The Dunjyn Asylum Escape

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Chapter 6

Two Days Later

Maxx was taking a relaxing morning stroll along the streets of Bedsult as Sesla’s sun rose in the morning sky. The warm desert breeze blew on his face as he ambled. “I have never felt the wind like this before. The movement of the wind is making me body tingle. It’s like I have new senses,” he thought as he walked, “My chest isn’t hurting anymore.”

As he sauntered past Grigg Bassner’s untidy, weed infested home, Grigg was sitting while rocking in his hanging, hickory, front porch, and loveseat. “Good morning Mr. Bassner,” he said loudly as he waved. He thought as he walked by, “I can feel the vibrations of his rocking swing. It’s really strange.”

Maxx continued to stroll through the streets of Bedsult as Sesla’s morning sun shone brightly, and he experienced his new senses.

An Hour Later

As Maxx finished his lengthy morning stroll and entered his home, he walked to his kitchen and opened his fridge. He grabbed a bottle of water. He smiled as he saw the half bouquet of Qjmyrre Flowers still fresh in the fridge. “Those flowers really are enchanted. They stopped me from getting doxer fever after I injected myself,” he thought as he grabbed a bottle of water and closing the door.

As he sipped the water, he walked into his living room. He stopped to smile at the Melá-Jutis swamp stick that he placed in the corner of his living room to remind him of his friends in Melá-Jutis.

As he drank his chilled water and remembered his friends in Melá-Jutis, he began to hear a girl’s voice. He was puzzled as he listened to the female voice that seemed to be emanating from his swamp stick, “Maxx Zeqster, you willing sacrificed your life for your friend and his parents. That was a very noble deed. Because you are pure of heart, and self-sacrificing, Sesla has healed your diseased heart. Your terminal genetic illness is gone.

Sesla has also rewarded you with many enchantments. Over time, you will discover your magical powers and learn how to use them. You are already experiencing your enchanted senses. Rather than allowing the doxer venom to mutate your body and mind, Sesla chose to enchant you with doxer senses as well as many other gifts.”

As he listened, he heard girl’s crying as the stick mentally talked to him, “The victims of doxer fever that you are trying to save are gravely ill and dying. You must hurry and get the enchanted medicine to them before it is too late. It can save them, but you must hurry.”

As Maxx listened, the crying became louder, “Sesla weeps because of the imminent war in her wet lands. Because of your gifts, you are the only one who can fight the invaders. You must travel to the wet lands and fight these new groups of invaders that want to destroy our home. The survival of Sesla is in your hands.”

Maxx was over-joyed and heart-broken at the same time as he listened to his loyal friend, the Melá-Jutis swamp stick. He wiped his teary eyes as he thought, “I hope that’s true. All I know is my heart feels fine now.” He thought about Art’s parents dying. He thought, “I need to contact Dr. Neafyndrer, at Dunjyn Asylum immediately.”

He walked to his database and sat in his chair. He quickly typed Dunjyn Asylum into his database. He clicked on the number.

At Dunjyn Asylum

Nurse Ilssa Grunmur, the head nurse at the asylum, was sitting at her desk near the front entrance to the main foyer while quietly working. “Ahhh!...Rrrruu!...uuhhh!” echoed from deep within the asylum corridors as she worked.

Dr. Vuyyu Neafyndrer, the head psychiatrist at the asylum walked into the foyer with a concerned expression on his face.

“Lyndi and Rydon Nekuma are getting worst aren’t they?” asked Nurse Grunmur.

Dr. Neafyndrer shook his head as he said, “Nothing I’m trying is working. I don’t understand it. They’re dying and I can’t seem to do anything about. I’m trying every type of medication available. Nothing is helping.”

“Ring!Ring!...Ring!Ring!” sounded Nurse Grunmur’s phone. “Dunjyn Asylum. Nurse Grunmur,” she said as she answered it as Dr. Neafyndrer walked toward his office while discouraged.

“This is Detective Maxx Zeqster. I need to speak with Dr. Neafyndrer. Is he available?” he asked.

“Yes. He just walked away,” she said. “Dr. Neafyndrer. It’s for you,” she said to her boss.

Dr. Neafyndrer walked quickly back to Nurse Grunmur’s desk. He grabbed the phone. “Dr. Neafyndrer,” he said.

“This is Detective Zeqster. I’m Art Nekuma’s employer. I’m calling about Art’s parents. How are they?” he asked with concern.

Dr. Neafyndrer signed. “I’m afraid their conditions are rapidly deteriorating. I’m trying every medication available. Their doxer fever seems to be killing them,” he shook his head, “They’re both dying and there seems to be nothing that I can do to stop it,” he said with frustration.

Maxx paused to choose his words carefully. “I might be able to help you. A new doxer fever reversal medication has just been created. It is so new that I doubt you’ve heard of it. I will purchase the medication and bring it to you if you will allow me to do so,” he said. He nervously waited for the response.

Dr. Neafyndrer said with surprise, “I’m not aware of any doxer fever reversing medication on the market, but given the nature of this asylum, if there was, it would be too costly for our patients.” He sighed. “I will also admit, I’m not up on the latest medical advances.”

Maxx signed with relief. He asked, “Would you allow me to purchase the medication and bring it to you?”

“Sure. You buy it and bring it here. I’ll administer it to Lyndi and Rydon. I would get it here quickly. They are both dying,” he said as he shook his head again, “Their poor son, Art. He’s been here day and night for the past week. He just left to get some sleep.”

Maxx heart broke again. “I’m leaving right now. I’ll purchase the medication and drive there immediately,” he said as he wiped the tears from his eyes and hung up the phone.

Maxx hurried into his office and grabbed the sealed container from Qashlet lab that contained the formula and the doxer fever reversal, medication. “I better keep the formula here,” he thought as he removed it and closed the container. He grabbed the container and his keys and hurried out of his home.


Maxx drove into the Dunjyn Asylum parking lot and parked. “What a dreadful place,” he thought as he looked at the spider web infested front entrance and the cracked and weed infested parking lot and walkway, “This place is creepy. It looks like it is completely under-ground.”

He exited his car with the container in hand and walked along the creepy walkway to the spooky entrance. “Oh!...The putrid smell,” he thought as he stood outside the front entrance.

He opened the door. Immediately, the stench of the asylum assaulted his senses. “Ohh!...,” he cringed and moaned as he got a whiff of the sick doxer fever patients and their droppings. He walked inside as nausea quickly over-whelmed him.

“You’re Detective Maxx Zeqster. I recognize you from the newspapers. Is that the medication that Dr. Neafyndrer is waiting for?” asked Nurse Ilssa Grunmur from her desk in the foyer.

“Yes,” said Maxx as he walked to her desk while carrying the container and fighting the immediate need to vomit, due to the incredible, putrid stench.

As he quickly turned yellow, he handed Nurse Grunmur the container. “Can you see that Dr. Neafyndrer gets this? I need to get out of here. I don’t feel very good,” he said as he held his nauseas stomach.

“Oh my,” she said with sympathy as she grabbed the container with both hands and placed it on her desk, “You don’t look good at all. He’s waiting for this medication. I’ll let him know it’s here. You should get some fresh air.” She picked up the phone and pushed the intercom button. She said, “Dr. Neafyndrer the medication is here.”

He bobbed his head as he fought the need to vomit. “I’m going to leave. Excuse me,” he said. He hurried to the door and opened it as he held his stomach. He hurried outside and closed the spider web infested door.

Maxx took several deep breaths as he walked toward his car while bent over from the nausea. “I don’t know how Art can go in that horrible asylum. I got sick just standing at the door,” said Maxx as he opened his car door. He slowly entered and closed the door.

As he continued to breathe deeply, he started the motor. “That asylum reeks of sick doxer fever patients. I don’t know how Art can go in there every day. I hope the medicine works and his parents can leave that horrible place,” he thought as he drove out of the asylum parking lot while continuing to hold his stomach.

He began the long drive through the open desert back to Bedsult, as his nausea persisted.

Meanwhile; At Dunjyn Asylum
When Dr. Neafyndrer heard Nurse Grunmur’s message over the intercom, he hurried to her desk and grabbed the container that Detective Zeqster had left. He hurried to Lyndi Nekuma’s room, room 37 with the container. He quickly injected Lyndi with a full syringe of the doxer fever, reversal medication, as she lay mutating and dying.

He walked next door and injected the dying, Rydon Nekuma with a full syringe of the reversing medication as well.

He walked back and forth from room to room as he watched to see what Lyndi and Rydon’s reaction would be to the medication, that he was unfamiliar with, as they both lay in their beds while dying from acute doxer fever.

The Next Morning
Art Nekuma was cheerfully sitting in the small chair in his mother’s room at Dunjyn Asylum while Dr. Neafyndrer examined her. “Your mother’s improvement is remarkable. The new medication that Detective Zeqster brought me yesterday seems to be working rapidly,” he said to Art. He continued with his examination of Lyndi. “How are you feeling this morning, Lyndi?” he asked.

“I’m fee..ling bet…ter,” she said as she struggled.

Dr. Neafyndrer covered his rapidly improving doxer fever patient and said. “I’m so pleased with your progress, Lyndi. I will check in on you again this afternoon. I’m going to see how Rydon is doing,” said the head psychiatrist at the Dunjyn Asylum.

“Walk over there with me while I do my examination,” said Dr. Neafyndrer to Art.

“I’ll be back in a minute, mom,” said art as he followed the doctor.

They walked next door to room 38. Art sat in the small chair as Dr. Neafyndrer began his examination of the conscious Rydon Nekuma. “How are you feeling, Rydon?” asked the doctor.

“I’m fee…ling b…ett…er,” said Rydon as he struggled painfully to talk.

Dr. Neafyndrer and Art both smiled cheerfully. “That’s the first time I’ve heard you speak,” said Dr. Neafyndrer.

“Me too,” said Art, “I’ve never even seen you completely awake.”

Dr. Neafyndrer continued with his brief examination of Rydon. “I did not know there was a doxer fever reversing medication available. According to your boss, Detective Zeqster, it’s very new to the market. I would have to think it was very costly for him to purchase it,” he said as he continued with his exam, “It seems to be helping both of your parents. Only time will tell just how successful it truly is. At least for now, both of your parents are rapidly improving. I’ll check on them again this afternoon,” said Dr. Neafyndrer. He covered the improving patient and left the room.

“I’m going back to mom’s room and talk with her. Close your eyes, dad, and get some more rest,” said Art. He walked out of room 38. He crossed the hall and entered room 37 again. He sat in the small chair and began to talk with his improving mother again.

Several Days Later
As Art sat in the small chair in his mother’s room, Dr. Neafyndrer examined his mother who was sitting up on her bed, practically pain-free, and actually talking. “Lyndi, I’m so pleased with your progress. Your fever is gone and your mutations are actually reversing,” he smiled as he shook his head, “I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire medical career. How are you feeling?” he asked Lyndi.

“I haven’t felt this good in twenty years. I want to go home,” she said with a smile.

Dr. Neafyndrer laughed, “Let’s see how you’re doing in a few more days,” he said, “I’m going next door to see how Rydon is doing.” He exited the room.

“Mom, I’ve never seen you look so strong. You’re talking is so much better,” said Art cheerfully.

“I feel a better. It’s nice that you’re spending day and night here with me. I hope I can go home soon,” she said.

“I should see how dad is doing while Dr. Neafyndrer is there. I’ll be right back,” he said. He exited his mom’s room and walked across the hall to his father’s room. He sat in the small chair while Dr. Neafyndrer examined his quickly improving father.

“As you can see Art, your father is also rapidly improving, just like your mother,” said Dr. Neafyndrer as he examined Rydon.

“I’m feeling a lot better. I thought I was going to die. Thanks to Detective Zeqster, I’m getting better fast. My mutations are reversing. How soon can we get out of here?” asked Rydon.

Dr. Neafyndrer replied as he chuckled, “As I just told Lyndi, let’s see how you’re doing in a few days.”

Two Days Later
As Art walked along the dungeon-like corridor toward his parents’ room, he noticed him mom pacing in the hall. “Mom, what are you doing,” he asked with surprise.

“I felt like walking,” she said as she continued to pace back and forth.

Dr. Neafyndrer walked down the corridor toward them. He smiled joyfully as saw Lyndi walking. He said, “It’s so good to see you up and walking. How are you feeling?”

“I feel fine. I want to go home!” she said strongly as she paced.

“Let’s go into your room and let me examine you,” said the doctor.

Lyndi walked into her cave-like room and sat on the slumping bed as Dr. Neafyndrer and Art followed. Art sat in the chair as Dr. Neafyndrer began his exam.

As he examined, he said, “Your fever still hasn’t returned. Your mutations are quickly reversing. Your dorsal fin is almost gone. Your arms and hands are returning to normal.” He pulled back the gown on her legs. “Your legs are returning back to normal. You are amazing.”

“When can I go home?” asked Lyndi strongly.

“I don’t see any reason to keep you here much longer. Let’s give you one more day to improve. Unless a problem arises, I will release you tomorrow,” he said.

Lyndi and Art smiled at the terrific news. “That’s great Mom,” said Art joyfully.

Dr. Neafyndrer said, “I will release Rydon tomorrow as well, if he continues to improve. I’m going to check on him next. Unless I find something wrong, I’ll tell him the same thing. I’ll be right back to talk to you, Art.”

“I’ll be right here,” Art replied as he continued to rejoice with his Mom.

Dr. Neafyndrer exited Lyndi’s room and walked across the hall to Rydon Nekuma’s room.

Rydon was sitting in the small chair while reading an old newspaper as he entered. Dr. Neafyndrer smiled when he saw Rydon reading in the chair. “Let me take a look at you, Rydon,” said Dr. Neafyndrer, “Set on your bed.”

Rydon quickly placed the old copy of the Wyluxx City Times on his table and moved to the bed. Dr. Neafyndrer began his examination.

As he looked over the rapidly recovering doxer fever patient, he said, “Just like Lyndi, your fever still hasn’t returned and your mutations are quickly reversing. You still have more of a dorsal fin than she does but your fin is also quickly going away. Your arms and hands are quickly returning to normal.” He pulled back his gown on his legs. “Your leg mutations are returning back to normal as well. You two are amazing.”

He smiled. “Unless I see a problem, I am releasing both you and Lyndi into Art’s care, tomorrow. I need to talk with him about your and Lyndi’s release. Please excuse me,” said Dr. Dr. Neafyndrer.

He walked back to Lyndi’s room. Art and his mom were still talking. “I have examined Rydon. He is also improving quickly. Unless something changes, I will release both of your parents into your care tomorrow. Do you need time to prepare your home?” asked Dr. Neafyndrer, to Art.

“Yes! If mom and dad are coming home with me tomorrow, I need to get their rooms ready. Right now, there’s no place for dad to sleep,” said Art with excitement.

“I can’t release them until your home is ready. Maybe you should leave and start working on their rooms,” said Dr. Neafyndrer with a joyous smile.

“I think you’re right,” said Art to Dr. Neafyndrer. He said to his mom, “I’ll see you in the morning mom. I’ve got a lot of work to do.”

He hurried out of her room and walked along the horrific, dungeon-like corridor as “Ahha!....Uhoo!...Rarre!...,” echoed through the ghastly, dirt floor halls.

As he hurried past numerous doxer fever mutants, and his nausea quickly returned, they attempted to grab him with their mutated, gruesome arm-like elongated fins. “Aaaa!...Rrrra!...Uhhuu!...,” echoed through the horrific corridors as he hurried.

As the nausea increased and he held his stomach, he hurried to the foyer where Nurse Grunmur was sitting at her desk. He blurted excitedly as he held his stomach while rushing toward the exit door, “Dr. Neafyndrer is releasing my mom and dad tomorrow morning. I have to get their rooms ready.”

She smiled. “That’s great. I’m so glad for you,” she said.

“Thanks,” he said as he opened the door and hurried out. He closed the creepy, spider web infested front door and took several deep breathes to cleanse his lungs of the putrid stench of the doxer fever mutants and their droppings.

“I’ve got work to do. I have to get their rooms ready,” he thought, “I need to hurry.” He hurried to his convertible and excitedly jumped in. Sand flew as he spun his wheels to begin his joyous drive home.

As he speeded home in his convertible, he thought, “I only have one more day to come in this horrible asylum and see those creepy mutants.”

The Next Morning
Art drove into the cracked, weed- filled parking lot at Dunjyn Asylum as his heart raced in his chest. He parked his convertible and exited the car. “Today’s the day,” he said, “Today is the last time I have to go in this creepy, horrible place.”

He walked along the cracked, weed-infested walkway to the creepy, spider web infested entrance. He took a deep breathe. “This is the last time I have to breathe the putrid air in there,” he said.

“Here goes,” he said as he opened the spider web covered front door. He entered the asylum as the horrible sick stench attacked his nose once again.

“Good morning Art,” said Nurse Grunmur, “Dr. Neafyndrer says your parents are going home today. He is with them now. Congratulations.”

Art smiled and said, “Thanks,” as he hurried by.

“This is the last time I have to go in here,” he thought as he hurried along the dungeon-like corridor. As he hurried, “Uhh!...Ereer!...,” echoed through the dirt floor, dimly lit halls.

As he hurried, he dodged several doxer fever mutated patients. Some of them tried to grab him with their mutated, fin-like dis-figured arms. “Ha!” he said as he dodged their reach.

As he rushed through the horrific, dungeon-like corridors, while enduring the putrid stench of the sick doxer fever patients, he avoided numerous piles of the mutated, doxer fever patient’s droppings. “Oh!...The smell is making me sick again. I can’t wait until we’re out of here,” he thought as he hurried along the dropping covered corridors.

He hurried to his mother’s room and entered. Dr. Neafyndrer had finished his examinations and was talking to Lyndi and Rydon. “Good morning, Art,” said his mother as she sat on her bed, “I was just saying goodbye to Dr. Neafyndrer.

“Good morning son,” said Rydon as he smiled while standing, “We were saying goodbye.”

“Good morning Art,” said Dr. Neafyndrer, “They are ready to go. I just need you to sign the release forms. Did you get everything prepared at home?” he asked as he handed Art the clipboard.

“Yes,” he replied as he grabbed the paperwork. He signed both release forms. “Thanks,” he said as he handed it back to Dr. Neafyndrer.

“Here are your copies,” he said as he handed Art’s copies to him, “Your parents are in your legal custody as of now. They are officially released.”

Lyndi immediately jumped up from her bed and hugged her son. “I want to get out of here,” she said.

“So do I,” said Rydon.

“Let’s go,” said Art as he stuffed the paperwork in his pocket, “Thank you Dr. Neafyndrer.” Art walked out of room 37 with his mother and father following him. Together they walked along the dungeon-like corridor.

As they walked, numerous doxer fever patients had tears in their eyes. “Do..n’t us,” one patient painfully mumbled. “Uhhh!...Ereer!...Uhuuh!...,” echoed through the ghastly, sick smelling halls.

They dodged numerous piles of droppings, and doxer fever mutants as they walked toward the entrance. “Ehhh!....Pouum!....Rruuu!...,” echoed through the sickening, smelling corridors.

Art, Lyndi, and Rydon walked to the foyer. As they entered, Nurse Grunmur smiled and said, “Today is a great day for the Nekuma Family. Congratulations. Stop in and see up sometime,” she said.

As Art opened the door for his mom and dad, he mumbled, “I don’t think so.” He said, “Thanks,” to Nurse Grunmur as he exited behind his parents and closed the creepy front door.

Immediately Lyndi and Rydon covered their eyes from Sesla’s bright sun while taking numerous deep breathes to enjoy the fresh air. After a minute, they continued toward Art’s convertible as they continued to shade their eyes.

“Is that your car?” asked Lyndi as they approached his newer blue mid-size convertible.

“That’s it. Do you like it,” he asked as he opened the doors for his parents.

“It’s an awesome car,” said Rydon as he sat in the small back seat.

“I’m glad you have a new car,” said Lyndi as she sat in the front passenger’s seat.

As Art stood beside his convertible, with his parents safely inside, he gazed at Dunjyn Asylum one last time. As he gazed, his feelings were bitter sweet. He thought, “Dr. Neafyndrer and Nurse Grunmur took good care of my parents. But, I hate that place so much. The doxer fever patients are so disgusting, and the smell. It’s so sickening, it’s vomitus.”

He paused for another moment. “Goodbye Dunjyn Asylum. Thanks to Detective Zeqster, my parents have escaped your dungeon-like tomb,” he thought as he smiled.

He opened his door and jumped in. He started the motor. “Are we ready?” he asked his parents.

“Ready,” said Rydon.

“I’m ready,” said Lyndi, “We owe a great debt to Detective Zeqster for that medication. He saved our lives.

“Yes we do. I need to call him soon. For now, let’s get home. Your rooms are ready,” said Art as he gently drove out of the Dunjyn Asylum parking lot toward their home.

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