Lord of Fire

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Chapter 21: Akyro's Appointment

“What are we still doing here?” I asked Akyro as we sat in Sorak’s library. I sat on the arm of the chair Akyro was sitting in so I could lean against Akyro and bother him while he read. After what happened in that room, everyone else decided it was a great idea to take the next few days to relax and forget about what happened. Even Cahin barely spoke.

“The next available boat that could take us back to the Capital is two weeks away,” Akyro said, turning a page of the book.

“There are plenty of boats that go from here to Pyra. I saw them in the port,” I retaliated.

“Cargo boats that aren’t going to the Capital.”

“We could find our way back to the Capital.”

“I looked at the schedules of the boats, the one closest to the capital is a three days carriage ride. If we go without notifying anyone, there’d be no carriage.”

“I could fly us there.”

“You would burn him into oblivion,” Bragor piped up from the other side of the library.

“I could go alone,” I said.

“No way will I allow that.” Akyro actually looked up from the book.

“What’s the point of being here if we can’t do anything?!” I shouted. Part of me lit on fire and I was immediately splashed with water.

“Thank you, Sorak.” Akyro went back to reading his book.

“I’m bored though. Can’t we do something?” I groaned some more.

“I have an outing planned soon. Would that work?” Sorak offered.

“Where? When? Can it be now?” I jumped from the chair.

“No, I made the arrangements for that specific day,” Sorak said.

“Damn,” I sighed. “What can we do?”

“You could sit quietly and not cause any trouble for the first time in your life,” Akyro said while flipping a page.

I whipped my head around to glare at him. “I’m going to burn you to a crisp.”

“You won’t,” Akyro said calmly.

“Oh really?” I leaned really close to him.

He looked at me with a small smirk on his face. “Really.”

“Alright, let’s not fight. It’s almost tea time. We can just sit down and talk about the books we recently read,” Sorak chimed in.

“Tea time?” Akyro nearly dropped his book. He looked at the clock and actually dropped the book. He jumped to his feet, knocking me off mine.

“Well this must be important to knock over Kaira,” Bragor commented.

“Is everything alright?” Sorak asked as Akyro raced past him.

“No, I have an appointment I must keep otherwise my mother will have my head served on a platter,” Akyro said.

“That would be a disappointing dinner,” I commented.

“With whom are you meeting?” Bragor called out. “Perhaps Lord Sorak or I know them and we could help.”

“No, it’s alright, I’ll be fine. I know where she is.”

She?’” I repeated as I popped in. I saw Akyro flinch violently. “Who’s ‘She?’”

“No one! Don’t worry about it!” Akyro shouted.

“Whoa, whoa. Everything’s alright. No need to shout,” Sorak calmly called after Akyro.

“I need to go, please stop worrying about it,” Akyro hurried out the Palace. The three of us stood there, in silence.

“I’m going to follow him,” I announced.

“I am following you,” Bragor added.

“I’m also going,” Sorak said.

“Wait a couple seconds,” I held my hand up. Sorak and Bragor waited as I stood there. “Okay, now we go,” I ran after the door Akyro went out of. I immediately saw Akyro’s receding figure at the bottom of the stairs. I ran to the bush at the top of the stairs and waited for another couple of seconds. Bragor and Sorak both hid behind different bushes. I peeked around the bushes to see if he was still there. When I only saw blue, I raced down the stairs and immediately started to climb the first house I saw.

“Wh--” Bragor started.

“Shush!” I hissed before climbing up the second story. It was weird climbing those houses. Someone then grabbed me from behind and brought me to the roof. “Thanks, Bragor.”

“Why did you not use your powers?” Bragor asked.

“I’ve learned that if I use my powers when running away from Akyro or while following him, he’ll notice. Him being the Fire Seeker and all,” I explained.

“How many times has he chased you?”

“A lot.”

“Why does he chase you?” Sorak asked once he got to the top of the house.

“Because I do something that’s wrong and annoy him or ‘neglect my duties.’”

“On purpose?” Both Sorak and Bragor asked.

I paused. “I have no idea why you two asked that and I don’t care. Alright. You guys, don’t make a lot of noise. People on roofs draw a lot of attention. But people usually don’t look up anyway. So, let’s find Akyro.” I looked over the edge of the house. “There.” I pointed to the only person not dressed in blue or green.

“Do we go after him, or--?” Sorak asked.

“We wait until we can’t see him, then we go on the ground, then climb a house close to the last point we saw him, and wait again to do it all over again,” I said.

“I have a better Idea.” Sorak snapped his fingers and a bunch of water collected right before us and froze into a solid piece of ice.

“Good idea.” Bragor stepped onto the ice thing after picking me up with one arm.

“Any reason you picked me up?” I asked.

“No,” Bragor shrugged.

“Well okay. Let’s go find Akyro!” I shouted.

“Right,” Sorak chuckled before the ice block rose above the clouds and then dropped suddenly. Bragor had to cover my mouth before I screamed loudly. We dropped right above a house with Akyro right across the way. “Well, there he is.”

“With a girl,” I noted.

“She’s obviously high class. Why did she agree to meet in an alleyway?” Sorak pondered aloud.

“Why the hell isn’t he noticing us?” I murmured aloud.

“I believe he is more intrigued with the other party,” Bragor said.

“He is rather focused,” Sorak nodded.

“Hushush! I want to hear what he’s saying!” I hissed at the other two.

“Does it really have to be this way?” The girl cried out. SeShe was from Aquaria, dressed all in blue with long blonde hair flowing behind her.

“Yes. I’m sorry, but it’s officially over,” Akyro’s voice was deeper than usual.

“Why?! Did you find someone to replace me?!”

“‘Replace?’ No, not at--”

“Then why?!”

“Because I don’t wish to marry you!”

“Why not?!”

“Because I don’t!”

“That’s not an answer!”

“But it is. . .”

“That woman is very forward,” Bragor said.

“I’ve never seen Akyro squirm so much,” I chuckled. Then I stopped laughing.

“Is she. . . . ?” Sorak said

“She is.” Bragor said

“SHE’S KISSING HIM!” I laughed hysterically. I watched the girl kiss Akyro, and he tried to back away, but the girl had an iron grip on him.

“That is quite. . .” Sorak couldn’t finish.

“I agree,” Bragor said.

“THIS IS HILARIOUS!” I howled with laughter.

“Quiet. They might hear you,” Sorak said.

“I think they might’ve already,” Bragor said.

“Duck!” I hissed quickly, and we all fell to the floor of the roof, Bragor shaking the whole building.

“Did you hear something?” The girl said in a somewhat seductive voice.

“Nope. You’re hallucinating. I have to go back. Without me, Lady Kaira is probably blowing something up. And somehow dragged Lord Sorak and Lord Bragor with her,” Akyro tried to leave.

“He is quite accurate,” Bragor said.

“I’m not blowing anything up yet,” I said.

When none of us could’ve heard anything anymore, we looked over the edge, and the girl was pulling on Akyro’s arm. She was practically begging for Akyro to stay. But it was obvious that Akyro wanted desperately to get away.

“It’s because of her!” The girl stamped her foot.

“Oooooh, ten times more interesting,” I got over the edge more so I could see the confrontation.

“Who?” Akyro played innocent.

“You know exactly who I am talking about!” She shouted.

“Not if you don’t say her specifically,” Akyro was looking at every loophole possible.

“You are a terrible person!” The girl slapped Akyro across the face before running while crying.

“That went over smoothly,” Bragor said.

“Yeah,” I chuckled. Akyro slowly turned his head to look at us. I cheekily gave him a wave before running off on the rooftops. Bragor and Sorak bowed before running off after me.

“I can’t believe you three!” Akyro yelled when we were back in the library, acting as if nothing happened.

“What is unbelievable?” Bragor asked.

“The fact that we were able to get here faster than you, or that we are reading the same books since we left?” Sorak asked.

“YOU WERE SPYING ON ME!” Akyro shouted. I had a feeling that he was mainly directing it at me. Maybe it was the obvious glare he was giving me.

“Spying is such a strong term. We were merely following you and making sure you didn’t do anything stupid,” I smirked.

“Same thing,” Akyro said.

“Not at all. How could you say that? Our intentions were pure!” I said, pretending to be offended.

“Please don’t spy on me any more,” Akyro said.

“So, how was it?” I smirked, leaning forward in my chair.

“What?” Akyro looked at me.

“You and that girl, kissing, oooh la la. What else?” I laughed.

“You think I liked it?” Akyro said.

“Maybe?” I shrugged.

“Just how loose do you think I am?” Akyro asked.

“Isn’t it normal to like kissing people?” I asked.

“What if someone did that to you?” Akyro raised his eyebrow.

I stopped. “Hm, you have a point. So, who was she?”

“You should’ve done a better job spying on me and figured that out.”

“She was a prostitute, and you chickened out,” I started off our guesses.

“What?” Akyro looked at me.

“She is a noble’s daughter that wanted to make love with you so you’d be bound to her forever,” Sorak guessed.

“What are you doing guessing?” Akyro asked.

“She is an assassin that wanted to kill you and she fell in love with you,” Bragor said.

“You too?” Akyro said, looking at Bragor.

“She’s an ex-lover that wants to kill you and make love to you at the same time,” I guessed again.

“How would that work?” Sorak asked.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged.

“She is the one woman that you talked to besides Kaira, and she thought of herself as special, but you have a more important duty ‘baby-sitting’ Kaira,” Bragor said.

“She is a woman that used to have unrequited feelings for you from a long time ago, and believed that now would be a good time to catch you and bind you to her forever through seduction,” Sorak said.

“Please stop,” Akyro said.

“We cannot make fun of you for entertainment?” Bragor inquired.

“I didn’t know that you guys would do that to me,” Akyro said.

“Obviously, we are,” Sorak said.

“Do you guys want to know who she is?” Akyro said.

“Yes, please. Tell us,” I smiled mischievously.

He paused.“I don’t trust that smile,” Akyro said.

“Who cares?” I smiled even more evilly.

“I care,” Akyro said.

“You’re so sensitive about everything,” I sighed.

“Stop smiling,” Akyro said.

“Please stop smiling, Lady Kaira. I wish to know the girl and if she is a threat to Terratin,” Bragor said.

“How would she be a threat?” I asked.

“You never know who else she might stalk,” Bragor explained.

“She’s not a stalker. She’s a dropped fiancé,” Akyro said.

“You mean, you and her? Marriage? Babies?” I said.

“Yes and no. My mother wants me to get married to someone in order to further her political power and riches. She’s tried to get me married to at least five different women,” Akyro said.

“Hoo hoo hoo. You little player,” I giggled.

“Not my choice. I dropped them all. I didn’t find any of them interesting, and I’m not interested in marrying at this moment. I could now that I found you, now that I think about it. . .” Akyro murmured the last part absent-mindedly.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“What?” Akyro looked up.

“Yes, what does that mean?” Bragor asked.

Akyro paused and realized what he said. “Wait! Wait! No! That’s not what I meant! No!”

“What did you mean then?” Sorak asked.

“I meant that my job is over and--and--uh--er!” Akyro was stuttering like a crazy old man. His whole face was flushed.

“Was that a slip of the tongue?” Bragor asked.

“It was poor phrasing!” Akyro insisted.

“You sure about that?” Sorak asked.

“I’m positive!” Akyro slammed his fist on the arm of the chair.

“Why are getting so bothered about this?” I asked.

“It’s nothing!” Akyro shouted.

“He accidentally revealed--” Bragor started, then Akyro jumped to his feet and left the room.

“What just happened?” I asked aloud. Sorak laughed loudly. “Why are you laughing?”

“I forget that there are things that Akyro hasn’t been exposed to,” Sorak explained.

“Like what?”

Sorak only gave a large smile in return.

“That’s not an answer.”

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