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The Dunjyn Asylum Escape

By JA All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Fantasy

Chapter 1

Twenty Years Ago

On the grassy Sesla sea floor, just off the coast of Tos-Xiron, Sesla’s only seaport, south of Kinkorx, the giant sea doxer was hungrily swimming along and through the tall sea grasses on the sea floor, as the storm raged above on the surface. Demontro, the massive sea doxer, is one of countless giant doxers that lives and thrives in the mystical Sesla sea. The doxers have thrived in the mysterious Sesla seawaters since the forming of the enchanted planet, in the Whirlpool Galaxy.

As Demontro swam through another patch of tall sea grass, his extremely powerful, almost magical doxer senses, caught a slight motion in the currents far up ahead. “What was that?” he thought as he paused to sniff with his extremely powerful, enchanted doxer nose. “Yes,” he thought as he smiled, “I smell a tasty fish. My next meal is just up ahead.”

The giant doxer slowly swam through the sea grasses and weeds toward the unsuspecting Seslean fish as his natural, super-senses continued to alert him of the smell and movement of a fish up ahead. Demontro’s mouth was already creating the venom that he would to paralyze his victim when he bit into it.

As the giant, six foot long, elongated eel-like predator fish swam; he guided himself with his pectoral fins and propelled himself with his caudal fin. His full body dorsal fin that began at his forehead just above his eyes and ran along his back to his caudal fin sliced through the churning waters. As it cut through the storming waters, the hypodermic needle dorsal fins emitted small amounts of the sea doxer’s deadly venom into the water.

Demontro’s mouth was rapidly producing his deadly venom as he approached the unsuspecting fish that was casually feeding on the algae on the sea grass. Demontro smiled as he approached his victim. He paused to open his venom-filled mouth to taste the tiny amount of flavor in the water from the fish that was being carried by the currents to him. “I can taste my next meal,” he thought, “The fish is delicious.”

He continued to swim slowly in the currents toward his tasty meal with his mouth slightly opened while emitting his deadly venom from his mouth and dorsal fin into the water.

Demontro paused to enjoy the taste and smell in the current as his stomach growled. His enchanted, extremely powerful, natural doxer senses registered every move the small fish was making while his magical sense of smell and taste allowed him to enjoy the fish while it was still a distance away. His mouth and dorsal fin were rapidly secreting his venom into the seawater as he paused.

He began to swim faster toward the feeding fish as it remained oblivious to the rapidly approaching dominate predator. His mouth rapidly secreted the poison as he approached.

The defenseless fish was enjoying a quiet meal of algae in the sea grass. Due to its minimal senses, it was still unaware of the looming danger as it fed.

Demontro hurried toward the small, unsuspecting fish as his mouth continued to rapidly produce the venom. “There you are,” he thought as he became in eye range of the feeding fish, “Don’t you look tasty.”

As the small fish remained unaware, Demontro swam closer. He opened his mouth wider as he approached. “You taste delicious,” he thought as he rapidly approached the unsuspecting fish with his venom flowing out of his open mouth and through his dorsal fin while smelling and tasting it with his natural super-senses.

As Demontro rapidly swam through the tall sea grass, he opened his mouth wide as he anticipated one lethal bite into his prey.

As he closed in on the feeding, unaware fish, suddenly it saw a glimpse of the charging giant predator. “Ahhh!” yelled the small fish as he saw the approaching danger, “Oh no!” He frantically swam away as the giant, enchanted, unchallenged predator attacked.

Demontro aimed for the head of the powerless, defenseless fish as he bit down hard. The fish was very fast as Demontro sunk his sharp row of mouth bone into the rapidly escaping fish’s tail. Demontro released his cutting grip allowing the small fish rapidly escaped. He laughed as he saw the fish frantically swimming away. “Ha! Ha!.., Let’s see how far you can swim now,” he said as he laughed. He licked his mouth. “Tasty. I can’t wait to take a bit of my food,” he thought as he licked his lips.

He paused to enjoy the moment as his natural, super-senses felt the frantic flipping in the water ahead. “I see my venom is working. My tasty fish has stopped swimming. It’s jerking in the water,” he thought. He laughed, “Ha!...ha!...It won’t be long now,” he said as he laughed.

The doxer’s powerful venom was quickly taking control of the small fish’s body. The helpless fish was experiencing the paralysis from the sea doxer’s poisonous venom. Soon, the psychosis that includes prolonged bewilderment, mania – that has delusions, hallucinations, incoherence, and distorted perceptions of reality, would also begin. The powerful doxer venom was quickly rendering the fish helpless in the water.

“The movement has stopped,” thought Demontro as he used his natural, enchanted senses, “It’s time for my tasty meal.” He began swimming toward the fish as his natural, magical senses pointed the way.

Very soon, “There’s my delicious fish,” he thought as he swam toward the helpless fish. It was lying on the sea floor with a deep cut in its tail. It was paralyzed from the powerful doxer venom. As it lies motionless on the sea floor, the doxer fever schizophrenia was taking control of its mind.

Demontro approached the helpless victim on the sea floor. “My meal awaits,” he thought as he licked his lips. He nestled down into the sea grass, made a comfortable bed next to the paralyzed, delusional fish, and began to enjoy his tasty meal.

Luckily for the doxer fever stricken fish, it would not live long enough to experience the mutations that would soon follow. It would soon begin the mutation process into a dis-figured sea doxer, due to doxer fever, if it lived.

Meanwhile: On The Shore

On the dock at Tos-Xiron south of Kinkorx, Rydon Nekuma and his wife Lyndi Nekuma and their son Art were fishing. Fishing was a favorite pastime of Rydon’s that his wife Lyndi occasionally tolerated.

They had been leisurely fishing from the dock most of the day without catching anything. Lyndi was getting bored and tired as the afternoon progressed while holding their infant son, Art. “It’s getting late. We’ve been fishing all day. Art has had enough sun for one day. Don’t you think it’s time to go home?” said the bored and tired Lyndi.

Rydon shook his head at his wife as he continued to fish. “Not yet! We still haven’t caught anything for dinner. Let’s fish a little longer,” insisted Rydon as he cast his line again.

As Lyndi ignored her line and held her infant son, another half hour past. “I’m getting tired. We need to get home. I don’t have anything else to feed Art when he wakes from his nap,” she stated as she stood under an awning on the pear in the shade, while holding Art.

He looked at her with irritation. “Just a few more minutes. Art’s fine. We’ll leave soon,” said the irritated Rydon as he cast his line again.

Lyndi signed as she held her infant son while moving him back and forth in her arms, in the shade of the canopy. “I hope he doesn’t wake up. I don’t have any food. I won’t be able to stop his crying,” she said with irritation.

As Rydon ignored his impatient wife, his line began to move. “Well, what do you know? Finally! I’ve got a bit,” he said with excitement, “It’s a good thing we stayed a little longer.” He gave his wife an “I told you so look” as he reeled in his prize.

As Rydon Nekuma reeled in his line, he saw the small sea doxer that he had caught. As he pulled it onto the dock, it came loose from the line. Being playful, he picked up the doxer without touching its poisonous dorsal fin or mouth and tossed it at Lyndi Nekuma as she held their infant son, Art.

As Lyndi watched in horror, while protecting her son, the doxer hit her in the chest and rolled down her tiny frame. It’s poisonous, rigid, sharp dorsal fin pricked her several times in the chest and stomach as it rolled to the dock. With terror, she jerked sideways to protect her son and yelled, “What are you trying to do… kill us?”

He playfully replied as he snickered, “What?” he chuckled, “Are you worried about doxer fever? I’ve had it before. It’s nothing, just a myth. You might get a rash, at the very worst. Just relax.”

The doxer’s poisonous venom immediately began to take control of her body. The paralysis began. She began to collapse. “What’s wrong?” asked Rydon loudly as he grabbed her with one arm while grabbing their infant son, Art, in the other arm.

Rydon attempted to cushion her fall, while clutching their son tightly. As she collapsed and lay struggling on the ground, the psychosis began. She began to experience bewilderment, accompanied by mania, and delusions that were also associated with doxer fever.

An alert shop owner called for an ambulance immediately. In only minutes, as Rydon held their now crying son, an ambulance pulled up. Two drivers frantically jumped out.

They quickly evaluated the deathly ill mother lying on the dock. They saw the redness and swelling on her chest and stomach as well as the sea doxer that was still flapping next to her. “We need to get her to Tos-Xiron Mitzid Hospital is fast as possible,” said the driver to Rydon who was bewilderedly holding his infant son. “Yes,” said Rydon, “Hurry!”

The drivers strapped her in a bed on wheels and rolled her to the ambulance. They quickly shoved her inside. They rushed her to the hospital that was only minutes away.

Once at Tos-Xiron Mitzid, she was immediately admitted and treated for doxer fever. She was in the hospital there for several days while the doxer fever specialists attempted to control the advancing disease. It was only due to the fast care that she received at that medical facility, on that dreadful day, that her doxer fever was somewhat controlled.

Because Of That Terrible Day

As Art grew up in their very poor home in Wyluxx City, his mother was in and out of Wyluxx City Memorial Hospital countless times due to her advancing symptoms of doxer fever. She was slowly mutating into a half Seslean and half sea doxer with the accompanying mental illness. The doctors were able to somewhat control and slow her advancing symptoms.

By the time Art graduated from high school, Lyndi’s condition had advanced to the point that she required an institution for her own safety. The privately funded, Dunjyn Asylum, in Wyluxx City was his only option due to his lack of Joxels, desert territory currency.

After that tragic day in Tos-Xiron, Lyndi refused to speak to or see Rydon again. She kicked him out of their decrepit home. She even forbade him to visit his son. She became a very angry and bitter, doxer fever stricken, Pirtt-Coterie, a resident of the desert. She now remains a mentally insane, doxer fever mutant confined with no hope in the Dunjyn Asylum.

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