The Fire Witch's Tale

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The Hound Licks His Lips

It will soon be time.

The girl named Eva has finally found her powers. It won’t be long till it causes her great pain and causes great destruction. Then I can collect my souls. Hundreds of them.


The Underworld and its creatures will have a great feast. Maybe you will be there too. I will have to torment her to get what I want. Those that have summoned me will help with this. But I have a plan.

Humans are so unreliable.

She will go mad. She will kill many people. And I will enjoy the smell of all the lost, broken souls wandering the Underworld.

There she goes, exhausted from her powers. We will have to teach her how to use them efficiently. That will come in time.

She is unaware. That is good.

It will be more painful that way.

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