Lord of Fire

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Chapter 8: Still Running

“Do you think they’ll remember me?” I asked the voice as I walked through the hole that the magic flames made for me because how else would I get in? Go over it? Perish the thought.

You were on fire and then you flew into the sky. Would you forget something like that?

“Probably not.” I started to dash through the alleys. I made sure that no guards even noticed me as I walked through the alleyways. I looked at every corner, waiting for the guards to finish their routes.

You’re close to your destination. The voice said in a monotone tone. . . Tone. . . tone, tone, tone. Tone.


Stop saying tone.

“Don’t tell me how to live my life.”


Stop that.



Okay, hopefully your ‘house’, which is coming up on your left, will shut you up.

“How do you know where my ‘house’ is?”

I’ve seen you go home everyday.

“A little stalkerish,” I said slowly.

I’ve been a part of your soul your whole entire life. The voice said.

“Can you get out?”

If I leave, you’re dead. You’re my host. I’m the reason you can use fire.

“Dammit!” I cursed. I thought further into the words the voice said. “Are you the Spirit of Fire?”

I know that you know. How are you only asking me now?

“I was kind of more focused on the fact that fire was coming out of my entire body.” I managed to sneak back into my alleyway without any of the annoying guards on my back. “Ah! ‘House’, sweet ‘house,’” I sighed as I saw the familiar cloth strung across the alleyway. House.


Do not start that up again.

I opened the curtain to see. . . them.

‘House’, sweet ‘house’. With guests. I gazed upon the other people that thought that they could use MY ‘house’ as their own. Of course.

“Really, guys. Really?” I sighed.

“Heeey, um, Kaira. Funny seeing you here, after you know, blasting off into the sky. Dying for a second time, not actually dead, I can see that. So, you’re back, how have you been? The sky a good place to go? I can’t really go there myself, but you’ve been there. So, you look great for someone that almost died again. Heeeey,” Yulik said nervously. Something told me that he was surprised that I was alive.

“What happened to your clothes?” Tyor asked.

“The old ones burned,” I said quickly. “I was given this.”

“It looks. . . good?” Tyor struggled to say.

That looked like it hurt for him to say. The voice laughed. I laughed with the voice.

“That wasn’t funny,” Yulik chimed in.

“Yeah,” Enucia agreed.

“It wasn’t,” I said.

“You left us again.” A voice behind me said. I spun around and there was Haroj. Boy, did he look more pissed than usual.

“Ah. That was not my fault. Just like me getting stabbed and then having a house burn down on me isn’t my fault, so you shouldn’t be mad at me,” I said.

Actually, the house burning thing was you. Just saying. The Spirit of Fire reminded me.

“Oh yeah, that would make sense,” I muttered.

“Who are you talking to?” Yulik asked.

But before I could answer, “But you did it anyway,” Haroj said.

“I didn’t mean it! Cut me some slack, dude!” I yelled.

“When are you moving out?” Haroj asked.

“Huh? What the hell are you talking about?” I put my hands on my hips and scowled at him.

“You’re moving to the Ember Palace right? I mean, you are the Lord of Fire after all!” Haroj was laughing as well as yelling. His laugh was dark and twisted, along with sadness thrown in there for spice.

He’s gone off the deep end. The Spirit of Fire sang.

“Hey! I am not the Lord of Fire!” I yelled.

Yes, you are. Spirit of Fire said.

“Shut up,” I pointed to my head.

“Why are you talking to yourself?” Yulik laughed.

“Shut up,” I said. “Look Haroj. I never agreed to it, so I’m not the official Lord of Fire,” I reasoned.

If you have an Elemental Spirit, you are an official Lord of anything. Spirit of Fire said.

“You’re not helping!” I yelled at my head.

I know I’m not. I’m just making you look insane! Spirit of Fire laughed hysterically.

“You are a complete ass, you know that right!?” I yelled at my head.

I’ve never been told that before. But yeah, I’m an ass. Spirit of Fire laughed.

“Kaira? To whom are you talking to?” Tyor asked me.

“Shut up,” I pointed to the boy. “You too!” I pointed to my head.

“HEY! When are you leaving here?!” Haroj yelled.

“I’m not leaving!” I yelled back.

“You should. You’re nobility, even though you don’t deserve it,” Haroj mumbled. “You’re the worst person I know.”

“Haroj?” I looked at him.

Can I burn him? Spirit of Fire asked me.

“What’s gotten into you?” I asked Haroj.

Don’t ignore me.

“Why should I tell you? We’re not equals. We must seem so small to you now, Lady Elemental Lord.” Haroj’s voice was filled with such spite. I’ve seen Haroj pissed off before, but never like this. He was scary.

Don’t be scared of this small fry. He’s less important than you think. The Spirit of Fire casually commented. I really didn’t want to comment on that. Wise choice.

“Haroj! Why are you attacking her? She’s one of us. If she were truly an ‘Elemental Lord’, would the guards risk stabbing her? No. They would take every precaution to make sure she survived. They didn’t. She’s one of us,” Tyor stood up for me.

Aw, that’s cute. The Spirit of Fire chuckled.

“Yeah. She’s one of us!” Enucia said.

“Not anymore. Show ’em. Show ’em how you survived the fire. Show ’em how you blasted into the sky,” Haroj dared me.

“Haroj,” I sighed.

“Show them,” Haroj got close and personal.

“I’m not going to do that,” I said quietly. “I don’t know if I can control it.”

“Then leave,” Haroj said.

“Wait, control what?” Yulik asked.

“No. Get out of that foul mood, then I’ll think about it,” I said.


“You’re delusional,” I sighed.

“What about the controlling thing?!” Yulik shouted.

“SHOW THEM NOW!” Haroj shouted at me as he shook me back and forth

I stared at Haroj, who was seething. “Shut up,” I shook my head.

“WHAT?!” Haroj yelled.

“I SAID SHUT! THE! HELL! UP!” I repeated. I crushed Haroj’s hands and threw them to the side. “Why do you have to control me?! Why?”


Ah, that is a good one. The Spirit of Fire chuckled.

“Would you stop that?!” I shouted at my head.

“WHO! ARE! YOU! TALKING! TO?” Haroj yelled at me.


“IT IS MY DAMN BUSINESS!” Haroj yelled.

“NO, IT’S NOT!” I yelled at him. We went back and forth with yells at each other. Yulik, Tyor, and Enucia looked at us uncomfortably.

“Guards are coming,” one of the posts called to us. Haroj and I both quieted down our argument, but didn’t stop it.

“You need to go,” Haroj whispered.

“No,” I growled.

“I’ll make you go,” Haroj threatened.

“No, I don’t feel like it,” I whined. I walked over to my hammock and swung in it

“Get o—” Haroj started.

“Shut up,” I interrupted him.

“Kaira! Get o—” Haroj tried to say again.

“Shut up,” I interrupted him.

“Who goes there?” A voice said from outside of my area.

“Now you guys attracted the guards. Greeeeeeat,” Yulik said.

“Shut up,” I replied.

“I think--yeah it is, it is her,” the voice from outside agreed with himself.

“Nobody here but us orphans,” I called out.

“What she said,” Tyor said.

“But that’s the Lord of Fire, ain’t it?” Another voice said.

“Nope. Lord of Fire is a dude,” I called out.

“She can’t be her. She doesn’t know.” The guards went away.

“Waaaait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! The Lord of Fire is a girl?!” Yulik said, bewildered.

“More specifically, her,” Haroj said. “You didn’t listen to us earlier?”

“Nah. Never pay attention,” Yulik shrugged.

“And that’s why you get beaten up all the time,” Tyor said to Yulik.

“Quiet yoooouuu. . .” Yulik said, probably forgetting Tyor’s name.

“Did you forget my name?” Tyor asked.


“May I come in?” A guard said.

“No. Private conversation,” I said. I turned back to Yulik, “Pay attention to your surroundings, or you’ll die.”

“Surely you mean that figuratively,” Yulik gulped.

“No. I mean it literally,” I said.

“Crap,” Yulik sighed.

“We need to make sure that all alleyway children are not who the Fire Seeker is searching for,” the other guard said.

“That’s nice. I thought you already determined that I’m not,” I said.

“We ha ve to be positive,” the guards said.

“Nah, this search ended up a failure. Buh-bye,” I said, hoping that would get them off my back.

“No, it’s not,” Haroj said.

“Don’t sell me out,” I hissed to him.

Haroj didn’t listen. “Yeah. Your search came up positive. Here is the Lord of Fire!”

“Haroj!” Tyor, Enucia, and I all yelled at him.

“You’re the Lord of Fire?!” Yulik pointed at me.

“PAY ATTENTION!” Tyor, Enucia, and I yelled at Yulik.

“Grab her now! She’s in here!” Haroj yelled. The guards ripped down the cloth and pointed their weapons at Enucia, Tyor, and Yulik. They passed Haroj and came up to me.

“Come with us, or we’ll kill the children,” the guards said.

“Wow, rude. Can’t we discuss this like civilized people?” I chuckled. I looked the guards up and down while they did the same with me. “Right.”

“Come with us or the children die.” The guards tightened their grip on their weapons pointed at the children’s heads.

“Wow, didn’t have to go that far,” I stared at Tyor, Enucia, and Yulik, seeing their terrified faces. I looked at Haroj’s face, seeing it filled with anger and darkness. “Fine. Just put down the weapons,” I sighed. The guards put down the weapons and took my arms into their grip, making sure that I didn’t run away just yet.

“Yes! We got her!” One of the guards cheered.

Once we left, I heard Tyor and Yulik yelling at Haroj. I heard Enucia’s sobs. I didn’t hear a single sound come out of Haroj.

I should’ve burned that idiot at the chance. Spirit of Fire cursed.

“That would’ve solved nothing,” I whispered.

It would’ve prevented this indignity.

“This is an indignity?” I asked quietly after getting strange looks from the guards.

Yes. You should’ve had to have been dragged.

“Then don’t let them,” I smirked.

Ha ha! On it! Spirit of Fire went quiet for a moment, and my whole body burst into flames.

“Perfect! Thanks!” I shouted as all the guards backed up. I took the chance to run away once again. I ran as fast as I could and ended up in the market, surrounded by more guards.

“Perfect,” Fire Seeker said.


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