Lord of Fire

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Chapter 20: Back to the Outside

My eyelids fluttered open, and I saw something blue hovering over me. I blinked several times, and Sorak was above me. He was waving his hand over my face several times, and said my name.

Unsure of my actions, I grabbed his hand and rubbed it against my face. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaand,” I said.

“What is wrong with her?” Another voice asked. I looked over, and I saw Bragor’s large stature.

“I-I’m not quite sure myself,” Sorak said as I rubbed his hand against my face.

“Bragor! I just came back from inside Sorak’s broken down place, and I saw a little girl! She was preeeeeetty, and then she grew up! Then I was made out of fire, and flames, and heeeeeeeey look. I’m not on fire anymore,” I stared at my hand.

“And then what?” Sorak asked.

“Then I melted the walls, and she played with my hair. HEY! WHERE’D MY FINGERS GO?!” I looked at my hand. Bragor made me open my fist. “Heeeeeey. You brought them back,” I giggled.

“Is it wrong to find this immensely amusing? Because I do,” Bragor chuckled.

“So, what else happened? Why did you melt the walls?” Sorak asked.

“They were falling apart and not supposed to be there. Sploosh, splash, sploosh, and there goes another wall. Why is that wall up? It should be down,” I got up and flames started to surround my arms and I started to aim it at the wall.

“And there it goes,” Sorak lied to me, pushing my arms down while quickly retracting them.

“But—” I pointed my arms again.

“It’s down. Now what happened?” Sorak said.

“I still see the waaaaaaaaaaaaall,” I protested, lifting my arms up again.

“It’s okay. The wall is down. You’re seeing things. What happened?” Sorak asked. I opened my mouth again. “What happened?”

“Turns out the people who made your soul place like that was Mr. Master. Mr. Master made your soul place like that. He made it all shattered-y,” my fingers waved around as if they were shattering.

“Who did?” Bragor asked.

“Mr. Master. Your Mr. Master did it tooooo. I didn’t have a Mr. Master, so mine is okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” I spun around in a circle.

“So, the Elemental Masters did this to us?” Bragor asked.

“Yeah. But they’re keeping it a secret, so ssssshhhhh,” I said.

“But why?” Sorak asked.

“Why what? Why did they do this to us? I dunno. Maybe it’s for a surprise party,” I said, while petting Sorak’s sleeve.

“Lady Kaira? May I ask what in the world you are doing?” Sorak said.

“Your arm looks like water. Why isn’t it flowing like water? Come on arm. Flooooooow,” I said while petting his arm.

“My arm does not flow, Lady Kaira,” Sorak said patiently.

“Are you sure?” I looked at him.

“Is she controlling herself?” Bragor asked.

“I am quite doubtful she is,” Sorak replied.

“Hey, are you a mountain?” I leaned up against Bragor.

“Why do you say that?” Bragor asked me.

“You’re big, and you’re strong. Lookit’ those muscles,” I poked his arm, and I felt his muscles were like stones. “Do you have rocks in your sleeves?” I asked while poking his arm.

“No,” Bragor said simply.

“What are these then?” I asked while still poking his arm.

“Those would be my muscles,” Bragor explained to me as if I were just learning words.

“Words,” I said.

“I beg your pardon?” Sorak asked me.

“Why are we talking when we can be knocking down this wall?” I asked, putting up my arms yet again.

“No tearing down this wall!” Sorak exclaimed while putting my arms down.

“Why?” I asked while tilting my head.

“Because the wall—” Sorak started.

“You love the wall more than me,” I interrupted him.

“What?” Sorak looked at me.

“That’s why you don’t want me to tear the wall down. You love it more than you love me,” I said.

“What?” Sorak looked to Bragor then back to me.

“That’s why you won’t let me tear down the wall,” I said.

“No, what?”

“That’s why the wall must come down,” I said.

“Kaira, stop. And tell me, is there anything else that happened?” Sorak got in front of me.

“She told me her name,” I tried to remember things in that weird state of mind.

“Yes? What is it?” Sorak said.

I paused, and shook my head, which in turn almost caused me to fall over. “Can’t remember. It went out of my head like a butterfly,” I caused my flames to make a fire butterfly. “See? There it goes,” I pointed at the butterfly.

“Do you suppose she is intoxicated?” Bragor asked.

“On what? She was fine when she was awake, the Spirit of Fire took over her body, she was put into flames, then she came out, and now she is like this,” Sorak explained the whole process.

“It was like a ride. Wheeeeee,” I threw my hands up into the air as if we were riding something.

“Good thing I found you guys. Coming here was a maze,” Akyro’s voice, at the time I didn’t recognize it.

“Are you sure? It was a straight path for the rest of us,” Sorak said.

“Have you been putting it off because you didn’t want to meet with her?” Bragor pointed at me, who swayed back and forth.

“Kaira,” Akyro’s face went from mildly irritated to absolutely furious. “WHAT WAS THAT OUT THERE?! WHY WERE YOU BEHAVING ATROCIOUSLY?!”

I stared at Akyro, whose breathing was even angry. “Who are you?”

Akyro’s face dropped for a second, then it got angry again, the calmed down. “Your Nanny it seems.”

“But you’re not an old lady. Nannies are supposed to be old ladies. And you sit on babies?” I swung around.

“It’s just a name. And not all nannies are old women, and where did sitting on babies come from?” Akyro said.

“Nanny. Naaaaaaannnnnnnie. What is it mixed with a man? Mannanny? Maaaaaannnny. You’re a Manny.” I pointed to Akyro.

“What is going on with her? It’s no fun to yell at her in this state,” Akyro said.

“We are not sure of it ourselves,” Sorak said.

“But we have obtained information about her visit to the Realm of Water,” Bragor said.

“Such as?” Akyro said.

“It’s gone to crap,” I giggled.

“Why is she giggling?” Akyro asked.

“Crap,” I giggled again.

“But yes. Through the teaching methods off the Elemental Masters, our Spirit Realms have broken down,” Bragor said.

“You can deduce that from her incessant rambling?” Akyro asked.

“Her ramblings have truth to them,” Bragor said. “Most times.”

“Most?” Akyro challenged.

“That is true. She wanted to break down that wall for reasons I still do not understand,” Sorak said.

“Wait, what?” Akyro said.

“THAT WALL IS STILL THERE!” I was reminded of the wall and my war of sorts. I lifted my arms surrounded by flames and pointed them at the wall again.

“No attacking the wall,” Sorak said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because that’s poor manners. You have to wait until the wall attacks first,” Bragor lied to me.

“Reeeeeeeeeealllllly?” I asked.

“Yes. Otherwise it is poor manners. Now, anything else about the masters we should know?” Bragor asked.

“The Spirit Lady said that the whole point of the Master’s teachings were to subjugate the Spirits, and then make them do the Lords’ biddings. And then they cry all alone. Your Spirit is crying Bragor! Lemme help him or heeeeeeer,” I pounded on Bragor’s chest.

“I do not believe they need help,” Bragor pushed me away, and kept me away at a distance.

“I do, and that all that matters to meeeeeeeee,” I almost fell asleep in his palm.

“What is going on with her?” Akyro said

“We are not sure ourselves,” Sorak said.

“Ask the Spirit of Fire. Perhaps he has some insight,” Bragor said.

“I’ll ask him. Heeeeeeey Cahin? What’s going on with me?” I asked.

Not even three seconds later, Cahin took over my body and pushed me aside. ”I think that she has been put through so much today that she’s like this. Her head is still trying to comprehend what is going on."

I have no idea how I did this, but I pushed Cahin aside and spoke. “I understand everything in the world!”

"How did you do that?" Cahin pushed me back.

I pushed him back as well. “Doooooooooo what?”

"Push me back. How did you do that?" Cahin said.

“I don’t know. Did I?” I asked.

“Yes. Stop it.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing. What are you doing?” I asked.

"You’re the one doing the weird thing."

“No, I’m not.”

"Yes, you are."

“No, I’m not.”

“Kaira. Please stay back while Cahin speaks to us,” Akyro said.

“Okay, Maaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnyyy,” I giggled. I fell back and Cahin overpowered me by so much.

"Now that she’s not going to interrupt me again, right?" Cahin said.

“Riiiiiight,” I said privately to Cahin.

"Good. Now, the matter at hand is what’s happening to your Spirit Realms, or in this case, the Realm of Water and the Realm of Earth. The problem is that they weren’t as strong as Kaira’s to begin with, and since you both came into this at young ages, it was easy to break it then. After Kaira and the Spirit of Water fixed your Realm of Water, it should be almost as strong as Kaira’s in a couple of years." Cahin said.

“Years?” Sorak asked.

"After sustaining that much damage, you should be thankful it’ll be healing at all," Cahin said dryly.

“Did it really sustain that much damage?” Bragor asked.

"You guys really don’t know what we’ve been dealing with. Our Spirit Realms are constantly broken so we’re weak enough we go into our vulnerable forms. When we’re in our vulnerable forms, it’s easier to make us do what you want. You guys don’t know because it’s what you’re taught. It doesn’t hurt you guys. It hurts us and ‘benefits’ you." Cahin hooked my fingers at ‘benefits’.

“Why ‘benefits’?” Akyro copied the hooks.

You two. Do you know how long it took Alyke to learn how to use smoke?” Cahin asked.

“It took five years, why?” Bragor shrugged.

“It took us a week. Kaira has a huge advantage over all other Elemental Lords: me. I know the proper techniques, I know how to actually teach. If she has trouble, there’s me. She has this huge advantage. There are so many techniques that you could learn but the options are taken away from you because of your broken Spirit Realms. You have a fighting chance now,” Cahin said to Sorak. “Good thing you’re young.”

“I’m not that young,” Sorak laughed while rubbing the back of his neck.

“I’ve been on this world long before humans. You’re young.” Cahin flipped my hair over my shoulder.

“I see.”

“Also being chosen by your Spirits gives you guys a distinct advantage as well. Meaning your Spirit Realm can hold a healthy Spirit. Otherwise the body just withers away then there’s an explosion of Spiritual Energy everywhere and then people die.”

“Aren’t all Elemental Lords chosen by the Elemental Spirits?” Akyro asked.

Cahin just stared at Akyro before laughing.

“Are you just not going to answer my question?” Akyro asked.

“You don’t need to know yet,” Cahin explained. “But the more important issue is what you’re going to do with your Elemental Masters.”

“What do you mean?” Sorak asked.

You’ve learned what they can do. What are you going to do about what they did? Are you going to let it happen to the next Lord of Water? Are you going to fix it or what?”

Sorak stammered. He looked at the ground before looking at Cahin-me. “What are you going to do?”

Let them die out.” Cahin shrugged my shoulders.

“How?” Sorak asked.

“Kaira’s not going to appoint another Master, is she?” Akyro piped up.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!” Cahin pointed at Akyro.

“Nobles are going to complain, you know,” Akyro said.

“Of course. They complain that the sun’s too bright and then expect me to do something about it just because some baseless system of hierarchy. Want me to say it to their face. I’ll say it. Don’t doubt me.”

“I don’t doubt you. I also ask that you don’t do what you just said. Despite it being you saying those words, it’s Kaira who’s going to get the brunt of the attack. I can only protect her from the crazy nobles for so long,” Akyro explained.

What? You want me to tack on a little ‘This is the Spirit of Fire talking, not Kaira’ at the end of each sentence I say to them?” Cahin chuckled.

“You know better than I that that won’t work.”

So, what is it you want me to do? Be quiet and just wait?” Cahin said as he got my face dangerously close to Akyro’s.


There was a long pause. “This is weird,” I pushed myself to the front.

Dammit! Kaira! I told you to stop doing that!” Cahin took over again.

“But this is weird!” I protested, swaying side to side.

What, may I ask, is so weird that you had to take over?” Cahin stopped my swaying.

“It’s weird that the wall is still up!” I got ready once again to shoot down the wall.

There was a collective groan from everyone.

“Also, how did the Masters learn to break you guys? I couldn’t even hit you. See?” I smacked my fist against my head several times until Akyro held my arm back. “So, how could they find out how to break you guys?”


“Helloooooooooo?” I called out once again. “How did they?”

You don’t need to know.”

“Who was the first one to break Caaaaaaaahin? Cahin-hon-han.” I wobbled back and forth.

The same idiot that got us in this mess,” Cahin sighed.

“What do you mean?” Bragor asked.

“Me?” Sorak asked really quietly.

Not in this mess. This mess.” Cahin spread his arms out wide.

“What mess?” Bragor asked.

What we are, what we’re doing. This mess.”

“’This mess’?” Akyro repeated.

Yes. This mess. Are all of you deaf now?” Cahin growled.

“I’m a messy person. Which mess am I in now?” I asked.

Forget it. You guys don’t need to know now. It’ll just mess with your minds. Especially yours.” Cahin raised my hand to flick my wrist in Bragor’s direction. “If being in her land wasn’t enough to put me on edge, you guys have officially made me on the edgier edge. Congratulations. But trust me, the damn ‘Elemental Masters’ are going to die out while Kaira still breathes. I suggest you two decide what you’re going to do about them. You have the chance to make things better for your Spirits. Even if it’s not the core problem we’re facing nowadays, it’s still a start.”

“What could be worse than having our soul realms being broken and our Spirits being used as only tools?” Sorak cried out.

Cahin turned me so I looked at Akyro. He cracked a smile before slamming my head onto the ground so I would black out.

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