Lord of Fire

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Chapter 6: Found

“We got you surrounded, surrender,” the voice ordered. I turned around, and saw the man who was chasing after me. Everything inside of me was screaming to get the hell away from him.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t you,” I said, calmly. “What drew you here? The smell of blood? Fear? Haroj?”

“Shut up!” Haroj elbowed my good side.

“So, what brought you here?” I asked.

“Most women don’t need to cover their hair this season and climb on top of a building with ease,” Fire Seeker said.

“I could just be someone who doesn’t like women’s fashion rules. Wait, why do you know women fashion rules?” I asked.

“And you just happen to have a blood stain on that dress and may I remind you, you are on a roof.” Fire Seeker ignored my question.

“I blame you.” I looked at Haroj, who, in return, rolled his eyes.

“Now, come easily. This chase is really tiresome, ” Fire Seeker held out his hand.

“I’d rather get stabbed. . . again,” I growled.

“That could easily be arranged,” Fire Seeker’s face was infuriatingly calm.

“Oh, go to hell!” I yelled. I turned around and ran to the edge of the roof, Haroj following me. I was bout to jump off when I peered down. The whole alleyway below was filled with guards.

“You don’t listen well. I told you: you’re surrounded,” Fire Seeker said in a smug tone that made me want to kick him off the roof.

“I just didn’t want to listen to you. What is it that you want?” I asked, secretly motioning Haroj to run. Haroj nodded and slowly backed away.

“You know exactly what I want,” Fire Seeker said as he moved closer to me.

“Maybe once I get to know you more. Right now doesn’t seem like a good time.” I tried to walk away from him. He noticed and started to walk faster.

“That was so funny that I forgot to laugh,” Fire Seeker was not slow in any sense of the meaning.

“I think you’re lying and you didn’t get the joke because you’re really dumb,” I said.

“Oh no. The pain. How could you say that to me? Augh.” Fire Seeker was completely monotone as he said that.

“Well, if you’re going to be rude about it--” I turned towards the edge of the roof.

“Okay, enough with the games. You know exactly who you are and what powers you possess.”

“I don’t have a damn power! I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about!” I yelled.

“You cannot be this obtuse.” Fire Seeker shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Still have no idea what you’re babbling about, so just leave me the hell alone!” I yelled.

“I guess there’s no other way,” Fire Seeker decided to escalate the matter by taking a freaking swing at me. I didn’t see it coming but my body moved out of the way the last second. But right after I dodged, I immediately fell onto my ass, sliding to the edge of the roof, almost falling onto the street. Without even a second between swings, the Fire Seeker lunged at me. I pushed myself out of the way. I knew if I tried to even attack him, he would do something way worse than stabbing a spear through my side. I wasn’t sure what, but I just felt it.

“Stop denying it! I can sense it!” he shouted at me between attacks. How was I avoiding him? How?

“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!” I yelled back, sick of him. I stuck my foot in between both of his and swiped at one leg, catching him off guard. He didn’t fall, but he stumbled and that was enough time for me to gain some distance on him.

“You do! Just give in!” Fire Seeker yelled.

“I don’t know! What the hell are you saying?! Tell me now why you’re making it your life goal to make my life more hellish than it already is!” I shouted at him.

“You want it spelled out for you?”

“I can’t read, so that’d be a problem!” I couldn’t help myself. I had to put that in.

“You’re the one who lit every single oil lamp on fire! You’re the one who started that house fire!” He swung his fist at me again, and I narrowly dodged it.

“How?” I yelled.

“You dropped a candle.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“That was sarcasm. You can control fire!”

I stopped trying to avoid him for a second to start dying of laughter. “Do you even hear yourself?! That’s gotta be the craziest thing you ever said! I don’t even know you that well and I already know!”

“You denying the fact isn’t going to change what’s already happening!”

“You insisting you’re right won’t make what you’re saying true!”

“Just give in!”


“Admit it!”

“Do it!”

“Over my dead body!”

“How long are you going to deny it?!”

“For as long as I can!” I started to feel my legs wobble. My immediate thought was to look at my side. It wasn’t bleeding out, so I wasn’t shaking from blood loss, but I had no idea what else it could be. Suddenly, I felt my feet sink into the roof below me. It felt too real to be a blood loss hallucination. Suddenly, stones climbed up around me, making sure I wasn’t able to move my arms at all.

“This is her?” I heard the deep rumbly voice from the alleyway behind me ask. I turned around to see the leader of Terratin walk around me. He was like the wall: unnecessarily big.

“Yes. This is her.” Fire Seeker nodded.

“Smaller than I would have expected. Interesting hair color. Full of potential as well. This will be an interesting journey we will have,” deep rumbly other voice man analyzed me.

“Let’s try and get her to the palace before she slips through our fingers again,” Fire Seeker said. Other voice man was about to lift me up when a spear came flying through the air. “MOVE!” Fire Seeker yelled. The spear landed right in the rock, cracking it and making it brittle. The cracks made some of the stone in the middle fall down and give me more room to move.

“Hey! Look! I got spears!” I heard a very familiar voice. Was that. . . Yulik?

“Hey! Stop swinging those things at me!” That was Tyor.

“You better listen to our demands if you want to get out of here in one piece!” Yulik again.

While Fire Seeker and other voice man looked over the edge to watch whatever show Tyor, Yulik and maybe Enucia were putting on, I took the time to completely climb out of the rock jail and ran to the edge of the roof. Haroj was waiting there for me, without a single guard hanging around.

“Hey!” Fire Seeker pleaded. Stones started to fly past my head, and one actually hit my back, but that didn’t stop me. I dragged the spear into the side of a house so I didn’t get to the ground too fast. In the middle of my descent, the stones of the house started to swallow the spear altogether. Instead of fighting it, I just let go and flopped onto the ground. Haroj immediately helped me up and we took off running. That energy from before was back so I really didn’t focus on my side.

Haroj and I weren’t paying attention to the alleyways as we ran. We were more focused on the stones constantly whizzing by us, me specifically. Not to mention probably the entire city guard on our tail. “Oh, hell no!” I shouted at the dead end. I slammed my hands against the wall, hoping it would crumble beneath my palms. To add to my misery, my side wound reopened again, so climbing out of the hole was a no go.

“What do we do?!” Haroj yelled.

“I don’t know! I don’t know!” I racked my brain for any escape.

“Oh, man. We’re gonna die here,” Haroj sighed.

“Please, Spirits; If thou merciful and don’t completely hate me, please let there be a way out,” I pleaded to the Spirits.

“The Spirits hate you,” Haroj shook his head.

“Do you want their help or not?” I growled at him.

“Please don’t hate her,” he pleaded along with me.

“Is chasing you down going to be a thing? I hope not. This seems aggravating,” Fire Seeker groaned.

“Poor you. You have to chase someone around. Soooo terrible.” I rolled my eyes.

“Just go quietly,” Fire Seeker said, obviously exasperated with my antics.

“I never do anything quietly,” I shrugged.

“She never really does,” Haroj agreed.

“I can see that. Why? Why go through all of this trouble?” Fire Seeker asked.

“I don’t want to be your prisoner! I don’t want to be locked up because I might have a power!” I said.

You won’t be a prisoner! There is no ’might have’! I know! I am the Fire Seeker! That’s my job!” Fire Seeker explained.

“Is that why it took you sixteen years to actually do your job?” I asked.

Fire Seeker tensed up. “One last chance before I take you in, but not before breaking both arms and legs.”

“So having me surrounded and fighting me isn’t enough?” I said sarcastically.

“No. Enough is having to jab you in the side with a spear again and put you in a burning building. Then again, not even that will stop you.” Fire Seeker said.

“Fire Seeker, come here a moment,” other voice man called to him.

“Surround her and make sure she doesn’t escape,” Fire Seeker said, and the guards surrounded me, making a dense wall. I looked for anyway of escaping. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any that didn’t involve killing the guards. “Let the boy go. He’s in the way.” Fire Seeker ordered.

“What’s so important that you need her for anything?” Haroj asked.

“Yeah, what do you need me for?” I asked.

“Spirits help me,” The Fire Seeker groaned as he covered his face. “If he doesn’t leave willingly, I give you all permission to forcefully remove him.”

“You dirty, stupid, rotten--” Haroj started.

“That would actually be pretty awesome,” I said.

“Kaira!” Haroj punched me right in the spear wound. I immediately fell over, the guards all kinda watching, wondering what they should do. Fire Seeker and other voice man just stared. “We’re only in this mess because you’re the one who had to run from the guards in the first place!”

“We were only found by the Fire Seeker because you had to show me the stupid wall!” I shouted back, still clutching my side.

“Because it’s your fault that that guy had to make it so freaking big!” Haroj shouted.

“Oh everything’s my fault with you, isn’t it?!”

“Because everything is your fault!” Haroj held his leg up to kick me. I immediately covered my bad side. When the kick didn’t connect, I opened my eyes to see Fire Seeker holding Haroj back. “Let me go with your dirty noble hands!” Haroj twisted around.

“I told you guys to get rid of him and you did what?” Fire Seeker just ignored Haroj.

“Right! Sorry, sir!” One guard stepped forward and tried to take Haroj from him. When Haroj kicked him in the face, then there was a problem. Haroj was like a wild animal at that point. The guards tried to take Haroj but Haroj would just kick them rather dead on in the head. WIthout a word, Fire Seeker released Haroj from his grip only to hit his palms on each ear or around there and Haroj paused and then fell to the ground.

“HEY!” I scrambled to get to Haroj.

“He’s knocked out. He’s not dead,” Fire Seeker quickly explained.

“Still!” I tried to get to him, but one movement from Fire Seeker caused a guard to pick me up and hold me back from Haroj.

“Please calm down. Do you want me to do that to you?” Fire Seeker asked. I glared at him but stopped trying to get out of the guard’s grip. “Okay then.”

“Hey!” I called over.

“What?” Fire Seeker sighed.

“Can you teach me that?” I asked. “I want to be able to do that. I would be saved a lot of injuries.”


“Why not?!”

“If done incorrectly, you could kill him.”

“Can you teach me that?”

“Guards, make sure she doesn’t go anywhere,” Fire Seeker commanded before getting out of the guard circle.

“Hey, didn’t you die a month ago?” A guard asked me.

“There’s some controversy on that,” I shrugged.

“How did you survive?” The guard laughed.

“If I knew, I would tell you the secret.” I smiled.

“That would be a nifty little trick to know.” The guard nodded.

“When I figure it out, I’ll tell you.”

“Now, about your hair--”

“I don’t know and I can’t tell you.”

“So about that wild child, is he your friend?”

“Haroj? I guess, sorta.”

“Doesn’t he hate you?”

“He’s just an angry kid that likes taking his anger out on me as you just saw.”

“How could you let him do that?”

“I don’t. I hit him back.”

“You really shouldn’t put up with that.”

“He’s one of the better choices here.”

“He’s the better choice.”
“Look at me. The streets aren’t usually the place for meeting nice people. You’re a guard, you know what kind of people are hiding in them.”


“We would like a word privately,” other voice man interrupted our conversation. The guards immediately stepped back other voice man scratched his dark beard that was somewhat close to his face as he tried to deduce on what to speak on the matter. Fire Seeker was also glaring at me. There was a long silence as the two of them just stared at me. “Proper introductions are in order, I suppose,” other voice man said.

“Of course that’s what’s in order,” I gave a sarcastic chuckle.

“Hello. I am called Lord Bragor.” Other voice man bowed quickly to me. Everyone, including me, stared incredulously. I guess things are way different in Terratin. “What do they call you?”

“That’s not important.” I folded my arms across my chest.

“I believe the person who was previously attacking her called her ‘Kaira’,” Fire Seeker said smugly.

I glared at him. “You can shut up now.”

“I guess you will not come along willingly,” he looked at me with bright green eyes. It really contrasted his dark skin. It looked really badass.

“Nope,” I shook my head.

“I guess I have no choice other than to fight,” Lord Bragor said.

“That’s right,” I nodded. “Wait. No. Let’s not.”

“Everyone, step back. This is going to escalate quite quickly,” Lord Bragor turned to the soldiers behind him. Lord Bragor turned to me and the next thing I knew, the road beneath my feet started to rise. I jumped onto the first roof I could, but that of course wouldn’t stop Lord Bragor. He had stones, boulders, bits of the road thrown at me. I scrambled around, trying my damndest not to get hit.

“Stop holding back!” Lord Bragor yelled.

“I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about!” I yelled as I slid down the roof and onto the ground. It was not a great landing, but it wasn’t too bad. It only almost broke my legs.

“You do! Deep in your heart!” Lord Bragor called out.

“What is it with hearts and power?! THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER!” I yelled.

“I do not know where that saying came from either, just look within for the power!” Lord Bragor yelled.

“NO! SCREW YOU!” I yelled as I turned into another alleyway, but was met with Lord Sorak and a wall of water. “THAT IS SO NOT FAIR!” I yelled.

“When did we say it would be fair?” Lord Bragor shrugged as he blocked off the other side of the alleyway. He started to take the stone out of the houses and buildings nearby and started to chuck them at me while Lord Sorak was freezing the water and throwing ice spikes at me.

I couldn’t keep up with two things going after me. After a while of trying not to die, I just couldn’t take it. Stones bruised me and ice spikes pierced my skin. I fell to the ground, done with fighting. If they really wanted me dead, I guess I couldn’t go against it. I just wanted to know what I did that made two Elemental Lords want me dead.

Let me help you. A voice in the back of my head whispered.

“Who the hell are you?” I whispered back.

“Cease fire!” Lord Sorak shouted to Lord Bragor.

You’re hurt. Let me help. The voice got louder.

“I’ve been hurt before,” I muttered, trying to get up to my feet once again. I barely made it to my knees before my body gave out. I was bloody, bruised, wheezing mess. No way was I getting out of this. I had no more tricks. There was no way in hell I could pull off what I did a month before. I was done for.

“We went too far,” Lord Sorak stated.

Yeah, screw your tough guy act. I’m helping you out, whether you like it or not. The voice sounded exasperated. Suddenly the alleyway filled the brim with flames, knocking all of the rocks away and melting the ice spears that came close to my body. The first thing I didn’t feel was fear. It wasn’t pain. It was a surge of energy. All the pain that weighed me down seemed to melt away. I stared at the flames that surrounded my body. They clung to my body, burning everything else off my body, but leaving me alone. They charred the stones beneath my feet but left me intact. I looked back to Lord Bragor and Lord Sorak, who shared the same expression of relief.




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