Lord of Fire

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Chapter 19: Spirit of Water

"I’m going to do a very complicated procedure right now,” Cahin told Sorak.

“What exactly does this procedure entail?” Sorak seemed prepared.

"I’m going to send Kaira’s consciousness into your soul to talk with the Spirit of Water. Kaira was born with an innate sense on how to deal with Elemental Spirits. That’s how she can deal with me." Cahin said.

“That does sound complicated,” Sorak agreed. “Anything I could do to help?”

"Try not to scream or alert anyone if your body feels as if it’s about to burst into flames," Cahin said.

“Don’t I get a say in this?” I asked. “I’m not up for venturing into other people’s souls.”

"Too bad.” Cahin said.

“You’re a jerk right now,” I growled.

"I know. So, let’s get this started. Sorak, I need you to remain calm, and cover yourself in a body of water. Any will do for now," Cahin instructed. Sorak nodded and water from all sides came rushing in and surrounded him completely. The rough water soon became smooth, and looked like a pure glass orb. ”Don’t break your concentration. No matter what."

Sorak nodded within the water orb.

Cahin filled my hand with flames that strained my body to no extent. Sorak gasped out, air bubbles disturbing the water. I felt my consciousness go into the flames, and I opened my eyes. I looked around, and I was in the room. But I looked to left, and my body was standing there, a lot bigger than it was supposed to be.

I looked at the body of water and saw on the surface, that I was a tiny figurine made out of flames. They were all True Flames by the look of it. I recognized them from a year ago. I’d recognize their beauty anywhere. Cahin just pulled flames from the True Realm of Fire, and just made my consciousness into a whole bunch of flames.

“You’re so going to pay when I come back!” I shouted.

"You sure seem confident that you’re going to come back," Cahin said.

“I will. You wouldn’t leave me anywhere other than in my own body,” I said.

"Ha! When did you become such a comedian? You ready?" Cahin said.

“Yup. Fire away,” I chuckled.

I felt me being pulled back and then I surged forward into the water, where the flames expanded throughout the orb of water.

"One last thing. Sorak, if you try to contact either Kaira, or the Spirit of Water while she’s in there, they both might die, and you’ll die with them," Cahin said.

“That would’ve been useful to know before you did this!” I shouted to Cahin.

"I told you. Complicated process." Cahin shrugged. ”Alright. This is what we’re going to have to do. Do you know how to open your soul?”

Sorak shook his head through the water.

"No matter. I will just use more power. You ready Kaira?" Cahin asked me.


"Perfect.” Something made the flames that were spread out through the water come together, and slip into Sorak’s body. I closed my eyes until I felt the surging stop. Once that weird feeling was over, I opened my eyes, and I looked at my hands. They were still made out of flames, but it didn’t matter to me at that point. I looked around at where I was, and I almost screamed.

While my Spirit Realm was bright, his was dark. The water didn’t look clear at all, it looked like a murky brown. My fire reflection didn’t even show up, it was just so murky and dark. I reached down to dip my hand into the water. Once my fingers went in, they disappeared. It wasn’t water; it was like ink. That was only the start. There were icebergs made out of the ink water, forming and crumbling and forming and it was just crazy. Then there were random waterfalls through the floor. Where they were going, I had no idea. Maybe they looped around the realm and fell from the sky.

“Spirit of Water? Hello?” I called out to the emptiness. It was so creepy.

“Who are you?” A voice boomed out, shaking everything.

“I’m Kaira. I’m here to help you, I think. Um, Cahin sent me if that helps things?” I said cautiously.

“Cahin?” The voice repeated.

“Yeah. Cahin. I’m his host, Kaira. He sent me in here and I just want to talk.”

Something bubbled in the waters and a child took form. She was small with long hair that kept flowing back and forth. Her iris and pupil were white, like Cahin’s, but what should be the whites of her eyes were icy blue. Her body was a bit bluer than the water that was in here but there was still some inky swirls going around her body. “Talk then.”

“Hm,” I hummed.


“Are all Spirits children?” I pointed at her.

“No. I’m only in this form because of those Masters of Water.”

“Wait, what?” I held my hands up to stop her. “How?”

Weren’t you taught by the Masters of Fire? You should know that they do this because we’re easier to control when we’re weak and vulnerable.”

“They refused to teach me, so, no.”
The Spirit of Water stared at me. “You haven’t been taught?”

“Nope,” I shook my head.

She started to pace back and forth. “Cahin sent you?”

“Yes, he did.”
“Why?” Her eyes narrowed even more.

“Because Sorak was trying to contact you so he could be like me and Cahin.”

“‘You and Cahin’?”

“Yeah, we talk a lot.”

“Of course.” The Spirit of Water stared at me. “What do you want to do?”

“I honestly want to get back in my actual body instead of being these.” I motioned to my body of flames. “But I have to say, if this was my Spirit Realm, I would want someone to help. So, I’m going to help.”

“What if I don’t want you to?”

“Well that’s too bad. Now, teach me how I can help because I’m not leaving until I make this place not horrible.”

The Spirit of Water started at me as I stood there. Then a smile cracked on her face. ”The resemblance is uncanny. Just follow my lead."

“What exactly are we doing?” I asked as I melted one of the icebergs. It was weird, the moment I melted the icebergs, the ink water turned clear and remained different from the ink water. The Spirit of Water was patching up some of the holes with the water I melted from the iceberg.

You’re boiling the impurities of the waters away. Once they go away, I can be myself again,” The Spirit of Water filled one of the holes completely with the clear water. Parts of her body started to clear up with it.

“I see. So, how exactly do the Masters do this kind of stuff?” I asked as I hovered to the next iceberg.

They break the Spirit Realm when the hosts are young. With the realms broken, it’s easier to control us at a fraction of the power. They think that they’re just helping the new Elemental Lord control their power when they just break us until we can do nothing but obey.” The iceberg I was melting cracked with each word she spoke. “Why didn’t they teach you?”

“I--I don’t know.”

“When were you found?”

“I was found a little over a year or two ago. I can’t really say for sure how long ago.”

The Spirit of Water laughed loudly. “He can be so reckless sometimes.”


“It’s nothing you need to know. How is Cahin, by the way?”

“He’s fine. Why?”

We haven’t talked in awhile and when we do. . .”

“What do you do?”

“We, heh heh, kind of fight.”

“Fight?” I immediately backed off, getting ready to protect myself.

Not like that. Well, sort of. Water and Fire Lords are known for not getting along. That’s probably because of the feelings Cahin and I have towards each other.”

“What kind of feelings?” I asked as I resumed melting the glaciers.

The Spirit of water stopped working to stare off into space before giving a sad smile. “Complicated ones.”

“Well, look at that. We’re finally done,” I laughed nervously. We both looked around, and saw the gleaming ice, and the pain and sadness that clouded the water was gone. When I looked at the Spirit of Water, she didn’t have a small child’s body anymore. It was a woman taller than me. Her long hair was pinned up at the back of her head and there was an Ice flower on the side of her face. She was absolutely beautiful.

It’s been so long. So very long,” the Spirit of Water explained as she looked around. “I can only experience a clean soul realm when they are young, but those years feel so short and the realm is weak. I forgot how nice it feels to feel like this. No wonder Cahin did what he did.”

“What did Cahin do?” I asked.

The Spirit of Water looked at me. “He kept you safe.” The Spirit of Water wiped the tears from her face and composed herself. She then stared at me with a soft gaze with a small smile on her face. “He trusts you, that’s something amazing in itself. I suppose I shall as well.”


“Let’s start this over. I am the Spirit of Water, but you may call me Syriene.” She placed her fingers on her chest as she gave a small nod to me.

“I’m the Lord of Fire, but call me Kaira,” I said as I copied her.

“Thank you, Kaira. Cahin chose well.”

“I hope you keep thinking that because no one else seems to think so,” I laughed.

“They are humans. They think they know what they need, but that is only what they want. When we give them what they need, they argue and tear it apart until it is what they want. You are what they need. You aren’t what they want, not by a longshot. But your job is to make them want you just as much as they need you.”

“That’s a lot of pressure.”

“That is what every Elemental host is chosen to do: to lead the people to being better. That is what they are all chosen to do. Sometimes the Spirits chose wisely, sometimes poorly, nowadays, it seems that we are not given that much choice.”

“What do you mean you don’t have ‘much choice’?” I asked.

Syriene looked at me. “Has Cahin not told you?”

“Told me what?”

You two ladies done? We both heard Cahin’s voice boom within the realm.

“Heeeey! We were just talking about you!” I shouted.

Knowing Syriene, it’s not all good stuff.

“It’s about what you haven’t told me!”

That’s a lot of things. You’ll have to be more specific.

"It’s good to hear your voice, Cahin.” Syriene gave that sad smile again.

Sure it is. I need to take her away now. Cahin said. My flames started to disappear, and Syriene looked extremely sad.

"You’re lucky, Cahin,” Syriene said.

I know.

"One moment. Hold out your hand.” Syriene direct that last part at me. I held out my hand. Then she took a bubble of water and made it surround my pinkie. Then the water bubble left my body, along with the flames that made up the pinkie. “There we go.”

“That’s my finger! Cahin! She just took my finger!” I shouted loudly.

Oh, grow up. They grow back. Cahin’s voice bounced around the air.

“Fingers do not grow back!” I shouted.

Really? Look at your hand.

I looked at my hand, expecting there to be only four fingers but all five were there. “How the hell--”
You’re made out of flames. That isn’t your actual body. Doi. So, you’re going to be talking to her whenever you can, I take it?

"Going to try. She’s very interesting to talk to.” Syriene explained.

“Compliment?” I asked.

“In a way, yes.” Syriene nodded.

“Okay, so I’m going now, apparently,” I said as my flames slowly dispersed through the air.

I can see that. Please take care of Cahin.”


“Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

“I can do that.”

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