Dream Walkers Fight Land of Mystica Series Volume Four

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The God of Night

The God of Night

The God of Night paced in his realm beneath the Red Mountain. Red blood dripped down from his eyes. His pet Darkness invaded the Dream Walker’s sleep. Especially since she had decided to stay on Mystica. This made her more susceptible to its attacks. It had gone willing inly to invade her dreams and sleep.It still had her scent from their previous battles, and this one it wanted to win. It wanted to douse her bright light. Oh how bright her light shined! What an accomplishment it would be to dim it, or put it out. On her world, the magic was dimmed somewhat. Here on Mystica, magic thrived and lived. Especially now that the magic of the wizards was integrated.Thinking of his three wizard followers angered him. He wanted this girl to pay. Yet, he wanted her dream magic for himself as well.

She was a brave and strong one. The God of Night couldn’t help admiring that. He stroked his beard with his clawed hands, thinking of all the things he could do with her and her dream magic in his clutches. If she wouldn’t willing covert to the dark, he had ways to make her do so.

That should have worked. The Darkness should have called to her, beckoned to her. But, now she fights it still.He saw in his pool of lava her plan to travel to the Dream Realm. That was the only place she could fight his pet and win. He was not allowed to intervene there, Even the Gods weren’t allowed on the Dream Realm.

He swished his red cape over the lava, making it flow from its puddle to a little stream. This girl seemed to fight him at every turn! He needed, wanted that energy that fight. Even though he couldn’t follow her, didn’t mean he couldn’t find someone who would. Yes, a devout follower. Someone willing to do anything he asked, including capturing a pretty young girl.

Determined and with a new focus, the God of Night went out into the world to find such a follower. To his various places where he had worshippers, he traveled. He did not have grand temples like the Goddess. No, his followers worshipped in underground caves or hollows.

Looters, beggars, thieves came and left these hovels while the God of Night watched. None drew his attention. The God of Night was starting to get impatient. Already, the girl was starting to get a head start. According to his pool of lava, she was headed toward the Dream Cloud. No matter, neither he nor his followers could follow her there. The Dream Cloud allowed only pure souls.

As his vision faded as she entered the Dream Cloud, a tall skinny man with grey skin and yellow eyes caught his attention.

Night Shadow had always been different due to his skin, and now that he had magic, this added to his aloneness. He had heard about the God of Night through rumors and whispers in the night. Intrigued, he decided to investigate. Maybe here he could find a place he belonged. Maybe here his strange colored skin wouldn’t matter.

When people picked on him, or started a fight, he always fought back with gusto. A small little kick to trip him would land the other person on his back with multiple bumps and bruises. It was the only way to protect himself from the cruel world, by being cruel.

The God of Night knew this was his man. The person he could count on. He came out of hiding, and showed himself.

“Do you wish to prove yourself worthy to be my follower?” he asked

Night Shadow shook all over. The rumors were true! Now was his chance. His chance to belong. His chance to prove himself.

He nodded his head and the God of Night swished his cape to gather a pool of lava.

“This girl has defeated me time after time, it is time she paid. Follow her through the Dream Realm. Capture her if you can, and your reward will be great. Fail me and well let’s not dwell on that shall we?” The God of Night spoke.

As quickly as he appeared, the God of Night disappeared leaving Night Shadow with his mission.

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