The Dunjyn Asylum Escape

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Chapter 5

Later That Afternoon

When Maxx awoke from his long nap after his emergency, exhausting, speedy trip to Melá-Jutis, his chest pain had returned. With alarm, due to his families genetic history, he called his personal doctor, Dr. Tyi Rotizon in Kinkorx. Due to Maxx’s family genetics, and his reported continuing chest pain, Dr. Rotizon requested that he drive there immediately.

Twenty Minutes Later

At the office of Dr. Tyi Rotizon, in Kinkorx, Maxx Zeqster’s personal physician, Maxx was sitting on the cold bed in Dr. Rotizon’s office while being further examined. “I have reviewed your x-rays. When I listen to your heart, I can hear the Zeqster family genetic heart condition that is on the x-rays. I’m afraid I only have very bad news to report. As with the other sufferers of this genetic condition in your family, there is very little that I can do besides make you more comfortable,” said the remorseful doctor.

As Maxx sat on the cold bed, while trembling with an aching heart, he horrifyingly asked, “Everyone in the Zeqster Family who inherited this gene died around my age. How long do I have to live?”

Dr. Rotizon shook his head as he replied, “Your condition is advancing rapidly. That is typical of this genetic disease. I’m afraid you will follow the same path as the other Zeqster’s who inherited this heart disease.”

Maxx sat on the doctor’s bed as his anxieties exploded as the pain in his chest became unbearable. “You’re telling me, I’m dying,” he said.

“I’m afraid so. I will give you some medications to make you more comfortable. There is very little that I can do for you besides that. I want to see you on a month,” said Dr. Rotizon.

With horror, Maxx slowly dressed. “I’m going to die,” he thought as he grabbed the medications and exited the doctor’s office. He horrifyingly and painfully walked to his car.

“I’m going to die soon,” he thought as he crawled in and began to difficult drive home as his anxieties and heart pain raged.

Twenty Minutes Later

Maxx was in his back yard standing under the Red Ploss Tree, while painting depressingly. As he down-heartedly painted, while sipping a cup of calming tea, as Sesla’s sun shined brightly and a warm breeze blew lightly, He thought, “I can’t believe it. A week ago, I was fine. Now, suddenly I’m dying from the Zeqster Family disease. Everyone who inherited the gene died about my age,” he thought as he bleakly painted the last of the background onto his landscape painting.

After two hours of gloomy painting in the warm desert afternoon, he depressingly said, “That’s good enough. The background scenery is complete. As soon as this dries, if I’m still alive, I’ll finish with a stipplingeffect to further define the Xosyer Bushes in Grexenn Park, in Kinkorx.”

He depressingly cleaned his brushes and closed his paints. “I’ll let this set until the next time I can paint. If I’m still living. It’s time to call Dr. Rewqust at Qashlet lab,” he thought as his anxieties raged from the thought of working with the mad scientists at Qashlet lab and his heart pain continued in his anxiety filled chest.

He trudged to his kitchen and opened his fridge. He saw the bouquet of Qjmyrre Flowers that he stored on the shelf to keep them cool and fresh. He grabbed a bottle of water. He took a big drink. “This water doesn’t taste very good today, for some reason,” he said as he closed his fridge. He walked toward his office as his anxieties and chest pain was erupting. “I’m not looking forward to working with Dr. Rewqust and the other Mad scientists at Qashlet lab,” he thought as he walked.

As he walked through his living room on the way to his office, he smiled depressingly at his friend, the Melá-Jutis swamp stick that supported him as he struggled through the lizard-infested, wet lands, swamp. He placed his helper and friend in a corner of his living room as a reminder of his friends in Melá-Jutis. As he gazed upon it fondly while down-heartedly passing by, he was oblivious to its extraordinary gifts of Seslean enchantments and Seslean magical powers.

While carrying his bottled water, he nervously and bleakly walked into his casual office, sat in front of his database, and turned it on. While it booted, he remembered what Dr. Rotizon had said. He also recalled his amazing journey to Melá-Jutis.

As he reminisced drearily and painfully, suddenly a picture of Art’s parents as doxer fever mutants in Dunjyn Asylum flashed into his mind. He shook his head in horror at their conditions. He took a deep breath as he typed in Qashlet lab and clicked on the phone number.

At Qashlet Laboratories Facility In The Wet Lands
The crazy scientist, and Xuro Qashlet’s top scientists at Qashlet lab, Dr. Myro Rewqust was sitting at his desk inside Qashlet lab. He was reviewing the latest test results on their surviving genetic engineering experiments that were locked in the secret, soundproof room at the lab. He smiled as he said, “I told Dr. Zarqre that Dr. Leqtus Kin was no longer needed. Our latest genetic experiments are thriving and with less mutations. They also seem to be just as intelligent and fast growing, if not more so. We aren’t duplicating Dr. Kin’s work, we’re surpassing it,” he thought as he laughed crazily.

“Dr. Rewqust, you have a call on line #3. It’s Detective Zeqster from Kinkorx,” said Rix Myine, the Qashlet Lab office manager.

Myro Rewqust flew into an immediate fury. “What? What does he want?” he asked loudly while his temper exploded. He grabbed the phone. “Myro Rewqust!” he said loudly with a fury.

Maxx immediately recognized his temper explosion as he trembled with chest pain. He attempted to remain calm as he kept his voice low. He said, “This is Detective Maxx Zeqster. I know we are not on the best of terms.”

Myro Rewqust’s face was bright red with rage as he asked sharply, “What do you want?”

“I have a business proposal for you. I need to have a formula developed. I believe Qashlet Lab is the only lab that will do this work for me,” stated Maxx as he trembled at the thought of working with the Mad scientist and dying.

Myro Rewqust anger eased as he thought, “A business proposal. That sounds interesting.” He asked as his temper continued to ease, “What type of formula?” He asked with a crazy facial expression.

Maxx swallowed nervously as he continued while his heart pain persisted, “I have a doxer fever reversing formula. The procedures are somewhat illegal—”

Myro Rewqust laughed as he interrupted, “Somewhat illegal. We have attempted several formulas like that in the past. They all failed and yes, the procedures are illegal and very unethical. What makes you think you have a formula that will work?” he asked with mockery and skepticism.

Maxx thought before he answered. He took a deep breath as he continued to tremble painfully. “I don’t know if my formula will work or not. I’m simply asking you to attempt to create the medication using my formula. That’s all. I’ll pay whatever you charge for doing this work for me,” said Maxx.

Myro Rewqust was extremely intrigued. He thought, “I can’t pass up an offer like this. He won’t like my conditions.” He smiled crazily as he stated, “We will attempt to develop your formula, for a price. You’ve stated, there’s no way of knowing whether the medication will work since all of our previous attempts to create a drug like this have failed. Would you not agree?” he asked.

Maxx responded as his heart ached in his chest from his family’s terminal genetic heart disease that he was diagnosed with. “I would agree, we won’t know of its effectiveness until it’s tested,” replied Maxx.

Myro Rewqust continued as he grinned crazily. “My conditions are simple, not only will you pay me whatever I choose to charge you for attempting to develop your drug, I will also require the medication to be tested on you, right after we inject you with doxer venom,” he stated boldly as he laughed crazily and loudly.

Maxx’s painful, diseased heart was pounding. His head started spinning. He felt faint. He slumped in his chair as he began to pass out from the over-whelming shock and anxiety. He was nearly collapsing.

He began to breathe deeply as he struggled to straighten back up in his chair. He struggled to regain posture as his heart ached. As he sat with his head spinning, he could hear Dr. Rewqust laughing loudly. “Why does it have to be tested on me?” he asked as he struggled to breathe and sit.

“Because You have caused me a lot of problems. I hope the formula doesn’t work and you mutate into a dis-figured doxer and end up in a doxer fever asylum,” said Dr. Rewqust as he laughed loudly and evilly.

Maxx paused for a moment to consider the Mad scientists conditions as his anxieties and chest pain raged. As he paused, images of Art’s mutated parents in Dunjyn Asylum flew into his mind. Images of Art walking along the horrific corridors while being grabbed by the doxer fever mutants flew through his mind. Images of Art vomiting from the stench and filth flew into his mind.

He thought, “Leqtus Kin, the genetic engineer, believes his formula will work. I’ve seen Sesla’s enchantment powers at Melá-Jutis. I don’t want Art’s parents to die like my grandmother. I’m dying anyway. Maybe, before I die, I can save Art’s parents. Art would take a bullet for me. I have to try.”

He took a deep breath as his aching, diseased heart pounded in his chest and he trembled from fear. He squeezed the arm of his chair as he said boldly, “I accept your conditions.”

Myro Rewqust laughed crazily and loudly. Then he said, “We will begin work on your formula as soon as you send it to us. I’ll decide later how much I will charge you for this work.” As he laughed like a raging lunatic, Mad scientists, he hung up the phone.

Maxx slumped painfully in his chair, while gripping the armrest, as his anxieties erupted out of control. He thought as he slumped, “I have to do this for Art. I have to try to help his parents. I’m dying anyway. I don’t want Art’s parents to die like my grandmother. I hope Leqtus’ formula works.”

He continued to painfully slump at his database while his anxieties raged out of control. He depressingly thought as he trembled, “I need to make a copy of Leqtus’ formula to send to Qashlet lab. I also need to send the Qjmyrre Flowers.”

He paused for a moment as he depressingly trembled. “Just in case the first try doesn’t work, I’ll only send half of my flowers. I’ll save the other half, just in case the formula doesn’t work and I start to mutate.” As he trembled uncontrollably, he printed off a copy of Leqtus’ formula.

He depressingly walked to his kitchen and opened the fridge. He grabbed the bouquet of Qjmyrre Flowers. He removed half and put the other half back. After closing door, he slowly and depressingly walked back to his office. He addressed an envelope:

Qashlet Laboratories Facility in Guytic City

Attn: Myro Rewqust

He placed the copy of the formula and the half bundle of Qjmyrre Flowers into the envelope and sealed it. “I need to mail this before I have time to think about it,” he thought, “The mail hasn’t been delivered yet. If I hurry I can get this in my mailbox before the carrier arrives.”

With the envelope, he trudged to his mailbox as the carrier drove up. “Good afternoon, Detective Zeqster,” said Astir Vreblun, the mail carrier as he grabbed Maxx’s envelope, “No mail today. Have a good day.” He drove down Lypont Drive to the next box.

Maxx breathed deeply as he realized he could not back out of this agreement. “I have to do this for Art,” he thought as his anxieties raged.

He walked depressingly onto his porch and grabbed the newspaper. Without looking at it, he walked back inside and sat at his database. In his depression, he glanced at the frightening front-page headline. The alarming article was over the news wire from The Wet Lands News. The article was written by Veem Weazan. The headline read: More Joqzonions Join Gang of Five – War Is Imminent!

The Wet Lands News: Again today at The Wet Lands News, we are reporting more flying saucer sightings over the wet lands by the residents. We are receiving an alarming number of calls from frightened citizens who are concerned about another war.

We are also receiving calls from eyewitnesses who claim to have seen the “Gang of Five” with additional Joqzonions. It is believed by the eyewitnesses that the “Gang of Five” is gaining more Joqzonion members almost daily as the number of robberies and horrific and gruesome murders continues to increase…

As Maxx painfully sat at his database and read, the images of the war in the wet lands between the Joqzonions and Seslean authorities when he was a small child flooded his mind. The vivid memories engulfed him as he read.

The Next Morning
Sesla’s beautiful sun was rising cheerfully in the welcoming sky. The warm gentle desert breeze was calming. The sky was cloudless and blue. The new morning was spectacularly renewing and revitalizing. The morning was renewing for everyone except Maxx.

He was in his back yard at his home in Bedsult, in suburbia Kinkorx, while attempting to distract himself by painting. As he sipped a cup of calming tea while feeling depressed and exhausted, he added the first stippling effect to his nearly complete landscape portrait of the scenery at Grexenn Park, in Kinkorx.

As he painted, his deep melancholy depression consumed him. Images of himself lying on a lab table at Qashlet lab, while being injected with doxer venom, flooded his mind. He was having images of the experimental doxer fever-reversing drug not working, and himself mutating.

He thought as he depressingly painted while struggling to control his trembling, “All I can think about is being injected with doxer venom by the completely Mad, Dr. Rewqust at Qashlet lab and immediately mutating into a half sea doxer, half Razion. My nightmares kept me awake all night. Every time I fell asleep, I dreamt of the same horrifying, mutating dream. If that happens, at least I won’t be a mutant for long. That’s the bright side.”

As the beautiful Sesla morning advanced, he continued to wearily apply the stippling effect to the Xosyer Bushes in his Grexenn Park landscape painting to further define their fullness.

One Week Later
It was another beautiful, sunny day, as Maxx arrived home after a late afternoon stroll through the streets of Bedsult. Like before, his chest pain had slowly subsided and was minimal. “Good, my newspaper is here,” he thought a he grabbed The Bedsult Daily News from its box.

He walked into his home with his newspaper. He smiled as he walked through the living room and looked at his Melá-Jutis stick. As always, the magical memories of the Enchanted City flooded his mind. As he remembered Melá-Jutis, he sat in his recliner and began to read his newspaper.

As he skimmed The Bedsult Daily News quickly, an article from the news wire concerning the Gang of Five caught his attention. The Wet Lands News headline read: More Brutal Murders and Robberies at Guytic City Police Armory by Gang of Five

The Wet Lands News: The next in a growing list of gruesome murders and robberies took place at the Guytic City Police Armory. Several police officers were brutally murdered and the armory was cleaned out of the arsenal stored there by the outlaw mutants known as the “Gang of Five” and Joqzonions.

The responding officers were greeted by the words that were written in blood on the wall, “I AM TAKING OVER SESLA!”

As of yet, the Guytic City Police are unsure which of the gang members wrote the message…

“Wow,” thought Maxx as he read the horrific article, “It sounds like we’re headed for another war on Sesla. I still remember the horrible war with the Joqzonions in the wet lands when I was a child.”

As he continued to read his newspaper, his phone began to ring. He immediately trembled as he thought, “That could be Dr. Rewqust.”

He hurried to his office and picked up the phone. He nervously answered as his anxieties exploded, “Good evening…Detective…Zeqster.”

“Hello Detective Zeqster. This Myro Rewqust from Qashlet Lab. We received your envelope. Dr. Zarqre has been working on the formula almost non-stop. We’re ready for the test. How soon can you get here?” he asked as he laughed crazily and loudly.

Maxx’s heart pain returned with severity as it pounded in his chest as he collapsed into his database chair. He couldn’t breathing. He was petrified as he imagined mutating into a doxer mutant and living briefly in a doxer fever asylum as he quickly died. Suddenly images of his dying, mutated grandmother and Art’s mutated parents in Dunjyn Asylum came into his mind along with images of Art vomiting uncontrollably in the corridors of the asylum.

He grabbed the arm of his chair tightly, as his diseased heart ached in his chest. He replied as he trembled, “I’ll leave immediately.”

Myro Rewqust laughed crazily. “We’re looking forward to seeing you,” he said as he continued to laugh crazily and loudly.

Twelve Hours Later
Maxx’s heart was aching and his hands were trembling as he drove into the front parking lot at Qashlet Lab. He nervously and painfully opened the door of his now mud covered flaming red convertible and exited the car as he trembled. He walked to the small front door. He knocked as he shook from fear.

Almost immediately, the door opened. “We’re expecting you,” said Dr. Zarqre, Dr. Myro Rewqust’s assistant scientists, “Follow me.” He walked into the lab as Detective Zeqster trudged painfully and wearily behind.

As Maxx followed the mad scientists, his legs attempted to buckle numerous times while he trembled with horror as he envisioned his upcoming mutation.

“In here,” said the crazy scientist, Dr. Zarqre, as he led Maxx into a small room. The room had numerous counters with sinks, test tubes, and microscopes. There was one lab bed with numerous restraints in the middle of the room.

Dr. Zarqre handed Maxx a gown. “Change into this,” he said as he handed it to the trembling, almost collapsing Razion.

Maxx trembled from horror and chest pain as he grabbed the gown with shaking hands. He slowly removed his strolling suit and put on the gown. He attempted to tie the strings but his hands trembled to severely.

“I’ll tie it for you,” said Dr. Zarqre as he walked to Maxx’s rear and tied the strings as Maxx struggled to stand. “That’s better. Let me help you. Let’s lie down,” he said with a crazy smile as he helped Maxx lie on the cold lab bed.

The terminally ill, Maxx Zeqster, collapsed onto the bed as Dr. Zarqre grinned while guiding his fall. “Let’s get the intravenous infusion into your arm,” said the crazy doctor happily. Dr. Zarqre worked quickly to insert the flex-needle with tubing into Maxx’s vein as he lay on the lab bed while delirious from horror and pain.

Maxx lie on the cold bed with the needle in his vein while the tube was taped to his arm. He was so terrified that he was delirious. Images of him mutating into a sea doxer flooded his mind. He closed his eyes as the horrifying images of his mutation flooded his subconscious.

“Dr. Rewqust, to the lab,” paged Dr. Zarqre to his boss.

Maxx lie trembling on the cold bed as the horrifying images of his grandmother’s horrible death, Art’s mutating parents, and his own mutation and death frantically raced through his mind.

The completely Mad Dr. Myro Rewqust entered the room. He smiled crazily. “I see our patient is ready,” he said with a crazy, malicious smile, as he laughed, “Let’s not keep him waiting.”

Maxx opened his eyes gigantically from horror. He trembled as he watched Dr. Zarqre smile crazily as he approached with the large syringe with needle full of doxer venom.

Images of him mutating into a sea doxer, due to rapid doxer fever, continued to flood his mind as Dr. Zarqre grinned crazily as he inserted the needle into the tube hole just above the inserted needle into his vein.

Myro Rewqust grinned crazily as he watched with extreme pleasure. Dr. Zarqre said, “Put your hand on the syringe. You are going to inject yourself with concentrated doxer venom. Then, if you are able, you can inject yourself with our new reversal drug. We aren’t going to be responsible if anything…unexpected happens.” He laughed loudly and crazily.

With trembling and shaking hands and a pounding heart, Detective Maxx Zeqster reached over and took the syringe into his free hand. He trembled as he held the syringe as the two mad scientists watched with crazy grins.

“Remember our agreement,” said Dr. Rewqust as he grinned crazily.

Detective Zeqster trembled as images of himself mutating into a sea doxer continued to flood his mind. He started to drop the syringe. Suddenly images of Art’s doxer fever stricken, mutated parents, Lyndi Nekuma and Rydon Nekuma, in Dunjyn Asylum, flooded his mind. Images of his apprentice, Detective Arthor Nekuma while vomiting in the ghastly and horrific Dunjyn Asylum flooded his mind. Images of his dead, doxer fever stricken grandmother flooded his mind. Images of him dying from his terminal, genetic heart condition flooded his mind.

As he trembled from fear and horror, he thought, “This medication has to be tested. I’m dying anyway. If I mutate, I won’t live long. I don’t want Art’s parents to die like my grandmother. Art would take a bullet for me. No matter what happens, I’m doing this for Art and his parents.” With a trembling hand, he pushed the syringe and inserted the full dose of doxer venom into his vein.

When the drug was fully inserted into his trembling body, he lay flat and closed his eyes. He thought as he lay on the cold bed, “I’m doing this for you and your parents, Detective Arthor Nekuma. You would take a bullet for me. I hope it works.”

Dr. Rewqust and Dr. Zarqre watched with extreme pleasure as they grinned crazily while waiting for the reaction to begin.

After a few moments, as Maxx lay still on the cold bed with his eyes closed, Dr. Zarqre grabbed the syringe containing a full dosage of the doxer fever reversal drug. He walked to Maxx. He removed the first syringe and inserted the experimental drug into the same tube hole. “Here is the new drug, if you’re still able to inject yourself. Otherwise we’ll enjoy watching you mutate,” he said as he laughed loudly and crazily as he waited for Maxx to respond.

The doxer’s powerful venom was quickly taking control of Maxx’s body. He was experiencing the paralysis associated with doxer fever. His body’s motor skills were shutting down. Due to the psychosis of doxer fever, he was already drifting from reality. The doxer fever schizophrenia was taking control of his mind. He somewhat understood what the Mad scientists was saying. With all of his remaining strength, as Dr. Zarqre held the syringe while glaring crazily at his boss, Maxx reached and rather than grabbing the entire needle, he quickly pushed the end of the syringe, thus inserting the medication into his vein.

“Look at what he’s doing!” said Dr. Rewqust angrily as he saw Maxx slyly inserting the medication into his vein.

“Ha! You have to hold the syringe yourself,” said Dr. Zarqre as Maxx finished inserting the full syringe into his vein.

The doxer venom was rapidly taking control of his body as he lay on the lab bed with his eyes closed. He was feeling the full effects of the paralysis. The doxer fever psychosis was taking control of his mind. He was drifting away from reality. As he laid cold and mutating on the lab bed, he drifted into an unconscious state.

Several Hours Later

Dr. Zarqre was quietly working in the room at Qashlet lab, as Maxx lay unconscious on the lab table in the middle of the room. He was rechecking the doxer fever reversing formula. “I don’t understand why he isn’t mutating. I know that formula didn’t work. It was completely different from anything that I’ve seen before. None of my previous attempts to create a reversal formula have worked…,” he continued to think as he worked.

As Maxx, lie unconscious on the lab bed, while Dr. Zarqre worked and thought, He Awoke! “Where am I?” he wondered as he quietly looked around the room quietly. “Something is different,” he thought as he gazed around the room, “Everything seems strange.”

As he lay quietly on the bed, he heard Dr. Zarqre talking.

“All of my readings are accurate. That formula should not have worked,” he Thought! “I don’t understand why he isn’t mutating. He injected himself with a very concentrated dosage of doxer venom. He should be half sea doxer be now,” he Thought!

As Maxx lay quietly and listened to Dr. Zarqre Talk he noticed Dr. Zarqre’s mouth remained closed. “His mouth is closed and his face isn’t moving and yet, I can hear him talking,” he thought.

As Dr. Zarqre thought and worked, he shifted his feet. What was that?” thought Maxx, “I felt the vibration when Dr. Zarqre moved his feet.”

Dr. Zarqre shook the test tube, vigorously. Maxx cringed from the strong vibration, “Wow, I really felt that. The vibration was so strong it hurt,” he thought as he cringed.

Dr. Zarqre glanced over at Maxx as he lies on the table with his eyes open. “You’re awake,” he said, “How do you feel?”

Maxx’s senses were reading everything differently as he answered, “I think I’m ok.” He started to sit up.

“Hold on! Wait!” he said sharply as he hurried to Maxx’s bed, “I need to remove the tube from your arm.” He quickly removed the tape and flex-needle from his arm and vein.

“Let me help you up,” said Dr. Zarqre as he lifted him while Maxx rose to a sitting position, “Are you dizzy or light headed?”

As Maxx’s senses registered everything differently, he answered, “I think I’m fine. I would like my clothes, and the formula, and the medication, like we agreed.”

“Of course,” said Dr. Zarqre as he quickly grabbed his strolling suit and handed it to him. “I’ll give you the remainder of the reversing drug. I didn’t alter the formula at all. I will put your copy and the medication in a container for you.”

As Maxx dressed, Dr. Zarqre quickly gathered the items and put them in a protective container. “Here you are,” he said as he handed the container to Maxx.

“Thanks,” said Maxx as he grabbed the handle of the sealed box, “I’ll be going now. I know the way.”

As Maxx exited the room, with his container, he heard Dr. Zarqre talking.

“I can’t believe he’s ok. He should be mutating,” thought Dr. Zarqre.

Maxx walked along the hallway to the exit door. He opened it and walked through the small room to the front of the building. As he stood in the open air outside of Qashlet lab, he thought, “Everything seems different. Something has happened to me. I seem to have new, very powerful senses,” he thought as he walked to his muddy car.

He entered his convertible and put his container in the passenger’s seat. He began the long drive back to Bedsult as he tried to understand the changes that he was experiencing.

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