The Legend of Oldin

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From the eternal void the Artisan Creators shaped the magical world of Oldin to exist in as the powerful spirits of nature, But a great evil from the void has secretly descended with them.

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Ca'al, Voices in the Void

The void always remains. Absolute, endless and dark. There is no place distinguishible or that can be named within the great nothingness. There is no light, no music, no voice to break the silence. An abyss of eternal descent into the belly of unfathomable darkness. With no lasting flashes of life or activity, emptiness engulfs everything and disperses it into desolation, like dwarf particles, which lose substance by dissolving in the night.

But because emptiness exists, there must also be Aria. Manifestation of a necessary balance. Result and cause of the ominous expansion, called Ca'al. For as darkness abounds, light also grows. Both warring against and giving life to its counterpart at once, Aria shines latent and powerful. Made up of thousands of particles of intense light that have awakened with a single mind, a single purpose, a single intention and a single desire. To create and sustain life in the void, risking making it more powerful, by populating it with their creations of light and perfection.

Gathered at the edge of the expansion, having been pushed out of the unfathomable night. They met there and found each other beautiful and full of virtue. There they manifested, freed from the darkness, the yearning to create and give life, remaining in constant movement. Lest the void swallow them up again. So they delighted in pouring their growing virtues into luminous orbs, awakening radiant worlds, over which they would rejoyce for the sake of love.

There, on the edge of darkness, white walls of vapor simulated limits. Flashes of light with the brilliant quality of metal, reflected against the fog in the form of columns, drawing an apparent luminous boundary bathed in the brilliance of the deities that danced and waved their figures, in a beautiful dance of exquisite perfection. Immaculate bodies lit in fire and astral light, exploded and glided through endless radiant rooms, performing a delicate dance. Robed in light manifested from the center of their essence, in a prism of colors.

The edge of that great expansion named The Ca'al was the dwelling of the Arias, spiritual beings of great beauty and excellence. Lovers of all beautiful things and of the noblest emotions. They rejoyced more than anything else, in making with their hands many delicate creations, spawned in their collective soul, like a dream inspired by love. As one of them thought, so they all thought, and as one of them felt, so did they all. The number of them we do not know, since they were one, even as they where many. For their thoughts, their soul and their consciousness were one and the same.

Possessing a terrible power, they became creators of innumerable and diverse worlds. They became skilled craftsmen who could with a thought, create a complete and perfect universe. As they did countless times, filling that gallery of worlds abounding with their same brilliance and beauty. Fruits of their imagination, their dreams and their love. Around them, the Arias danced joyfully and pleased, sweating light and emanating the heat that filled their temple.

Each of their creations radiated excellence and all the creatures that inhabited them vibrated with the same splendor that would last forever. Which pleased the heart of the Arias, but at the same time was cause of great pain. For all their creations were eternal like them, with an absolute perfection. So, from the day of their creation, they no longer needed their creators and they forgot about them. Choosing to take care of their own endeavours and not the dream of their makers. That they might only return the love with which they were conceived in the collective mind of the Arias.

The collection of worlds contained in luminous orbs was exhibited in the great galleries of the Ca'al. Giant temples of light and towering vaults that were formed with the vapor that emanated from the light of the Arias. Almost materializing walls, ceilings and windows of exquisite workmanship as beautiful as ephemeral. For as the dancing spirits passed by them, the walls changed shape and their architecture became more beautiful and complex. Always renewing and growing the endless halls.

It was after many created worlds and after many painful disappointments, that finally, the will and the love to create waned in the Artisan Creators; and for millennia they did not create anything again. Not to risk the pain of the ingratitude of a creation. The dance also waned, and so they remained, motionless and frustrated for a time without measure.

The Ca'al became cold and dark without the movement of the Arias. For without their dance, their bodies did not emanate the steam that lifted the walls, leaving their works unprotected in the cold expansion out there. And in the midst of that agonizing resentment, their luminous temple ceased to exist. It faded like a dream upon awakening and all their creations perished frozen until none of them remained. They disappeared like the morning dew that when the sun rises it evaporates without a trace.

Wrapped in that silent nothingness, the Arias waited inert for the arrival of a new dream. Time passed without making a dent in them and without changing a single thing. Only the cold and darkness reigned and filled it all.

Darkness dominated the Ca'al for an age; and the Aria’s soul felt the sting of the night sink into their heart. Trying to drag them back into the void. Darkness was sowed there with indignation, pain, and despair. Creating a dissonance in the inner voice of their mind. An insidious influence, with petty intentions, but barely perceptible in the light of Aria’s heart.

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