How can you tell?”

"The Spirit of Water is crying on the inside,” Cahin said.

“What?!” I looked at Sorak. I started wondering what he did to make the Spirit of Water cry.

"I don’t know what happened to her. She’s usually pretty strong. Something really bad must’ve happened to her.”

“Her?” Sorak asked.

“Yes. Does that make you uncomfortable?” Cahin raised my eyebrows again.

“No. I just--” Sorak said.

“Forget it. I’m going to do some Spirit stuff, that’ll take awhile to prepare. Wait like an hour. Okay?”


No wonder she chose him. So obedient.

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