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Deceived - Chapter 1: The Beginning

"I'm weird, everybody's weird. Everybody has something weird about them." My mom's signature phrase. She would always tell me that mainly because I’ve never fit into anything. I was teased, and bullied. I have never done well in school, sports, or even making friends; As I said, ANYTHING! I’m basically socially impaired. It began eight years ago when my father died. Since then, I lived reclusively; I stopped going outside, and seized all connections to society. In this small town of Roseburry, I’m known as the weird child. Sometimes, I simply can’t help but ask — why? Is it because I'm always alone? Is it the way I dress? Look? But I didn’t bother to care, meanwhile my mother here, always has to meddle . She says they're only jealous but we all know that's not true. My name’s Belle Hawthorne, and I'm 17.

"Belle Honey! Go to sleep, you still have to wake up early tomorrow!"

"Ugh! Shut up mom!" I replied, angrily. I sat at the reclining chair next to my lamp. The lamp stood there tall and bright as the sun, lighting up the whole room. My silver hair billowed behind me, from afar it looked like a waterfall of white paint. My emerald eyes fixed on the page I'm reading. I wanted to stay up, and read the book, but as always I have no choice.

"Don't make me go up there.." She threatened. I released a last groan, and went to bed.

Then out of the blue, I cloud began to form, and its seem as if it’s painting a picture. I caught a glimpse of stars as bright as diamonds. Then, the sky suddenly gave a vomit of thunder and lighting. Boom! The ground began to shake. I looked up, but the beautiful scenery was no longer there, the forest’s in blaze. You could hear the crackle of wood burning, and the smell of ashes lingered. I looked up only to see a fire-breathing giant, standing before me. I couldn't move as if my whole body, paralyzed. I managed a scream and my mom came running inside my room.

"Belle! Belle! Honey, what's wrong?!" She asked, panicked.

"Uh... Nothing." I replied, and I went back to sleep. These dreams, replaying over, and over again. It began shortly after my father had died.

The sun’s rays beamed through my window, waking me up. Slow opening my eyes, I glanced at my clock.

"It's 7:45 I'm gonna be late!" I hurried out of bed, and rushed to the bathroom. After bathing, I stood in front of my antique dresser pondering, and scratching my head. Now this was the tough part — getting dressed. Hey, I might be a recluse but I still wanna be in style. In the end, I decided to throw in a beige knitted sweater, and slipped on black jeans, and to top it off, tied up my hair in a ponytail. I hastily went downstairs and took the best breakfast to go— the classic banana.

"Bye Mom!" I hollered. She leaned against the sink, washing the dishes.

"Bye Honey, take care!" She replied.

I hectically jogged to the bus stop, I knew the bus wasn’t going to come early. I checked my watch, 7:55.

"Ugh! Really? Why does it have to be the first day of school? Everybody’s going to be staring." I looked down at the pavement to my disappointment.

After realizing the bus wasn’t going to come anytime soon, I settled to walking, and by the time I arrived at the front of the school, I was worn out. My breathing, ragged.

"Well, time for school. Can’t wait to be alone again.” I told myself mockingly. I made my way to the registrar’s office to get my tardy slip, but immediately turned around when I realized that it was the first day. School started at 9:00.

"Hey weirdo!" It was one of the school jocks, Aaron Miller. I rolled my eyes.

"Shut up Dickhead!" I replied. I got into the hallways, and sighed.

As I walked in the hallway, I could sense somebody behind me. I groaned. It’s my neighbor, Lucas.

"What do you want Lucas?" I asked yelling as I rolled my eyes.

“Hi to you too. .” He replied sighing, then walked away. Sometimes I would tell myself that I would actually have friends if I wasn’t that much of a bummer, but oh well; I don’t mind. I just don’t like the presence of people.

I arrived at my locker, and opened it. “So today I need my.. History book. . umm. .” Somebody cut me off,

“Will you shut — oh! Im sorry." I said, and looked down at the floor crimson circulating my face; In the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Lucas, shaking his head. I'm guessing in disappointment. I turned around and the cutest I mean the perfect guy was in front of me It was — Max Miller the golden-haired brother of Aaron. He's the cutest guy on campus, his blue eyes would make you swoon. He was perfect, his blue eyes, blonde hair, muscular body. Any girl will do anything to be in his presence.

"Hey Belle, what's up?" He told me. I looked up, his eyes were looking directly in mine. His eyes were simply.. enchanting.

"I.. uh.. nothing much.. you're gorgeous.. I mean..." I walked away blushing. I looked back one last time, he was smiling. Something was wrong, I felt it. People were actually talking to me. I went straight to the girl's bathroom and I screamed my lungs out.

"Was that real?!" I asked myself.

“The cutest. . most perfect guy was talking to me?!”

Somebody went into the bathroom, and I instantly tried to calm myself down, turning on the faucet to wash my blushing face. I looked up, only to see one of the dolly's of the school. Alex Gray, she was quite the beauty. Her Blonde hair billowed behind her, it looked like gold. Her emerald eyes, looking directly in mine. Little miss perfect, ugh! I rolled my eyes before I realized she was actually standing in front of me.

"What do you think you're doing?!" She asked. Woah! The girl sounded pissed.

"What do you want Alex?" I asked.

"I'm warning YOU!" she told me, looking at me up and down. "Stay away from Max! Stay away from my boyfriend! Or else.." She threatened.

"Your boyfriend? Last time I checked he was single. .” I replied mockingly. "YOU stay away from ME. I'm not scared of YOU. I'm not like the others in this school who are afraid of you. What are you gonna do to me, give me split ends?" I added with a snicker.

"Ugh! Just stay away!" She yelled walking out. Alex, and I were friends in elementary. We would always go to each others house, play dolls, and dress up, but for some odd reason, as middle school began she began being so. . Alex.

As she walked out, the smell of withering plants, and the dead lingered. I felt a negative aura. An aura of anger; resentment. I walked out of the bathroom happily, clearly satisfied with the outcome of the argument.

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