The Dunjyn Asylum Escape

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Chapter 7

The Next Day

It was an unusually cloudy morning in Bedsult as Maxx was strolling along the streets of his neighborhood. As he sauntered, he gazed at the cloudy sky. “I don’t think it’s going to rain today,” he thought as he strolled, “It’s just an unusually cloudy day.”

As he ambled along in front of the Bedsult School, he thought, “I hope Art’s parents are improving. According to Dr. Neafyndrer, they were both dying and Art has been here day and night for the past week. I hope my medication worked.”

As he walked along Lypont Drive toward his home, he thought, as he gazed at the sky once more, “It doesn’t look like rain to me. I think there are simply a few clouds in the sky today. I think I’ll be fine to paint today.”

He strolled up his walkway and onto his porch. “I think I’ll paint for a while. My painting is almost finished. I will finish it today if I can,” he thought as he entered his home.

He walked to his kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from his fridge. He opened it and took a big drink. “Delicious,” he said. Suddenly he realized, “My heart doesn’t hurt anymore. I hope my friend is right and I’m cured,” he thought.

With his bottled water, he walked to the back yard. “I want to finish my painting if I can,” he thought as he sat his bottled water down.

As he stood under his Red Ploss Tree, with its large red berries that cover the tree all year long, he began to add more background detail along with some final stippling to his all most complete landscape painting.

As he enjoyed the cloudy, warm morning while painting he thought, “I hope Art’s parents are doing all right. I’m trying not to bother him. I know he isn’t getting very much sleep right now.”

As continued to paint he thought, “I wonder what’s in the news today about the Gang of Five and the Joqzonions.”

After another hour of painting, he stood back and studied his painting. He bobbed his head and pouched his lips. He smiled. “It’s finished. My landscape painting of Grexenn Park is finally complete. This painting will look very good in my office. Now I need to clean my brushes,” he thought.

He cleaned his brushes and closed his paints. “It’s time to grab some lunch and see what the latest news is on Kinkorx TV News,” he thought.

He walked into his home. He smiled as he walked through the living room and paused to look at his Melá-Jutis stick that he had placed standing in the corner. As he stared at the swamp stick momentarily, he heard the same voice crying again. The mental girl’s voice was saying to him as she cried, “The invaders are attacking more areas of Sesla’s wet lands. You are the only one who has the powers to fight them. For Sesla, you must travel to the wet lands and fight these invaders.

Before you travel there and fight the intruders, for your own safety as well as the safety of your family and friends, you must disguise yourself. These aliens are very intelligent and ruthless.

As you fight under a disguise, you will need a new name. Sesla has chosen a name for you. Your name shall be, The Melá-Jutis. That means the gifted one.

You must hurry. The aggressors are gaining strength every day. You must travel to the wet lands and fight them before the gang grows too strong to be defeated.”

As Maxx stood in his living room and listened, his eyes were full of tears. He thought, “I will answer this call from Sesla. I will design a special costume and I will became, The Melá-Jutis. I will travel to the wet lands as, The Melá-Jutis and fight these invaders. I will fight them until I drive them back to their planet, Joqzon, where they came from.”

As he envisioned his new calling, he thought, “I need to call Art. Where did I put my DunyII?” He wondered around his home briefly looking for his portable phone. “There it is,” he thought as he found it in his kitchen.

He picked it up and apprehensively dialed Art’s Duny II number. “I hope he is doing ok,” he thought with concern.

Meanwhile; At Art’s Home in Wyluxx City
Art was sitting at his desk, in his small living room, while trying to work on his database. He had moved his database, as well as his personal items, to the living room. His small living room was functioning as his bedroom. His short, well-worn couch was serving as his new bed. “Uhhh!...,” he moaned as he shifted in his desk chair while rubbing his aching back from the rough night’s sleep on the short, uncomfortable couch.

Due to his father’s sudden presence in his small home, the living room was now his room and his father was in his former bedroom.

As he attempted to work on the “Gang of Five” and the eye-witness reports of the Joqzonions return research assignment that Detective Zeqster had given more than a week ago, the bickering between his still rapidly improving mom and dad continued.

“What were you thinking when you threw that doxer at my and Art, that day on the boardwalk at Tos-Xiron, when Art was just a baby?” asked Lyndi Nekuma loudly with anger as her mutations were almost fully reversed.

“Lyndi! I’ve told you a hundred times, I wasn’t thinking about anything. It was a childish, foolish, act. How many times do I have to say that I’m sorry,” asked Rydon Nekuma with frustration and guilt. His mutations were still more noticeable than Lyndi’s but still rapidly reversing.

Art thought as he exasperatedly tried to work in his living room, “Are they ever going to stop fighting and get along? It’s hard to concentrate with all of this yelling.”

“When life’s surprises…cause headaches…,” sang his DunyII.

Art smiled. “That’s probably Detective Zeqster,” he thought as he answered it. “Art Nekuma,” he said.

“Good afternoon Art. This is Detective Zeqster,” he said with apprehension and concern.

“Hi Detective Zeqster!” said Art. “It’s so nice to hear from you. It feels like we haven’t talked in ages. So much has happened that I haven’t been able to work on the assignment that you gave me,” he said sheepishly.

Maxx asked with concern as he heard bickering in the background, “How are your parents?”

“That doxer fever reversing drug worked so well,” Art, exclaimed, “My parents doxer fever is reversing so fast. Dr. Neafyndrer released them from the Dunjyn Asylum yesterday, into my custody. They are both here and improving ever hour. I’m sure you can hear them bickering in the background. I can’t thank you enough for that medicine.”

Maxx’s eyes immediately became full of tears. He said, “I’m so happy for you and your parents. It was breaking my heart that they were suffering from doxer fever and you had to visit them in that horrific asylum.” He wiped his tear-filled eyes, again.

“How did you get that medication?” asked Art as his parents continued to bicker in their rooms, “Dr. Neafyndrer said he had never heard of it.”

“That is a very long story, which I would love to tell you about. When do you think you can drive over here so we can talk in person?” asked Maxx.

“Are you kidding? Now!” he exclaimed. “My mom and dad have a list of food and clothing they want me to buy for them. I thought I ate a lot. My dad never stops eating. I need to pick up these items before the list gets too long. I also need a break from all of this bickering. I’ll be there as soon as I can,” he said. He disconnected his DunyII and sat it down.

He walked into his mom’s room where she and his dad were talking and bickering loudly. He said, “I just talked to Detective Zeqster on my duny. He wants me to drive to his house so we can have a meeting. While I’m gone, I’ll pick up the items on your list. Are you two going to be ok?”

“We’re fine,” said Rydon as his dorsal fin and other mutations were as almost completely reversed, and receded, “Tell Detective Zeqster thank you for us. Without his medication, we would be dead by now.”

Lyndi spoke up as her doxer fever symptoms were hardly noticeable. “Tell him thank you for me. I’ve had doxer fever for so long, I feel like he has given me a new life,” she said. She glanced with irritation at Rydon, “Even if I have to put up with you, it’s still so wonderful to be free of doxer fever.”

Rydon questioned, “What’s that supposed to mean?

Art chuckled as he thought, “Here they go again.” He said as they continued to argue, “I’ll be back in a few hours. Call me on my duny if you want anything else.”

With his DunyII clipped to his belt, he walked out his small, rented home and hopped into his convertible. He spun the tires as he speeded out of his crumbling driveway. Gravel and pieces of rubble flew as he accelerated out of the broken driveway.

“It’s so nice to have them home, even if they do argue a lot,” he thought, “I’m so glad Detective Zeqster’s medication worked and they escaped the Dunjyn Asylum.”

He speeded toward the open desert with the top down in his convertible, toward Detective Zeqster’s home in Bedsult, as he continued to rejoice over his parent’s escape from Dunjyn Asylum.

Later At Maxx’s Home

Art drove his blue convertible into Detective Zeqster’s driveway and parked next to his flaming red convertible. He quickly exited and hurried to the front door. As he knocked, he thought, “I haven’t been nauseous since yesterday. It’s nice to not feel sick.”

The door opened and Detective Zeqster stood in the doorway. “Good afternoon Art. It’s nice to see you. Please come in,” he said.

“Thanks,” said Art as he entered his welcoming home. Maxx closed the door. “Make yourself comfortable,” said Maxx.

Art walked to the living room and casually sat on his extravagant leather sofa.

“You look like you feel better,” said Maxx as he walked to the fridge and grabbed two bottles of water. He walked to Art and handed him one. “Thanks,” said Art.

Maxx sat in his comfortable recliner and opened his water. He took a quick drink and closed the bottle. He thought, “Due to my new senses, Art seems different. I never knew he gave off so many vibrations. I’ll keep my heart issue to myself. That will be better. I won’t know what has really happened until my next appointment with Dr. Rotizon. All I know for sure is that my heart doesn’t hurt anymore.” He asked, “So, how are your parents?”

Art replied with joy, “My mom and dad are great, except they’re arguing a lot. That medicine you took to Dr. Neafyndrer worked so fast. It was like magic. Their fevers went away over-night. Their mutations began reversing the next day. They recovered so fast it was amazing. Now, they’re in my custody, in my home.”

Maxx’s eyes were red with tears of joy as Art told his amazing tale.

“I have a list to pick up on my way back home. They both want new clothes and more food. My dad never stops eating,” he laughed with joy. “I gave up my room to my dad. I’m using the living room for a bedroom. I’m sleeping on our worn-out couch,” he exclaimed with joy as he laughed.

Maxx was overjoyed, still with teary eyes, as he listened to Art’s joyous story.

“My mom and dad both want to thank you for buying that medication and taking it to Dr. Neafyndrer, and so do I,” said Art.

Maxx replied as he wiped his eyes again, “It was my pleasure, but I didn’t actually purchase it. At least not with money. It was a bit more complicated than that.”

Art was confused. He asked, “How did you get the medication?”

Maxx smiled as he began his long story about Melá-Jutis.

Maxx Tells His Story

Art was amazed as Maxx described the mythical, Enchanted City, known as Melá-Jutis. “So the enchanted city actually exists,” said Art.

“It does indeed,” said Maxx.

“So what did you do with Leqtus Kin’s doxer fever reversing formula and the Qjmyrre Flowers?” he asked.

Maxx replied, “The rest of my story must remain a secret between you and me. No one else can know. Do you agree?”

Art replied, “Of course. A lot of our work is confidential.”

Maxx said, “You’re right as usual. The next thing I did was to call Dr. Rewqust, at Qashlet lab.

Maxx Tells The Next Story

Art’s eyes were full of tears as he learned how his mentor willingly sacrificed his life at Qashlet lab for his doxer fever stricken parents. “My family owes you a debt that we can never repay. It was because of your willing self-sacrifice that my parents escaped Dunjyn Asylum,” he said with tears.

Maxx said, “There’s more to the story,” he said as he smiled at the Melá-Jutis swamp stick. “Before I begin this next unbelievable part, I swear on my honor that what I am about to tell you is true. The stick communicates with me…

Art’s eyes grew large as Maxx told his incredible story. “So you were given magical powers; Awesome!” he said. He continued to listen to the story.

“You have to go to the wet lands as The Melá-Jutis and fight the invaders. That’s so awesome! I can help you with your super-hero costume. I’ll help you put it together,” said Art with excitement.

Maxx continued, “Since I’m going to be traveling to the wet lands a lot for a while, you will be running our detective agency. I think it’s only fair, under the circumstances that I make you a full partner. Starting today, our agency will be known as the Zeqster - Nekuma Detective Agency. As a full partner, you will receive half of the proceeds.”

Art beamed with joy at his mentor’s generosity. “You really mean it. I’m going to be a full partner,” he said ecstatically.

Maxx replied, “Yes, I really mean it. I will also file the appropriate paperwork with Xcuymir and Zeeton Territories to get your detective license. I will vouch for your experience and get you licensed. Starting today, your official title will be Detective Arthor Nekuma. I’ll have your detective license mailed to this house since you’ll be moving soon.”

Art was overjoyed but confused. He asked, “I’m going to be a licensed detective like you and I’m going to be moving?”

Maxx replied, “Yes you are. Your detective skills are extraordinary. You deserve to be licensed.” He paused for a moment. “I’m so happy that your parents are home and doing so well. Part of the reason why they are bickering is because they are feeling cramped. You don’t have room you them in your small home. I would like you to find a new home that you like, that is big enough for your family, with a nice office to run our detective agency. You should do this quickly. Purchase the newer home and have the realtor send me the bill. I want to buy it for you, if you will allow me to do that for you.”

Art was stunned. “I don’t know what to say,” he said with great surprise.

Maxx smiled. “Say yes. I really want to do this for you. When you entered my detective agency when I was floundering. You are the best thing that has ever happened to my agency. You and your skills have added strength to this detective agency that I didn’t know was possible. Now, I will be asking even more from you as I battle these invaders. He paused. “Please say you will accept my offer.”

Art smiled overwhelmingly. “You changed my life, too. Before I met you, I was a disgraced janitor at Wyluxx City High School. Since I joined your detective agency, my dreams have come true and more than that. Now, I have both of my parents living in my home. I owe that all to you. Now you’re going to vouch for my experience and get me licensed and make me a full partner. Not only that, you want to buy me a nice house. You’re the only true friend I’ve ever had. My answer is, Yes! I will let you by a house for me and I will make it up to you. I will keep your identity a secret while you battle the Gang of Five and the Joqzonions in the wet lands as, The Melá-Jutis. All while I run the Zeqster – Nekuma Detective Agency,” he said while being ecstatic.

Maxx smiled. “I’ll take you up on the offer to help me design a costume for The Melá-Jutis. We can talk in a few days about that, for now you have food, clothes, and a house to buy.”

Art replied excitedly, “Oh yes, I forgot about my list. I had better go. I’ll start looking for a bigger house tomorrow. I don’t know how to thank you.”

Maxx smiled as he replied, “As you said, you will be running the Zeqster – Nekuma Detective Agency while I secretly fight the invaders. That is a lot to ask from you. You will earn this home and title, Detective Nekuma.”

Art was overwhelmed as he said, “I should go. I’ll call you when I have a house. I’ll also begin thinking about your super-hero costume.” He jumped up from Maxx’s extravagant sectional sofa and hurried out of his home.

He rushed into his convertible. As his head was spinning, due to the incredible changes in his life in the past few days, he drove out of Maxx’s driveway and onto Lypont Drive.

He drove toward Wyluxx City as he imagined the possibilities of his next home, and the Zeqster – Nekuma Detective Agency, and a super-hero for a boss. “Detective Zeqster is The Melá-Jutis. That’s Awesome!” he said as he drove.

Meanwhile; At Maxx’s Home
Maxx sat in his over-stuffed recliner and remembered his friends in Melá-Jutis. As he recalled the enchanted animals that he met, he smiled at his friend and loyal companion, the Melá-Jutis swamp stick.

“I’ll never forget my enchanted friends in Melá-Jutis,” he thought.

As he continued to sit in his recliner, he thought, “I still remember the fighting and burning in the wet lands when I was a child. I watched the frightening war on the TV. More and more Joqzonions kept landing in the wet lands in their flying saucers and joining their comrades.

It was only after forces from all over Sesla teamed together that the invaders were defeated and driven back to Joqzon. I saw it on TV as a child.

The wet lands are still scared in areas from the fighting and burning. There are areas between Guytic City and Kvyutt that are still recovering from the enormous fires that the Joqzonions started in an attempt to take over the wet lands.

I’m sure, if that evil group of invaders had been successful in taking over the wet lands, Sesla would have been next.

Sesla has enchanted me with gifts and powers that no one else has. Because of my powers, I am the only one who can track them down, fight them individually, and defeat them one by one. I must begin preparations at once for this new calling.”

He continued to plan for how he was going to meet this new calling in his life as the afternoon and evening progressed.

The Next Morning

As Maxx sat in his recliner in his living room, while watching the news on Kinkorx TV and reading yesterday’s copy of The Bedsult Daily News, while sipping a cup of morning tea, he thought, “The battle is just beginning in the wet lands. The Gang of Five and the Joqzonions will destroy the wet lands first, then, they will take over Sesla unless I stop them.”

He stared at the swamp stick standing in the corner of his living room. He thought, “I will stop them. I will stop them because; I am The Melá-Jutis!

The End

“May Good Fortune Guide Your Path”

J. A. Ireland

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