Trinity of Worlds: Ancient Armament

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What's it really like to travel alongside a sword wielding princess who also happens to be a user of Magic, and the future ruler of your country? Its just a typical day in Arlaum, with a slight twist.

Fantasy / Action
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In the Snow Field Mountains

Trinity of Worlds: Ancient Armament

“Riy to your left!” The warning came just in time for the white haired youth as a spike coated tail was swung his way. With a yelp he dropped to the ground, swiftly rising back to his feet afterwards and parrying the claw slash that came after from the beast in front of him. With a bead of sweat rolling down his face, the teen sported a crooked smile and gripped his sword tensely.

“These guys don’t pull any punches do they?” He murmured rhetorically to himself while observing the ‘beasts’ in question. They were both dark grey in color, bearing long yellow claws and spikes with hungry red eyes glaring the two down. Turning to his right, he watched as his female companion gracefully spun around the slash of a third creature while performing a rising slash of her own. So graceful… as to be expected I guess. The teen had only one second to think this, before a claw whizzed by his face, narrowly missing him. It was as if to say ‘’keep your head in the game’’.

“Pay attention! These monsters are adaptable hunters, especially on uneven terrain!” The girl with him shouted while dodging with a swift jump backwards. She brought her open hand up and immediately began to concentrate Mana into her hand, leaving her backside completely exposed. One of the taller monsters took this opportunity to reach for her in this instance, however the young white haired youth quickly closed the distance with a few steps and guarded the girl’s back with his sword, cutting into the thick skin of the beast.

With an angry howl, it flailed and stumbled onto its back, leaving its unarmored chest completely exposed. At the same time, the girl to the teen’s back was speaking subtle words.

Frigid wind of the north, come hither and bring eternal slumber!” A luminous blue glow had wrapped itself around the girl’s arm, and the faint sight of bright Mana particles were visible from the corner of the white haired youth’s eyes, and he took this as a sign to dive for cover.

“Here it comes-” He had dove for the ground while saying this, and the bright blue haired girl’s eyes shot open, embraced by a mystic glow that engulfed nearby grass and foliage.

“Frigid Turbine.” At these words, a strong blast of wind shot from behind her towards the two remaining monsters that were approaching from her front, preparing to swing at her. This of course caught them off guard, and engulfed by the subzero winds they were unable to even move an inch. Shortly after the wind, a large cascade of water shot forth along with the wind, wrapping around the girl and slamming right into the remaining creatures. They were unable to release so much as a whimper as the water pressure crushed their bones, damaged internal organs and made their bodies turn into mangle corpses in an instant.

“W-wow…” The white haired teen nearby was able to remark with a stupified look, a slight smile on his face while his brow twitched repeated. “She really is strong. Crazy, scary strong.” The water and wind died down as those words left his mouth, as did the glow around the girl as she slowly turned to him with a small grin.

“Not a bad day, I have to say.” She remarked somewhat casually, feeling cold drops of water roll down her face. “Of course, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.” The teen before her was about to make a retort, when he realized something and his face went red. Due to the Magic she had just used in defeated those creature’s she had become engulfed in the water she summoned. While it didn’t harm her in any way, her clothes were thoroughly soaked and clung fiercely to her body, accenting her waist, chest and slender legs. Seeing his expression, she blinked while staring innocently.

“Hm? What’s the matter RIy?” She inquired curiously. The teen tried to answer, but they came out as nervous stutters and merely pointed instead. She made a ‘hm?’ while glancing down, and realized it. Noticing her damp clothes that were hugging her tightly, she felt her own face grow hot. “A-a-ahhh!” She folded her arms over her chest to cover it, and jumped backwards. The teen with her gave out a heavy sigh and laid his head against the soft grass, looking up at the sky overhead.

“Somehow this feels way too familiar…” Bringing a hand over his forehead, the teen began to close his eyes as he recalled the events earlier in the day that led to this trip.


“Hey! Veilheart! Get your ass out of bed!” This was a familiar scene. For the white haired teen currently laying sprawled out on his bed carelessly spread out, he buried his face in his pillow while hoping the voice went away. Unfortunately, he wasn’t that lucky as the door was forcefully shoved upon and a disgruntled man stood there with a scrunched up face.

“VEILHEART!” He screamed angrily. The teen twitched in his bed and slowly rose to a sloppy sitting position, giving the man a tired look.

“Five more minutes…” He grumbled while threatening to faceplant his bed and drift off to sleep again. The person who’d ungracefully kicked open his door clenched his jaw and gave him a devilish stare.

“GET UP!” The shout was louder than expected, startling the white haired youth and forcing his eyes to widen. “Did you forget? You’re helping her highness with field duties today.” The words made the boy fully alert now, after blinking a few times before hastily jumping out of bed.

“Crap.” Was his only words while quickly reaching for his clothes that were laid out on a dresser nearby, currently in a pair of shorts and t-shirt. With a groan, the man at his door rubbed the back of his head and took a step away from the room.

“Hurry it up. Her highness is waiting at the front gates. Don’t keep her waiting.” Were his final words before leaving the teen to his own devices. Exhaling loudly, he threw on his familiar blue jacket that had black shoulder pads while kicking his shorts off and promptly reaching for the white pants on the chair.

“That guy. Jeez, he sure is impatient.” He grumbled while getting dressed. Taking a look around his room, he slumped his shoulders and closed his eyes. This was becoming something of a tradition, at least, it felt like it. Every morning that guy would come to his room to wake him up abruptly, not really caring if he was sleeping or not. For the commander of a kingdom’s 3rd platoon of soldiers, he knew how to be a grouch.

A tradition, or rather a daily occurrence for Riy “Rai” Veilheart here at Fenrir Palace in the kingdom of Wolflians of the same name. All of which was in a world called Arlaum, a place where Magic and battles existed, and races of all kinds. Well, that’s a strange way of putting it. For Riy, he hadn’t been aware of this world’s existence until half a year ago about. It was at a time when his life wasn’t exactly the greatest, and he was living without parents. Only with an unreliable uncle who often went out to drink and left his nephew home alone.

The youth is quite happy to be here now, and upon learning that he was not a human, but a Wolflian, he came to think there was more to his own family than he knew. Turns out, his own parents were native to this world, and they hadn’t abandoned him like his uncle had told him when he was four. Now, he hoped to find them and get some answers. Soon, anyways. Right now, he had other duties to worry about.

Living at Fenrir Palace which was situated nicely between a cluster of mountains in the kingdom, was a day to day challenge. At least, it’s how it felt sometimes. As the teen strapped a sword kept in a black sheath to his side, he started down the hall of what was the west wing of the palace, making his way for the main hall on the second floor. More specifically, the stairwell there.

“That Lars really loves to torment me.” He groaned while rubbing the back of his head and looking down. “I get that I agreed to his training routine, so I could get better, but there’s a limit to where his influence should reach outside such activities.” He passed by a few armor clad soldiers and offered a brief ‘good morning’ while turning a corner and entering the second floor’s main hall. Taking a glance to his right, he spotted a familiar painting of a lake in Fenrir, and to his right was a clear window that overlooked the outdoor world below.

I wonder what she wants with me so early in the morning anyways. The thought crossed his mind while starting down the stairwell in the center of the hall, his boots making a soft thud against the red carpet lining the floor, crossing his arms with a huff. I guess I’ll see when I find her. It was the front gates anyways. She wanted to meet there. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, he looked back up and found a welcome sight waiting.

“Good morning Riy. Sleep well?” It was a welcome greeting after the unruly one he’d received from his instructor a moment earlier, and coming from the girl waiting at the tall steel geets in the front of the palace, it made him feel a bit more relaxed. It was the young woman that would become the next ruler of Fenrir someday. Princess Renne Araa. Her long sky blue and blue eyes were a sight to see for anyone, and her unique white uniform was even more so, with its blue patterns around the edges and the arm wear that came with it. Returning a soft smile, Riy came to a stop a few inches in front of her and nodded.

“Yeah. Aside from an unwelcome greeting in the form of my door being kicked in, I did. Thanks.” He replied honestly. The girl just laughed while tilting her head a bit and placing a hand on the sword at her side.

“Lars means well. He’s just trying to train you the best he can. Being tough is how he knows to do it.” She said gently. The youth before her was ready to say something back, but found that her argument was too sound and let the words in his throat go away while looking down.

“So, what did you need me for so early?” He inquired while looking back up. Renne turned towards the steel gate behind her, putting a hand against it and pushing it open slowly.

“There’s been reports of monsters in the mountain range near the border to Esefalss.” She answered quickly, motioning with her arm for him to follow as she stepped outside into the snowy outdoors. “I could use a hand is all. You don’t mind, do you?” She added this while glancing over her shoulder with a wide eyed, wondering look. Her expression made Riy wave his arms in front of him a few times while shaking his head in response.

“N-no not at all! I was just wondering, is… all.” He trailed off towards the end and began scratching his cheek while averting his gaze. “I’m more surprised you didn’t just ask for Lars’ help or, Celeste.” To this, the Wolflian princess spun on her heel and leaned forwards a bit, placing her hands on her hips and giving him a look.

“I asked for you because I know you can do it just fine.” She responded to his wonders simply, returning to a normal standing position and lowering her arms. “Besides, both of them are busy with other things. Lars has to instruct the knights of the 3rd platoon, and Celeste is busy with military affairs and letters from other kingdoms.” This made Riy slump his shoulders and give an exasperated sigh.

“So it was convenient because I was free huh…” His comment made the girl grow an agitated face, although it was a bit soft and she took a step towards him.

“No! I said it’s because I know I can count on you!” The words came out more forceful than he was expecting, and Riy looked to her with genuine surprise.

“R-Renne…” He murmured in shock. The girl breathed out slowly while relaxing her posture, giving him a gentle look.

“You don’t need to think so lowly of yourself. You aren’t someone I come to because it’s ‘convenient’. I don’t want you to ever think that way, understood?” Her words, again were surprisingly forceful, but also conveyed a sense of concern and made Riy lower his guard emotionally. He didn’t know how to respond to this, because it wasn’t something he was expecting.

“I… well…” He once again averted his gaze from the Wolflian swordswoman, slightly narrowing his eyes. “I-If you say so. I won’t think that way.” Hearing his words, Renne grew a content smirk and nodded.

“Good. Now then,” Turning on her heel she started forwards slowly, but not before looking over her shoulder and sending a smile his way. “Shall we be off?”


“...iy? Hey, Riy?” The familiar female voice brought the teen out of his reminiscence and made him open his eyes to find Renne leaning over him with wide, wondering eyes. “You okay? You were awful quiet for a while there.” The teen blinked a few times in response, not realizing that he had become so absent minded and gave the young woman a cheerful grin in response.

“Yeah. I’m fine. I was just thinking a bit.” He replied quickly while sitting up, forcing the girl to move to the side and take a seat there. “Are there any monsters nearby right now?” The Wolflian shook her head and placed a hand on the snow covered grass next to her.

“No, not at the moment. I took a brief look around after we defeated those monsters from before, and there doesn’t seem to be any more in this area.” She answered, looking up at the sky and feeling several snowflakes land on her face. She slightly narrowed her eyes and leaned back against the grass. “There could be more further into the mountain though.” This made Riy grimace and let out a sigh, placing a hand on his knee.

“I wonder about that.” He replied honestly, tilting his head to the side while rubbing the back of his head tiredly. “It could’ve just been a few monsters. Or…” He heard a light yawn next to him and glanced, seeing the Wolflian girl on the ground with a hand over her mouth.

“Well, we’ll see.” She said in between yawns. Giving her a soft but amused look, Riy placed a hand on the grass behind him and leaned back a bit.

“You can take a quick rest. I’ll keep a watch out for anything.” He suggested. The girl’s eyes had been shut at this time, but one of them opened and she looked to him with a suspicious look, before shrugging and relaxing.

“You sure about that?” She asked gently. The teen nodded with a thumbs up.

“Yeah. You need to rest too.” His comment made her chuckle lightly, and she closed her eyes again, breathing out softly.

“If you say so. Don’t mind if I do.” It wasn’t immediately apparent as she said these words, but shortly afterwards she’d already fallen asleep and was soundly laying there comfortably. The sight was a warm one to see, and it inadvertently made Riy more relaxed as well, though upon realizing it he made sure to keep a grip on the sword at his side, waiting.

Waiting for anything.


“Heeey~ Renne!” The singsong voice reached the Wolflian’s ears and she opened her eyes wide, instantly recognizing it. Bolting upright, she looked forwards to see a blond girl running towards her at a high speed. Her blond hair was done up in side curls, and her bright green eyes contained an unusual amount of joy as she jogged towards the girl.

“Y-you wouldn’t be-” Before she had a chance to say anything, the girl was caught in an awkward embrace-tackle that knocked her back to the ground.

“It’s been so long!” The blond girl said, nuzzling her head lightly in Wolflian’s shoulder, an act that made her breath get caught in her throat. “I heard your voice nearby and came running once I heard!” This made Renne blink in confusion and she looked to the girl currently clinging to her with furrowed brows.

“My voice?” She echoed. Pulling away, the blond girl nodded a few times.

“Yeah. I heard some yelling this way and I recognized it as you.” She replied simply, tilting her head to the side. Renne stared in wonder at the girl in front of her, not sure how to respond to this stream of events. Nemia Ordland. Why is she here? Granted, we’re friends from a long time ago, but what are the odds of running into her here? Remembering something suddenly, she looked to her side and widened her eyes.

“Huh? Where’s…” She did a double take, looking left and right before looking at the girl who’s name was Nemia. “Nemia, did you see a boy with white hair and a black sword sheath?” The blond girl stared back blankly.

“Hm? There was no one here when I saw you.” She answered, tilting her head sideways and frowning. “Are you okay? You sure you didn’t hit your head?” The response made Renne bolt forwards and grab a hold of Nemia’s wrist, momentarily surprising her.

“That guy, he’s a friend! You sure you didn’t see anything?!” She asked again in a hurry. Nemia just cocked her head to the side and frowned.
“Yeah. I didn’t see anyone, or anything. Just a lot of grass and snow.” She answered quietly. She narrowed her eyes and suddenly puffed up her cheeks, giving the girl a look of disdain. “Wait a minute, are you getting too close to a boy?” Renne scowled as she rose to her feet quickly while grabbing her sword, strapping it to her hip.

“That’s not important! Come on, help me look.” She retorted sharply, catching the blond off guard. Nemia looked like she wanted to retort, but decided against it given the Wolflian’s current state of agitation and rose to her feet too.

“Okay okay. I give.” She finally said, placing hands on her hips. The Spiritist beside her turned, displaying a confused look.

“What do you mean ‘I give’?” She questioned with some tension. The blonde rubbed the back of her head with one eye closed as she looked past the girl in front of her.

“I did see something. A giant boar-type monster running around in a small incline in the mountain.” She finally said in a somewhat nonchalant tone. Without waiting to hear anything else, Renne sped past her with her hair blowing fiercely in the wind. Startled, Nemia turned to see her disappear up and over a hill, her figure already out of sight.

“H-hey! I didn’t say I saw anyone there-” Sighing to herself mid sentence, she slumped her shoulders before taking off. She managed to close the distance between her and the sprinting Wolflian, though getting up beside her she spotted a look of anxiety on the girl’s face and grew a deep frown.

“Hey hey. What’s with this face you’re making?” She pressed her for an answer as the two approached a chasm between two taller mountain heads. They started to squeeze between them, and Renne just exhaled a soft breath with narrow eyes.

“I’m not leaving one of my people behind.” She told her flatly, sliding to a stop as she noticed the path cut off abruptly ahead. Her feet came dangerously close to the edge, and peering over her face paled at the ledge, or rather the lack of one. There was evident signs of destruction here, as an entire piece of the mountainside was missing. More than that, she could make out the distinct scent of blood with her enhanced sense of smell, only furthering her worries.

“Hey hey, this wasn’t like this a moment ago.” It seemed even Nemia was caught off guard, as she peered over the edge. “Just what the hell happened here?” Seeing as how she was right up against Renne’s back, she could feel the girl quivering and looked to her with worry. I haven’t seen her like this since we were kids and Arden ditched her. Who is this guy she’s looking for? As if to respond to her thoughts, Renne closed her eyes, took a slow, deep breath and then-

“Riiiy!” She screamed as loud as she could. There was a silence in response, and after a moment she felt her strength just vanished. In an instant she dropped to her knees and just stared at the missing cliffside. “uuuu…” At this point her vision began to blur, and darken as she leaned against the mountainside, closing her eyes slowly. Even though she could hear Nemia calling to her, she didn’t respond. Or rather, she found herself unable to. Her vision went completely black, and then silence.


When she finally returned to some semblance of consciousness, she immediately felt something wrapped around her shoulders and another under her legs. Not only that, but she noticed an evident lack of anything against her back, which contradicted what she had just witnessed. With a groan, she slowly opened her eyes a crack, and was able to make out a blurry figure looking at her. Well, more like a blurry face.

“Renne? You’re finally awake.” The voice was familiar, and made her eyes shoot open. She saw the young white haired youth looking down at her with worried eyes and she felt her heart throb.

“R-Riy…? What-” She couldn’t finish her sentence, because after staring and blinking for a moment, she glanced over to her shoulder, then past her knees and realized that she was in a princess style carry. Immediately afterwards she tried to shrink in the teen’s arms, but to no avail. “W-what are you doing?! Why are you-” The teen cut her off with a light hearted chuckle and displayed a pleased smile.

“Well, you looked like you were having a dream of some kind. You kept tossing and turning, and well…” He trailed off, and the Wolflian girl’s brow twitched while staring at him.

“That doesn’t explain this. Or-” She cut herself off upon noticing the evident trail of blood that flowed down the side of his head, as well as down his chest and she widened her eyes. “Wait a minute! What the hell happened?!” The Wolflian swordsman exhaled softly and looked around, taking note of the grove they were in surrounded by a cluster of white colored trees.

“While you were sleeping some more of those monsters came by. Since you were sleeping so soundly, I thought i’d deal with them-” He was cut off by a harsh glare from his companion and she clenched a fist.

“When a situation like that comes around, you do not try to handle it yourself! What if you were surrounded? You could’ve been killed!” She shouted angrily. “As your leader, I swear. You’d better not try a stunt like this again.” Even though this came out forcefully, Riy could’ve sworn he heard the slightest shakiness in her voice and softened his gaze. With a nod, he lowered his arms slightly.

“Okay, I got it. Sorry, Renne.” He apologized while letting the girl down. She patted her clothes off briefly, then turned away with crossed arms.

“If you understand.” She said quietly. The Wolflian then took a brief look around the area, noticing the stream of water that encircled the grove and tilted her head to the side. “I still don’t know why you carried me here though.” Riy gave a sheepish grin and turned away, scratching his cheek timidly and stole a few glances back at her while thinking of a way to respond.

“Err… well I was concerned there would be more monsters still, so I took you and looked for a safer place. Which well…” He stopped at this, not knowing what else to say. With a heavy sigh, Renne put a hand to her hip and leaned her head to the side, her expression finally softening.

“Well, you’re intentions were good. Even if you were a bit careless in taking on so many by yourself.” Those words seemed to hit him hard as he fell down and twitched in a somewhat comical manner. “I’m not sure what could be causing the monsters here to go so berserk though.” She brought a hand to her chin and looked around while saying this, and after regaining his composure Riy rose to a sitting position and put a hand on each knee.

“Could some kind of Magic be causing this?” He suggested. This seemed to resonate with the girl as she lowered her gaze and went into thought, letting out a soft ‘hmmm’.

“It’s a possibility. Though I wonder why that would be happening, or who could’ve-” She stopped speaking at the sound of rustling leaves, and from the corner of her eyes she spotted a shadowy form darting around. Her eyes widened and she darted forwards. “Riy!” He stared at her with wide eye as she approached, unable to retort anything before she shoved him away.

“Ah, Renne?!” Riy was unable to say anything, and at the same time, something slammed into her side and launched her away, causing her body to cruelly slam and roll along the ground. With a loud gasp, she grabbed hold of the dirt with her hand and pushed herself into a backflip, landing back on her feet in a crouching position.

“Tch. Looks like you were right on the money this time Riy.” She said in a low voice, glaring at the form before them. It resembled a large boar, with its fur spread out around the sides of its face like a mask. The rest of its fur seemed to cling stubbornly to its body, and along the top of it was evident armored hide that was for protection. Two long, curved tusks protruded from its face and where its nose should’ve been, a large metal plate was instead.

“What is it?” Riy inquired hastily while rising to his feet, grabbing his sword and pulling it loose. Renne did a quick check of her body using her own Magic, making sure nothing was broken. Looks like a few ribs might be bruised, but nothing broke this time. She thought and raised up her own sword.

“That plate on its head. It’s actually an armament that’s supplying it with Magic.” She answered firmly, tightening her grip on the silver-blue sword in her grip. “It’s likely an older, ancient armament that’s gone out of control and is emitting large waves of Mana, driving the other monsters mad.” Although the words didn’t exactly make sense to Riy, he trusted the girl enough and took this as an answer.

“Okay, then how do we deal with it?” He asked next. The girl sported a crooked grin and immediately sprinted forwards, executed a long forward slash with her sword.

“Like this!” She let out, hitting the boar straight in the face. She was expecting to be a clean cut, but to her surprise the blade bounced off its body and caused her to recoil backwards. “Eh?!” At the same time, the creature gave a snort before rushing her. It’s tackle launched her backwards through the air, but thanks to the lack of momentum she was merely pushed back. Her boots slid along the ground and she gritted her teeth as the beast kicked its feet against the dirt ground, preparing to charge again.

At the same time, Riy had approached it from the side with a few quick steps and tried to cut into its side with his sword. However, much to his own surprise as well as Renne’s, this did nothing either and merely bounced off too.

Even the refined edge of Riy’s sword couldn’t cut it?! This was alarming to the Wolflian, as she knew that the metal his sword was forged from made the weapon naturally sharp, capable of cutting through solid steel with enough force. Swallowing hard, she racked her brain for an answer. Meanwhile, Riy didn’t let his failed attack deter him from trying again. Attacking the side, sliding around to the creature’s back, even trying to hit the small, swishing tail. All of this seemed to serve to agitate the creature and with raised front legs, it turned its body to face to swordsman.

“Grr…” He was becoming frustrated as nothing seemed to penetrate its skin. It was like an enhanced hide, like armor. Almost like the Maldruith they fought in Vampiria. Though the teen knew the two were incomparable, as one could shatter stone with a single punch. The creature didn’t give him time to think more, because in another second it caught him with its right tusk and launched him backwards.

“Gah!” He coughed up blood, landing on his side with a thud while his blade clattered to the ground. With a snort, the monster patted the ground with its paws, preparing to attack again. While it did, Riy took notice of how the tusk itself didn’t actually penetrate his chest like a normal boar’s might. Furrowing his brows, he became confused. Is there really a Magic at work here?

Infinite chaos, become a spear that erodes all which opposes me!” The voice belonged to the female Spiritist at the other end of the grove, and engulfed in a bright purple glow she extended her arm and curled her fingers. “Ethereal Lance.” At her words, a large crystalline spear shot forth from a sigil that had formed, spiralling towards the armored boar while encased in a wave of cold air. The beast couldn’t turn in time to see it, and with a powerful force was knocked through the air onto its side. Clicking her tongue, Renne lowered her arms with frustration.

“Even that wasn’t enough to penetrate its skin?” She narrowed her eyes, staring at the flailing body of the monster. It took her a moment, before realizing it and widened her eyes. “Riy! Attack now!” The teen looked to her in wonder while rising to his feet and picked up his sword.

“Huh?” He muttered. She exhaled a sigh and pointed her sword at the downed creature’s underside,

“The armament on its face is strengthening the skin on its body. It’s acting like armor. However, its underside seems to be completely unprotected.” Now he understood. With a nod, the teen swiftly approached the downed creature and brought his blade back.

“Okay then. How about this?” With a swift motion, he embedded his sword into the creature’s stomach, causing it to emit a high pitched howl that almost caused him to fall over. The noise itself seemed to be making the air around them vibrate, but gritting his teeth he endured the sound and pulled his sword out. He performed a few more slashes at its underside, letting loose streams of blood everywhere. Still, it didn’t die.

“Come on!” He shouted over the wailing. He prepared to attack again, but a soft sound reached his ears, surprisingly overwhelming the wailing noise and caused him to pause.

Step aside, Riy.” The gentle voice made Riy look behind him and see Renne approaching the scene, a soft pink glow around her sword and hair, causing it to lift up into the air.

“W-what’s this?” He inquired with great awe. Just standing near her, the teen could feel an unknown sensation travel across his skin. It was relaxing, and made him lower his sword until it pointed towards the ground. Stopping just before the downed boar, Renne brought her blade back with a sigh. Closing her eyes, she concentrated. Then-

“Mana Pulse.” Plunging her sword into the monster’s stomach, its high pitched wails instantly stopped, and a wave of pink travelled over the body of the beast. It had completely stopped moving, and the armament on its face suddenly dislodged, coming off with a popping sound. Clattering against the ground, the actions of the monster ceased completely and showing that it was finally defeated.
“Renne…?” Riy said softly while reaching towards her as the glow around her died down. She didn’t immediately reply as he put a hand on her shoulder, but slowly turning to him she revealed a content smirk and nodded.

“I just expulsed a wave of Mana through its body and forced the armament off.” She replied simply. It certainly sounded like a simple strategy, but even with just those words, the teen next to her could spot a strain in her voice and gave a soft sigh.

“I guess, that’s it-” He cut himself off as Renne began to collapse, and catching her in a swift motion he frowned. She didn’t move at first, feeling his arms around her but with another moment she glanced over her shoulder at him and winked with a smile.

“Yep. We’re done here today. Nice work Riy.”


“Where did Riy run off to?” The voice of Renne’s elder sister Celeste reached her ears as she walked down the hall of the east wing of Fenrir Palace, and glancing over her shoulder she spotted her sibling wearing a silky white robe around a dark blue nightgown. Her short curled white hair and amber colored eyes stared with amusement as the Spiritist came to a stop briefly.

“He went off to the training hall as soon as we got back.” She answered quickly and started to walk again. Celeste followed after her, swiftly catching up to her and shooting the girl a look.

“You both came back with some injuries. I’m surprised he didn’t seek treatment.” She noted, pointing at the bandages on Renne’s face. They were few and far between, as she had received less than the teen during their work that day. However the Spiritist just gave a shrug as she rounded a corner and stepped out onto a balcony.

“I might be the princess of Fenrir, and his leader but…” Staring down at the floor below them she watched her male friend sparring with a brown haired Wolflian commander at a brisk pace. A chuckle escaped as a smile formed on her face and she leaned an arm on the stone railing. “I doubt he would listen to me even if I said to get treated.” Celeste too looked over the balcony at the spectacle below and folded her arms, deciding to sit up on the railing.

“Is that admiration I hear in your voice?” She inquired curiously and with raised brows. Renne turned away with a laugh and crossed her arms.

“I do admire him, in a way.” She retorted, stealing a glance back at the two below and softening her gaze. “He’s been working so hard ever since he found out his parents were alive, and here.” Her sister brought a hand to her chin and glanced to the younger Wolflian, tilting her head to the side.

“He wants to find his parents, but he also wants to protect you, you know.” Her comment made a faint blush appear on the girl’s features, but since she wasn’t looking to her sister it wasn’t completely evident. With a huff she folded her arms.

“I don’t really need anyone to protect me.” She replied somewhat stubbornly. Celeste laughed at this and leaned back, observing the spar below with interest.

“That’s what friends do though. They look out for each other. Like it or not, that means him too.” She added, growing a smirk mid sentence. “Besides, didn’t you say you were going to be strong and protect your friend?” Her comment made Renne pause, unable to think of a response to this. Staring off towards the windows along the walls, she closed her eyes and breathed out.

“Protect huh…” She trailed off, and after a moment of silence turned and started to walk away. With a hand around her mouth, Celeste looked her way.

“Where are you going?” Her inquiry caused the girl to stop for a moment, glancing over her shoulder and revealing a smile.

“If I don’t work at it, he’ll eventually pass me. I gotta do my part too.” She answered simply, before continuing on her way. Watching the girl leave the training hall balcony, Celeste exhaled a pleased sigh and closed her eyes, content with the knowledge that her sibling was going to work hard too. That she was going to return the gesture.

“That’s the spirit. Protect each other. I won’t always be able to be with you, so when I’m not able to help,” She glanced down at Riy sparring with Lars and narrowed her eyes. “look out for each other. As friends. As a knight and princess.”

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