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The Magic Celebration Day Parade

By Trisha M. Wilson All Rights Reserved ©

Children / Fantasy

Short Story

“Welcome to the 6217th annual Magic Celebration Day Parade!  I am Acorn –”

“ – And I’m Merril,” Acorn’s co-host said.

“And we are happy to be your hosts for this momentous parade.”  Acorn smiled at the floating camera.

“On the ground for us is Lilac and she’ll get you the in-depth story on all the parade floats,” Merril said.  “Lilac, how’s it going out there?”

The image of a windswept dragon appeared on the screen.  “Windy,” Lilac said with a laugh.  “According to the Rememberer, there are going to be some strong gusts this Magic Celebration Day Parade, so anyone coming out today is reminded to hold on tight to their chairs and hats and children, or they might just fly away.”

Behind Lilac, a flock of twinkling balloons suddenly floated into the sky with no one attached to them.

“Thanks Lilac,” Acorn said, the camera coming back to the announcers.  “We will have more reports from Lilac as the parade floats by, but first a huge thank you to our sponsors.  We at the Magic Celebration Day Parade would like to thank the Dragon’s Bowling League, the Fairy Alliance for Better Air Rights, and the Secret Society of Trolls for their sponsorship of today’s parade.  Without them and their dedicated time, effort, and money, we never would have been able to put this on for you folks at home.”

“That’s right Acorn,” Merril said.  “And with those words of thanks, the parade can get started.  The first float is the ‘Make a Unicorn’ float.  The Make a Unicorn organization is dedicated to having enough unicorns in the world for generations to come.  If you would like to help with this very worthwhile cause, see their nearest headquarters and sign up to be a donor.”

The camera screen went from the hosts to the first float depicting two large, papier-mâché unicorns with a baby unicorn between them.  The people walking beside the float were passing out stuffed unicorns to children.  These unicorns were able to talk back to you and interact with you as if they were real unicorns.  Around these stuffed unicorn’s necks were the information of how people could help real unicorns in need.

“Next in line is the ‘Dragon’s Bowling League’ float,” Acorn said as the camera went to the next float.  “The Dragon’s Bowling League is a firm champion of getting young dragons, trolls, fairies, and other magical creatures into the lanes as soon as possible, because ‘when life gives you bowling pins, you’ve got to strike them down’.” 

There were dragons and fairies waving bowling pins at the crowd even as the sound of balls striking pins echoed over the crowd.

“Oh, do you hear that, Acorn?” Merril asked.  “That sounds like the official Magic Celebration Day Parade Band.  Let’s take a listen as they play, ‘Magic Makes the World a Better Place’ by the Troll Brothers.”

The camera walked along the musicians as they played until they started moving again.  Even as they passed, the crowd still bobbed their heads to the beat, entranced by their melodious music.

Then an image of Lilac appeared on the screen.  “I’m here with the leader of the Secret Society of Trolls, Calvin Manzinger.  Calvin, what can you tell me about your society and its goals for the future?”

Calvin laughed.  “You try this every year, Lilac, and every year I tell you the same thing, ‘If I tell you, then you’d have to become a member.’  But what I can tell you is that we are always looking for new members.  Anyone can join the SST, no matter who you are because, despite the name, we do not just cater to the troll community.”

“And with that bit of mystery, back to you Acorn and Merril,” Lilac said.

“Thanks Lilac.  Our next entrants are the Music Nymphs,” Merril said.  The camera showed a group of men and women weaving music in the air.  “They would love to remind everyone that anyone can make music for music comes from the magic within your heart.” 

Large hearts grew above the crowd until they were bursting.  When they gave way, musical notes drifted down upon the people like confetti, filling all who were touched with joyful music.

“After those charming people, whom everyone should hear in person at least once in their lifetimes, are the Pixies,” Acorn said. 

The camera had to really zoom in for the majority of them were so tiny they could have fit in a troll’s palm.  Their miniature wings were going so fast they were just a blur of color.  They flew into the crowd, diving into children’s hair and whispering jokes and words of encouragement into their ears. 

The larger pixies were also flying, but instead of playing with children, they were throwing magic dust into the crowd.

“Delightful,” Acorn said.  “Behind them is the float for the ‘Fairy Alliance for Better Air Rights’.  They would like us to remember that while everyone has the right to take flight, civility and respect should never be left on the ground.” 

The fairies, along with a handful of dragons, were on the float waving to the crowd.  Their float depicted a dragon’s talon clasping a fairy’s hand in a show of solidarity even as the two flew. 

When they’d passed, Lilac appeared on the camera, standing beside a group of children.  “I am joined by the Next Generation of Young People.  Is everyone having fun?”

“Yeah!” the children yelled.  One very young dragon blew out a flame he was so excited. 

“Wow!” Lilac said with a chuckle.  “That was impressive.  Looks like the Next Generation is in good hands.  Back to you Merril.”

“Weren’t they just precious?” Merril asked the audience.  “Just like our next entrants, the Sprites from ‘Magic Cheer’, the only Sprite cheer group in this realm.  They have been known to turn the tide on many a volcanic eruption and to stop earthquakes in their steps.”

“That’s right, Merril,” Acorn said.  “They’re stopping natural disasters one cheer at a time.  Just as the gnomes on the next float are stopping the spread of invasive plants, one pull at a time.  With their pruning float, they’re reminding everyone that the only way to save all the magic plants in existence is to keep invasive plants away.”

“Look, Acorn, it appears the gnomes are giving everyone a pouch of magical herbs.  That’s awfully nice of them,” Merril said. 

The camera zoomed in on a gnome giving a child one of the pouches.  The child opened the pouch and a puff of magic smoke came out, creating a tiny butterfly which flew around the child’s head.

A gust of wind came out of nowhere, grabbing the tiny butterfly, forcing it away from the child.  The child started to cry, but a nearby dragon blew on her, anointing her with a bit of magic.  Within seconds, dozens of butterflies of all different colors were around the child, turning her tears into laughter.

“How sweet,” Acorn said.  “That is what this parade is all about.  The magic.  How it is so a part of our everyday lives that we must embrace it and celebrate it.  It is the gift we give to each other and the world all around us.  May it continue for eternity.”

“Just like the Nature Nymphs,” Merril said as the camera went to the men and women producing flowers from the air and showering them upon the people.  “These nymphs have been around since the creation of the world and shall be here until its end, just as the magic which flows from them so effortlessly.”


“And by the sounds of it, the official dragon float is on its way,” Acorn said with a laugh.  “Don’t let their scary sounds fool you folks.  They are really cuddy and fun loving as any magical people known to ourselves.” 

The camera showed one of the dragons, a gold and white one, shooting fire over the crowd only to have the fire turn into chocolates.  Children and adults alike could be seen rushing to get some of this special chocolate, for it was an established fact that Fire Chocolate was one of the best chocolates ever created by magic.

“Don’t forget us!” Merril said getting to his feet and waving toward the dragons.  A grey and black dragon took pity on them and sent a wave of flame over the host’s heads, showering them with chocolates.

Acorn immediately opened up a chocolate wrapper and bit into the deliciousness.  “Oh,” she moaned.  “This is so good.  Over to Lilac.”

Acorn and Merril’s moans could be heard for a few seconds before the camera turned itself to Lilac, who was also enjoying the fruits of the dragon’s magic.

“Hello again,” she said as she swallowed the decadent chocolate.  “I’m here with the Curator of the Magic, Routin.  Routin, what can we do to keep the magic alive?”

Routin smiled at the camera.  “You can use it and swear to never abuse it.  The magic is our gift to the world and the world’s gift to us.  Use it well and it will return wellness in kind.”

“It really is just that simple,” Lilac said.  “Back to you Acorn.”

“Thank you Routin for those inspiring words,” Acorn said, reluctantly pushing the rest of her chocolate pile to the side.  “Just as inspiring are the mermaids making their appearance via life-size projections.” 

The camera panned to a float of men and women swimming through the air, moving away from the float to touch the crowd.  Glistening magic came from every flick of their tails, spreading over the people before settling on them.  Every person who was touched by this magic looked as if they radiated goodness and health.  The effects might have been temporary for most, but if anyone in the crowd was feeling under the weather, they would feel much better for quite a while for that was the mermaids gift. 

As the mermaids passed by, the camera turned to a gymnastics’ troop.  “Next up are the ‘Terrible Tumbling Troop’,” Merril said. 

With every flick of their wrists and flourish of their ribbons, magic flew into the air like fireworks, amazing the audience at every turn.  Despite their name, these gymnasts were beloved by the crowd and showstoppers no matter where they went.

After a minute or two of watching their inspiring magic, the camera turned back to Lilac who was alone and had a serious expression on her face.  “I am here with Broderick, the representative for the Ghosts, Spirits, and Sylphid Alliance.  Through his medium, he has informed me that while crimes against his people have gone down in the most recent years, there are still countless times when his people are exorcized without permission or the proper permits.  Broderick would like me to remind everyone that even though we are celebrating magic in all its glory on this day, magic is more than just what we can see.  Ghosts, Spirits, and Sylphid’s are also magic and should be treated with the respect due to them.  Always remember that the ghost in your home or the spirit haunting your abbey has rights too and deservers equality.”

“Such an important reminder,” Merril said when the camera was back on him.  “You know, I had a spirit in my house for a while.”

“Did you?” Acorn asked.

“I did.  With the help of a medium, he left with no fuss and now has a great home in a monastery,” Merril said.

“That is so sweet,” Acorn said, “just like the Goblins who always come before Magic herself, who finishes out the parade.” 

The camera went to a float full of goblins throwing magic money into the crowd.  However, instead of it falling to the ground and having a stampede, a coin went to each person, landing in his or her outstretched palm.  The coins would glisten and shine until they were spent.  Some elders still had their coins from the first parade they’d ever gone to, pulling out their shining coin when reminiscing about their youth.

“And last, but certainly not least, is Magic herself in her enchanted carriage,” Merril said.  “Look at her folks.  Isn’t she just as stunning as ever?”

She was breathtaking for she was whoever you wanted her to be.  If you were a troll and believed Magic was also a troll, then you’d see a troll who’d meet your expectations. 

If you were a dragon, you would see a dragon. 

A spirit would see a spirit who other magic folk could see. 

Magic was everything and everyone for she was within every single soul.  She had started this parade and she would finish it for she was the beginning and the end for without magic in the world, wouldn’t the world be worse off?

“Breathtaking,” Acorn said as the camera finally left Magic and turned back to Acorn and Merril.  “What a wonderful parade and I do hope you join us in person next year.  There is simply nothing like being in the crowd as the floats all go by.”

“That’s right Acorn,” Merril said.  “The Magic Celebration Day Parade is something which must be experienced in person at least once in a person’s life.  From the Dragon’s Bowling League, the Fairy Alliance for Better Air Rights, the Secret Society of Trolls, and Lilac, Acorn, and myself, I wish you all a very magical year.  May your spells be true and your magic pure.”

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