The Dunjyn Asylum Escape

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Chapter 3

Present Day

The morning desert wind was blowing across the Dunjyn Asylum parking lot, in rural Wyluxx City, as Art Nekuma parked his newer blue mid-size convertible. “I can’t believe both of my parents are in this awful place,” he grumbled.

He exited his convertible and began the frightening walk across the cracked and sagebrush filled parking lot, and crumbling walkway to the creepy entrance the horrifying asylum. “I don’t know how much longer I can take going in there. It makes me sick,” he thought as he walked toward the spider web infested, creepy entrance of the spooky, gut-wrenching asylum.

He opened the old, frightening, spider web covered front door and entered the low lighted, windowless spooky asylum’s main foyer with its dirt floor, cave-like appearance. As he entered, he heard the echoes of several loud moans and a screams coming from deep within the asylum. “Ohhh…Ahhh…Mmo…,” echoed out of the dungeon-like asylum. He shivered from his increasing fright as he endured the chilling sounds.

Head nurse Ilssa Grunmur smiled when she saw Art. She thought as she smiled, “I love his deep blue eyes and gorgeous brownish blond flowing hair.” She said from her nurse’s desk near front entrance as she smiled, “Good morning Art.”

“Morning Ilssa,” he replied as he hurried past as he cringed from the eerie echoes of the mutated doxer fever patients deep within the creepy corridors. “Ohhh…Ahhh…Mmo…,”

“I will never get used to this gross asylum,” he thought as he hurried into the creepy dirt tunnel. He hurried along the ghastly, dimly lit, dirt-floor, dungeon-like corridor. “I can’t breathe. The stench of the sick doxer fever patients is making me nauseas,” he complained.

As he walked, he passed numerous doxer fever mutants that were lying along the spooky long cavern. “Ahhh…Uhhh…Eeerr…,” they moaned as he hurried past.

The smell and sight of the horrific mutants was difficult to endure as he hurried to room 37 and 38.

As he entered room 37, Dr. Vuyyu Neafyndrer, the head psychiatrist at the Dunjyn Asylum was examining his mother. “Good morning Art,” said Dr. Neafyndrer as he checked Lyndi Nekuma’s advanced doxer fever symptoms.

As Art watched, Dr. Neafyndrer continued to examine her severe doxer fever mutations. Her arms and hands were mutated elongated fins. Her legs were disfigured with mutated fins for feet. She had a prominent dorsal fin that started on her forehead and continued down her spine to her lumbar where it split and continued down the backs of both legs. She also experienced the paralysis. It made sitting extremely difficult. Her doxer fever had also attacked her mind. She experienced the full effects of the schizophrenia like psychosis that accompanied doxer fever.

Art felt sick as he sat in the only chair in the dungeon-like room. Her cave-like room had a well-worn bed, a rickety old, small table, and a dilapidated chair. She had a door for privacy and safety with a small window to see through.

The smell in her room was equally sickening. His nausea was over-powering as he watched Dr. Neafyndrer finish his examination. Lyndi was quiet as she sat on her bed in her institution gown as Dr. Neafyndrer examined her.

“Your doxer fever seems to be stable, at least for now. I’ll check on you again tomorrow,” said Dr. Neafyndrer as he smiled compassionately. He turned to Art. “It’s nice to see you again. I need to check on your father. I’ll see you later.” He exited Lyndi’s room and walked to the next room, room #38, Rydon Nekuma’s room.

Lyndi cringed when Dr. Neafyndrer mentioned Rydon. She looked back at Art. “How…s…yo..ur…job?” said Lyndi slowly with difficulty and pain as she sat painfully on her bed in her institution gown.

Art smiled. “I can’t believe I’m a real live detective,” he said.

“Y…our a de…tect…ive n…ow,” she replied as she forced another painful smile.

“How are you and,” he quivered, “dad getting along?” he asked with concern.

Lyndi’s pleasant expression immediately changed to irritation.

He cringed as he saw her angry expression. “I think you just answered my question. I should let you rest. I need to visit him briefly before I leave. Detective Zeqster is waiting for me. We are having a meeting this morning,” he said.

He exited her room and entered room 38, next door. Rydon’s room was the same dungeon-like room as Lyndi’s. He was lying on his worn out bed as Dr. Neafyndrer was examining him. “Hi again Art. I’m almost finished.”

Art sat in the small chair as Dr. Neafyndrer completed his examination. “I’m still attempting to force your dad’s doxer fever into remission. I’m administering the same medications that Dr. Teqre Zewio, doxer fever specialists at Tos-Xiron Mitzid Hospital and Dr. Vinco Blixs, the doxer fever specialists at Wyluxx City Memorial Hospital gave him. So far, I’m afraid it seems to be a losing battle,” he smiled, “I will keep trying. I am also afraid he will be unconscious most of the time while I attempt to abate his mutations. Take a look.”

Dr. Neafyndrer pulled back Rydon’s blanket. His father’s mutating appearance and the sickening putrid, stench repulsed him as he looked. His dad was lying still in his institution gown unconscious. A horrible red rash covered his entire disfigured body. His mutations were more severe than his mothers. His dorsal fin was larger than hers. His arms and hands were even more grotesquely mutated. They appeared elongated, disfigured fins. His legs were disfigured into elongated, warped fins. The sight was so gruesome that Art felt sick. “Sorry Dr. Neafyndrer, I need to go,” he said as his face became pale, almost yellow.

Dr. Neafyndrer compassionately smiled at the very sickly looking son. “You look sick. I think it’s best if you go home. I hope you feel better,” he said with concern.

Art quickly exited his father’s room and hurried past numerous grotesque mutated patients as he held his stomach. He dodged numerous mutated patients as he hurried along the dungeon-like cavern toward the fresh air. “Ohhh…Rrraa…Ahhh…,” echoed through the creepy corridors.

“Hi… Art,” said one mutated patient through his window in his door as he tried at grab at him. “Ha!” said Art shockingly as he avoided the doxer fever patients reach.

As he hurried toward the entrance, several more mutated, schizophrenia like patients attempted to grab him as he passed by them. He unsuccessfully dodged their mutated arms while rushing toward the fresh air.

He entered the main foyer where Nurse Ilssa Grunmur, the head nurse was sitting at her desk near front entrance. She noticed his sickly look. “Rough visit, huh,”

Art hurried past her as he held his stomach. He exited the asylum and hurried toward his car. He stopped to breathe in the fresh air. “I hate that place.”

He entered his convertible and began the drive through the desert to Detective Zeqster’s home.

Later At Maxx Zeqster’s Home in Bedsult
Sesla’s sun was shining brilliantly in the early afternoon, blue, cloudless sky as Detective Maxx Zeqster was taking a stroll along the streets of Bedsult. “What a delightful afternoon,” he thought as he ambled under the hot desert sun. “The delightful desert breeze is warm and Sesla’s sun is shining brilliantly. I’m glad I added Sesla’s brilliant sun to my new painting. The painting compliments my living room so well, and what a beautiful sun,” he thought as he sauntered.

He continued to walk along the streets of Bedsult as he thought, “I can’t wait to show Art what I have discovered on my database. Qashlet lab is even more crazy and creepy than we thought. It’s spooky what Dr. Rewqust and his team of Mad scientists are saying about Sesleans and sea doxers. I’m also very concerned about the “Gang of Five” and the Joqzonions in the wet lands. When I was young, the Joqzonions caused a war.”

As he strolled along Lypont Drive toward his home, he noticed Art’s newer blue mid-size convertibleparked in front of his home and Art sitting on his porch. He glanced at his strolling watch. He thought, “I’m late. Art is waiting on my porch. I hope he hasn’t been waiting long.” He increased his pace as he hurried.

Art shouted and waved as he saw Detective Zeqster hurrying toward him, “Hi, Detective Zeqster!”

As Maxx hurriedly strolled up his walkway toward his porch, he smiled at his very talented apprentice. “Sorry I’m late. I lost track of time. I hope I haven’t kept you waiting long,” he said as he stepped quickly up his short steps and onto his small porch, while breathing heavily.

Art replied, “I just got here. It’s a nice day for a walk,” he laughed. “As long as I’ve know you, you’ve loved your strolling and your painting.”

Maxx smiled as he attempted to catch his breath while chuckling. “Yes, I’ve always enjoyed both.” He paused to catch his breathe. He smiled. “I still remember the first time we met. It was at the Bedsult library. Our detective agency and our friendship have come a long way since that day,” said Maxx as he smiled.

Art replied as he smiled. “We were both having a lot of struggles back then. You were deep in depression over that sand trafficking issue with Chief Morxoc and I was about to be fired by Mr. Pluxxer, my former boss at Wyluxx City High School. Shortly after that, I was fired by him. That was the best thing that ever happened to me, because after that, you hired me,” he said as he smiled.

“It was only due to your great disguises that we solved that case. You truly are a Master of Disguises,” said Maxx.

“We showed the media a thing or two about how a crime spree is broken,” said Art.

“We received a lot of good press coverage for that case. We can’t buy advertising like that,” said Maxx.

“It was also fun when we out smarted Dr. Rewqust at Qashlet lab and rescued Dr. Leqtus Kin, the genetic engineer, from under their noses,” said Art as he laughed.

“That was fun, except for the spiders. I’ve never seen so many spiders in my life,” he said as he laughed, “Please come in.” He opened his front door.

Maxx walked into his welcoming home with Art following. “Please, make yourself at home.”

“We have had a lot of fun solving cases together,” said Art as he entered his cool home and walked to his luxurious, leather, sectional sofa. He sat gently on Maxx’s expensive sofa.

Maxx replied, “May I offer you a bottle of water?”

Art responded politely as the thought of consuming anything still made him nauseous. “Thank you,” he said, as his stomach remained somewhat nauseas from the visit to Dunjyn Asylum two hours ago to visit his parents.

Maxx walked to his deluxe kitchen and removed two bottles of chilled water from his refrigerator. He walked back to his living room.

Art was admiring his exquisite art collection in his living room as he attempted to control his nausea. “That painting is new isn’t it? Did you just paint it?” he asked.

Maxx smiled, “That’s very observant and perceptive of you. Yes I did. Do you like it?”

Art forced a smile as a wave of nausea returned. “Yes I do. I especially like the brilliant sun. You painted the noon sun so awesomely in that painting.”

“Thank you,” said Maxx as he chuckled and handed him the bottle of water while noticing the un-mistakable expression of nausea on his face.

Maxx sat in his extravagant, overstuffed, recliner chair. “You seem ill today.”

Art stared at the fine carpet on Detective Zeqster’s floor as the wave of nausea over-powered him again. His spirits were low as he opened up to his employer. “Dunjyn Asylum is a horrible place,” he said as he stared it the floor, “As you know, my mother has had doxer fever my entire life. I had to put her in the asylum a few years ago due to her mutations and her psychosis. That was the only way to protect her and get her the treatment that she needs.”

Maxx’s eyes became tear-filled as Art continued his heart-breaking story. He remembered his late grandmother that he loved and cherished that died during his youth, due to acute doxer fever. Her horrific death broke the young Maxx’s heart and left him scared.

Art continued, “Now, my dad that I never met is in the asylum next to my mother. I received a call from Dr. Vinco Blixs at Wyluxx City Memorial Hospital yesterday. I went to the hospital and saw my dad for the first time. He was unconscious and mutating. His disfigurement was gruesome. Dr. Blixs recommended that I should put him in an asylum. I put him next to my mom’s room in Dunjyn Asylum.”

Maxx’s heart was breaking as he felt the heartache that Art was displaying as the story opened still raw wounds in his heart about the horrible, tragic death of his doxer fever stricken grandmother that he loved dearly. He sat in his chair heart-broken and helpless, with tears of compassion, as Art continued his horrific story.

“When I go into that creepy asylum, there are mutated sick doxer fever victims everywhere. The smell makes me sick. The mentally insane, mutated patients try to grab me. It makes me sick.”

Maxx’s stomach was beginning to churn as he listened to the horrific conditions that Art endured. Images of his precious grandmother’s horrific mutations and frightening death, during his fragile childhood flooded his mind. A wave of nausea quickly replaced his tears as he listened.

“I don’t know how long I can go in there. It makes me so sick. But, I can’t abandon my parents,” said Art as he completed his sad tale of woe while starring at the floor.

Maxx’s lifelong painful heart wound over his loving grandmother’s tragedy was re-opened as he sat in his chair. His heart hurt and his eyes were red from compassionate tears while his stomach was nauseous from the disgusting stories of the asylum and the mutated doxer fever patients.

Art continued, “I’m sorry I unloaded on you like that. You’re the only one that knows my situation. Are you ok?” he asked with remorse.

Maxx replied with an aching heart and red eyes, “Your story breaks my heart. It reminds me of my grandmother’s tragic death when I was young. I loved her so much. It broke my heart when she died horribly from doxer fever. I’m very sorry. If there is anything I can do to help, please tell me. I would like to help.”

Art shook his head. “According to the doctors, there is nothing anyone can do,” he smiled as the wave of nausea was passing, “We should get to work.”

“If you feel up to it,” said Maxx as his heart ached from his re-opened heart scar.

“I need to get my mind off my parents,” said Art as his motivation was returning.

“Let’s go into my office and begin working on my database,” said Maxx with difficulty, “I’ll get you a chair.”

Maxx struggled to his dining room and grabbed a wooden, unpadded chair. They walked into his office. He sat the chair next to his database for Art. “I hope this chair is comfortable for you. I’m sorry it doesn’t have padding. How is your stomach?”

Art replied, “I’m fine. Let’s get to work.” He sat in the dining room chair and Maxx sat in his cushioned desk chair. “What case are we working on now?”

Maxx replied as his heart pain continued, “I’ve been investigating some of the very suspicious things we saw at Qashlet lab when we rescued Dr. Leqtus Kin.”

Art replied, “What was that creepy stuff crowing in those incubators? Some of those things looked like they were alive.”

Maxx replied painfully, “That’s what I thought. I’ve been reading numerous articles in The Wet Lands News and The Kvyutt Travelers News about the genetic engineering experiments in that lab. It seems the local residents and the reporters feel that Qashlet lab is growing mutants of some type. I’ve been looking into that.”

“I’ve been reading about a group of alien mutants that are robbing banks and killing everyone in their path in the wet lands. The media is calling them the “Gang of Five,” said Art.

“Have you heard about the Joqzonions? There are reports of their return. They haven’t returned to Sesla since the wars in the wet lands when I was a child,” said Maxx.

“What does this all have to do with Qashlet lab and those incubators that we saw?” asked Art.

“Have you heard the eye-witness descriptions of this “Gang of Five”? They sound like something that Dr. Rewqust and his Mad scientists created through genetic engineering,” said Maxx.

“I’ve read about them. One of them is the supposed leader. From what I’ve read, they are super intelligent creepy mutants,” stated Art.

“I’m concerned the “Gang of Five” and the Joqzonions are teaming up. If my concerns are valid, this new gang of thieves and murders is more than anyone can handle. We are in real trouble,” said Maxx.

“So, what do you want to do?” asked Art.

“I want to do more research on this “Gang of Five” and the eye-witness reports of the return of the Joqzonions,” said Maxx.

“I’ll start working on it. As soon as I have something, I’ll call you,” said Art as he began to leave.

As Art began to leave, Maxx said with sympathy, “I’m really sorry about your parents. I wish there was something I could do to help.”

“Thanks, but there isn’t anything anyone can do. According to the doctors, no one has invented a cure for doxer fever, at least not yet,” replied Art as he exited Detective Zeqster’s home office. He exited his home and walked to his car.

He drove down Lypont Drive and began the long drive through the open desert to Wyluxx City.

Maxx sat at his database. His heart continued to ache as he re-lived the painful memories of his cherished grandmother. Images of her acquiring doxer fever and quickly mutating after her encounter with a sea doxer while swimming in the mystical Sesla sea, flashed into his mind.

As he sat in his chair with teary eyes and an aching heart, he relived the heartache from his youth when he watched his grandmother that he loved, mutate, and slowly die due to her advanced doxer fever. He also imagined Art and his parents in Dunjyn Asylum. He pondered Art’s words. “No one has invented a cure for doxer fever, at least not yet.”

Maxx shook his head as he thought, “Is that true? I wonder? Could it be that with all of this genetic engineering research taking place recently, there is a cure that is perhaps illegal and isn’t public knowledge?”

As he pondered, while his heart ached, he got an idea. “I know just the genetic engineer to call. Dr. Leqtus Kin owes us a great debt for rescuing him from Dr. Rewqust and Qashlet lab,” he thought as he entered Tonnus Kin’s number into his database. When the phone number came onto his screen, he clicked on it.

At the home of Dr. Leqtus Kin’s parents; Tonnus and Dylora Kin in Kinkorx and now, Leqtus Kin as well, the ex-genetic scientists at Kinkorx Medical School, and genetic engineer:

Dr. Leqtus Kin, the rescued from Qashlet lab, but still unemployed genetic engineer, was watching a TV show on Kinkorx TV while reading the daily newspaper, Kinkorx Desert News. He was reading an alarming article by science writer J. A. Ireland. The headline read: After Many Decades the Joqzonions Return – Will There Be War?

He was quietly reading the article while gazing at the TV when the phone rang. “I’ll get it,” he said loudly. He thought, “I’m not doing anything important. I’m still unemployed and living with my parents.”

He hurried to the ringing phone in the kitchen. “Leqtus Kin,” he answered.

“Good afternoon, Dr. Kin. This is Detective Zeqster. I trust freedom suits you,” he said as he chuckled as his heart continued to hurt.

Leqtus laughed, “It does indeed. Except that now, I’m bored. I don’t have a job as of yet. Thank you again for rescuing me from Qashlet lab before Dr. Rewqust’s thug, Fyrtee Huytek could inject me with doxer venom.”

Maxx smiled painfully. “You are very welcome. Be patient and enjoy the time with your family. You’re a genetic engineer. Someone will hire you. Then you’ll be excessively busy again,” said Maxx painfully.

“Don’t remind me. I have a life’s habit of becoming too busy with work and forgetting about my family, as you know,” said Leqtus as he laughed.

“We all have our areas to improve upon,” he chuckled painfully, “The reason why I’m calling is to ask you a question from your genetic engineering experience,” he paused to choose his words wisely, “As you know, Art’s mother suffers from doxer fever. She is in Dunjyn Asylum. Now, as of yesterday, Art’s father is suddenly in his live. Tragically, his father is also inflicted with the disease. They are both very sick and in Dunjyn Asylum –”

Leqtus compassionately moaned, “Oh…my.” He collapsed into the kitchen chair as Maxx continued.

“According to the head psychiatrist at the Dunjyn Asylum, Dr. Vuyyu Neafyndrer, there isn’t anything more that can be done for them. Do you have any suggestions that might help his parents?” asked Maxx hopefully.

Leqtus replied as he sat, while in emotional distraught, slouched in the chair. “I developed a formula for doxer fever reversal in my lab. When Judge Lykun stopped my research, I couldn’t complete that formula either.”

Maxx smiled with optimism. “Do you think your formula would help Art’s parents?”

“I am confident it would help. I was very pleased with the test results that I completed before I was forced to stop everything by the university management,” replied Leqtus angrily. “What would you charge me for that formula?” asked Maxx.

“First off, that formula has a special ingredient that is not easily obtained. You might call it a magical herb. The special ingredient only grows in a certain area of the wet lands. Have you ever heard of Melá-Jutis,” he asked while waiting for the skepticism.

Maxx responded with knowledge, “Of course, the “Enchanted City,” deep in the wet lands marsh. From what I’ve read, there are no roads leading to Melá-Jutis.”

Leqtus was pleasantly surprised. “You are correct. Melá-Jutis is where you’ll find the magic herb for this formula. Without the stigma, style, ovary, and ovule with embryo sac from the Qjmyrre Flower while in full bloom, the formula will not work. The enchantment of the Qjmyrre Flower is the magic herb that will make my formula to reverse the doxer venom, work.”

Leqtus paused, “Secondly, the only lab on Sesla that is going to develop that formula is Qashlet Lab. You will need to contact Dr. Rewqust to get my formula developed to completion.”

Maxx cringed at the thought of working with that group of Mad scientists as his heart continued to hurt. He said with confidence and hope. “I still want the information. I’ll pay you whatever you think is fair for your formula and information. I’ll also need a map. I’m leaving now for Melá-Jutis.”

Leqtus replied, “In return for my formula, the instructions, and a map, I want you to return the money for the first bill that you charged my parents for only finding me.”

Maxx was floored as he slumped painfully at his database. His mouth fell open as he pondered the large arrangement. He attempted to regain his wits as he thought, “I’m asking for a lot from him.”

“I guess that’s fair,” he replied painfully, “I agree to your terms. I will need the information on your doxer fever reversing formula and the Qjmyrre Flower. I will also need directions to Melá-Jutis. I will be there soon.” He hung up the phone.

Maxx thought, “For this quick adventure into the wet lands wilderness, my strolling outfit and a hat will work nicely.” He hurried into his bedroom and grabbed a hat. “I need to make this journey to the wet lands and back, as fast as possible,” he thought as he hurried.

He hurried back to his office and quickly threw a few items into a bag that he thought he might need. He grabbed the bag and his Id and keys. He hurried out the door as his heart continued to ache.

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